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How To Draw A 3d Hand

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Drawing A 3d Optical Illusion

How To: Draw 3D Hand!
  • 1Choose the object you would like to draw. The object you pick needs to have a clear and simple outline, as this will make it easier to create your 3D drawing. For example, you could draw a hand, a banana, or a doughnut. Each has a simple outline and overall shape.XResearch source
  • Trace the item you want to draw if it is a size that fits on your piece of paper. For instance, you can use your hand, as it will fit on a standard piece of paper and can easily be traced.
  • 2Make a light preliminary outline of the object with pencil. Either draw or trace the outline of the object you want to draw on your piece of paper. Center the object on the page, although it can touch the top or bottom of the paper if necessary.XResearch source
  • Draw this outline lightly so you can erase any unnecessary pencil marks later in the process.
  • 3Draw horizontal, parallel lines across the page. Cover the whole the whole paper with these lines except for inside the shape you have outlined. Make the lines close together, at most 0.25 inches apart all the way down the page.XResearch source
  • It’s easiest to draw these lines by using a ruler, so that they are completely straight and evenly spaced.
  • If you are using lined notebook paper, you could trace over the existing lines
  • Each curved line will complete a horizontal line that goes all the way across the page.
  • The ink can be done in any one color or in a variety of colors.
  • D Hand Drawing & Color Theory

    Before adding color to your optical art 3d hand drawing, you need to decide on a color scheme. Or if you even want to use a color scheme at all for that matter.

    This is an easy project to practice using color theory. Its good to get into the habit of using color schemes in your artwork. Even when its not a critical part of the final drawing.

    Some good options for this op art hand projects are:

    • Warm Colors

    Put The Pieces Together

    When the drawings are complete, the artist uses the resin glue to adhere each drawing to the layout cardboard. This will make the final display good and sturdy. Once the glue is completely dry, he then connects each panel with masking tape and stands the entire drawing up for an incredible 3D rendering of the zombies hand!

    Watch the following video for a closer look at the artists process for a better understanding of how to create your own 3D zombie hand.

    Youve done it! Youve learned how to add 3D objects to your list of artistic skills. Congratulations, youve created a spooky-fun zombie hand to use as a centerpiece for your Halloween table or your next Walking Dead party that all your friends will be green with envy over!

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    Six Steps To Realistic Hands

    A step-by-step approach can help demystify the process of drawing hands, as well as make sure your illustrations look anatomically correct at every stage. Comic book artist Megan Levens uses a six-step process for hand drawing, starting with basic bone structure and building up to details like fingernails and shading.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 1: Start with bone structure.

    Your first layer should be the bones of the hand, the carpals. Dont worry about making it pretty this step is about laying the foundation for an anatomically correct hand. Just as the bones are the framework of the body, bones will also be the framework of your drawing. Each finger radiates out at a different angle, notes Levens. They shouldnt all point straight ahead together. Daviscourt also recommends starting from the wrist at this step because the wrist is where the lines of the hand start to intersect visually.

    To make your hands look realistic, consider the height differences between your fingers. The middle finger should be the tallest, with the ring finger and index finger on the downward slope of the arch, and the little finger finishing out the line. The thumb is an outlier from the rest and should sit farther apart from the others.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 2: Mark your knuckles.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 3: Draw 3D finger shapes.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 4: Go over your lines with a darker pencil.

    Image by Megan Levens

    Step 5: Fill in the details.

    Image by Megan Levens

    How To Make A Picture In Photoshop Hand Drawing

    3D Hand Drawing Step by Step How-To // Trick Art Optical Illusion

    The first step to turning a photo into a pencil sketch is to duplicate the background layer in Photoshop. The second step is toaturate the layer. The third step is to duplicate the desaturated layer. Invert the layer in step 4. The fifth step is to change the blend mode for coloring Dodge. The sixth step is to convert the layer into a smart object. The seventh step is to apply the Gaussian blur filter.

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    Monochromatic 3d Hand Drawing

    Step 5 Add Color

    Choose three colors, using a color scheme, and color between your black lines with colored pencils. A monochromatic color scheme was used for this example.

    Use a pattern with your colors when filling in your op art hand. This was done by using the darkest blue, the middle blue, and the light blue. Then repeating that pattern of colors.

    Gradating colors will help your hand pop off the page. Apply your color darker at the edges of your fingers and hand. And make your colors lighter at the highest point of your hand drawing.

    You can use a kneaded eraser to lift some of the color off the ridges of the fingers, hand, and arm.

    Op Art Hand Drawings Ideas

    Dont be afraid to experiment and try out some different ideas. You can try various color combinations, change up the placement of your hand on the paper, or anything else you want to try doing.

    Artist Trading Cards are a great way to save time and get more drawings done in less time. This makes it so much easier to try new things. Below are some drawings made on ATCs with markers, and then a black colored pencil was used to add some shading around the edges.

