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How To Draw A Baseball Hat

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How To Draw A Baseball

How To Draw A Baseball Hat

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Baseball has been called “the great American pastime.” The ball itself has a center made of rubber or cork that is wrapped in yarn. It is then covered with two peanut-shaped strips of leather or plastic. These strips are stitched together in a figure eight pattern.

Did you know? The yarn in the baseball can be up to one mile in length.

The baseball’s stitching has more than mere aesthetic value. The raised stitching causes drag when the ball is thrown, which in turn makes the ball curve in its path through the air. The pitcher can determine the direction and angle of the curve by how the ball is thrown.

The baseball was invented during the 1800s. At that time, all the balls were handmade – usually by the baseball players themselves – and variations in size, weight, and bounce were common.

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Factories began producing baseballs in 1858. Over the years, changes and improvements were made that allowed the balls to last longer and be hit farther.

Today, baseballs are manufactured to specific standards so that performance is generally the same.

Unlike in other sports, if a baseball is hit into the stands, it is often kept by the lucky fan who retrieves it. These may become collector’s items if hit by a famous player or during a historic game. Balls autographed by players such as Babe Ruth are also sought after keepsakes.

How To Draw A Baseball Cap

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Baseball caps have graced the heads of some of the cartoon world’s famous characters–Hey Arnold, Ash from Pokémon, Bart Simpson, etc. Now your cartoon characters can have baseball caps too!

How To Draw A Baseball Cap: Simple And Easy To Follow Instructions

Before we start this how to draw a baseball cap instructional article, let us learn a bit more about this baseball accessory. The primary purpose of the baseball cap was to shield the eyes of players from the sun. The first to have worn this style of the hat was the Brooklyn Excelsiors back in 1860. By the 1900s, this cap style became quite popular and part of every teams uniform in every league.

In fact, fans could better tell them apart by wearing the cap, so teams also added logos in team cap design thus, the cap served an additional purpose.

Here is a fun fact the baseball cap isnt always called a cap. In fact, there is a whole list of baseball cap related lingo. For example, the button on top of the cap is known as a squatchee cap with flexible fits are known as snapbacks.

Well, now you know more about the subject of this how-to article, baseball cap. To draw a simple baseball cap, all you need are pencils, pens or markers and a sheet of A4 white paper.

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How To Draw Anime Winter Hat Step By Step

Somewhat similar to the previous example is the winter hat with the pom pom. This is another very common item for female anime characters to ware during winter.

Draw the head with the outline of the hair.

Add the top part of the hat as one big curve that is farther away form the head on top and closer to it on the sides. Next draw the bottom part of the hat wrapping around the hair/head. Finally add the pom pom as pretty much a circle that is partially hidden behind the the hat.

Once done erase the parts of the head and hair covered by the hat.

Around the circle of the pom pom draw the fluff in small pointy clumps of slightly different size similar to the example above. Erase the circle line once done.

To make the hat look a little more interesting you can add some lines along its bottom as a small design element. Draw the lines farther apart towards the middle of the head and closer together as they move to the sides. This will help show that the hat is actually wrapping around the head.

You can finish the drawing by adding the details of the hair.

Above you can see the finished drawing of the winter pom pom hat with some basic shading.

How To Draw Anime Santa Hat Step By Step

How to Draw a Baseball Cap

The Santa hat is very common for both male and female characters in anime and manga that show the winter holiday celebrations.

First draw the outline of the head and hair.

Draw the bottom part of the hat on a slight angle tilting to the side with the pom pom.

Add the top part of the hat by first drawing the line that curves all the way around the head to the pom pom. Next draw the line that defines the other side of the hat curving up but stopping before it touches the top of the hat. Finally draw another curved line going from around the ear area to the pom pom. Draw the pom pom itself as pretty much a circle excluding a small curved indent at the top where it connects to the hat.

Erase the parts of the head/hair covered by the hat once done.

Add some fluff to the pom pom circle as shown in the above example and erase any extra line afterwards.

To finish the drawing add the hair.

You can see a large drawing of the entire hat with some light shading above.

For drawing a character wearing this hat see:

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How To Draw Anime Cowboy Hat Step By Step

The cowboy hat is often worn by anime characters as parts of costumes but some characters have it as a normal part of their outfit.

