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How To Draw A Bandana Pattern

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Fringed Plaid Flannel Bandana

How to Make a Bandana Quilt – Includes Free Quilt Pattern

This one is super easy to make.

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You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper

How much material do you need? A typical square bandana is usually 22×22. If you already have a bandana that fits your dog well, you can use those measurements. If not, a handy guideline is to measure your dogs neck at the position youd like the bandana to sit and then add 6 inches. Or try this chart:

Small dogs : 15.25 x 15.25;;

Medium dogs : 18 x 18

Large dogs : 21 x 21

XL dogs : 22.5 x 22.5

2XL dogs : 23.5 x 23.5

For reference, Chloe has a 15 neck so adding 6 makes her square 21 x 21.

A nice lightweight flannel works best here since its the old fold, roll and tie variety. You dont want a lot of bulkiness; and heavier flannel will add that. Make sure the plaid is visible on both sides of the fabric.

Hint: Its generally recommended that you prewash your material before you cut and sew. This is in case of shrinkage and also to test for colorfastness. A red bandana on a white dog in the rain could be an issue you dont want to face. Some professional sewing enthusiasts prewash, some dont. You choose.

Lay out your fabric, measure and cut a square in the size your dog needs. Plaid is so wonderful; it gives you lots of built-in lines to follow for cutting.

Now start on the next side of the material, loosening threads and removing them.

Seriously. Bandana made!

Reversible Slip Over The Collar Dog Bandana

Bandannas also help to keep your dogs cool and relaxed, so they can be the best treatment for aggressive dog behaviors! It can be added to a dog collar you already have or can be string up to be around the dogs neck! Here this dog bandana is made of fabric having dog pas stamped pattern! This bandana can slip over the dog collar in either direction! sparklesofsun

Clean And Classic Snap Bandana

When you want your pup to look more refined and polished with clean lines and classic styling, youll want this pearl snap bandana. This bandana has two overlapping points that;gives it a jaunty little kerchief look. Its just a bit more work but still easy to create.

You will need :

  • Pearl snaps;
  • Pattern, tracing or craft paper
  • Optional: cheap muslin or other fabric for test

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fabric patterns so have fun choosing what will look adorable on your dog. Since this bandana will have two pieces of fabric sewn together, you can use just about any weight youd like. You can even choose two coordinating or contrasting fabrics to make it reversible. Cotton does shrink, so prewash as you feel necessary.

Hint : Im telling you this because I always forget to do itwhile youre at the fabric store, remember to look at the sticker on the end of the bolt of fabric youre purchasing. You can see fabric content and washing instructions. Snap a photo with your phone for quick reference.

Youre going to need to draft;a pattern for this one. You can use craft or pattern paper or even an old flattened out paper bag. Its not as hard as it sounds.

If you have a bandana that fits your dog well, you can use it to trace a pattern.; Fold the bandana into a triangle. Place on your pattern paper and trace around the edges. Use a ruler to keep your lines straight. Alternately, you can just transfer the measurements to your pattern paper.

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This Is It You Made It I Am So Proud Of You

Please dont leave without telling me what do you think of this tutorial and how your project went!.

Also please share your pictures on your social media with the #MyGoldenThimble and #DoggysBandana or post it on My Golden Thimble Sewing Club and spread the love of our seamstress friends around the world.

Make A Double Sided Dog Bandana

How to Sew / Make a Dog Collar Bandana | FREE Pattern Easy Beginners Sewing Tutorial | Twizzlez

With a double-sided bandana, you will always have a;right side facing out so if one side gets dirty, you can flip it over.

As mentioned, instead of one color or pattern, you can use two;different;pieces of fabric for each side to make a;two tone;bandanna.


Youll need fabric the;same length;as mentioned above, but;twice the width. Iron or press the cloth before working with it so that you can line things up properly.

Cutting out the Fabric

  • Fold the fabric in half along the;width, right sides facing outOR if you have a pattern where it matters which way is up, like the doggies in my photo, you will need to cut two equal pieces of fabric and place them back to back.
  • Pin;together any raw edges and double check to make sure the patterns are centered and the right way up.
  • Now fold the two layers in half;lengthwise, and mark the;top center;point with a pin or marker.
  • Open up the layers back to their full;length;again.
  • Draw a;diagonal;line with a;straight;edge; from the center point to each bottom corner.
  • Cut along the diagonal lines. You should now have a triangular, double layered bandana.

Pinning and Sewing the Edges

  • Fold each raw edge inward about 1/4 to 1/2 and pin.;
  • Sew the edges together, about 1/8 to 1/4 from the edge.
  • Iron the seams.
  • Time to try it on your dog!