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    Aesthetic Sketch How To Draw A Hand Low Detail For Drawing Ideas

    sketch how to draw a hand low detail

    Sketch How To Draw A Hand Low Detail,

    Art Charcoal Drawing Couple Holding Hands By Kayla Mccandless Charcoal Drawing Couple Holding Hands Couple Drawings.

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    Drow The Manekan Forma Figura Desenho Portfolio Design De Moda Fashion Sketchbook.

    Hand Drawn Tourists Sketch How To Draw Hands Hand Drawn Vector Illustrations Wedding Vector Art.

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    Hand Sketch Interior Design For A Super Small Apartment In Amsterdam Interior Design Plan Interior Design Student Hand Sketch.

    Sketch Touching Hands How To Draw Hands Touching Hands Hand Art.

    Spline Modelling Vs Box Modelling And Related Geometry Character Model Sheet Face Topology Hand Drawing Reference.

    A Girl With A Hand On The Chin Girl Sketch Easy Drawings Drawings.

    Cupped Stock Illustrations 1 133 Cupped Stock Illustrations Vectors Clipart Dreamstime Typography Drawing How To Draw Hands Hand Drawing Reference.

    Hand Holding Low Ball Glass Cocktail Illustration Engraving Illustration Art Drawings Simple.

    Pin By Littleape Aguayo On Tutoriales Ilustracion Referencias Dragon Illustration Drawing Tutorial Dragon Sketch.

    Pin By Mark W On Representation Diagram Architecture Architecture Concept Drawings Paper Architecture.

    Different Ways To Draw Hands

    How To Draw A 3D Hand | Easy Step By Step Ways To Learn Drawing

    Keeping in mind the 3D model of a hand, you can draw bases of hands in different ways:

    Bones: draw a square for the palm and then lines for fingers Shapes: draw quick shapes of the hand to see where fingers can be drawn Silhouette: drawing the silhouette, helps me when I do digital painting Shapes detailed: you can draw more shapes, adding where the knuckles are so you can see better the overlap of fingers.After that, low the opacity of the layer, create another layer on top of that one and fix the sketch, keeping in mind the bones and skin of the hand!

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    How To Draw A 3d Hand

    Today youll learn the 5 simple steps that will teach you how to make a 3D hand drawing. This project is a fun way to start learning to make Optical Art . And the result is a cool looking optical illusion that gives the impression that the hand is popping off the paper. And drawing op art hands is super fun and easy.

    But the best part about it is that it is really easy to do. I mean what can be easier than tracing your hand!

    Once youve learned the technique to creating this type of optical illusion, you can apply it to any subject. You wont be limited to just drawing hands.

    Draw 3d Shapes Using Perspective

    Knowing the laws of perspective is essential if you want to learn how to draw 3D shapes. The technique of perspective is creating an illusion that an object has three sides or dimensions within a flat surface. Its what makes a cup in a painting look real enough to carry away. It is also what creates the sense that one object is closer to the viewer than another. When a painting shows a view looking down a street and the buildings closer to you look large and the mountains in the far distance look small, the artist is using the laws of perspective.

    Youll understand how to draw 3D shapes better as you watch the artist in the video draw a 3D hand across three standing panels. Hell show how perspective adds shape and form. To make the drawing pop off the paper, he uses Arteza Professional Watercolor Pencils for their intense, saturated pigments and excellent blending capabilities. For this 3D step-by-step process, we recommend reading these steps and watching the entire video first before beginning this project.

    Supply List

    • Masking tape

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    Using 3d Model Example

    I’ve used “Hand gesture 014″of Clip Studio preset and I’ve set the camera to make the thumb overlap la litte on the little finger:

    I low the opacity of the 3D model layer In a new layer a draw on top of it details to create a realistic hand. I try to remember the anatomy and I follow the shapes ot the fingers. The guide lines of the 3D model, helps me draw details! ^^

    Another awesome thing of using 3D models, is that you can draw on top of that in different styles and create any style you want! Like here, I’ve done a more stylized version of the hand:

    Or here, I’ve done a skinny hand:

    And here a chubby hand:

    Or like here, where I’ve tried different style or details!

    a sharp style more like manga style a really cartoon style or just adding details of a creature! ^^

    Finishing The Optical Illusion

    How to Draw a 3D Hand with Lines on Paper – Easy Trick Art

    The most difficult part of this project is ending the fingers. Its a bit of a struggle to find a way to get back to straight lines at the top once you get past the finger tips.

    You dont want the curves at the top of the page to exactly match the curves on and around your fingers. Try to flatten out your lines as much as possible so it wont look like your fingers continue past the point where they should end.

