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How To Draw A Bouquet Of Roses

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How To Draw Snowdrops

How to Draw a Bouquet of Roses Bonus Feature

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In this video it will be much easier to copy the steps and take a sneak behind the whole process as it is no doubt that learning how to draw flowers with a video is much more insightful than just drawing on paper.

Snowdrops are much easier as flowers to draw as when they are broken down into 3 easy steps that you can follow.

Start by drawing a rough outline of where the whole snowdrop flower circumference will be.

Next, start adding in the petal details. After, add in the further flower leaves that are missing.

Drawing the snowdrop flowers from the side is actually a great way to add variety to your drawing. When your drawing has more complexity to it, it makes you seem more advanced than you actually are at art.

Now you can add in some leaves as they will make the whole drawing look much more natural.

Coloring The Roses White:

I wanted to make it look like there is an open sky in the background, so using a light blue, I drew a few clouds. Then using the same light blue, I colored in a bit of shadows on the roses and leaves, a bunch of blue for the sky, and the background. All done in one color.

Next, I used black to darken the bottom of the page, where its not just the sky, but what ever background might be there.

Next I used dark pine green to add even more dimension, and even some details on the leaves.

Using a light green, I added more color to the leaves and stems, and more shading for the white roses.

Since white is really just a collection of various colors, I used some pink, tan and yellow to add shadows to the roses. I also used silver to do a bit of shading on the clouds, and added more blues to the sky and the roses.

These are the colors I used so far. In order I used from left to right. Every time I used a color on the picture, I made sure to use it to darken the bottom portion of the picture.

Next I used bits of purple, and more blue for the sky and to darken the bottom area.

I used the five colors above to add to the sky and the roses. The white pencil I used profusely on the white areas of the flowers and the clouds. I also added more greens to the leaves and stems.

Here is the final result, I do wish the colors were a bit deeper, but I will try again next time:

How To Draw Flowers Step 1

Its important when learning how to draw flowers, that you start off your drawing with a clear sense of light. Therefore we will carefully observe light and dark edges next to one another. The best way to start a flower drawing is to find a clear dark area next to a light area.

In this step by step flower drawing, the darkest area happened to be the background against the very light value area of the lily petal. So, I created a dark mark that helps form the edge of the lily petal as seen in the image above.

With the other side of the petal drawn here you can now see the outline of the petal in greater clarity. The contrast between the dark background and the light value of the petal is what helps to make petal stand out.

I use the same method of outlining the edge of the petal by simply drawing the dark value of the background to form the other petals. This is simple to do since the background is clearly darker than the petals. You can now see how the clear shape of the flowers can really help when working in a tonal manner.

Use the same method of outlining the edge of the petal by simply drawing the dark value of the background to form the other petals. This is simple to do since the background is clearly darker than the petals. In the image below you can now see how the clear and structured shape of the flowers can help when working in a tonal manner.

In the image below another petal is added by finding the silhouette shape of the flower.

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How To Draw Beautiful Roses For A Still Life

Its taken me quite a while to decide what kind of flower to start with in this still life series. But, having lived in the UK for so long, I have grown so accustomed to the countrys love and admiration for roses that I decided to follow suit.

An English country cottage without at least a few rose bushes would be unthinkable!

There is hardly a country cottage around that does not have at least some of its garden space reserved for the most beautiful array of rose bushes, from shrubs to climbers.

A good rose, with a perfect array of petals in a luscious colour and a lovely, subtle scent really does deserve its nickname the queen of flowers. And they look as amazing outdoors as they do in a vase on our mantelpiece. Even wilted they can still hold our interest.

What Colors Do Roses Come In Naturally

How To Draw A Bouquet Of Roses For Valentine’s Day

Its important to color in your rose after drawing it. The colors of your flower are not limited by what you can choose, but if you want a natural effect, avoid certain tones. There are many different colors of roses, but the most common are white, red, and pink. Plant breeders have developed hues such as yellow, orange, purple, brown, and green that arent present in wild roses.

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Reference Photo And Materials

I used this reference photograph of a bride standing next to her groom and holding her wedding bouquet.

Since the focus of this tutorial is the bouquet itself, I left out the groom and the bride in the background, but I did decide to draw the brides hand holding the bouquet.

Aside from the reference photo, all I used for this drawing was a 2B pencil, a sheet of drawing paper, and a standard eraser. You can use a standard pencil too, if you wish.

So without further ado, lets learn how to draw a bouquet of flowers!

