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How To Draw A Beach Ball

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Beach Ball Coloring Page

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    Beach Activities For Kids

      Few things are better than a sunny, salty day at the beach. But lets be honest, its a lot of work, and unfortunately, little ones can lose interest fast unless you have an arsenal of awesome beach activities for kids, that is.

      Whether your family frequents the beach daily or youre lucky to get in one visit per summer, when youve got kids in tow , its smart to go into the day prepared with a few beach activities. From sand pies to squirt ball, here are 101 activities and beach games for kids. Who knows? You might even be able to sit down for a second.  

      Step 2 Draw The Sections

      Once you draw the circle divided it up into the six sections that are so characteristic of a beach ball.

      You can see a step by step breakdown of drawing these in the example above. Try and draw each section with a nice and smooth curve or the beach ball may end up looking like its warped or partially deflated.

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      Jul 13, 2017

      I made a fabric beach ball along time ago when my kids were born and I loved it because they could throw it and not break anything. These are so simple to make and great for a small child. You can add some ric rac by hand to decorate where you sew pieces together or use some theme fabric. A beginner can make this. I like that the pattern has 3 sizes. Great way to use up small pieces of fabric. You can also use these fabric balls for a dog toy when supervised. nice step by step pictures.

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      Step 1 Creating A New Document And Main Shape

      Beach ball

      Create a new document with dimensions of 1250 x 1250 px with a transparent photo. Fill the layer with white Edit> Fill> White .

      Choose a tool Ellipse Tool and create a circle shape of 850 x 850 px in black.

      Add a layer style to this layer. Gradient Overlay , colors from #DBDBDB to # F3F3F3.

      Now we will create color stripes on our ball. Choose a tool Pen Tool mode Shape . Choose a bright color of your choice and create a shape of an oval triangle, as shown in the image below.

      Add a layer style to the triangle layer. Gradient Overlay from #FFFFFF c Opacity 0% to #FAFAFA with such parameters.

      Select Pen Tool and on the top of the ball create a new triangle of a different color, as shown below. I chose blue. Add a mask to this layer just as you did above for the first triangle shape.

      Add a layer style Gradient Overlay from #FFFFFF c Opacity 0% to #FAFAFA with such parameters.

      Tool Pen Tool create the third, last triangle shape. I chose a pink color. Add the same layer mask as you did for the first two triangles.

      Add a layer style Gradient Overlay from #FFFFFF with Opacity 0% to #FAFAFA with the parameters shown below.

      Select all the layers with the shapes of triangles and place them in the group . Rename the group to Stripes.

      Step 15: Extra Touch Of Realism

      Assuming our ball is made of something a little more flexible than diamond it’s going to change form slightly upon impact with the ground. Let’s add one last Keyframe where the ball flattens momentarily.

      Select frame 21 on both layers and press F6 to turn them into Keyframes. Then use the Free Transform Tool to squash the “ball” symbol from the top edge .

      Step 22: Remove Excess

      Place the stroke as shown in the image below and release. Now select the portion of the stroke which is outside the ball by simply clicking on it. As with making the shading crescent earlier, all the vectors on this layer have merged together, forming separate regions. Delete the outer portion of the stroke.

      How To Draw A Beach Ball

      Beach balls are large, inflatable, lightweight toys often used to play water games such as water polo or volleyball. They became popular as they appeared in teenaged beach films of the 1960s, including Beach Party and Beach Blanket Bingo.

      Beach balls are often played with in swimming pools, at concerts and festivals, and in sports arenas. The latter may be confiscated, as they have been known to interfere with the players at sporting events.

      Most beach balls are about 3 feet wide, but 5 and 9-foot beach balls are also readily available. The Guinness world-record-holding largest beach ball was constructed in London in 2017 to advertise the film Baywatch. Its diameter was 65.5 feet, and it was carried on the river by a barge.

      Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

      Would you like to draw a brightly colored beach ball? This easy, step-by-step beach ball drawing tutorial will make it easy. All you will need is a pen, pencil, or marker and a sheet of paper.

      If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: , Palm Tree, and .

