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How To Draw A 3d Cylinder

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Draw A Cylinder With A Handle

Draw the mug shape the same way as if you were drawing a simple cylinder. Pay attention to the overall shape of the mug. When drawing my mug, I made it slightly shorter than when I drew my cylinder. I also added the inside of the handle, paying close attention to how the handle angles towards the side of the mug.

The Cylinder Is Inside A Box

Alright, so the cylinder is inside the box. And then thanks to the box, it helps me to draw the Contour lines. As you can see here on the side, the contour line is the touching points of the pipe on the box. Like imagine that you have the packaging form of the box in front of you, you put a pipe inside with those contact points, which is going to be all along the Vertical surface.

Try to visualize in real life your sketch into a real product. And thats going to really help you to better draw in 3 dimensions.Its not just a 2d paper just a sketch in the 2D paper. It is a representation in your mind of something real.

So Im doing this small corner to help you to show you that what is in front and what is on the back to gain clarity in your sketch.

So this little cross. This is the front. This is the back.This is just to clarify. To to make sure that in one half a second you can understand your drawing.Front and the back.

Its all about simple geometry:

  • So basically remember the circle inside the square.
  • The cylinder inside the box.

Shading And Cast Shadow

Finish drawing your mug by adding some shading and a cast shadow. I added some coffee to the inside of my mug as well. When drawing liquid inside the mug just follow the same curve as the back edge of the upper rim. The amount of space you leave between the top edge and the liquid will indicate how full your mug is. The narrow area of shadow on the right edge of the mug is caused by the handle blocking the light source in that area.


Draw Forms Very Fast With Contour Lines

Like if you would see, like this box, lets say its the cake, I have a knife to cut it, cut it like in the middle, in a horizontal way, and in a vertical way as well. And the same for each side.

This is very convenient for you whenever you are going to draw some products that are more complex because you will subdivide your basic form so you can kind of like sculpting, sculpting it.

And make sure that you come to an angle so follow your perspective.Its something that is going to be used anytime ever not even if like the contour lines on something invisible.

They allow you as a product designer to draw forms very fast with few lines only instead of a regular shading with a pencil.

Instead of shading, you draw fast the contour lines to feel the surface.

You can see and read, the common mistake is that youre trying to guess and in the end, everything looks awkward because you dont really know why you dont know how to justify but actually theyre sort of very simple and they just need the basics.

Cylinder Drawing For Beginners

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So why would you ever need to know how to draw a cylinder? Most, if not all, objects in real life can be broken down into simple shapes. What I consider to be these shapes are circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. The three-dimensional counterparts to these shapes are spheres, cubes, , and pyramids.

If you can look at an object and break it down into shapes, it will become much easier to draw. Even professional artists use this method for their drawings. The foundation of drawing complex items begins by breaking it down into simple shapes. Once you can break an object down into its shapes, you need to be able to draw those shapes convincingly.


Iterate On Top Of Your Sketch

Okay, one more time.If you feel overwhelmed at this stage thats normal because its just that you dont know instead below this is why I invite you to get all the techniques on the guides. Right there. All right?

So here is the cube, the sphere, and the cylinder.Here some iterations because I realized that my contour lines were not vertical like the edges.So it is good to some time to just take a little pause and double-check. Because one of the main key to success this is the focus. Right, make sure its parallel to the edges. Okay?

So remember to iterate.

This is one of the key of success. Whenever something can be adjusted, go ahead. Its not about being perfect every time, but you have to iterate to gain some precision. Alright?

So you can draw with precision and also with some very fee lines as well.So remember to keep focus, right here. Draw with some light lines. And this is how you keep going with confidence all along.

And remember to close the cap of your pen when you finish your session because they can dry so fast. I was drawing with the Papermate flair M. And this is one of my favorite pens that I can also recommend you very much.

I hope you enjoyed this video and I see you for the next one.

The Cylinder Standing Up

The cylinder maybe regarded as a prism with an infinite number of sides. We will  suppose it to possess for our present purpose about twenty faces, of which half are  seenfromthefront. 

Now,byreferringtothehexagonalprismitwillbe  evident that if the light fall as indicated by the arrow, the faces 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  should become darker and darker as they turn from the light.    As we saw both in the cube and the hexagonal prism, the deepest shade is not  on the extreme edge, because of reflection from the ground-plane, so in the cylinder we shall find the same fact repeated.    But in the hexagonal prism the shades are sharply defined because of the bounding edges of their rectangular faces, while in the cylinder these faces  blendtogether,sothatfromtheextremedarktherewillbeanevengradationtowards the light. 

How To Draw A Cylinder Step 3

Draw a curved line at the bottom of your sides. The curve should be parallel to your foreshortened circle you drew for the top of your cylinder.


If you are drawing a cylinder that is see-through, such as a glass, you will want to draw the far edge on the bottom. This can be done by drawing a foreshortened circle on the bottom, similar to the one you drew for the top of your cylinder.