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    How To Draw A Colorful 3d Handprint: Optical Illusion Art

    Dorsi is a freelance writer/researcher in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also a photographer, art educator, and artist.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to make an optical illusion handprint

    Dorsi Diaz

    I am on a handprint kickdrawing them that is. Not only drawing them but coloring them with markers in all kinds of bright and lovely colors. Lucky family members who get in my path get their hand grabbed, traced and colored. It’s become addicting actually . . . who wouldn’t love making 3D handprints that are worthy of an art gallery?

    In the spirit of sharing, I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw these incredible handprints. I have also included some in different colors so you have some color ideas when you do yours. Don’t be afraid to try this, really anyone can do it. It just takes a fairly steady hand and a little creativity.

    I can’t take credit for this thinking up this craft, I actually had a friend email this who thought it would make a good lesson. And it does! It is so much fun.

    Let the art begin!

    Hand Anatomy And Construction

    I like to keep in mind how is the hand structure, so it’s easiest for me to draw hands! Here is an example of the bones:

    , and are the phalanges, that are part of the fingers.As you can see the thumb has just the distal and proximal phalange and not the middle one. is the metacarpal bones and the little circle are part of the palm of the hand.

    In this following image, I show how to draw a hand, but it seems flat, isn’t it?

    That’s because you need to think about the hand as a 3D object as it is.So when you start drawing, instead of a flat square, draw a 3D parallelepiped for the palm and cylinders for fingers. It will seems more realistc! Then when you improve, you don’t need to draw the 3D structure, because it’s already in your mind! ^^Also, this is where 3D Clip Studio Paint models are really helpful! If you just started drawing, using 3D models will help a lot so you can concentrate with the shapes and meanwhile study the perspective!

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    How To Draw A 3d Optical Illusion Of Your Hand

    Step 1 Trace Your Hand

    Lightly trace your hand using a pencil. You do not want the original outline of your hand to show when finished so trace as lightly as possible. When you are tracing around your fingers make sure you are not making them too thin.

    If your fingers are too thin it will make it more difficult to add your lines in the next step. This is a common struggle when tracing hands. Keep your pencil straight up and down to get a better tracing of your hand.

    You could also make a template of your hand and shrink it down for smaller drawings. There are examples of this towards the end of the post.

    Step 2 Curved Lines

    Begin adding your lines with a thin black sharpie or other type of thin marker. It seems to be easiest to start at the bottom of the page. Begin where your arm is and draw a curved line on the arm and then straight lines for the background.

    It may be easier to start by using a pencil for the first four or five lines until you get the hang of it, then using the marker to add the rest. But if you feel confidant go ahead and use the black marker right from the start.


    • Make sure your straight lines for the background meet where the curved lines of the arm and hands are
    • Do not trace your outline of your hand and arm with the black marker
    • If there is too much space between your lines it will not look like the hand is popping off the page. Be sure to place your lines fairly close together

    More Tips For Successful Hand Drawing

    How to draw 3D hand step by step easy

    The sky is the limit for stylizing hands, says Daviscourt. Remember that realistic hand drawings are just one way to go. A hand drawn in the style of comic art, manga, anime characters, or cartoon hands will each bring its own flavor and personality to the table.

    Image by Lui Ferreyra

    Each pose or gesture you draw will present something new and unexpected. Every hand comes with its own set of challenges to master, and thats part of the fun. Repetition is the key ingredient to a successful hand drawing. Start drawing today and watch your hand come together a little more smoothly with each try.

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    Always Use A Reference

    Its important to use reference images, no matter your illustration skill level. Whether you look at a photo, take pictures of your own hand, or ask a friend to model different hand gestures, have a guide at your side. There will always be something unexpected and different, even if youve drawn them a million times, says Daviscourt.

    How Do You Turn A Hand Drawing Into A Digital Image

  • The first step to digitize your sketch is to know a few tips that will make the process easier. Before you even begin, its important to know a few tips that will make the process easier.
  • The second step is to scan the drawing.
  • The third step is to clean up the scanned drawing.
  • The fourth step is to vectorize the image.
  • The fifth step is to add color.
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    How To Create Your Own Hand

    Draw Your Weapons by Manuel Sitompul on Sketchfab Games have always been a big interest for me. As a child I spent the majority of my time exploring the story and worlds of Zelda, Pokémon and Rayman. I got so immersed in these worlds that I decided to start making

    Draw Your Weaponsby Manuel Sitompulon Sketchfab

    Games have always been a big interest for me. As a child I spent the majority of my time exploring the story and worlds of Zelda, Pokémon and Rayman. I got so immersed in these worlds that I decided to start making my own by playing with Game Maker and learning GML.

    However, my first real game art experience started when I decided to study Visual Art at Breda University of Applied Sciences. At school I learned about the many sides of game art, such as: procedural modeling, 3D animation, standard asset creation and engine implementation. Experiencing this provided me with a good base to start making my own projects.

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