Completing This Step By Step Flower Drawing

The drawing is complete by making more of the background darker in value. I also complete the vase further by drawing the handle that appears on the upper left side. I apply the same principles of light and dark values that Ive used throughout the entire floral drawing. Which means that I continue to look for clear light and dark value shapes!

The lessons in this how to draw flowers tutorial extend beyond drawing flowers. As the principles learned here, apply to all subject matter. However, flowers provide a really great way to practice simplifying and creating clear light and dark value shapes. These are very important principles in learning how to create a realistic sense of light in your work.

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The Language Of Roses

Flowers as a form of communication have been used for many hundreds of years.

In the UK floriography became especially popular in Regency and Victorian times, where expressing ones feelings openly was just not the done thing to do.

With books about meanings of specific flowers freely accessible it became quite common for men to send their love interest a blossom or two, relaying secret messages.

Which came especially handy if you were not supposed to court . In that case a small flower was much less conspicuous than an open love letter. Each colour of rose has a different meaning, with pink symbolising happiness, red desire and so on.

Roses today are, of course, the ultimate symbol of love and passion. But its also quite a contrary flower, with its petals and thorns, its wild and cultivated forms.

All You Need For Your Bouquet Drawing

How to Draw a Bouquet of Roses for Valentine’s Day

You do not need to know a lot about flowers or bouquets in order to draw them. Nor do you need to be nervous about the idea of drawing them or other plants. All you need is an observant eye and a steady hand that will allow you to draw the individual shapes and shades that you see. Before you know it, those separate shapes and shades come together in a beautiful bouquet drawing of your very own!

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Create A Light Value Highlight In A Flower Drawing

Very often a flower has a light value highlight. In my case the lower left flower has a light value highlight at the center. A light value highlight is an important distinction to point out in your flower drawing.

To make sure that the light highlight in my drawing is actually lighter in value I take an eraser to get rid of any charcoal markings that may make the area a little darker than it should be. Most of the rest of the flower is darker than my light highlight. So, the contrast between my light highlight and the darker value of the rest of the flower is what makes the highlight area actually stand out! When I do this I create a lot of clarity which helps to create a strong sense of light and dark at the same time.

I also make sure that the edges of my petals are very clear and distinct. The background behind the flowers is dark. While most of the petals on the lower left flower are medium in value. I make it clear where the light value areas are. However, I never get into any unnecessary details it is important to simplify as much as you can!

Easy To Draw Rose From The Side

This rose looks a little more realistic than the first one, but it’s still easy enough for beginners, If you follow each step I share for how to draw this cute rose, you should be able to get similar results and with practice, your rose not only will look better but eventually, you will not need guides to draw them.

1 We are going to start by drawing a small and wide heart shape. This will be the center of the bulb of the rose. After that, we will draw another heart, but this time longer and less wide. We will also place the top center of the heart off to the side, this way it will have a more organic look to the center instead of a perfectly symmetrical one.

2 Now we will define the center petals, starting from the center of the bigger heart. We will follow the side edge of the heart. For the opposite side, we will start a little above the center point and mirror the first stroke. After that, we will draw lines from the small heart down as shown below and another across the heart in a curve motion.

3 Next we will draw an elongated ellipse and continue the line from the bottom of the bigger heart until it touches the bottom ellipse line. And just like on the first round rose, we will make lines for the center of the rose. After that, we will start with the outer petals, for the first one, we will start at the bottom point of the oval and draw an uneven line, make sure you go below the top of the bigger heart to give it a more fluid look.

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How To Draw Flowers In A Bunch

  • Sketch out guides for placing your flowers. I usually choose one big flower in the corner and two smaller ones off to the sides.
  • Draw the main flower so that it is facing outwards towards you.
  • The side flowers will face outwards, as if youre looking at the flower from the side. Start with a bowel shape petal, and fill in petals around it. Repeat with other flower.
  • Finish your drawing by adding leaves and other details!
  • While this is geared toward corners of pages, the concept is relatively simple to grasp and you could do bunches on any part of a page.

    Draw Guidelines For The Main Flowers

    Drawing a simple bouquet of roses | How to draw a bouquet of rose | Drawing for kids

    Drawing a bouquet of flowers is simply a matter of focusing on one small part of the bouquet and drawing a few simple shapes at a time. Step by step, you allow these shapes to compose themselves into the finished bouquet.

    Let us begin by sketching eight circular shapes to represent the main flowers, which appear to be roses.

