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How To Draw A Big Flower

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How To Draw A Poppy Flower

Step 1: Create a rough outline of the poppy flower. Mark the middle of the flower with an oval shape. 

Step 2: From the middle oval mark start outline the first petals. From there, draw three lines pointing in peace sign direction and going a little bit outside of the initial rough outline. 

Step 3: Finalise the design by adding in the neccessary details and add in different folds and shapes that make the flowers look like poppies and that give them the perfect charachter for flowers. 

This guide shows how to draw a flower from the side. It is similar to from front just different perspective this time. This guide makes the flower drawing easy.

Do not forget at the end to add in the defining folds on petals as that is what makes a difference between a successful poppy drawing and just a basic flower. 

This is a different flower poppy breed that reminds me a little of a peony flowers. I left it till last as it is clearly more complex and fun. 

How To Draw Simple Flowers In A Pot

Our flower tutorial today is going to be of a simple sunflower-one of my personal favorites! This cute little sunflower will be rooted in an orange pot. This drawing is quick and easy and should take you under ten minutes to complete.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to draw flowers in a pot in just a minute.

To follow along with the tutorial, use the blue lines as a reference for the step you are on. For example, starting at step two, you will notice the base of the flower pot is drawn in blue. This is how you know which part of the flower pot you should be drawing in the current step.

Prefer a video tutorial? Scroll to the end of the post for a flower drawing video tutorial.

Method 6 Of 9:a Tulip

  • 1Sketch a circle for the flower and a long slightly curved line for the stalk.
  • 2Add the guides of the petals and the leaves. Draw 2 petals in front and a petal at the back of the 2 petals totalling to 3 petals. The leaves of tulip are long and not straight so the guide lines for the leaves should be long curved lines.
  • 3Sketch the guide of the sepal and the leaves.
  • 4Draw the basic outline of the flower, sepal and the stalk.
  • 5Draw the basic outline of the leaves.
  • 6Add more detail. Draw lines in the leaves and in the petals for a better outcome.
  • 7
  • How To Draw A Cool Daisy

    You know how sometimes it’s so hard to draw a flower that’s even all the way around? when all the petals turn out to be a different size?

    Well, follow these simple steps and Shizaam! A perfect enough little flower!

    Let’s start with a big circle and a little circle in the middle. Then draw 2 X’s within the big circle. These lines will be the center of each petal and the big circle is how long each petal will be…Easy!

    Since this flower is Red, let’s follow the Red lines now. Draw a curved line from the top of your pencil line down to the circle. Look close – the red line only touches the pencil line at the tip of the petal, and only comes close at the base!

    Fascination with Observation – kinda looks like apple slices….

    Next, let’s draw the other side of our petals. This line starts at the tip of the petal and touches half-way down the red line of the next petal. This creates ‘OVERLAPPING’ and gives a realism to your flower.


    Flower petals have a smooth ‘TEXTURE’ which is shown here with pencil ‘strokes’. In this case, we’re going to color in the petals’lengthwise’, from center to tip. Notice, the curve of the inside pencil strokes follows the outside curve of the petals.

    Another Fascination with Observation! -Color golden in the center with squirrly, spirally strokes!

    For the center, to add more fun ‘TEXTURE’, use a darker colored pencil and draw some silly spirals and swirlies.

    Now you know how to draw a daisy, you are ready to create your flower garden!!

    Learn How To Draw A Flower And Focus On All Its Radial Beauty Its The Perfect Time To See What Happens When You Try Shading With Two Similar Colors

    Flowers come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, not to mention colors, so why not try out drawing just one really big that fills your paper for a change? Im not sure what got Georgia OKeeffe started painting hers, but the process will certainly help students focus of all those wonderful details, and give them plenty of room to do so too.

    This tutorial will walk them through drawing a large flower with one ring of petals, and then a second ring behind. After they are all traced, its the perfect time to see what happens if they use two similar colors to fill each petal. It might end up looking shaded, or it might just look like a really cool multi-colored flower. Both are very pretty and fun results!

    Flower Coloring Page

    How to Draw a Flower

  • Draw a small flower center.
  • Add another flower around it.
  • Draw four petals a bit off center.
  • Start to fill in with more petals.
  • Add extra where needed.
  • How To Draw Flowers In A Bunch


  • Sketch out guides for placing your flowers. I usually choose one big flower in the corner and two smaller ones off to the sides.
  • Draw the main flower so that it is facing outwards towards you.
  • The side flowers will face outwards, as if youre looking at the flower from the side. Start with a bowel shape petal, and fill in petals around it. Repeat with other flower.
  • Finish your drawing by adding leaves and other details!
  •   While this is geared toward corners of pages, the concept is relatively simple to grasp and you could do bunches on any part of a page. 

    How To Draw A Calla Lilly

    Step 1: Create a rough outline of the flower. It has a teardrop overall shape. Once again, do not forget to mark the middle and the bottom of the flower going down. 

