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How To Draw A Bat Easy

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Go Over The Drawing In Ink

How to Draw a Cute Bat Easy

Finally, it is time to complete your illustration of a bat by going over it in pen and ink. So, using your pen of choice, trace your pencil drawing. Once you’ve gone over all of the lines, consider filling in some of the areas with shading techniques such as stippling or hatching to add texture and depth. Fill in any black areas last so you avoid smearing ink.

Then, erase any remaining pencil marks, and voila! You’ve learned how to draw a bat.

By Step Bat Drawing For Kids:

Drawing a bat is very easy. Follow the given steps of bat drawing and render it easily. While drawing bat you also know a few facts about bat which are as follows:

  • Bats have life more than 30 years.
  • They are nocturnals that means find prey in dark.
  • They mostly like cold winters thus founds in caves and dark places in a large amount.
  • Pups are the name for baby bats.

Draw The Head And Ears

If you’ve followed my zombie and kitty cat drawing tutorials, then you already know I like to use a square shape with rounded edges for the head.

The ears are basically just little triangles plopped on top of the head. I made these with the inner edges parallel to each other, but you can try out different variations to see how you like them.

Now that I think of it, I wish I had drawn one of the ears larger than the other to make the character look less symmetrical.

Step 2: Draw the Eyes

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How To Draw A Baseball Bat

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Baseball bats are wooden or metal clubs used in sports such as baseball, softball, and t-ball. The pitcher throws the ball, and the player swings the bat in an attempt to strike it and change its course. The best part of the bat to strike the ball is known as the “sweet spot.”

Baseball bats arose during the 1800s along with the game of the same name. Batters would originally whittle or carve their own bats from wood. They thus varied in length and thickness – they could be long or short, fat or thin, and some were flat rather than round. One, known as the banana bat, was even curved in an attempt to give the ball more spin.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Today, bats used in major and minor league baseball must conform to standard rules. For example, the bat cannot exceed a length of 42 inches and a diameter of 2.61 inches.

The most famous brand of baseball bats today is the Louisville Slugger, manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The woodworking shop of Hillerich & Bradsby opened in 1855, and in 1884 manufactured a baseball bat that helped a local batter out of a “slump.” This attracted other professional players, such as Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig.

Today, baseball bats may be made out of wood, metal, fiberglass, or even plastic. Children learning to play baseball or similar games often use bats that are smaller and lighter than traditional baseball bats.

Using Asymmetry To Create Goofy Silly Off

How to Draw a Bat – The Easy Way – Halloween Drawings

So throughout this beginner tutorial, I’ve mentioned several times how using asymmetry and angles can make your characters look off-balance, goofy, silly, and all around cartooney.

But some things are easier to show than to tell, so before we wrap this up let’s take a minute to see what a difference it makes when drawing comics characters symmetrically vs asymmetrically.

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How To Draw A Bat: Finished Drawing

How to draw a bat: finished outline drawing

Here is the completed bat drawing, after we have cleaned up the sketch lines with an eraser. Now, this was a fairly simple way how to draw a bat, what do you think? And this one turned out to be quite a cute if a bit confused cartoony fellow. If you would like your bat to look less ditzy, just put those two dots in the eyes a bit further apart.

How to draw a bat: finished drawing coloured-in

Our usual final step is to colour in the drawing. Our bat has nice brown fur and dark black wings as he soars through the dark blue night sky, full of stars. Do you remember how to draw a star and the trick we had for drawing many of them fast?

Outline The Ears Wings And Finish Up With A Tail

Bat ears are easier to draw when you think of them as an oval with pointed edges or teardrops to be precise. Draw two on each side of the head to form the ears. Theres room for your imagination to shine here. You can make the ears as big or as little as you want.

For the wings, draw a curved arc that starts from the head of the bat, then use short, smaller curved lines to connect it to the body. Finish up by drawing an upside-down triangle at the bottom middle of the body to highlight the bats tail.

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By Step Instructions For Drawing A Baseball Bat

1. Begin by drawing a small oval. Draw a curved line within the oval, parallel with one side, to give the image a three-dimensional appearance. This forms the knob at the bottom of the bat.

2. Draw a set of straight, parallel lines extending upward from the knob. This forms the handle, or grip, of the bat.

3. Extend a long line from one side of the handle. Notice how the line curves slightly outward. This part of the bat is called the taper. Then, curve the line sharply to outline the top of the bat.

4. Continue to extend the long, curved line, fully enclosing the bat’s barrel and taper.


How to Draw Crossed Hockey Sticks

8. Texture the barrel of the bat so that it also looks like wood. Do so using curved, “U” shaped lines of various lengths, as well as dots.

9. Draw three more short, parallel lines across the taper of the bat. Shade between two of them. Fill in any remaining space with “U” shaped lines for texture.