How To Draw Cylinder In 3d Perspective Easy Step By Step For Beginners

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In this amazing video tutorial about how to draw a cylinder in 3D perspective in easy way. This is step by step for beginner level guide. Pick pencil and paper and sketch it.

Learn about:

Drawing football steps for beginners

3D cylinder sketching

Well, you all may know the formula of a cylinder. If you havent, its Surface Area= 2 r + 2 rh. Well, you all know that a rectangle has 4 sides, but a cylinder only have one. You will be able to draw a cylinder in 3d perspective today in an easy and step by step method made exclusively for beginners. We will tell you about some special and of course extraordinary tricks on drawing a simple 3d shaped cylinder. In 3d drawing tutorials, what we ask for our students in very first class is to draw some cylindrical shaped object to check their skill level before learning anything.

Adding Artwork To Your Coffee Cup Drawing

The final step is to add your artwork, logo, or lettering to your mug. I drew the image from my favorite mug. When adding an image or lettering to your mug, be sure to follow the upper and lower curves like I did here. If you add lettering, just make sure they curve with the edges. Do not draw them straight across your mug. The easiest way to do this is to draw some light guidelines that follow the curve of your mug. Then draw your lettering inside that guide.



Start With A Light Pen Pressure

So remember to draw always starting with Light lines. So it allows you some more margin to maneuver with your mistakes. So, you can iterate on top when something is not correct.

From the cube, the top and below the surface I got highlighted with these little stars like these crosses in three dimensions the center of the top surface, the center below the surface and I joined them.And thats the box that actually you could draw the cylinder inside if you want to.

Because for the cylinder I got draw with a reverse-engineered just to show you that actually you can draw the cylinders first. And then when you understand the basics of perspective, you can complete the box around.

And we got the cube, the sphere, and the cylinder as the three main basic forms of design sketching.

And when you enjoy your cylinder, make sure that you take your time to make things neat in the way that makes sure that your ellipses are well horizontal and the minor axis goes to the middle.

And use it as a symmetry axis. Okay?

How To Draw 3d Cylinder Steps

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About here how to draw a peacock feather If you are wondering how to draw a 3d object, well a 3d body consists of 3 parts named as face, edge and a base. Face is a plane side of a 3dimensional item, whereas base is one of the two parallel, corresponding margins of an entity while talking about edges that are intersection of two appearances on a compact object. If we talk about other 3d aspects in our drawing, Prism is a solid object with two fitting and equivalent appearances. Watch the video and tell us whats missing in it and if you liked it, share it on Facebook.

Try to:

How To Shade A Cylinder

How to draw a 3d cylinder

Now, lets talk a little bit about shading. In the example below, the light source is coming from the top right of the page. This would cause the shadow to be on the left side of the cylinder. If the inside of the cylinder were open, the shadow would be on the right of the inside of the cylinder.


The cast shadow will also fall to the left of the cylinder if your light source is coming from the top right of the page.


How To Draw A Coffee Cup

A coffee mug is basically a cylinder with a handle on it. There are a few more details that need to be added to make it look a little more realistic, but not many. When you draw your own coffee mug, you can use a reference or just draw one from your imagination. If you are going to add some kind of image or lettering on your mug, it would be useful to have a reference. Anything that is printed on the mug will be curved as it goes around the edges. If the images are drawn perfectly straight across the mug it isnt going to look right.

The mug I chose for this example is one of my favorites. Its a mug with a print of a drawing my youngest son drew when he was 9 years old.

Draw A 3d Cylinder Using Opengl

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Draw a 3D cylinder using openGL.

#include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <string.h>#include <math.h>#include <GL/glut.h>#ifndef M_PI#define M_PI 3.14159265#endifint win, win2;int needsLightUpdate = GL_TRUE;int useLighting = GL_TRUE;int useSpecularTexture = GL_FALSE;int useTexture = GL_FALSE;int useHighRes = GL_FALSE;int usePattern = GL_FALSE;int moveLight = GL_FALSE;int moveObject = GL_FALSE;int drawObj = 0, maxObj = 2;GLfloat lightRotX, lightRotY;GLfloat objectRotX, objectRotY;int curx, cury, width, height;voiddrawCylinderglEnd;}}voidinitializevoidredraw else if  if  glPushMatrix;glRotatef;glRotatef;drawCylinder;glPopMatrix;if  glBlendFunc;glEnable;glEnable;glTexGeni;glTexGeni;glPushMatrix;glRotatef;glRotatef;drawCylinder;glPopMatrix;}glDisable;glDisable;glDisable;glDisable;glDisable;glDisable;}voidmotion else if  curx = x;cury = y;}glutPostRedisplay;}voidmouse} else if  }}voiddisplayint main win = glutCreateWindow;glutDisplayFunc;glutMouseFunc;glutMotionFunc;initialize;glutMainLoop;return 0;}

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Use The Basic Perspective To Draw A 3d Cube

And this is how I will complete that cube. Thats the way that you can easily visualize your cube when youre drawing it. And of course, if you are a true beginners I invite you to where you will get all step by step to know how to draw a cube in perspective.