    Step 2: From the middle mark downwards, start to create a spiral that is swirling and going all the way down. That way you are creating structured petals that are required for this step.

    Step 3: Finalise the design, add in the stem, and leaves. Ensure that it is not symmetrical, but much rather has its twists and designs that ensure that your design looks realistic. 

    Drawing a Calla lily flower from the front is a little bit less complex. Overall, do not forget to mark the middle and follow closely as the petals are showing in the drawing. 

    Learning how to draw easy calla lily flowers can be even better when you add a little bit of color to your drawing

    How To Draw Lotus Flower

    Introduce kids to the lovely world of flowers by teaching them to draw a lotus. The activity is based on simple oval shapes as guidelines. Here is a simple step-by-step.

    Step 1

    How to Draw Lotus Flower Step 1

    • Draw a big oval shape over a flat smaller one.

    Step 2

    How to Draw Lotus Flower Step 2

    • Follow that up by extending two petal-like structures from the junction of the ovals on either side.

    Step 3

    How to Draw Lotus Flower Step 3

    • Draw a couple of thick pointy petals on the two sides. Their bodies should be made of adequately curved lines as shown in picture

    Step 4

    How to Draw Lotus Flower Step 4

    • Define the curves on the guidelines drawn in step 1. The petals have prominent pointed tips that rise sharply from the bulky oval forms.

    Step 5

    How to Draw Lotus Flower Step 5

    • Highlight the curves on the guidelines sketched in step 3. The outer edges of the petals resemble the letter S.

    Step 6

    How to Draw Lotus Flower Step 6

    • Detail the guidelines of step 2 by giving a shapely double border on the lower edge of the petals.

    Step 7

    How to Draw Lotus Flower Step 7

    • Draw an overlapping triplet of petals on the right of the figure. The bigger ones are split by a sharp line.

    Step 8

    How to Draw Lotus Flower Step 8

    • Repeat step 7 for the left side of the figure.

    Step 9

    How to Draw Lotus Flower Step 9

    • Fill up the gaps between the upright petals with curvy triangles that represent the tips of scarcely visible petals. Serrated lines in between signify the center of the flower.

    Step 10

    Step 11

    How To Draw A Pretty And Easy Rose Watch The Complete Video On Youtubecom/rosemary’sart

    Watch me draw a rose. Step by step and easy enough for a child to learn to draw this rose. You really can’t make a mistake drawing these. Just like a snowflake, every rose is different. Watch the complete video of drawing the rose on youtube. The next video will feature coloring the rose with markers to give them depth and sparkle. #watchmedraw #howtodraw #drawarose #adultcoloring #drawing #stepbystep #easy #for kids #foradults

    Hand Drawn Tulips – Flowers & Plants Nature

    Kid Stick Figure

    Tips For Simple Flower Drawing


    I will say it again, just in case you didnt believe me. Anyone can draw, especially an easy flower drawing.

    Really, anyone!

    And anyone can draw a flower too, just start from the basic level and work your skills until you can draw more detailed designs.

    If you can write your name, you can draw.

    Before you start learning how to doodle flowers here are some basic drawing tips that will help you create beautiful floral art:

    • Start with simple shapes: Most things around you can be drawn with basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles.
    • Pencil first: get used to drawing with pencil where you are free to experiment and in case of mistakes you can just erase and carry on. Here is my favorite
    • Experiment with mediums: Maybe you love drawing with pencil and shading the light just right? Or you may find creating bold color with fine tip markers is more your style. Finding a medium you love to use will help with creativity and skill.
    • Be relaxed and move when you draw: Dont keep your arm stiff, try drawing from your shoulder rather than your wrist.
    • Practice. Lots. And forget perfection. Have fun and make mistakes.

    Check out our HUGE list of bullet journal doodles for some great ideas on easy and fun bujo drawings. 


    Step 12: Further Details

    Since I wanted to match the inner petals with the outer, I added a few more half circles and used the exact same pattern as the smaller petals in the middle to complete the flower drawing. You can choose to do the same or leave it plain like the last step. Either way, they both look great!

    And youre done! Did you have fun drawing this easy flower?

    I sure did enjoy creating this simple flower drawing and showing you step by step on how to draw flowers.

    SEE ALSO: How to Draw a Tulip for Beginners

    These flowers are perfect if you want to add it a border to your bullet journal or use them as doodles to fill up blank spaces.

    Theyre also great if you want to just draw something easy and wont take up much time.

    I also recommend trying this easy flower tutorial for kids as well and this detailed lily flower if you want to try something a bit more challenging. Either way, these easy flower drawings are perfect if you want to explore different drawing techniques.

    Although the lily flower drawing does look hard, once you get the hang off it, youll be drawing so many of them before you know it.

    If you liked trying these simple drawing of flowers, let me know in the comments below. Id love to hear your thoughts.

    Heres a full tutorial you can save for later. Enjoy!

    How To Draw Flowers

    Looking for flower doodling ideas? You will find in this post the best flower drawing tutorials to get you drawing flowers like a pro!

