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How To Draw A Beanie Hat

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Best Yarn For Chunky Beanies

How to Draw Hats 3 Ways!

I designed this pattern with one of my favorite yarns: Lion Brand Color Made Easy. Its a nice chunky yarn that works up fast, so its a great choice for quick projects.

This particular yarn has a multi-plied construction for some really nice texture and stitch definition. Its made from 100% acrylic, so its soft, affordable, and really easy to care for. Plus, this yarn comes in more than 20 gorgeous colors.

Please feel free to substitute any other yarn you love. Keep in mind that you will need to make a gauge swatch, and possibly go up or down a hook size depending on your yarn choice.

Here are some other yarns you can use to make this project.

  • Patons Classic Wool in Bulky
  • Lion Brand Woolspun

Now You Can Draw The Rim Of The Beanie

In this part of our guide on how to draw a beanie, you will be adding the wide rim of the beanie. You will be drawing this by adding lots of curved lines that connect to one another at the base of the hat portion of the beanie.

Then, you can use some more curved lines for the sides of the rim and then finish it with more rounded lines connecting to one another.

These ones should be positioned in such a way that they will line up with the ones above them. Finally, you can add some vertical lines to the rim of the hat as shown in the reference image.

Drawing Hair With A Hat On

Something to note before drawing hats is that when wearing a hat the hair will usually get compressed. This means that when drawing the hair with a hat on you may want to give it slightly less volume. Also keep in mind that generally anime hair tends to be drawn a lot puffier then real hair so even when compressed you can still draw it a good distance away from the head.

Please note that as the focus of this tutorial is on drawing hats it will not go into the details of drawing the hair. For a tutorial on drawing female anime hair see:

You can of course also experiment by drawing different hairstyles than the one used in the examples.

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How To Draw A Beanie

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Hats have been around since the dawn of humanity. Hats have served many different purposes, from functional to stylish, and have been constructed from various materials.

The beanie, also called a stocking cap, tuque, touque, or toboggan, is a type of knit cap that is usually worn for warmth. It was originally made of wool and favored by outdoor workers such as hunters and fishermen.

A knit cap with a pom-pom on top is known as a bob cap, bobble cap, or bobble hat in Britain. The so-called “Geek-Chic” trend brought this hat from utilitarian obscurity to a fashion-forward item.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

In some places, beanies are associated with high school and college football teams. A number of popular musicians also sport beanies, as well as influencers in the skater and BMX circles. Not surprisingly, the hats are also popular among skiers and those who indulge in other cold-weather outdoor activities.

Would you like to draw a cartoon beanie? This easy, step-by-step cartoon object drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, pen, marker, or crayon and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

How To Embroider On A Beanie

How I make my beanie hat pattern

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Its fall, YALL which means its time to break out your cute knit hats to keep your noggin toasty during your outdoor activities. And just like the embroidered baseball cap you have been rocking all summer, the beanie is the perfect accessory to personalize using your embroidery machine. Never tried it? Heres how to embroider on a beanie.

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How To Draw A Baseball Cap

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Baseball caps have graced the heads of some of the cartoon world’s famous characters–Hey Arnold, Ash from Pokémon, Bart Simpson, etc. Now your cartoon characters can have baseball caps too!

How To Modify This Pattern

The style of this free beginner crochet hat pattern is perfectly versatile for men and women. Want a little more slouch? Add a few chains at the beginning. Want to make it pint-size for your favorite kiddo? Ive added preschool and child sizes here.

Because this beanie is so fast and simple, I think it would make a perfect crochet hat pattern for charity.

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How To Draw Anime Cat Ear Hat Step By Step

The cat ear hat is very common in anime and manga. Its also quite easy to draw.

First outline the head and hair.

Draw the top portion of the hat with the cat ears sticking out to the sides with just a few curved lines as shown in the example above.

The bottom portion of these types of hats usually has a thick rim around either as part of the design or because the hat is folded up over itself at that point. Draw this part as sort of ring that wraps around the head/hair.

Erse the parts of the head and hair that should be hidden after you draw the hat.

You can finish the drawing by adding the rest of the hair sticking out from under the hat.

You can see a larger version of the cat ear hat drawing with some basic hair shading above.

