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How To Draw A Baby Horse

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Constructing The Horses Head

How to draw a Baby Horse

The second step in this easy horse drawing tutorial is also a simple construction step, but it is essential. In this step, you are going to use a small circle to represent the head in your drawing of a horse. To the right and above the main body construction oval, draw a small circle. You want the circle to be just above, and just in front of the main oval.

At this stage, it does look strange for your horses head to be hanging so far away from the body. In the next few steps, you will draw the horses neckline to join the two body parts together.

Begin By Sketching Simple Shapes

In your reference, youll see that every horses body is made up of similar shapes. The sketched framework of a horse is built of circles, curved lines, and the straight lines of slanted squares like upside-down teacups. In a few simple steps, using simple shapes, youll have a handle on the basic structure of a horse.

Start with the horses body.

Draw two circles connected by sloping lines. In most horses, the top line slopes gently down toward the ground with the curve of the spine. The bottom line also curves in the same direction, filling out the rib cage and belly.

Focus on the head.

A horses head can be roughed out with two circles connected by a line. A gently curved triangle makes the ear. Changing the shape of the lines and distance of the circles is how you can make your horse look like a specific breed. These subtle shifts can have a huge effect on your final drawing. For instance, a larger draft horse head will have bigger circles that are closer together. A more lightweight horse, like an Arabian, will be constructed of circles that are smaller and farther apart.

Give the horse legs.

Begin drawing both the front and the back legs with two circles connected by sloping lines, using inverted teacup shapes as the hooves. You can move the circles around as needed to bend or reposition the legs. The front legs of a horse move differently from the back legs, so pay close attention to your reference for how both sets look in motion and standing still.

Your Horse Drawing Is Complete

Hopefully, this step-by-step guide on how to draw a horse in 8 easy steps was a fun and helpful tool in your journey to learn how to draw a horse!

Horses can be challenging to draw at first, but it doesnt have to be that hard when you break it down into the steps outlined in this guide.

Were sure that youll be drawing horses with ease once youve used this guide!

When youve really gotten the hang of it, you could try out some different positions for your horse drawings and try out more fun colors and art mediums.

Were always amazed by your artistic creativity and we cant wait to see the stunning horses that youll be drawing using this guide.

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How To Draw A Horse

In this drawing lesson well show you how to draw a Horse in 8 easy steps. This Free step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the horse.

This is a simple lesson designed for beginners and kids with real easy to follow steps. Feel free to print this page and use as a drawing tutorial.

Here are some fun facts about the Horse you might find interesting.

  • Horses are able to sleep both standing up and lying down.
  • There are over 300 breeds of horses in the world.
  • Depending on breed, management and environment, the domestic horse today has a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.
  • Horses have a skeleton that averages 205 bones.
  • Horses sense contact as subtle as an insect landing anywhere on the body.
  • Step 1: Begin by drawing the forehead of the Horse.

    Step 2: Draw the lower neck.

    Step 3: Sketch the upper neck and lower back towards the tail.

    Step 4: Draw the beginning of the front legs and the rear legs.

    Step 5: Add a few more lines to the front and rear legs, dont forget to add the ear.

    Step 6: Finish the underbelly and the 2 legs and hooves.

    Step 7: Draw the 2nd set of legs.

    Step 8: Finish by drawing the main and tail to complete this drawing of the Horse.

    There are so many videos on drawing Horses it was hard to choose. I picked this video because it was very simple, great for beginners and kids using simple shapes you can draw this Horse.

    Constructing The Horses Neck

    How to Draw a Baby Horse Easy | Beanie Boos

    Finally, the time has come to join your horses head with its body. Begin with a curved line that starts at the very top of the head construction circle and curves down onto the top of the body oval. You want this line to join with the body oval just before the halfway point. Use another, smaller curved line to finish the neck, beginning just below the horizontal halfway point in the head circle, and join this to the body. You will use these lines to help you complete the final outline of your horses neck in later steps.

    At this point, you may begin to see the shape of a horse poking through the construction lines.

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    How Long Does It Take To Create A Drawing Of A Horse

    Horses can be tricky animals to draw, and it may take you some time to practice and master the different elements of the horses body. Do not be down-heartened if it does take a while for you to complete this tutorial, the longer you take to perfect something, the better ingrained the skill will be!

    Draw The Outline Of The Horse

    H South

    Next, draw the outline or ‘contour’ onto the basic framework that we’ve sketched in. Now your drawing will start to look like a horse!

    The horse’s legs: first add lines to fill out the legs, with a big inverted triangle for the upper part of the back leg, all the rest pretty straight.