      Method 2 Of 2:adding Details And Color

    • 1Draw a palm tree for a tropical scene. Use 2 long, vertical, slightly curved lines to draw the trunk of the palm tree. Draw the leaves like big feathers: make a curved line, and then a bunch of short lines coming off of it, all pointing downward.XResearch source
    • You can add as many palm trees as you want. Of course, if your beach is somewhere that doesnât have palm trees, you donât have to draw them.
    • Draw a little wiggly line under the palm tree to make it clear itâs standing on sand, not just floating.
    • 2Add a beach umbrella to make it look like people were there. It might be tricky to actually draw people, but you can make the beach look full of life by adding in a beach umbrella. Use a slightly diagonal line to draw the pole coming out of the sand. Draw a curved line facing down for the umbrella, and a bunch of little connected curves for the bottom of the umbrella.XResearch source
    • You can add a beach towel underneath the towel by drawing a diamond. This will look like a tilted towel.
    • 3Sketch a boat in the water to add some fun detail. Draw the hull of the by drawing a half circle, and then erasing the part that would be underneath the water. Then draw a straight line for the mast, and a triangle for the sail.XResearch source
    • If you want your boat to be really far away, you can draw it really tiny on the horizon.
    • Make sure the ink has dried before you erase the pencil or your eraser will smudge the ink.
    • 6
    • How To Draw A Beach Scene

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      Get a taste of summer freedom by drawing a beach scene. Start by making a horizon line and sketching the water and the sky. Then add in fun beach details like palm trees, umbrellas, and towels. Finally, color in your beautiful beach scene!

      Step 23: Rinse And Repeat

      Draw a couple of other ovals and place them on top of the circle so that they conjoin at the top somewhere. Then remove the excess from outside the circle. The ovals don’t all have to be of equal size or proportions, just try to recreate something a little like the image below. What you will have created is a series of segments which can now be individually colored.

      Paper Plate Beach Ball Instructions

      Using a pencil, draw lines to divide the paper plate into 6 triangles. I used a ruler to help me draw straight lines. See picture below.

      Paint each triangle. We used acrylic paint that we had leftover from another project.

      We painted each triangle a different color, but if you want you can use 3 different colors. Let the paint dry completely.

      Cut a small circle from a piece of white paper. Glue the circle in the center of your painted paper plate.

      Enjoy your paper plate beach ball craft.

      Learn How To Draw A Beach With This Fun And Easy Step By Step Tutorial A Few Boats In The Distance Will Add A Sense Of Space

      Learn How to Draw a Beach Ball Easy Step by Step

      Even the simplest of drawings can ooze charm, when drawn by children. This one has super simplified bodies, lots of fun things that you see at the beach, and even a little perspective with sailboats receding in the distance.

      Encourage your young artists to use this tutorial as just a starting point, so they can add their own favorite details. After all, everyone has their own favorite way of how to spend a day there.

      Beach Coloring Page

      • Black Sharpie marker, fine tip
      • Crayons

      How To Draw A Beach

      are rocky or sandy areas located where oceans or seas meet the land. Most beaches have either white or golden sand, depending on the composition of the material. However, some beaches sport sand in a variety of other colors, such as the Muriwai Black Sand Beach, New Zealand; the green Papakolea Beach of Big Island, Hawaii; the Red Beach in Santorini, Greece; and the Pink Sand Beach of Harbour Island, Bahamas. Waves deposit items such as seashells and seaweed on many beaches. Some are inhabited by animals such as gulls, crabs, or sea turtles.

      Beaches are common symbols of summertime and family vacations. Beaches often host lifeguards, showers, changing tents, restaurants, piers, docks, or resort hotels. There are also so-called “wild beaches,” which do not have any man-made structures. These beaches are either remote or protected to preserve their natural beauty.

      Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

      Would you like to draw a fun beach landscape? Doing so is easier than ever with the help of this simple, step-by-step beach drawing tutorial. Each step of this drawing guide includes a detailed illustration as well as explanatory text. Pay special attention to the lines highlighted in blue, as these indicate new lines to be added to your drawing.

      If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Palm Tree, , and .