How To Draw Anime Hats & Head Ware

newborn beanie hat DIY

This tutorial shows how to draw different kinds of anime hats and head ware. It includes a total of twelve examples with step by step drawing instructions for each.

The types of hats and head ware included in this tutorial are:

  • Baseball Cap
  • Winter Hat
  • Fedora Hat
  • Explorer Hat
  • Newsboy Cap
  • If you are going to be drawing any of the hats in this tutorial using pencil and paper be sure to make very light lines until you are nearly finished. You will need to erase some parts of the drawing when moving between the different steps. The lines in the example have been made dark simply so that they are easier to see.

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    Next Draw The Outline Of The Top Of The Beanie

    Now that you have the bobble of the beanie drawing done, you can move on to the hat itself now!

    For this step, we will be drawing the domed top of the beanie. To do this, you can draw a bumpy line coming out from each side of the bobble.

    Once you have these lines drawn, youre ready to add the rim of the beanie in the next step.

    Pay Attention On Which Direction The Fabric Stretches


    NOTE:Here is used a dark blue jersey composed of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, and in the picture can be seen too, a red knit fabric composed of 65% polyethylene, 30% viscose, and 5% elastane, which I liked, and both were 55 cm length.

    NOTE: If you purchase a fabric of a standard width 140 cm, it is enough for 2-3 caps, depending on the size or sizes.

    Beanie is cut out from one piece of fold-over fabric.

    TIP:The edges of the jerseys twist, and before washing, you can overlock them, this will prevent twisting after washing and by cutting.

    Cut out the fabric by the pattern using scissors or rotary cutter.

    In the picture below you can see how beanie looks like before sewing.

    Fold the sides towards the middle, as shown in the picture, right side to the right side of the fabric.

    All stitching is done on the wrong side of a beanie, i.e., on the wrong side of the material.

    Sew the darts seams shown in the picture below.

    As for sewing, here is used Serger/Overlocker Bernina L460, which should be set up for stitching the fabric you are using, but instead, you can use a sewing machine and narrow zig zag.

    Bernina L460

    It remains just one larger seam to stitch, and to do it, match up the darts, which you previously sewed, with other next to on the top, and then pin the edge.

    When sewing, closer to one top of the beanie, leave a 3-4 cm unstitched.

    Because through that opening, you would turn the hat on the right side.

    Turn the beanie on the right side.

    Stitch opening by hand.

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    How To Draw Anime Hoodie Step By Step

    The hoodie or hoods in general are very common in anime and manga. They can be worn by a wide variety of characters for many reasons.

    Start by drawing an outline of the head, hair and the top part of the shoulders. As a hood generally will not press much on the head you can draw the hair volume the same as when no head ware is being worn.

    Draw the hood itself in two parts, the outline of the fabric and the hole in it for the face. The outer shape of the hood should first pretty much trace the shape of the hair and then get wider as it goes down towards the neck. Around the neck area it should curve back inwards towards the head.

    Draw the inner shape of the hood similar to the outer shape shape but start from around the forehead and end around the upper chest area with a sort of pointy downwards tip .

    Erase the parts of the head/hair covered by the hood.

    Add another line around the inner part of hood that first traces its shape almost exactly and then moves away from it around the shoulders and goes towards the bottom tip of the inner shape of the hood.

    Around the area where this line starts to split away from the main inner outline of the hood draw a second pair of lines.

    To finish the drawing you can add a zipper as well as the details of the hair .

    You can see a large drawing of the hoodie with some basic shading above. Generally you will want to shade the inner part of a hood darker then the rest as that area almost always tends to be in shadow.

    A Crochet Beanie That Looks Knit

    Easy Drawings | How to Draw a Hat — Beanie | Draw Step by Step | Kawaii Drawings

    Ive been really into crochet that looks like knit recently. So when I set out to design this super speedy beanie pattern, I decided to give it a ribbed look that resembles the vibe of a classic knit cap. This is the crochet beanie Id want if I were going ice fishing in Minnesota followed by dinner at my favorite ironic hipster hot dog stand.

    Pin it!

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    How To Make A Fleece Beanie Hat

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    Wearing a hat is one of the easiest ways to keep body heat in when it is cold outside. Beanies are form fitting, domed hats that are popular in the winter. These hats are often made of natural yarn, such as wool and cotton, or fleece. Fleece is a synthetic fabric that is soft, warm and easy to sew. Unlike other fabrics, it does not fray. Fleece clothing is very durable.

