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How To Draw A Bee Step By Step

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How To Draw A Bumblebee: Outline The Drawing

How To Draw a Bumble Bee | Sketch Sunday (Step by Step)

Step 1: Outline the eyes and antennae

With the bumblebee sketch done, outlining the drawing is easy. We simply outline and the sketch, filling in the black parts of the bumblebee.

Start with drawing the eyes. Fill in the smaller inner oval, leaving small white patches for the “shine” or reflections in the eyes.

Next, draw the antennae, colouring in the end circles.

Step 2: Outline the head and body

The next step is to outline the head circle and body shape. Then, draw the little line on the forehead.

Step 3: Outline the wings and the body stripes

The last lines to redraw are the outline of the wings and the body stripes.

Step 4: Colour in the black stripes

As a final step, colour in the stripes on the body and the top of the bumblebee’s head in, err, black.

Creating A Realistic Bee Drawing In 20 Simple Steps

Before beginning this tutorial, you likely have the impression that learning how to draw a bee is a difficult process reserved for only the most professional artists. We hope to change your mind about this by the end of our easy-to-follow tutorial when you will have a stunning and realistic bee drawing. When it comes to making bee drawing easy, you are welcome to use any type of medium you like. Whether you love to use soft coloring pencils, or you prefer a painting medium like watercolor or acrylic, you can easily modify the coloring stages to suit your preferences.

Another way that we make bee drawing easy is by using construction shapes and lines to map out the basic shape of your bee before you start adding textural and coloring details. As bees are quite complex insects with a lot of different and delicate body parts, our first 11 steps are purely focused on construction. You can see the general outline of our easy bee drawing tutorial above.

How To Draw A Bee: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

Step 1: Outline the eye and mouth

We start outlining the bee drawing by drawing out the eye. Next, we improve on the mandibles – the bee’s mouth.; Add a small oval at the top, and then draw a narrower triangle with rounded-off corners underneath it.

Step 2: Outline the front legs

The next step is to draw the front two legs. These are a direct outline of the sketch, with some rounding off the sharp corners. Draw both feet as simple, thick lines.

Step 3: Outline the rear leg

Here is a new trick to learn: the pollen attached is made of tiny dust lumps. So let’s draw the pollen bag with a bumpy, thin line all around it.

Then outline the rest of the rear leg with the usual smooth line as the other legs.

Step 4: Draw the hairy head and thorax

Here comes the next improvement to our sketch. Instead of outlining the head and body with a smooth single line, draw many thin hairs all around the sketched outlines.

The trick to a nice thick fur is a layer of many thin lines going in one direction, with another layer of fewer lines crisscrossed.

Also, if you do not have the patience to draw as fine hair as in the picture, suggesting just a few thicker hairs will look a bit more cartoony, but is also OK.

Step 5: Draw the antennae and the body

Here is a simple step for a change – just outline the abdomen – the last part of the body; – and draw the antennae with thick lines.

Step 6: Draw the bee’s wings

Step 7: Draw the wing pattern

Step 8: Hatch the black stripes on the bee’s body

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Some Precious Drawing Tips By Charles Le Petit Fermier

  • If the result is not perfect, dont worry, practice ! Training and repeating certain actions is the key to success.
  • Imagination and creativity are two very important elements here. Even though we detail you and show you what to do, you can also
  • make your own decisions about details and colors in particular. You have to differentiate yourself, create your style and your trademark. Find original materials, which we had not thought of, colors of all kinds, relief or different materials.;
  • Above all, do not hurry, do not put pressure on yourself. Even if it can be a challenge, it is above all a fun activity. So be relaxed and have maximum fun, let your feelings and emotions transcribe.;
  • Please be careful not to protrude, press too hard on your lead, or smudge your design with coloring.
  • If you want a more realistic style, you can work on the shadows, tones and depth of the drawing.
  • Your bee can all the more be in a minimalist style , manga, comic strip or even cartoon by thickening the contours of its body.;

Adding Dimension With Shadows And Highlights

How to Draw a Realistic Bee

You can see immediately that there is a significant difference between the previous step and this step, but do not be overwhelmed. This difference is thanks to shading which adds dimension and creates the right perspective. Begin by using a touch of white paint and a soft brush to lighten the neck area that separates the bees head and thorax. You can do the same at the separation between the thorax and abdomen.

While you are using white paint, add a softly blended highlight to the top of the bees eye and create a very light U shaped reflection that follows the bottom of the eye curve.

