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How To Draw A Big Christmas Tree

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Easy Christmas Tree Drawing: Base Sketch

Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A Giant Christmas Tree!!

Step 1: Draw three triangles

Here is the basic shape for our Christmas tree drawing three triangles, stacked one on the top of each other.

As usual, this is your drawing so if you want a really tall tree, feel free to stack more than three triangles. Or if you feel really lazy, you can get away with just a single triangle it will still work. But three is a good number here

Step 2: Add Christmas decorations

This is the magic step that turns three triangles into a Christmas tree! Lets get into it.

First we add a trunk to our tree this could be a simple rectangle, or make it touch wider at the base as in our drawing.

Next add Christmas decorations simple circle baubles at the lower pointy ends of each triangle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Christmas Tree

Drawing a cartoon Christmas tree is a snap. And not only is it simple, but in terms of how its drawn, its very similar to putting up a real Christmas tree.

When you put up a real tree, you start of course with the tree itself. Then, on go the lights, followed by decorations. The last and often most important step is to put something at the very top of the tree usually a star or an angel.

Drawing a cartoon Christmas tree is no different. Start with the cartoon tree, and then draw the rest in pretty much the same order.

As you progress through this lesson, remember that there are many different types of decorations that you can put on a Christmas tree. Ill be making some suggestions along the way but if you want, feel free to substitute them with whatever you like.

All set to begin? Great lets put up that tree!

Final Step The Finishing Touch

One last step and youre all finished. And lucky for you this is a drawing no need to go and get a ladder!

A ladder? For the star of course! Well, surely you could draw an angel too if you like. Or perhaps even something different. Either way go ahead and draw something on the top of your cartoon Christmas tree to finish the job.

If you like, check out the Cartoon Stars drawing lesson for a simple guide to draw near-perfect-looking cartoon stars.

Well, its just about time to wrap things up now. But then again you can keep going if you like. There are still other things to consider adding to your tree. Tinsel, popcorn, figurines, presents see what you can draw up!

And then, when youre finally ready give your cartoon Christmas tree some color, similar to how I did in the beginning of the lesson. Make it bright, bold and extra-Christmasy!

Congrats on some very nice work!

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Finishing Your Christmas Tree Drawing

The next step will be determined by how you plan to finish your Christmas tree drawing. You could use a pencil to add some shading, which would look nice. But I prefer to use markers to give my artwork some color.

You could also use paint, colored pencils, pastels, or any other medium you like using.

Add A Huge Present Under The Christmas Tree

How To Draw a Christmas Tree!

Underneath the Christmas tree, draw a three-dimensional upright rectangular box. Drawing a box with dimensions is easy!

Simply start by drawing a standing flat rectangular shape that is slightly tilted diagonally. Then, draw a narrow diagonal rectangular shape on its left side and a square shape at the top.

Dont forget to add parallel lines on all visible sides of the gift box to create the ribbon!

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Add The Trunk And Pot

Just below the tree, draw a box shape and join it to the tree with two lines, not too wide, not too close – use this example to guide you. Add two lines across the pot for a ribbon, and make the center of the bow with two more lines as shown. Erase your triangle guidelines

This is a great drawing to use for a simple Christmas card design. A piece of heavy watercolor paper makes a great card, just folded in half. Draw lightly with a pencil, and color with watercolor paint. Then, go over your outlines with a thick sharpie marker.

Learn How To Draw An Easy Christmas Tree With A Step By Step Tutorial Try Adding The Branches In Layers To Get This Pretty Look

Almost everyone starts off drawing a Christmas tree, or any evergreen tree, as a cone. Perhaps more than any other tree, they obviously have their pointy branches on top, and wide, spread out ones on the bottom.

The basic cone shape is easy to see, but what happens when students want to make the branches look a little more defined? Without getting lost in the details?

This tutorial shows students how to think of those branches in layers, with each progressive one getting a little wider the further down the tree they are. The wavy zig-zag shapes on the bottom of each layer allow for some randomness, but there is still an overall cone shape to follow when drawing.

Note: Remind students that the very first step in the tutorial should be drawn super light. Its the guide for the overall shape of the tree, and meant to be erased when the drawing is done. Experience has taught me that drawing lightly doesnt come naturally to most, so they need to be sure to stop and read about that step before actually doing it.

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How To Make A Christmas Tree Craft With Cardboard And Buttons

This is an easy Christmas tree craft suitable for all ages. Use cardboard to create 3D trees and then paint and decorate with buttons and other craft materials.

My neighbor sent me a photo last week of a Christmas tree they saw at a church event and thought that I might like to try with the kids.

It was a 3-D cardboard tree, painted green, and covered in button ornaments.