    Head and neck: join the square at the nose to the cheek-circle to form the horse’s head. Add the ear. Draw a curvy line joining the cheek to the neck, making the bottom of the neck-triangle a little fatter too. Draw a curved, arching crest over the neck.

    The body: square off the horse’s chest at the top of the foreleg. Join the chest and hindquarters on top and underneath with lines that curve in slightly.

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    Refine Your Horse Sketch Using Layers

    Once these main shapes are set, you have the basic structure of your horse. Regardless of medium, you can now begin adding detail to your base. The great benefit of digital art is it allows you to use layers to make drawing easier and faster. Layers are, in essence, invisible pieces of paper that stack on top of each other. Layers allow you to trace over your sketch and refine the horse to make it look real, and can help remove some of the tedium of using an eraser to clean up your final piece. Follow these step-by-step instructions to use layers to help finalize your horse drawing.

    Adjust your layer opacity.

    On the layer featuring your horse body sketch, use the Layer Properties menu to turn the opacity down to make the sketch very light. Choose any opacity level that you like, so long as you can still see the sketch and use it as a guide.

    Create a new layer.

    Make a new layer by hitting the + button. This new layer should appear on top of your sketch. Draw on this layer with any brush you like to refine your horse.

    Let the reference lead you.

    Add color and detail to your horse.

    When your horse is fully refined, make another new layer by hitting the + button. This new layer should be above your sketch, but below your refining layer. This will allow you to color under your lines but above your initial sketch.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Horse Running

    How to Draw a baby Horse

    Step 1 Draw the forehead of the head of the horse by a simple curved line.

    Step 2 By marking the mouth line, continue to draw the lower portion of the neck as illustrated in the figure.

    Step 3 Start drawing the upper neck and move towards the body of the horse by a smooth curved line

    Step 4 Draw the front and hind legs. Divide the leg into 2 parts. For the front leg the first part should be directed towards left and for the hind leg towards right as shown.

    Step 5 Draw the ear on top of the head. Complete the outline of the leg, by drawing a second line near the first one. Divide the leg into 2 parts. For the front leg the first part should be directed towards left and for the hind leg it should be towards right as shown and vice versa for the 2nd part of the leg. Have a good look at the figure given below.

    Step 6 Complete the belly and the legs and mark the hooves.

    Step 7 Draw the 2nd pair of legs as shown to give a look that the horse is running.

    Step 8 Complete your picture by drawing the horses mane starting from the ear, which small spiky connected curves. Draw a furry tail as shown or according to your own liking. And you have your horse ready.

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    How To Draw A Horse The First Step Of Drawing

    All the lessons on our website are based on the use of geometric shapes, as the initial forms of the drawing of any animal. Horse drawing is made in the same way. Using three circles, draw the main parts of the body and connect them with lines, as in my picture. Drawing these shapes is easy, but its important to precisely position them on a piece of paper concerning each other. Try to make this step of drawing the horse as accurate as possible.

    Now Draw In The Final Details

    Youre so close to finishing your horse drawing now! All we need to do is add in some details to give some muscle definition to your horse.

    Following the guide image, you can add in some small lines in areas like the knees, neck and stomach.

    The last detail is to use two small lines to draw in the hoof details. Once all these details are complete, guess what: your horse drawing is practically finished!

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    Optional: Add A Border And Decorative Elements

    Even if you’re only drawing this horse head for practice, why not take one more step and make it a complete illustration? To make an easy border, all you’ll need is a ruler or protractor. For a square border, measure a box around the horse’s face. Alternatively, use the protractor to draw a circle. You can then draw small dots along the curved line for a more delicate effect.

    If you want to fill in the empty space, consider adding some flora, like wheat, trees, or another animal.

    Constructing The Horses Main Body

    Drawing for Kids- Baby Horse

    For all of our animal drawing tutorials, we always begin by using construction shapes and lines. Construction lines are simple and easy-to-draw shapes that help us construct the basic shape of our animal before we begin adding complicated details. Construction lines are used by professional and beginner artists alike, and they are sometimes referred to as an artists best-kept secret.

    To begin our drawing of a horse, we are going to use a long, horizontal oval to represent the horses main body. This first step is deceivingly simple because while it is just an oval, you need to make sure that it is placed perfectly on your page.

    All around this oval, you will be adding other limbs and details, so you need to make sure that there is plenty of space so that your horse does not end up with a squashed neck.