First draw a basic outline of the head and hair.

Draw the bottom of the top part of the hat with a large curve. This will make the hat look like its slightly pushed down on the forehead . The top part of the head should also be wider towards the bottom and narrower as it goes up. The very top of the hat should have a bit of an indent at the middle where the hat curves slightly downwards.

Draw the brim of the cowboy hat with its overall shape similar to a sausage where the ends on each side curved upwards.

Once done drawing the main shape of the hat erase the parts of the head and hair that are covered by it.

For some basic details add a wave like shape just below the top of the hat to better show that that part is slightly folded downwards. You can also add another line that traces the outline of the brim. This line can represent stitches that these hats tend to have in that area. Draw it some distance away from the brim at the front and closer to it as it progresses towards the back finally merging the two lines.

Finish the drawing by adding the details of the hair.

You can see the cowboy hat with some basic hair shading in the example above.

How To Draw Anime Hoodie Step By Step

The hoodie or hoods in general are very common in anime and manga. They can be worn by a wide variety of characters for many reasons.

Start by drawing an outline of the head, hair and the top part of the shoulders. As a hood generally will not press much on the head you can draw the hair volume the same as when no head ware is being worn.

Draw the hood itself in two parts, the outline of the fabric and the hole in it for the face. The outer shape of the hood should first pretty much trace the shape of the hair and then get wider as it goes down towards the neck. Around the neck area it should curve back inwards towards the head.

Draw the inner shape of the hood similar to the outer shape shape but start from around the forehead and end around the upper chest area with a sort of pointy downwards tip .

Erase the parts of the head/hair covered by the hood.

Add another line around the inner part of hood that first traces its shape almost exactly and then moves away from it around the shoulders and goes towards the bottom tip of the inner shape of the hood.

Around the area where this line starts to split away from the main inner outline of the hood draw a second pair of lines.

To finish the drawing you can add a zipper as well as the details of the hair .

You can see a large drawing of the hoodie with some basic shading above. Generally you will want to shade the inner part of a hood darker then the rest as that area almost always tends to be in shadow.

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Check & Adjust The Size

Now is a good time to check the size of your cap. I actually didnt check until I did a few extra steps, as you can see in the picture, and I had to undo those steps to make the cap fit me right.

Put your cap on and see if its too big or small anywhere. Mine turned out to be too big at the back. Pinch the fabric together so that it fits properly, take it off and make marks to show how much you need to take in. Take out the back seam, draw a new stitching line and adapt your pattern for future use. Then stitch the new seam. Again, press the seam open and add the top stitching. Then cut off the excess fabric and the main part of the cap is done!

How To Draw A Cap

How to Draw a Baseball Cap

The team of has created an almost complete list of clothing items that can be drawn. But clothing is not only what is worn on the torso and legs, but also something that can be put on the head. Earlier we have already drawn a winter version of a headdress in our lesson about how to draw a knit hat, and now we will show you how to draw a cap headgear for warmer weather.

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How To Draw Anime Beret Step By Step

The beret is sometimes worn by anime characters as a fashion item or as part of a uniform.

Start by drawing an outline of the head and hair. Similar to the hood you can leave the volume of the hair uncompressed .

First draw the very top part of the beret somewhat wrapping around the top part of the head but a good distance away from it . Afterwards add the small strip at the bottom wrapping about halfway around the head. Draw one side of this strip covered by a fold from the top part of the beret which will be hanging down to one side of the head. You can show the fold with just one angled curved line as in the above example.

Finish the drawing by adding the detail of the hair.

You can see the beret drawing above with some basic hair shading to make it stand out a little bit more.

By Step Instructions For Drawing A Baseball Player

1. Begin by sketching the player’s face. Use a “C” shaped line to form the top of the head, a “U” shaped line for the nose, and an “L” shaped line for the chin. Then, use a short, straight line to form the mouth.

2. Sketch the player’s baseball cap. Outline the cap on top of the head and across the forehead, using a curved line to outline a rounded shape. Then, enclose the shape of the cap’s bill using another curved line.