We gave the simple and festive Christmas tree craft a go and they turned out great!

Christmas Tree Drawing Made As Simple As 1

How To Draw a Christmas Tree – Draw Cartoons! (Christmas Easy)

Christmas tree drawing is a snap when we break it down into simple and easy steps. Follow through the next 5 steps to drawing these trees like a pro. Pictures like these would make great Christmas cards or even gifts. I’ve often given drawings as presents – they’re a one of a kind gift that came directly from you. It’s hard to find a more personal gift than something you create with your own hands. Enough about presents! Let’s get to the drawing.

Step 1: Create the shape of the tree. This is made by putting a bunch of curve shapes together. You can make the left and right side of the tree different if you’d like – it’s up to you.

Start from the point at the top and work downward. Make your curves get a little bigger as you move down. The bottom of the tree should be thicker than the top. If you get this step wrong your tree is going to look pretty funny! Follow along with the image.

At the bottom of the tree draw the trunk. It’s just two lines going up-and-down and then a curve line that connects them. It’s important to draw the bottom of the trunk with a curve instead of a straight line because it will show the roundness of the trunk on your Christmas tree drawing.

Step 2: It doesn’t get much easier than this. Draw a star on top of the tree. That’s it.

Let’s move on to the next step.

Add in some curved lines that swoop across the tree. These will make the tinsel that’s wrapped around the tree.

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Easy Christmas Tree Drawing: Outline

Step 1: Outline the Christmas tree

That is all the sketching done we can already tell this is a Christmas tree!

Lets draw out the outline of the tree. Then draw the baubles, star, and tree trunk.

Step 2: Add more decorations

Once you have the Christmas tree drawing outlined, clean up the sketch lines with an eraser.

Well, we thought our tree looked pretty bare, so here we have added few more of the decorations all over the tree.

The final trick is adding some short lines to suggest structure on the baubles and the trunk.

Two: Getting The Form

2. Now that the tiresome brainwork is out of the way, lets begin. Were going to start by drawing one big triangle. Im making mine an isosceles triangle since I think theyre swell.

3. Next, we can draw the trunk which can just be a small rectangle at the bottom.

4. Now is when we get crazy. Place a much smaller triangle at the top of the tree.

5. Add another similar triangle underneath that one.

6. Repeat until youve got triangles on top of triangles, son! Your tree should sort of look like this when youre done with it. Well be using these smaller triangles as our guides for each branch set.

And dont worry if yours looks lopsided or uneven! Christmas trees arent ever symmetrical anyways.

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Easy Ways To Draw A Christmas Tree

    Ive noticed that there are two areas of life in which most people are quick to deny their abilities: drawing and dancing. For whatever reason, as we grow up, we begin to doubt our talents in these areas, so we stop trying. But it doesnt have to be that way! Its amazing what you can draw with just a few very basic shapes and lines. Today, I want to look at six easy ways to draw a Christmas tree that require no real artistic skills at all. Even young kids can enjoy making these various trees and using them to decorate cards, gift tags, and more. Grab a few markers and join me I promise its easier than you think!

    Your Christmas Stuff Drawing Is Complete

    How to Make a GIANT CHRISTMAS TREE in Minecraft!

    Christmas is definitely one of the most exciting festive holidays not just for kids, but also for people of all ages.

    It is that time of the year when we gather with our loved ones to eat good food, open presents, and most importantly, light up the Christmas tree.

    So hopefully, you enjoy this step-by-step Christmas stuff drawing tutorial!

    We are regularly uploading new content on our How to Draw catalog, so make sure you keep checking back to continuously enjoy brand-new drawing tutorials like this one.

    Let us know what you would like to learn how to draw next, and well do our best to deliver your requests!

    Were looking forward to seeing your festive Christmas stuff drawing!

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    Christmas Tree Drawing: One Easy One Fancy

    Our first Christmas tree is easy to draw, as it is made from just three triangles. Once we add some decorations, our triangles become a Christmas tree!

    The second drawing improves on the simple tree. Using similar simple techniques as before, we just add more curved and squiggly lines, extra decorations, and details to make the tree look even better.

    Christmas Tree Drawing For Kids

    Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Drawing: Christmas is a day where Christians from all over the world celebrate very joyfully & happily. It is marked as the birth anniversary of Jesus. So, people celebrate the day with their families and friends by performing prayers, cake cuttings, having special foods & wishes each and every person A Very Happy Christmas.

    Kids at schools participate in various competitions like essay writing, paintings, drawing, speeches, dance, etc. So, today we have come up with a new article called Christmas Tree Drawing to support children in the drawing of Xmas Tree. Lets get into deep & collect all the info that you look for.