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    How To Draw A Horse : Step By Step Guide

    Welcome back, today I will be teaching you the techniques of how to draw a horse? We will be drawing a variety of pictures related to horse. Kids I will also teach you to draw a cartoon horse. Before that, here are some interesting facts about horse. Horses use their ears, eyes and nostrils to express their mood. They also communicate their feelings through facial expressions. Horses are undeniably clever animals. Many people are passionate about keeping their own horses. Horse riding or racing is considered one of the most thrilling sports. They have near about 360 degree of vision. I think that you must have ridden in a horse at least once. So why not share your experience in the comment section below.

    Now lets get back to our drawing, I hope that you guys are practicing different pictures everyday during your leisure time. As you all know, drawing is an art which needs hard work and imagination. Its quite simple, it has only two steps, keep on thinking of new ideas and just try to sketch it out. Thats it!!!

    Parents if you want to help your children to draw this diagram for their assignment, then choose the particular picture you want and just follow my steps.

    So kids if you are doing this on your own, you know what to do now? Hurry up and go grab your pens and a sheet of paperGet ready to ride in your own paper horse.

    How To Draw A Horse Head

    Step 1 First step will be to draw three circles for the head. The biggest one should be at the top, the smallest one should be in between the biggest and the medium circle.

    Step 2 Now we draw the outline of the horse head. Draw a small circle in the largest circle for the eye.

    Step 3 Draw the ears on top of the head. Draw straight lines to mark the neck. Draw small ovals for the nostrils and give the mouth line. Erase all the unwanted lines.

    Step 4 We will now draw a bridle for the horse, it is not necessary for wild horses as it is required to control the horse while riding. Draw small ring near the edge of the mouth and small part of the bridle coming out of the mouth. Give detailing to your picture by drawing the horses mane and modifying the eye.

    Step 5 Complete the bridle and ears a shown in the figure.

    Step 6 Last step is to add shadows to your drawing to make it realistic.

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    Optional: Add Extra Elements To The Composition

    Since you’ve already drawn the sketch of the horse, why not take one more step and make it a complete illustration? An easy way to do this is to fill the empty space with foliage like trees, bushes, and flowers to the background. These extra elements will ground your horse and give the composition a sense of space and perspective.

    Drawing The Tail And Main Blowing In The Wind

    Draw a Cartoon Baby Horse!

    Now that we have the general outline of your horse, it is time to draw the mane and tail. The way that we are going to draw these hair features will help give the impression of movement. Using a pen, or sharp pencil, draw many curving hairlines that flow towards the back of the horse. For the mane, begin around the ears, and start to draw a few small wavy lines in the right direction. Continue to move down the back of the horses neck, making the hairs longer as you go further back.

    For the tail, use the construction line as the guideline, and draw many flowing and overlapping hairs until you are happy with the fullness.

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    Draw Everything From The Horses Head To Its Hind Legs

    You can learn to draw a horse by employing the same methods as professional artists do: begin your sketches by using reference images and then simplifying a horses features into basic shapes. Taking a step-by-step approach will allow you to make the complexity of a horse more manageable. Lets get started.

    How To Draw A Horse Step

    Our resident artist has created this tutorial using pencil on paper, but you are more than welcome to follow along in your chosen medium. Whether you are a graphic artist who uses a drawing tablet, or your favorite medium is watercolor, you can adapt this easy horse drawing tutorial. If you are ready to tackle the intricacies of drawing a horse, gather your supplies, and let us get started!

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    Adding Details To The Horses Legs

    In this step, you are simply going to add details to the legs of your horse. Using the construction lines, add some curves around the joint circles, and add a few little lines in the areas of the legs that would be in shadow. You can also add small little strokes all along the legs to give the impression of hair in some places. Draw a line on the bottom of each foot to separate the hoof from the leg, and add some small lines on the hooves to give the impression of a slight shine.

    When you have completed this step, you can erase all the remaining construction lines.

    Learn How To Draw A Horse Head From 3 Different Angles

    How to draw a FOAL (Baby Horse) out of GEOMETRIC SHAPES for BEGINNERS easy

    Stock Photos from Grigorita Ko/Shutterstock

    Almost everyone remembers going through a horse phase. Whether it was sparked by a live encounter or from watching animal documentaries, it often leads to magical reveries of your own horse companion. So, why not put those fantasies to paper and practice drawing the horse of your dreams?

    In this tutorial, we will go through the steps of drawing a horse head from three different anglesprofile, three-quarter, and from the front. Then, for those ready to try something more advanced, there will be instructions on how to draw a full horse body. Want to give it a go? Then pick out your favorite horse pictures and grab your drawing supplieslet’s draw some horses!

    Stock Photos from Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock

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