      Method 1 Of 2:sketching The Background

    • 1Draw a horizon line in pencil. Draw a straight, horizontal line across the middle of your piece of paper. This will be the horizon line, the line where the sea meets the sky.XResearch source
    • You can use a ruler to help you draw a straight line.
    • 2Add a wavy line for the edge of the water. Below the horizon line, but not quite at the bottom of your paper, draw a wavy line across your whole page. This will mark the tide-line, where the water reaches the sand.XResearch source
    • Make the curves of the line different sizes to make the waterline look more realistic.
    • 3Draw little squiggles in the water to look like waves. Your scene will have the beach in the bottom part of your page, then the water, and then the sky. Make it clear that the ocean is water by adding little squiggles to look like waves.XResearch source
    • Donât worry too much about making it look perfect. You are just at the pencil stage, and can fix it up later with colors.
    • 4Draw clouds in the sky. To draw a cloud, sketch short, connected curved lines. You can make the clouds as big or small as you want, and can also add swirls in the middle of the cloud for a more realistic effect.XResearch source
    • If you want your beach scene to be perfectly sunny, with no clouds, then feel free to skip them!
    • Donât worry if the circle isnât perfect! Most of the time people donât look directly at the sun, so they donât really see a perfect circle.
    • If you want, you can give your sun a friendly smiley face.
    • Step 8: Add Keyframes

      We’ve created our symbols in their most basic form, now let’s begin to animate them. Hold Shift and click on frame 20 of both layers on the Timeline. Go to Modify > Timeline > Convert to Keyframes or press F6 to turn these frames into Keyframes. Keyframes represent points along the timeline where something happens. This point on the Timeline will be the end of the animation; in other words the ball will have bounced up from the ground, reached it’s apex and returned to this starting position. The same applies to our shadow: it will have faded as the ball rose and returned to this starting state at frame 20.

      Easy Beach Ball Craft Supplies

      1 paper plate per student

      Dot markers

      Permanent marker to draw beach ball lines

      The beach ball paper plate craft is pretty easy to make. Get ready by drawing the beach ball lines on the paper plate beforehand. I used the bottom of a cup to make the circle and then drew the lines coming out from that.

      We used dot markers to fill in the different colors. For some students I put one dot of the color they should use in each section. For others, I just display the example at the front for them to follow. They have a blast each time we try a new craft with the dot markers. Theres something about bumping the marker down each time that they just love.

      For the , I had the kids continue to use the dot markers. For each word, they have to mark the beach ball that has the letter from the word in the sun. They could also color or circle the words too.

      What are your favorite summer themed activities to do at the end of the year?

      Step 27: Rotational Tweening

      Select a frame somewhere along the timeline on layer “Ball Spinning” and refer to the Properties Inspector. Select Motion tween as you did with the bouncing movement. This time, we don’t want any Ease value, we need the ball to steadily rotate at the same speed. Select CW from the Rotate drop-down and leave 1 as the amount of times the ball will rotate during the tween. Of course, the “Shade” layer is unaffected and the shading will therefore remain in the same position on the face of the ball.

      Step 2: Document Settings

      Use the Properties Inspector at the bottom of your screen to enter the Document Properties, click the dimensions button. First, give your document a title, then give the Stage dimensions of 600px by 400px. The background color we’ll leave white, but change the Frame Rate to 21 fps . 21 fps gives a quick, smooth rate of animation.

      Illustrate And Animate A Bouncing Ball: Part 1

      Part 1 of this tutorial will take Flash novices through the fundamental principles behind drawing and animating vectors in Flash. We’ll be drawing and animating a bouncing beach ball. Prior knowledge of Flash will of course help, but the following techniques should be accessible to everyone and with most software versions. Part 2 coming soon…

      Other Ways To Modify This Craft

      How to Draw a Beach Ball

      Instead of using a paint brush to paint the triangles, you can get creative. Your kids can use sponges or Q tips to paint the paper plate.

      If your kids didnt paint straight lines between the different sections, after the paint has dried, you can glue a piece of yarn or string separating the different sections. This will hide the uneven lines.

      Step 25: As The Ball Turns

      Let’s add a final dimension of movement to the animation, we’ll get the ball to slowly spin as it bounces. To do this we first need the ball on layer “Ball Spinning” to be converted into a symbol. Click on the first keyframe of the layer to ensure that everything on it is selected. Now press F8 and name this Movie Clip symbol “mc_ball_base.” You’ll see it’s been added amongst the other symbols in the Library palette .

      Step 2 Top Plastic Part

      In this step we will create the top part of our ball. Choose a tool Ellipse Tool and create an oval, color #EBEBEB. Via Free transform tool rotate the shape as shown below.

      Add a layer style Drop shadow and change Opacity layer at 35%.