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    Drawing A Christmas Tree is very easy like eating a piece of cake by referring to this page. Here, we have provided various ways to draw a Christmas Tree easily & beautifully to help out the kids & students in their drawing competitions.

    On this page, you will find how to draw a realistic Christmas tree, Christmas tree outline drawing, Christmas tree images for drawing, and many more. So, get into this amazing collection of Xmas Tree Drawings.

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    How To Draw A Christmas Tree Step By Step

    Step 1: You have to draw a star for the top of the Christmas tree. You can refer image given below. Its a little tricky, thus, before starting to practice it a few times.

    Step 2: Draw 2 lines under the star slopping downward, one is to the left and the other to right. Lines drawn should be of the same length, add few spikes for pine needles at the bottom.

    Step 3: After step 2, Draw 2 more lines from the last drawn shape but a little bit longer and wider from them. In this formation again add some lines for pines.

    Step 4: Below this second formation draw one more pair of slopping lines for the bottom portion. If you want to make your tree more long add few more such steps. By drawing a wide curved line close to the bottom of the tree.

    Step 5: Now start decorating your tree, for this draw ribbons by using curved lines. It doesnt need to be perfect, refer image given below for guidance.

    Step 6: Draw small circles as ornaments randomly on your tree, leave space for other decorations also.

    Step 7: On the empty places draw ribbon bows . If you find it difficult add more round ornament or star shape to your tree.

    Step 8: Suppose you have to draw a bigger Christmas tree for your self hang some candy canes. Draw upside down J shape for it.

    Step 9: As I have a space on my tree adding a few more random circles, you can skip if your tree is getting crowded. Leave it neat and clean, a more clumsy look will spoil your Christmas tree.

    How To Draw A Christmas Tree

    How To Make A Giant Tree Topper Bow With The EZ Bow Maker — Christmas DIY
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    Im so happy you are here! I love sharing easy ideas to brighten your day and help you be creative! Whenever you need a fun idea or creative activity please come visit me! I will keep you stocked with loads of crafty ideas and free printables.

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    Christmas Tree Craft For Kids


    • Paper or cardstock for template
    • Corrugated cardboard
    • Utility knife or X-acto knife
    • Hot glue gun


  • Make a template

    First, create your template by drawing a simple Christmas tree shape on your paper or cardstock. Cut it out and either fold or cut it in half along the center line.

  • Trace the trees

    Next, trace your template onto sturdy, corrugated cardboard. Youll want one full tree and two half trees for each 3D Christmas tree you make.

  • Cut the tree shapes

    Use the utility knife with a fresh, sharp blade to cut out the cardboard tree shapes. Note :: Youll want to protect your work surface with a cutting mat or another piece of cardboard so you dont cut your table or floor or whatever.

  • Glue the trees together

    Use a hot glue gun to glue the half trees to the center of each side of the full cardboard tree.I ran a line of glue down the center of the tree, positioned the half tree along the glue line, then held it in place while I ran a second line of glue along the base of the half tree on either side.

  • Add paint!
  • Inking Your Christmas Drawing

    Because Ill be using markers, I need to ink my Christmas tree drawing before adding color. This is one way of finishing your drawing. How you make yours will depend on your artistic style and how you like to work.

    If you decide to ink your drawing, youll want to vary your line weight to make your drawing look more interesting. This is easily done if you know how to use a brush pen. But that takes a lot of practice.

    You can also use a regular black pen and just make the line thicker in different areas of your drawing. This is easier to do when youre lacking the skills needed to use a brush pen.

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    Christmas Tree Drawing: Base Sketch

    Step 1: Draw the base tree shape

    Here we go again, building our tree shape from triangles. This times there are four of them, just for fun. And they are not really triangles, as we have curved all the sides outer ones in, and bottom ones down.

    Start at the top. Then feel free to build your tree as high or as short as you please. Notice that the shapes for the ring of branches are getting flatter and wider as you draw down the lower parts of your tree.

    Step 2: Add the star, chains and trunk

    This is the first step where we dress up our Christmas tree. We draw the star at the tree top as before. The trunk is also similar to the one above just a little curved at the bottom this time, to match the trees shape.

    And now the new stuff a chain wrapped around our Christmas tree from top to bottom! Here we only sketch the lines and draw the two pearls small circles at each end. We will draw them all out once we get to outlining our drawing.

    Step 3: Add more Christmas decorations

    Part two of dressing up our Christmas tree here we add all the baubles to make our tree look pretty.

    They are all just simple circles. We have made them all the same size, but feel free to dress up your tree with any size you want! And they do not need to be all just baubles either- add some stars or other shapes, if you want.

    Step 4: Draw some presents

    Here we keep adding details to our Christmas tree drawing to make it more interesting, and draw some presents.

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