    A beautiful flower drawing or flower doodle is a simple but effective way to make your bullet journal pages look amazing.

    Drawing pictures of flowers can seem overwhelming if you feel you are not very artsy but we have found that with practice and by starting with simple flower doodles it is easy for people of any artistic talent can learn how to draw a flower and create gorgeous flower doodle art.

    I have put together the ultimate list of how to draw flower doodles.

    You will find so many drawing flower ideas and examples of lots of different flowers drawing tutorials.

    Table of Contents


    Choose Your Flower Garden Design Style

    Your personal preferences can help set parameters for your garden’s style and size. Different flower garden design ideas and styles lend themselves to different types of plants. For example, a contemporary-leaning landscape might take a minimalist approach and feature clearly define flower beds with hard lines; a cottage-style garden like the one pictured here, encourages a mix-and-match approach with meandering paths and bed shapes. If you enjoy bringing flowers indoors, consider creating a perennial cutting garden.

    How To Draw A Rose

    Step 1: Create a rough outline of the flower. It should be in the shape of a bud. Make sure to place a middle there. We will use it as a base for other petals in the forthcoming steps to make flower drawing easy.

    Step 2: Start by placing the front end petals of the flower right where they should be. Make sure to look closely and not to imagine things the way you wish they would be. 

    Step 3: In order to make a successful drawing of a rose, make the overlapping petals appear and add a bit of roughness to the edges to create the most realistic look possible. 

    Here a rose drawing has a lot more movement to it. The way petals wrap around the flower creates a look that is an astonishing and much cooler effect.

    When drawing, ensure that you pay close attention and draw in those missing parts and it will make flower drawing easy. 

    When you are finished with the pencils drawing, you will be able to add watercolor so that your final piece looks incredible and you can finally feel like you know how to draw flowers well. 

    Determine The Garden’s Shape And Size

    Flowering plants can be arranged in beds of almost any shape and size, from expansive rectangles to petite corner beds. To get an idea of how your flower garden will fit into the rest of your landscape, use a garden hose to outline the edges before you start digging. Walk around the bed; look at the proposed garden bed from every viewpoint. Test if you’ll be able to access plants in the middle or if you’ll need to include a path. If you’re specifically looking for flower garden ideas for beginners, start small: You can always expand your plan if you want, or go bigger next year.

    How To Draw A Sunflower

    Step 1: Create a rough outline of the sunflower. Draw one circle inside the other. That way it will be easier to draw the petals of this flower. 

    Step 2: Next, make sure that petals are equal more or less on each side. The guiding lines in the form of a snowflake can help to guide you that the flower looks well and pretty realistic

    Step 3: Finalise the design and erase unnecessary lines. Draw in the leaves and other details that will make a big difference when it comes to having a beautiful drawing of sunflowers. See, flower drawing easy and not as hard as you thought!

    Without the guiding lines, it can be so so hard to actually create a drawing that you can love and be proud of. 

    This is why this tutorial is absolutely great. It shows you exactly how to draw a sunflower from the side. 

    This is how your sunflower drawings will look. You can even save this image, print it, and trace it in order to create a stunning piece. 

    Step 8: Add Embellishments

    Photo & Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    Although this step is optional, consider adding some embellishments to your sunflower drawing to make it a finished illustration. An easy way to do this is to create a circular border with a protractor and draw small circles along the curved line. This way the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the head of the sunflower.


    Step 5: Draw Concentric Circles In The Center

    Photo & Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    The center of a sunflower is full of depth. So, to help us map out how to sketch it, we’re going to draw two concentric circles. Try to draw these as even as you can, but don’t worry too much, as they’ll be fleshed out with texture soon.

    Photo & Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met


    How To Draw Roses: Detailed Step By Step Directions

    I drew three roses, the first one is facing the viewer, the second one is a bit sideways, and the last one is facing half way away from the viewer.

    Start by drawing a small oval shape. That will be the center of the rose. Add a few lines for the inside of the center and the outside of the center. Then begin adding petals.

    Keep adding rose petals radiating from the center. They are just slightly curved lines going around in the circle when you think about it.

    Keep adding more and more petals as you go. I like to make some of the petals a bit pointy toward the center.

    For the rose that is facing the viewer, just keep working in a circle, adding anywhere between 3 to 5 petals for each layer.

    Try to make sure that the flower looks somewhat balanced. For the photo on the right, I put dots to indicate which petals were drawn first.

    Add a few more petals going all around the circle. All done with the first flower!

    Dont forget to add a stem and a few leaves.

    Here is the first rose completely done, and the beginnings of the second rose.

    Time to do the second flower!

    For the second flower, start with a tube with a slight opening, like the photo on the left. Then, change the opening by adding a few curved lines to indicate petals.

    To make a slight opening, draw two curved lines going from the back of the rose .  The lines should form a heart like shape in the front of the rose.  Then add a few more indications that the petals are bent and curved .

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