It is now time to focus on shadows. Use a small but soft brush to add black shading to the fur around the head of the bee. Focus the black particularly on the parts of the head and body that will naturally be hidden from the light, including the underside of the neck, and just after the separation highlight between the head and thorax.;As you move onto the abdomen of your bee drawing, use black shading to create alternating lines of black and yellow.

To get the smoothest blend possible, lightly dab your brush onto the canvas and gently smear it into place.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Bee

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More than 20,000 species of bees buzz from flower to flower around the world. Many bees live in groups or colonies called hives, but others are solitary. They collect nectar from flowers to make honey.

Bees are very important. Not only would we have no honey if bees disappeared – we’d have no food at all. Bees are pollinators, meaning they transfer pollen between flowers, allowing them to produce seeds, nuts, and fruits. Flowers can’t do this on their own; they need the help of pollinators. Other pollinators include butterflies, bats, and even mosquitos.

Should you be afraid of bees? Some people are allergic to bees, making a sting very dangerous. But bees are not looking for opportunities to sting you. In fact, stinging means death for many bees. Therefore, they only sting if they feel that they are in danger. Give bees their space, and they will see no reason to sting you.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Bees often feature as cartoon characters. Well-known animated film characters include Barry Benson of Bee Movie, Maya the Bee, and Chip the wasp from Antz.

This easy, step-by-step cartoon insect drawing tutorial is all the buzz! You can learn to draw a cartoon bee by following the simple steps, one line or geometric shape at a time. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your bee’s black and yellow stripes.

Mix A Little Science And Art And Learn How To Draw A Bee Dont Just Label Their Body Parts Students Will Remember More If They Draw Them From Scratch

You could have your students fill in labels on boring worksheets, OR you could have them draw insects from scratch so they have to create all those body parts themselves.

This bee also doubles as a good lesson in symmetry, as the right and left side should match each other. The thorax and abdomen are fairly easy to do, but those bent legs are a little more challenging. If fact, if anyone is struggling with them, I recommend that the end feet are ignored. A legs with one bend will look just fine too.

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How To Draw A Bee: Finished Drawing

How to draw a bee: finished outline drawing

Here is the completed bee after erasing the sketch lines. The main magic trick that really makes this drawing look realistic is the varying line thickness for the separate parts of the drawing.

This is a very different way how to draw a bee compared to our simple, cartoony how to draw a;bumblebee tutorial.

How to draw a bee: finished drawing coloured-in

The usual final step is to colour in the drawing. Well, here half of the work is done – we have already filled in all the black parts.

So just colour in the rest of the bee’s body in a nice golden yellow. We have then used a darker yellow for some shading and suggesting some more hair texture.

Finally, use a light blue to colour in the semi-transparent wings – just draw lightly over the already coloured-in body for a transparent effect.; And of course, feel free to colour in your flower any colour you like!

Learn How To Draw A Bee For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

How to Draw a Bee Easy Step by Step

Hello everybody! In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a bee for kids step by step. We depicted a bee in a very simple form and everyone can draw an insect in this way since the drawing consists of light geometric shapes.

Before moving on to drawing a bee, we recommend that you familiarize yourself a little with this insect. Bees are flying insects, and, as you know, these insects bring the nectar to the hive and produce honey, which is a favorite delicacy of each of us. To produce 100 grams of honey, a bee scatters about a million flowers. There are many types of bees, but they are all tied together by hard work. Their characteristics can be compared to ants. Now lets move on to a step-by-step guide that will allow you to draw a simple bee.

Time needed:;25 minutes.

How to Draw a Bee for Kids

  • Draw the eyes.

    The drawing should start by drawing the eyes in the form of tightly fitting circles. Draw small black pupils inside.

  • Draw the outline of the head.

    Next, draw a round head. Notice that the eyes bulge out.

  • Draw the details of the head.

    Draw a small arc under the eyes. On the head, you need to add thin antennas with circles at the ends.

  • Draw the body.

    Draw the body of the bee in the shape of an oval under the head.

  • Draw bee stripes.

    Draw the typical horizontal stripes of the bee all over the body. You also need to add a string at the base of the torso.

  • Add hands.

    Draw lines on the sides of the upper body with small circles at the ends.

  • Add legs.
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    Add Value To The Darkest Areas

    Step 3 is to find the darkest areas and start adding value to those areas with a 2H pencil.

    Gradually darken the areas by adding more lines to the dark areas and gradually make the value lighter by reducing the lines.

    Follow the shape of the bees thorax , eye, and legs. Study the reference image and identify where the darkest darks are.

    Drawing Tip: Make sure there is no space between each line drawn. If there is a space, go back and fill in the line with graphite.