So there are some ways to make a dog bandana most likely there are several more.;

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Free Dog Bandana Pattern

Cute up your little dog pets with this polka-dotted dog bandana will be stylishly around the necks of female dogs! A smart way to reuse the old fabric and to show you love to them! The polka-dotted touch will help create a feminine appeal of your dog! A quite easy to follow dog bandana pattern! mygoldenthimble

My How To Make A Bandana Quilt Video

Preparing the Bandanas

Before cutting the bandanas, they need to be washed and dried.

  • Wash and dry the bandanas as per the manufacturers instructions. You may want to add a color catcher in case they bleed.
  • Press the bandanas.
  • Carefully trim away the raised edges, making sure to leave as much of the bandana as possible.
  • Note: Depending on the weight/weave of your bandanas you may want to add fusible stabilizer to the backs of them.


    To cut the bandanas the first thing that needs to get done is to remover the serged edges. Leave as much fabric as possible so you can get large enough squares.

    Once edges are removed, cut each bandana into 10 1/8 inch squares. You should be able to get four squares from each bandana.

    Once done, you should have the following number of squares.

    • White Bandanas: 24 10 1/8 inch squares
    • Turquoise Bandanas: 8 10 1/8 inch squares
    • Pink Bandanas: 16 10 1/8 inch squares

    Block Assembly

    This quilt is made up of 48 half square triangles: 32 pink/white ones and 16 turquoise/white ones.

    First, pair up the 10 1/8 inch squares as follows:

    • 16 white with 16 pink
    • 8 white with 8 blue

    Next, make the half square triangles. For more detailed instructions, you may want to see my tutorial on how to make a half square triangle.

    On each of the pairs, draw a diagonal line on the back side of the lighter fabric. This will be your sewing guide.

    Line up each pair of squares with front sides facing each other.

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    S To Sew A Dog Bandana

    To begin, print the pattern template linked here. Check the 1-inch square printed on the template for printing accuracy. Select the desired bandana size. Double check your pets collar measurement to ensure fit.

    Press the fabric. Fold fabric in half so the folded fabric rectangle measures 10×6 inches. Note the Cut Fabric on the Fold arrows, and align the template with the folded fabric. Using the template, cut two pieces from the fabric, one feature fabric for the bandana front and one piece for the bandana backing . I had fun and pieced together several colors before cutting the bandana front!

    Unfold and press the fabric. Place the two pieces right sides together, and stitch around all edges with a 1/4 inch seam.

    Leave an opening in the seam line for turning.

    Turn the bandana, and use a turning tool to gently ensure each corner comes to a point. Press, making sure the seam edges stay aligned on top where there is an opening.

    Fold over the top edge and pin in place.

    Thread your Bernina with coordinating threads . With the backing facing up, stitch across the back, securing the flap, and closing the 2 inch opening. Make sure to backstitch at the start and end of the seam for extra strength.

    Your pet has a new accessory cheers!

    What Fabric To Use For Sewing The Bandana Bib Pattern

    How to Make a Bandana 𧵠Easy Sewing Project Tutorial

    Here are a few bonus tips to help you with your sewing: as an alternative to quilting cotton, you can use thicker fabric as the second layer, maybe flannel or terry cloth. Sweatshirt fleece works too. The sewing will not go on so smoothly but the bib will absorb better. You can also opt for a third layer, some kind of interlining. I’ve made several three-layer bibs so far. Double gauze is another great and super soft material to use for your diy dribble bibs, these would be on the thinner end though.;

    The;softest;version I’ve ever made was from;two layers of jersey. Just make sure the jersey is not too thin.;;If you are looking to buy jersey, you can check out adorable cotton knits I found;here at peek-a-boo;shop.

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    Free Dog Bandana Sewing Pattern

    Make use of fabric having any print to make a cool bandana featuring that cool design pattern! This bandana design will rock for every dog breed and is something quite cute and lovely looking! A cool sewing bandana pattern that you can also sew as a slip over dog collar bandana! pbsfabrics

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    You must design a personal living place for your dog like a DIY dog bed or a dog house is a great choice for your furry friend. Get these free dog house plans and material list to build a simple dog house at no cost. Your dog may also love this inexpensive and easy to make a pallet dog house.

    Easy Dog Bandana Pattern Free Sewing Tutorial

    Welcome to See Kate Sew! If you’re new here, sign up for my email newsletter for access to free patterns, tutorials and all the latest sewing news! Tour my sewing room HERE!

    We got a puppy!! Meet Rosie our newfiedoodle pup! Were so excited to have a dog in the house! I had to make her some homemade accessories so I hope you enjoy this easy dog bandana pattern. In this post I will show you how to sew a puppy bandana from start to finish!

    Ive done a little bit of dog sewing, like this little sweater project. But Im excited to sew more for dogs! In this post I will show you how to sew a dog bandana scarf from the provided free pattern. This dog scarf slips over the collar before you put it on, so its really easy to put on and wear.

    Weve had Rosie for a week now and she is just a doll! So sweet and so much fun. She is 9 weeks old and is so worn out at the end of the day from being chased by the kids!