10. Color your baseball bat. Wooden bats are typically brown, but aluminum baseball bats can come in any color.

Get your head in the game and fill out your team with our people drawing guides. Equip them with help from our object drawing guides, where you’ll find baseballs, baseball caps, and more.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Draw The Upper Edge Of The Wings

How to Draw a Bat for Halloween Real Easy

Now we do the upper line of the wings.

Remember how I like the eyes to be asymmetrical? Well, I like to apply that same off-balance feeling to the wings here. If the wings were the exactly the same size, it would look too balancedand clearly not silly enough.

Also, one wing is higher up on the body than the other one. You can exaggerate the different angles even more if you’d like, so that one wing is more vertical and the other more horizontal.

Maybe the next time you draw this little guy, try putting that wing on the right almost straight up and see how it looks.

Step 6: Draw the Wings

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Now Draw In The Bats Face

For this next step, we will be adding in a cute face for your bat drawing. Using circles and some smaller lines, you can first add in some eyes for your bat along with a little nose and mouth.

You can closely adhere to the picture and try to draw it that way, but you could also get creative with the look and change the facial expression of your bat drawing.

Once the face is drawn in, you can draw in the inner ear section of your bats ears.

Learn How To Draw A Cartoon Vampire Bat With This Easy Tutorial Its Hard Not To Smile At One With Such A Big Laugh

A vampire bat may sound kind of scary, but if you give him the cartoon treatment, its another story. A big head, and even bigger smile, makes him almost cute! And definitely not scary.

This easy vampire bat tutorial makes use of simple body shapes that are great symmetrical drawing practice for younger elementary students. Its best to conquer simple symmetry before trying more complicated ones.

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Bat How To Draw Easy Step By Step Guide

Perfect for beginners and kids this Halloween, our bat how to draw guide is easy to follow and uses simple lines to create a cartoon styled bat. This bat how to draw guide is the latest addition to our growing collection of flow drawing tutorials, which focuses on the creation of free flowing lines to create easy animal drawings.

Children are encouraged to use playful colors to complete their bats and create unique backgrounds to frame their fabulous drawings!

To help children master the basics of learning how to draw their bats, we have created a step-by-step video tutorial, a printable how to draw guide and written instructions!

How To Draw A Cute Cartoon Bat: Easy Step

How to Draw a Halloween Bat Real Easy Step by Step

Chris Desatoff is a cartoonist and blogger whose comic strips have been published in WriteHackr Magazine.

Learn to draw this cute cartoon bat, step by step. It’s easy!

Hey everyone! In this easy cartooning tutorial for beginners, I’ll show you how to draw a cute cartoon batand I’ll break it down with step-by-step instructions and photos so that you can draw it and redraw it at your own pace. This is a fun, simple lesson that’s easy enough for grownups and for kids.

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How To Draw A Bat Made From Simple Smooth Shapes

Welcome to this easy drawing tutorial to help you learn how to draw a bat using a simple step-by-step technique! Created from an adorable design, this cartoon animal should be relatively easy to sketch even if you don’t have much drawing experience. Only six steps are required to complete this cartoon bat!

It’s true that bats are not necessarily always appreciated. They look creepy, they can fly dangerously close to humans or get stuck in the hair. It’s not a good reason NOT to draw a cute version of this particular animal! 🙂

Step 1

You can begin this lesson by sketching a large oval shape to form the head. Below the head, you can draw a small rectangle to illustrate the body. Make sure that this rectangle is narrow and not too long.

Step 2

Time to draw the wings. It’s hard to describe how the wings should look like, so perhaps looking at the illustration below can be a good idea! Basically, each wing is made from three different curved lines. Make sure each wing is pointing towards the ground.

Step 3

The ears are represented by two small triangles. Another small rectangle with round corners can be drawn on the stomach of the cartoon character. The feet are made from small oval shapes.

Step 4

The eyes are drawn with large circles. You can repeat the same technique to illustrate the pupils. However, the pupils are located slightly towards the middle of the illustration.

Step 5

Step 6

Learn How To Draw A Bat Flying In The Sky Step By Step

Giant Indian Fruit Bat

Bats are often regarded as a symbol of Halloween and all things spooky. However, there’s more to this nocturnal creature than its haunting reputation. For instance, they are the only mammal in the world capable of flight, and, as pollinators, they are vital members of the ecosystem.

Follow along to learn how to draw a bat flying through the sky. All you’ll need to get started is a pencil, an eraser, a pen, and some paper. Ready to give it a shot? Then, let’s draw a bat!

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The Bat Symbol And Batman Logo Pictures Were Being Loved Too

How to draw batman symbol easy. If you want to learn an easy way to draw a christian symbol, this is the place to look! So, lets start the tutorial! Extend a horizontal line to the right of the vertical line.