    Draw The Fur On The Honey Bee

    The;fur;on a;bee;is vital to its survival. Virtually all;bees have;branched hairs somewhere on their bodies. . As a;bee;goes from flower to flower, pollen grains get caught in the branched hairs, which facilitates their collection by the;bees.

    The body of a bee is covered with fur. To draw realistic fur, start the line at the furs darkest area and draw towards the furs lighter part. Release pressure as you work towards the lighter section and lift the pencil off the paper when you get to the end of the fur to give it a feathered look.

    Drawing Tip: The fur on a bee will go in different directions. Do not draw all of the furs in the same direction.

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    How To Draw A Bumblebee

    Heres a super easy and cute bee that you can learn to draw straight away!

    Step 1: Draw the bees body

    Step 2: Add two lines across the body

    Step 3: Draw the 2 tiny wings on top of the bees body

    Step 4: Add a curve for the bees eyes and it will look it is smiling!

    Step 5: Final step is to colour the bee and off it goes when you add a little dotted line trial behind it!

    The Bands And The Stinger

    Drawing: How To Draw an Easy Cartoon Bee – step by step easy for beginners

    The bee has a body characterized by yellow and black bands that overlap. To represent this, its up to you to draw bands of the same size in the body , either straight or slightly curved.

    • For the dart now, you will draw a triangle, very pointed at the bottom of the body.;
    • For more realism, details are to be done at the level of the wings. It will be necessary to separate them in two, starting from the middle of the wings, draw a line following the curve of the wing which will join one end to the body.;

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    Drawing The Final Outline Of Your Bee Sketch

    Now that we have our bee constructed, we can use these lines to create the final outline of our easy bee drawing. For the most part, you can follow the construction lines very closely. Begin with the antennae, using the construction lines as a middle line. You can then outline the bees head, making it a little more pointy towards the mouth. When it comes to outlining the top and back of the bees head, use short feathery strokes to create the impression of fur, as bees have a fluffy appearance.

    You can continue to outline the rest of the bees body using these same short hairlines. You can also create some divisions on the thorax and abdomen with this furry texture.

    Use smooth lines to craft out the shape of the wings, and you can outline the abdomen with a smooth line, bringing the bottom to a slight point. The legs should also be outlined with smooth lines, and you do not have to draw in the segmenting line but remember to make the lines narrower at these joints to maintain the segments.

    Upon completing this step, you are now ready to erase any still visible construction lines.

    Add Value Around The Bee

    This easy step will start to make the honey bee look like it is popping off the paper.

    First, identify where the darkest values are then start drawing dark to light.

    Use small lines with a 2H pencil and make areas darker by cross-hatching.

    Notice that the values are lighter around the head and darker around the body and wings.

    Drawing Tip: Add the value slowly. It is easier to make an area darker than to lighten a section.

    To learn more about shading visit How To Shade Drawings With Graphite.

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    Crafts To Make With Bees

    The nice thing about digital drawings is that they can be easily transformed into physical printed designs for lots of craft projects.;

    Here are some crafts that you can make with your bee drawing:

    Source: Country Bumpkins SC

    Want to try a few craft projects?; I have lots more ideas for beginner DIY crafts that you can try.;

    If you have a Silhouette or a Cricut machine and a heat press, it will make it even easier to cut out. Imagine all of the crafts that you can make with the bee drawing.

    Like I mentioned before, when you save the drawing as a cut file, youll be able to put it on t-shirts, glasses, cups and other blank items.

    Since you like drawing, Im guessing that you may also like making crafts and want to turn it into more than just a hobby.; Find out how you can do that in my post about craft businesses to make money from home.

    Feel free to add a photo of your drawing to the pin so that I can see that you tried it.

    Draw Value To The Flowers

    How to draw a bee – Super cute and easy – Step By Step Brawing

    The next step is to draw the details of the flowers. Study the reference image and study the values of the flowers. Draw the shadows of the flowers and continue to draw dark to light.

    Notice in the reference image that one side of the flower has darker values than the other side.

    If you enjoy drawing bees, you will also want to practice drawing different flowers for your compositions.

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    Drawing The Wings Of Your Bee Sketch

    For the wings of your bee, you are going to use two long oval shapes. Begin with the upper wing which is significantly more narrow than the other and should begin and end at the upper point of the thorax circle. For the second wing, you can use a larger and slightly thicker oval shape that begins within the thorax circle.

    The positioning and size of these two wings are essential for capturing a realistic perspective in your easy bee drawing.

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