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How To Draw A Baby Tiger

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How To Draw A Tiger

Draw A Baby Tiger – Harptoons

Please PAUSE the “How to Draw a Cartoon Tiger” video after each step to draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw two curved lines next to each other for the little cartoon tiger cub’s eyes. Make the lines thick to represent eyelashes. The shape of the curved lines should be similar to a half-circle. Pay attention to where the lines are. Don’t place them too close together. Sketch these lines lightly at first. When you get the shape and placement right, darken them.

Step 2: Under each curved line, draw a small circle for the cartoon tiger’s irises. The circle on the left should be close to the right tip of the line. The circle on the right should be closer to the middle of the line and slightly bigger.

Step 3: Inside each iris, off to the side, draw a tiny circle to represent glare. In the middle of each iris, draw a big dot for the tiger cub’s pupils.

Step 4: Above each eye, draw a thick curved line for the cartoon tiger’s eyebrows. The eyebrows should be pretty close to the eyes. Don’t place them too high up.

Step 5: Near the lower, right side of the eye on the left, draw a small triangle for the tiger’s nose.

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How To Draw A Baby Giraffe

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Giraffes are the tallest land animals in the world. Some can grow more than 18 feet in height. Giraffes not only have the longest neck, but arguably the longest tongue as well. They use their prehensile tongues to pull leaves from trees.

The word “giraffe” comes from the Arabic word zarafah, which means “fast walker.” Giraffes are indeed fast, able to sprint at speeds of 37 miles per hour .

Giraffes are often pictured in movies about African animals, including The Lion King and Madagascar. Other famous giraffes include the Toys ‘R’ Us mascot Geoffrey and the teething toy Sophie.

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Would you like to draw a baby giraffe? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help. You will need a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

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How To Draw A Baby Tiger

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According to some surveys, the tiger is most commonly cited as a favorite animal. It is the largest cat on earth, ranging through Russia, North Korea, India, China, and other parts of Asia.

Tigers are unique among big cats for several reasons. One, they actually like water. Yes, tigers like to go for a swim! Two, tigers often live in cold and snowy areas unsuited to lions, jaguars, and other cats.

Tigers have been the stuff of myth and legend since antiquity. The tiger is one of twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. In Buddhism, it represents anger. In Korean myth, it is a guardian that brings good fortune.

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In the modern mythology of television, the tiger also plays a role. In Disney animated films, tigers such as Raja and Shere Khan play both friend and foe. Other film and television tigers include Daniel Tiger , Tony the Tiger, and Tigger .

Would you like to draw a ferociously adorable baby tiger? This easy, step-by-step animal drawing guide will show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, or marker and a sheet of paper. You may also want to color your finished tiger.

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How To Create A Nice Drawing Of A Tiger For Beginners

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Creating your first drawing of a tiger doesnt have to be confusing. Its nice to suggest studying anatomy and sketching these beautiful animals at the zoo but who has time for such a serious approach? So, if youre simply planning on learning how to draw a tiger for your bullet journal or for fun, youre in the right place!

You can learn how to draw a tiger and then teach your kids it is so easy.

Lets learn how to draw a tiger the easy way! Plus, we are going to show how to draw a tiger cub as well!

For practicing your tiger drawing we created step-by-step printable guides for the adult tiger and the cub. Needless to say, there is no real easy way of learning to draw animals like a tiger in just one try. As with anything else, your success depends on your patience and practice.

Lets Find Out Briefly About Tigers

How to Draw a Baby Tiger

The tiger is the largest extant cat species and a member of the genus Panthera. It is most recognisable for its dark vertical stripes on orange-brown fur with a lighter underside. It is an apex predator, primarily preying on ungulates such as deer and wild boar. It is territorial and generally a solitary but social predator, requiring large contiguous areas of habitat, which support its requirements for prey and rearing of its offspring. Tiger cubs stay with their mother for about two years, before they become independent and leave their mothers home range to establish their own.

The tiger once ranged widely from the Eastern Anatolia Region in the west to the Amur River basin, and in the south from the foothills of the Himalayas to Bali in the Sunda islands. Since the early 20th century, tiger populations have lost at least 93% of their historic range and have been extirpated in Western and Central Asia, from the islands of Java and Bali, and in large areas of Southeast and South Asia and China. Todays tiger range is fragmented, stretching from Siberian temperate forests to subtropical and tropical forests on the Indian subcontinent and Sumatra.