    Step : Fold The Fabric

    Lay the fabric on your workspace as it was just before you have sewn it.

    Then grab its bottom left corner and pull it towards the top right corner. Join their tips together.

    While keeping the fold you just made in place, pull the other top corner towards the bottom right corner. Join the tips of the corners. Straighten everything out a bit.

    If you did everything right, your fabric piece should look a bit like a crooked house.

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    Picking The Right Beanie For Your Face

    A beanie is a great staple of your winter wardrobe, says Sarah Gilfillan, stylist and founder of SartoriaLab, a London-based mens personal styling service. But before you head out to buy one, remember that small details can make the difference as to whether or not the style suits you.

    If youre round or square of face, avoid designs that will make you look like Harry from Home Alone. Choose a beanie without a turn-back cuff, with ribbing and a looser style that can add a bit of height to your face, suggests Gilfillan. Also, wear it slightly back off your face rather than pulling it down over your ears.

    A bobble hat is another good option for this, but steer clear of anything too out there. You dont want to look like Kevin, either.

    If you have a longer face, a beanie can work nicely. Opt for a turn back cuff, which could even be in a contrasting colour or have stripe detailing, says Gilfillan. Wear a tighter fitting style that sits snugly on your head to avoid adding any more height.

    How To Make A Beanie Hat

    How to Make a Beanie Hat without a Pattern! Sewing Easy DIY Beanie Hat Tutorial –

    Weve stepped deep into autumn and winter is getting closer, which means one thing. Its the perfect time to learn how to make a beanie hat!

    Right around this time of year, you need a hat that will keep you warm but at the same time, you dont want to whip out those heavy-duty winter hats.

    This beanie hat were about to show you doesnt use a plain beanie hat pattern since its completely different from your regular beanies.

    Its a 4-in-1! You can use it as a normal beanie hat, ponytail hat, a scarf, or as a headband! It will keep you warm and fashionable, no matter how you decide to wear it!

    Now say goodbye to that chilly breeze going through your hair and say hello to style and comfort because youre about to whip up this awesome beanie!

    Below you will find my step by step written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

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    free 4 in 1 beanie hat pattern

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    How To Wear A Beanie Without Looking Like An Idiot

    The cold-weather headwear landscape is a notoriously tricky area to traverse. Beanies for men are basically the only vaguely acceptable option, and lets face it, theyre hardly held in high regard by followers of fashion. You cant really blame them either. After all, usually when these woollen warmers stray into the public fashion consciousness, there have been terrible, terrible consequences.

    For example, David Beckham and his legions of style disciples spent the best part of the noughties proudly rocking a look that said, Ive got a turd in my hat and during the first coming of Craig David, the RnB/Garage crossover crooner exemplified perfectly why condoms should always be rubber and worn on your penis, as opposed to woollen and worn on your head.

    However, as is the case with so many things in the world of style its not just a matter of what you wear, its also about how you wear it. And with that reasoning very much in mind, wed like to take to the stand in defence of one of winters most misunderstood accessories.

    If youve ever uttered the words, Hats just dont suit me it may be because youve simply been wearing the wrong ones. Beanies work well with menswears current love of utilitarian workwear, and there are a number of styles to match even the weirdest and lumpiest of face shapes.

    In a hurry? Check out these beanies to look your best this winter.

    Step : Take The Measurements And Cut The Fabric

    Start by measuring your head circumference first. This will be the width of the fabric youll be using.

    The length of the beanie depends on who is going to wear it. For adults, about 22 inches should do. For kids, the length should be about 20 inches. If you plan on putting this beanie on your toddler or a child younger than 6 years, the length should be about 18 inches. Heres a quick reference guide.

  • fabric width = head circumference
    • adults and teens 22 in / 55 cm
    • kids 6-12 20 in /50cm
    • toddlers and kids under 6 18 in/45 cm

    If you prefer download the beanie hat sewing pattern above for a quick reference later.

    After youve taken the measurements, cut out the fabric according to them.

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    The Classic Cuffed Beanie

    When you hear woolly hat this is most likely what you think of and theres a good reason for that. This style is one of the most popular and versatile in existence and has been championed by hip-hop royalty, workmen and everyone else in between.

    As far as beanies for men go, this is the grandaddy.

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