The second form here is a sphere but its for now just a circle. And here on the third one is a cylinder as you can see:

  • The top ellipse and the bottom ellipse are different.
  • The top ellipse is thinner.
  • The bottom ellipse is wider

Then I just connect. The middle line is a minor axis.We will go through more later.

So now what I want to draw is to do what I want to do is the contour lines. Basically the contour line is what I use mainly for as a centerline is that Im dividing the 3D forms into two.

Common Mistakes When Drawing A Cylinder

There are a few common mistakes I have seen when teaching both adults and children how to draw cylinders. The first mistake is drawing the upper surface of the cylinder too round. The only way this would look like a perfect circle is if you were looking straight down at the cylinder from the top. Drawing a circle will make your cylinder look strange and incorrect.

Another common mistake I have seen repeatedly over the years is for the bottom edge to be drawn straight across instead of being curved. This will also result in an unnatural look to your cylinder.


Step 2 Draw The Cylinder Inside The Prism

Inside the prism draw a line from two of the corner to the corner across from it making an X shape. Do this for both the top and bottom plane.

The point at which the lines overlap will be the proper in perspective middle of the top and bottom plane of the shape. Draw a vertical line though each of the two intersections.

Based on this line draw two halves of an in perspective circle .

Draw A Sphere Easily Using Ellipses

So as you can see here for the sphere with just two additional ellipses I got here the transformation from a simple circle in 2D to a sphere in 3D. And when I join here Ive got extra access which is going to help me to better visualize tree dimensions.

When you draw this, lets say to explain how to confirm this sphere here but cut this little ellipse that cut the sphere in two is that you can imagine that this is actually from the top view a circle which is on the plane.

The circle is embedded in the square in perspective. Then I draw the contour line and I got the x and the z-axis and then I can draw the vertical to get the y-axis.

So in three dimensions, you have X, Y, and Z-axis going through the center of this sphere.

It is pretty magic, right?

So here is a quick preview of what you can do with these three simple forms of perspective.

So here from the top view, basically you have a square, you have a circle which is inside and then you draw the diagonals. And the diagonals, you will draw the contour lines that split the square and the circle in two vertically, horizontally. So you have four parts.Okay, four equal parts. Its like a game.

So I invite you to not hesitate to make a pause on this video to rewind a bit and draw with me at the same time.

Here we go like for the cylinder is actually the same logic. You have to think that the ellipse is actually a circle for the top view and is embedded in the square.

Example: Extruding Pipe Along Path

This example is drawing a pipe extruding a circular contour following a spiral path. Press D key to switch the rendering modes.

A pipe can be constructed with a pre-defined path , or you can add the next point of the path if needed using Pipe::addPathPoint.

The shape of the contour is not necessarily a circle. You can provide an arbitrary shape of a contour.

To draw the surface of the pipe, use Pipe::getContour and Pipe::getNormal to get the vertices and normals at a given path point. Then, draw triangles between 2 contours using GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP.


Draw Some Extra Details

How to Draw 3D Shapes with Shading

Next, add the thickness to the rim of the mug. Adding in some extra little details will make a big difference. Just follow the contour of the rim, keeping the same distance all the way around. The thickness should be whatever looks natural to you. If you draw it too thick or too thin, it wont look right.

How To Draw A Cylinder In 3 Simple Steps

That wraps up this tutorial on how to draw a cylinder. Its a good idea to get comfortable drawing different shapes and how objects break down into these shapes and forms. You can check out my lesson on How to Draw a Cube if you havent already done so.

How many cylinders can you find? Comment below with your answer. Happy drawing, and remember, the more you draw they better you will get.


Get Some Paper And A Pen Here We Go

Drawing with the Papermate Flair M

The 3 basic forms of Design Sketching

Start with the top surface of the 3D cube

The middle line of the cylinder is the Minor axis

Lets add the contour lines on your 3D forms

You divide them like if you were cutting a cake in quarters

You basically sculpt your forms

Remember that your contour lines follow the perspective

With the contour lines technique, you can draw your forms very fast

Take your time at learning drawing the 3D forms step-by-step

For the sphere, we cut it in two with an ellipse

Do not hesitate to press pause to draw with me

The base of the cylinder is actually a circle inside a square in perspective

Imagine your cylinder like a pipe in a box

Spot where the cylinder touches the sides of the box

Take a box and visualize in real life

This is all about simple geometry

Remember to always start drawing with light lines pressure with your pen

If you do a mistake, iterate on top

Anytime, pause a few seconds to double-check your drawing

The key is to remain focus all along

The Papermate Flair M can draw light to very bold lines. Control well your pen pressure.

If you enjoy it, subscribe to the blog to receive news on future articles and drawing tutorials!

Step 3 Connect Top & Bottom Of Cylinder

Erase/remove all of the guide lines excluding the center lines though the top and bottom perspective circles. Connect the top and bottom shapes with vertical lines drawn from the end points of the horizontal lines inside the top and bottom shapes.

After doing this you should have an in perspective cylinder.

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