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Interesting Facts About Tigers:

  • While your little one draws the tiger, you can tell him some interesting facts about the worlds biggest cat.
  • The tiger is a member of the cat family.
  • It is the largest wild cat on earth.
  • Tigers stretch to 6 feet long and can weigh about 340 kg.
  • The roar of a tiger is loud and can be heard even 8 km away.
  • Tigers are good swimmers and enjoy the time in water.
  • A single tiger when very hungry can eat 30kg of meat at a time.
  • Tigers can also be white in color and have black stripes. Popularly known as white or albino tigers.
  • Tigers favorite food is the deer, pigs; they even eat rhinos and elephants.
  • A baby tiger is called a cub; a cub weighs about two pounds.
  • A mother tiger typically gives birth to twins or triplets.

Give your kid a variety of items to draw with and to draw on. Give him pens, crayons, watercolors, and brushes. Items like paper, cardboard, boxes, are good places, it would increase their focus, as all these things have different texture and alignment. Use his artwork and display them on walls of their room. The best paper to work on is the one with no lines.

Let him broaden his horizon. You could also take your kid on a drawing trip. Take him to a park and ask him to draw in the sunny weather. Get to know what he thinks about when he draws. Ask him to tell you about the picture and you would be pleasantly surprised to hear where his imagination goes.

How To Draw A Tiger For Kids Stepwise Tutorial:

  • Draw a circle for the head and an oval just below the circle for the body. Refer to the picture below to get a better idea.
  • Now draw a curved line from the circle for the mouth and two small ears as seen in the picture.
  • Time to draw the legs, our tiger is sitting and so follow the picture to draw the legs.
  • After legs, it is time for the paws and the tail, also give some detailing to the ears and the mouth.
  • Time for more detailing, after which the black and white tiger is almost ready. Draw the stripes on the tail, the leg and the body. Draw some hair from the mouth, finish the mouth and we are done.
  • Go ahead and color the tiger. Time to let him show it off to his friends.
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    How To Draw A Cartoon Tiger

    Step 1: Draw 2 tangent circles as depicted below with 2 curves facing each other forming mouth.

    Step 2: Draw 2 ears above the head, 2 eyes, and 3 dots on each side of the mouth.

    Step 3: Draw the body using 2 curvy lines from below the mouth and bach of the ear.

    Step 4: Draw the first 2 pairs of legs on the back and front portion.

    Step 5: Draw 2 back pair of legs adjacent to the first legs.

    Step 6: Draw a tail on the back of the tiger.

    Step 7: Draw a pointed spike-like structure all over the body, leg, and head for the tiger print.

    Step 8:Draw tree, clouds, and horizon line to the background.

    Step 9: Color your drawing, use yellow and black for the tiger and a combination of green, yellow, and blue for the background.

    How to draw a Tiger face

    Just by following the given stepwise illustration, you can draw your tigers face. Keep extra attention while drawing eyes, they are full of anger and passion.

    How To Draw Bengal Tiger

    How to Draw a Baby Tiger

    This drawing is based on the of bengal tiger, the most numerous tiger subspecies in Asia.

    Grid step

    You can the base construction lines and start drawing on tracing paper or you can draw the grid layout yourself using the following stepsShow more

    1) Draw a rectangle that will define the conditional proportions and boundaries of the chosen drawing.2) From the middle of the rectangle, draw one vertical and one horizontal line equally dividing the shape.3) Draw another horizontal line equally dividing the upper half of the rectangle. Similarly, draw a horizontal line equally dividing the bottom half of the rectangle.4) Draw a vertical line equally dividing the left half of the rectangle. Similarly, draw a vertical line equally dividing the right half of the rectangle.

    Step 1Step 2

    With smooth lines, show the neck and add guidelines for the back of the tiger.

    Step 3

    Draw some guidelines for legs and a tail.

    Step 4

    Draw the shapes of the legs and the proportions of the facial features.

    Step 5

    Outline the tigers toes. With light lines, draw the face, ears and tail.

    Step 6

    Draw some additional lines to show the legs and paws. Add eyes and outline more carefully the shapes of the face and ears.

    Step 7

    Work further on the tiger, adding more details.

    Step 8

    Contour, trying to vary the thickness and blackness of the line. Draw more details and grass. Erase all guidelines.

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    How To Draw A Tiger Cub Video & Step

    In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a Tiger Cub step-by-step.

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    All of the tutorials on are good drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists alike. The online tutorials are easy to follow; they teach you the how to draw basics while showing you how to draw animals step by step. Each animal has a video drawing tutorial option, as well as step-by-step photos and written text to follow.

    The Time-Lapse video:

    To draw this Tiger Cub step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

    The step-by-step video tutorial:

    For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

    Step 2: Draw a curved, horizontal line across the head to help you place the tiger cub’s facial features later. Add a curved, vertical line on the top, right side of the head for another construction line.

    Step 3: Draw a small circle inside the head as a guide for the tiger cub’s muzzle. This circle should fit snugly between the horizontal construction line and the lower edge of the head.

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