    We have been wanting a puppy for over a year but were not quite ready to dive until recently. Now that the baby is sleeping a little better, why not add a puppy that whines at night to the mix!?

    I definitely feel silly trying to chase a toddler and a puppy back into the house, but it was definitely a good idea! Were working on the potty training, of course, but otherwise Rosie is a sweetheart and loves to play with 4 kids all day. They wear each other out and I love seeing them play.

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    Tying A Bandana Bracelet

  • 1Fold the bandana. Fold the bandana into a triangle. From there, start folding the bandana in increments of the same width you’d like your bracelet to be. Make sure that the folds are crisp and even.XResearch source
  • To ensure clean lines, iron the lines in as you fold the bandana.
  • 2Wrap the bandana around your wrist. When you’re done folding and you’re left with a long strip of material, wrap it around your wrist. Leave about a finger’s worth of space between your wrist and the bracelet to ensure that it isn’t too tight. Continue wrapping it around until there is approximately one inch of material hanging from each side of the bracelet.XResearch source
  • 3Secure the bracelet. Tie the bracelet in a square knot. To ensure that it stays put, double the knot or add a safety pin to secure it. Tuck in the loose ends of the bandana on the underside of your wrist.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Get The Updated Free Bandana Bib Pattern

    How to Make a Dog Bandana – Free Dog Bandana Sewing Pattern

    The bandana bib pattern is available for FREE in my shop. UPDATED – 2 SIZES now. Get it here:

    Get FREE pattern HERE.

    This bandana bib pattern is quite simple and easy to make. It will be made in no time and save you some money along the way. Who knows, you might just create an all-time favorite bib for your baby or toddler!

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    Discover How To Make Your Own Bandana Easily

    The bandana is a timeless fashion accessory, whose fame and history are unquestionable.

    Popular with cowboys, gangsters, fashion, pin-up and rocker styles, it has the distinction of being popular with a wide variety of groups and styles.

    Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the bandana also has the advantage of having many utilitarian uses:

    • protection against the sun’s rays,
    • sign of belonging to a group or a team,
    • absorption of perspiration,
    • anti-dust and pollution mask,
    • or even: emergency bandage.

    So, whatever the initial reason why you want to have a bandana, it will always be useful.

    We are going to present to you through this article a simple and fast tutorial so that you can make your own bandana.

    So After Making One Out Handle It As A Template To Trace And Cut The Second One

    How to draw a bandana easy. Follow me at http. Upload your drawings and vote for the best. Leave a little space at a side to turn the bandana outside in.

    I show you how to draw eyes hair a simple beard and even earrings pirates gotta have earrings. Draw a longcontinuous curved line like the one below. Drawing a skull with bandana.

    Join the triangles by sewing the sides but remember not to sew the straight edges because thats where your dogs collar will go. Its a tutorial meant to draw be simple for beginners and kids. How to draw bandana waddle dee from kirby step by step learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults.

    How to draw a gangsta girl with a bandana chola babe cholowiz13. You could also draw on canvas or wood and paint in the colorful details. Easy step by step how to draw bandana drawing tutorials for kids.

    Grab a marker and lets start. Easy graffiti character face piece duration. Drawings of bandana submitted by users.

    Learn how to draw a manga face in profile with easy tips for beginners. Any type of paper will do drawing paper printer paper cardstock watercolor paper etc. Excluding the folded edge mark th inch seams on the other two edges of the two big triangles.

    After drawing your dogs bandana outline take sharp pinking shears or scissors to cut along the length. Youll require two of these bandana shapes. Learn how to draw bandana simply by following the steps outlined in our video lessons.

    How To Make A Baby Bandana Bib Look At What I Made

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    Red White And Blue Bandana Quilt

    Every Fourth of July, our family heads down to the little festival and firework display put on by our city. ;In the past, Ive always brought along an old comforter for everyone to sit on while hang out and wait for the fireworks. ;This year, I decided to get a little fancy and make a special picnic quilt out of red white and blue bandanas.

    Why You’ll Love This Free Bandana Bib Pattern


    Really, these diy bandana bibs are amazing for soaking up teething baby drool. I made a lot of these bandana bibs when I had my first baby. And I mean a lot! There was always a stack of my diy bandana bibs somewhere close, ready to use. Once the first one got wet, I’d just switch out to a new one and I was set! They saved me from countless clothing changes throughout the day, real life savers.

    Even better, everybody loved this stylish addition to the baby’s outfit.

    And you won’t believe how easily and quickly they can be whipped up!

    First, here’s a quick slideshow just to get you familiar with how easy this bandana bib is to make. Check it out here, but heads-up, it’s still all old photos

    I want you to be able to make your own baby bandana bibs so I designed my own pattern for you to use. I’ve drafted quite a few bibs before I was happy about the design. Scroll down to download the best bandana bib pattern I’ve drafted so far – works great with any material!

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