Begin by drawing a large circle. After that, sketch out the rest of the cloak. Follow the steps below, and you will be able to create your very own batman logo anywhere and any time you choose.

Below is a complete list of all of the symbol drawing tutorials available here, so simply click on a symbols thumbnail to go to see how to draw it. The batman logo from the 1989 movie is still very recognized today and is commonly featured on clothing, lunch boxes, backpacks, posters, skateboards, and many other places. Fill your drawing with black color.

Connect the lines using one curved line. Basically, he is muscular all over since batman is a highly trained fighter and strategist. Most of the time engaging in hand to hand combat especially against villains who are much bigger than him.

In fact, it will be very easy to do. To begin, draw a vertical line in the middle of your paper. Previous post easy on and off seat covers.

This line will serve as a guide to placing the features of the face. This outlines batman’s square chin. To draw the batman logo correctly, we must first create the skeleton of the drawing.

How to draw batmans logo step 1. Batman should have broad shoulders and a wide chest. Connect them with a series of three lines, sketching the pointed chin.

Add Thick Lines And Photo Edits

How to draw a halloween Vampire Bat – Easy Step by step

Our cute little cartoon bat drawing was basically finished at the last step, but I like to go over my drawing one last time to thicken up some of the lines and add a little more weight and depth to the drawing.

I’m not big on color, but you can definitely go in at this point with markers or water colors and add some color to your bat and background.

You can also take a pic of it and color it on your phone or tablet using art apps like Tayasui Sketches or Art Rage.

For my pic, I just use the free photo app on my iPhone called BeFunky. It’s a free app. I used the “Gritty HDR” effect about four times in a row to eliminate lines and shadows .

Then I used the “Viewfinder 2”, “Violet”, and “TiltShift” effects to add that gritty look, blur the outside edges and add a hint of color.

Note: I also did one more thing… I angled my phone camera when shooting the final image.

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Learn How To Draw A Bat With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial His Outstretched Wings Offer Some Good Symmetry Practice

When your students are ready to draw a bat with a little more detail than the classic circle and pointy wing silhouette, it might be a good time to try out this tutorial.

The head has a lot more detail, with its turned out ears and snub nose, and the flying position shows off his wings.

A little liberty was taken with the eyes but if that conjures up some imagination about their bat, then why not?

How To Draw A Bat

In this drawing lesson well show you how to draw a Bat in 6 easy steps. This step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Bat.

Here are some interesting facts about the N American Bat you might find interesting.

  • The forelimbs of bats are webbed and developed as wings, thus making them the only mammals that can fly.
  • There are about 1,100 bat species worldwide.
  • About seventy percent of bats are insectivores, however some are frugivores, or fruit eaters.
  • Bats range in size from Kittis Hog-nosed Bat measuring 2933 mm in length and 2 grams in mass, to the Giant Golden-crowned Flying-fox, which has a wing span of 1.5 m and weighs approximately 1.2 kiolgrams.
  • Bats are also sometimes called flying rodents or flying rats.
  • To start drawing the Bat youll want to print this page or following the next 6 steps in sequence.

    Step 1: Begin by drawing the outline of the Bats head.

    Step 2: Draw the upper portion of the Wings on each side of the body.

    Step 3: Add the details to the Bats wings.

    Step 4: Add the details to the face and finish the Bats lower body.

    Step 5: Sketch in the legs and feet to the body.

    Step 6: Complete the lower webbing to the Bats wings and youre finished.

    Heres what your Bat should look like after youve followed each Step:

    Use this Shaded version of the Bat as an Example of how to give it a Realistic Look.

    Heres a cool video on how to draw a Cartoon Bat:

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    Here’s How To Make Sure Your Bat Doesn’t End

      You might think drawing a bat is hard, and theres good reason to feel that way. Yes, its true, the bat is a complicated animal its partially like a rat, but not really. Its got those wings, but theyre not bird wings. Where to begin? Should you just try to draw Batman instead? No! With the guidance of a professional artist, drawing a bat is a lot more straightforward than you think, and you can skip the conversation with your kids about how bats are not birds.

      Now that Fall is fast approaching, your kids doodles are probably geared more towards Halloween drawings. If youre tired of seeing a giant cockroach that looks nothing like a bat, we have a 9-year-old approved solution for you and your kids sake: A suite of Halloween drawings by Fatherly resident illustrator, Connor Robinson, broken down to 5 simple steps that are easy for you and your kids to follow: a pumpkin, a cat in a hat, the moon and here, a bat.

      Lets face it. Teaching your kids how to draw a bat, or anything else, is just as important as garnering your arsenal of dad jokes and Halloween puns. Unlike the former, drawing has no expiry date and with more practice, they hone in on a skill that stays with them for life.

      So how exactly do you draw a bat?

      Start with the head, a body, two ears, and some wings. Rounded triangles and ovals will form the foundation for your bat drawings.

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