      Tool Ellipse Tool create a new smaller oval. Add layer styles Gradient overlay and Drop shadow .

      Translators Note: duplicate the layer with the oval created above, then zoom out . Change the opacity of the layer to 100%, change the shadow style settings and add a gradient overlay style.

      In the center of the created ovals, create two more ovals smaller than those created earlier the second oval is smaller than the first. The color for the first small oval is # C3C3C3, for the smaller one the color is # 9E9E9E.

      For the first little oval add style Inner shadow .

      For the smallest oval, also add style. Inner shadow .

      Select all layers with ovals and place them in a group . Rename the group to Plastic top.

      Heres How To Draw A Ball Spherical To Look Real

      To begin as Im sure youve already guessed go ahead and draw a lightly sketched circle on the page in front of you. Use a compass or the bottom of a can to ensure that your circle is in fact circular. Its OK drawing a perfect circle free-hand is not what were aiming for here.

      Circle in place, map out some simple crosses just like Ive done in the examples below. The whole idea here, is to come up with a simple map/plan to help visualize and place the curved lines that compose a beach ball.

      Like so

      Simple? It sure is! And really you could do something similar to this for other balls you wanted to draw soccer, basketball, croquet!, lottery, etc. The whole idea is that by using a simple, equal reference coupled with a near-perfect circle drawing a ball that takes on a more realistic look is all the more easy to do!

      And other than that grab your pencil crayons and for sure, bring out the vibrant colors as youd see in most beach balls.

      Youre done!

      How To Draw A Beach Ball With Templates

      Learn how to draw a simple beach ball with templates.

      We use templates or other objects to trace around when creating our circles. You can certainly draw the circles freehand, but this is a useful tip when you want to draw a perfect circle.

      Your kids may need help selecting objects to trace around. If youre using a marker, use an object you dont mind drawing on. We used a black bowl.

      • bottle of glue
      • oil pastels
      • under 10 minutes

      Learn How To Draw A Realistic Beach Scene With Towels Chairs Umbrellas Balls Lifeguard Towers Palm Trees And Beachgoers With Our Quick And Easy Step

      Beaches the best place to be all year round. You can spend an hour walking along the sandy shoreline and another hour contemplating tides, waves, and changes in daylight.

      For many people, the beach lifestyle is a synonym for healthy living.

      But have you ever tried to draw your favorite beach? Have you ever tried to put on a sheet of paper what your eyes are seeing?

      You don’t need to be a professional illustrator, portraitist, or visual artist to draw a simple beach – tropical, Mediterranean, or even polar – for hanging on your home or office wall.

      Our method will help adults and kids create their first beach sketch with a medium-level detail that depicts a Hawaiian sand strip or a European white-sand shoreline.

      Are you ready for the ultimate beach drawing? We’ve got two guides for you to choose from.

      Step 4 Color The Beach Ball

      To color the beach ball you can use pretty much any medium you like . However, as beach balls usually have pretty bright colors markers may be the best option as they tend to be fairly bright as well.

      The tree common colors beach balls tend to have are red, yellow and blue . Color three of the sections in these colors and leave three other sections in between them white.

      Of course you can also use other colors instead . Once done coloring the ball you should be finished with the drawing.

      Step 3 Finish The Line Drawing

      At the intersection of the lines that divide up the beach ball draw a little tip/cap. This is normally round but as its being viewed on a bit of an angle draw it as an oval.

      Afterwards you can erase the intersection lines that are inside it. Once done you can trace over your drawing with a thin black marker/pen or darken your lines with the pencil.

      How To Draw A Ball For The Beach

      How to draw a beach ball EASY & SLOWLY step by step for kids

      Yup its a beach ball alright. But truly, even though learning how to draw a ball may be simple, there are lots of circumstances where wed like to see it look more realspherical3D!!

      Here, in this fairly simple drawing lesson lets go ahead and do just this. Lets take a basic shape a circle and see if we can manipulate our lines equally placed across a diagonal center line so that the final product looks all the more ballish just like any beach ball should!

      On to the lesson!

      Beach Ball Drawing Game


      Decorate your bulletin board with these beach balls. Fill up your art sub plans folder with no-prep art projects that pair well with other Summer activities. Great for early finishers activities and homeschooling parents wanting to paint on a dime.

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