3. Use a series of curved lines to outline the player’s hair. Notice the “U” shaped line that forms the ear.

4. Use curved lines to outline the player’s shirt. Notice how the near shoulder overlaps the player’s chin. Note, too, the overlapping of lines to indicate cinched material beneath each arm.


How to Draw a Football Player

8. Outline the remaining pant leg using long, curved lines. Then, extend two short lines to form the ankle, and enclose the irregular shape of the shoe. Note that the peanut-shaped sole of the shoe is visible.

9. Detail your baseball player. Use curved lines to stripe the pants and sleeve, and to contour the uniform. Use a long, narrow “U” shaped line to craft the baseball bat, and detail it using curved lines.

10. Color your baseball player to match your favorite team.

Check out our people drawing guides to fill your dugout with more players, or our object drawing guides to stock up on equipment.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

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How To Draw A Baseball Cap Easy Step By Step For Kids

May 29, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Clothing

Baseball caps have evolved along with baseball sports. After they became popular, they were more than baseball team caps. Various styles and brands of baseball caps are very popular all over the world.

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this baseball cap out, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!

1. Draw a semicircle, opening down. Then draw a horizontal line at the bottom.

2.Draw two curves on the semicircle. Then draw a brim on the right side.

3. Draw a curve and a horizontal line on the left. Then draw a small oval at the top.

4. Finally, simply color it and make a mark. The blue baseball cap is done!

How To Draw Anime Wizard Hat Step By Step

How to Draw a Baseball Hat

The wizard hat is very common to fantasy anime and usually tends to be worn by female characters.

Start by drawing an outline of the head/hair and draw the hat over top of this.

The entire hat should be somewhat similar in shape to an upside down ice cream cone but with the top part hanging to one side.

To show that the hat is tilted slightly upwards show some of its underside by drawing a pair of lines going from the bottom left and right tips of the hat towards the ears. These lines will define the inner/background part of the at.

Erase the parts of the head and hair that are covered by the hat after you are done drawing its outer shape.

To finish the drawing you can add a little band around the area where wizard hat transitions from the brim to the top. You can also draw the details of the hair.

You can see a larger finished drawing of the wizard hat above with some basic shading.

You may noticed that the background/inner portion of the hat is shaded slightly darker then the rest as usually less light will reach there.

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How To Draw Baseball Hats

Top your wardrobe with these unique How To Draw Baseball Hats. Available in tons of designs to make your style truly unique. Our baseball hats also make a perfect gift.

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How To Draw Anime Fedora Hat Step By Step

This type of hat is usually worn by male characters especially gangsters. It can also sometimes be worn by female characters as well though this is usually as part of a costume.

Start by drawing a basic outline of the head/hair.

Draw the top portion of the head wider towards the bottom with slightly curved in sides. Afterwards add medium sized brim around it.

Erase the parts of the head/hair covered by the hat once you are done drawing its main shape.

Finish the drawing by adding a stripe between the brim and the top part of the hat as a design element that fedoras often have. You can also add the details of the hair.

You can see a larger shaded drawing of the fedora hat above.

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Cut The Fabric & Add Interfacing

The next step is to cut the pieces out of the fabric. Since I’m using an old shirt for my fabric, I started by taking that shirt apart so that I have flat pieces of fabric to work with.

Since my fabric is pretty thin and a bit stretchy, Im also going to add interfacing to it. You’ll have to decide based on your fabric if you think this is necesary.

If you’re adding interfacing, trace the pattern pieces onto the interfacing. For each of the three panels, youll need a left and a right version, so the two pieces need to be mirrored versions of each other. To achieve this, fold the interfacing over and cut through both layers at the same time.

Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric. The precise instructions are different for different brands of interfacing, so just follow the instructions that come with yours. Then cut around the interfacing to get the final pieces. Repeat these steps for the facing, but only cutting one, not two.

If you’re not adding interfacing, simly trace the pieces onto the wrong side of the fabric and cut them out. Make sure to make left and right versions of the cap pieces.

Cut two identical brim pieces, without adding any interfacing. Its fine if the fabric here remains a bit stretchy, since it will help it cover the brim nicely. I left the fabric a bit big on the inside to give some room for error later.

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