    These should not be perfect circles. Use the reference photo to shape each circle so it resembles the basic outline of each rose. As an example, the shape of the first rose on the bottom looks something like a capital D. Overlap your shapes as necessary.

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    How To Draw A Poppy Flower

    Step 1: Create a rough outline of the poppy flower. Mark the middle of the flower with an oval shape.

    Step 2: From the middle oval mark start outline the first petals. From there, draw three lines pointing in peace sign direction and going a little bit outside of the initial rough outline.

    Step 3: Finalise the design by adding in the neccessary details and add in different folds and shapes that make the flowers look like poppies and that give them the perfect charachter for flowers.

    This guide shows how to draw a flower from the side. It is similar to from front just different perspective this time. This guide makes the flower drawing easy.

    Do not forget at the end to add in the defining folds on petals as that is what makes a difference between a successful poppy drawing and just a basic flower.

    This is a different flower poppy breed that reminds me a little of a peony flowers. I left it till last as it is clearly more complex and fun.

    Finish Up By Drawing The Brides Hand

    The next brief, optional steps will cover how to draw the hand of the bride holding the bouquet. Sketch the basic shape of the fingers, hand, and wrist.

    Darken the outline of the hand and arm. Darken up the edges of the fingers and add details to give them form, as shown below.

    Lightly shade along the bottom of the arm and back of the hand. Shade the knuckles and fingers and inside of the fingers as they hold onto the bouquet.

    And that is how you draw a bouquet of flowers!

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    Finish Drawing The Bouquets Top Flowers

    Draw the outline of the next flower. Again, I am not an expert on flower types. Although it resembles a tulip, I am assuming it is the side view of another rose, so we will just go with that. Draw the outline of another leaf between this rose and the previous one.

    Shade the bottom part of this rose, which I believe could be referred to as the sepal leaves. This is a very dark shade of green on our reference photo, so use lots of pressure with your 2B pencil. Keep shading toward the center of the bouquet, under and around nearby flowers. Leave a rim of white value near the rose petals to represent the upturn of the green bottom.

    Next, shade the outer petals. These petals are a rich dark pink color, so I used a darker value of graphite here too.

    Add a little lighter shading to the rest of the petals. Leave some areas untouched to resemble these softer colors.

    Draw the outline of the last rose, which is partially hidden behind the two middle flowers of the top row.

    Shade the bottom portion of this rose, which is the same color as the last flower we did. Therefore, use dark tones.

    Just as before, soften your grip and pencil pressure as you mark lighter tones in the center petals of this last rose.

    How To Draw A Geranium Flower

    How To Draw A Flower Bouquet

    Step 1: Create a rough outline of the small flowers by sketching small circles. This is where you will soon draw in the flowers petals.

    Step 2: In the place of the outline, add in the petals of the flower. Look closely at the flower and place the petals where they will follow where they should be.

    Step 3: Finalise the design and erase unnecessary lines.

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    Create Value Contrast Between The Flowers And The Background

    In order to create a flower drawing that has a realistic sense of light it is important to have a set up with clear values. It is more difficult to draw white flowers against an equally white background than it is to draw white flowers against a dark background.

    The reason for this is because a darker background provides a strong contrast against the white flowers. So, right from the start you have clear light and dark values. You definitely can draw white flowers against a light background it will just be more difficult to create a strong sense of light.

    Rose Drawing Using Markers

    Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. They come in all colors and shapes with different meanings behind them, from true love to death. Roses can be drawn in many ways, but we will teach you how to draw a rose that is easy for beginners. All you need is paper and a pencil, color!

    Were going to draw and color a realistic rose so lets get started drawing a rose. Follow these steps below:

    Step- 1: Create the rose shape

    First, start by drawing a curve that looks like you were going to be drawing a vase. This is the round part of the rose. Lets do the same thing on the other side.

    Try to draw the same shape on the other side it doesnt have to be exactly. Just something similar, so it curves about right there to come in and start to round off and bring it end. So they look like a vase, right thats the shape that youre looking for.

    Then, you can bring the line in a little bit more to make it easier just connect it there.

    Step- 2: Start to draw petals

    So then, from there, lets come up to the pedal to draw the outside petal and curve it around and bring this huge curve all the way down. Kind of towards the center, a little bit past the center.

    So then bring this big curve down and bring it all the way around to about there, so thats one petal, and then finish off this one together.

    Step- 3: Draw more petals

    Step- 4: Add more details

    Step- 5: Draw the stem with leaves

    Step- 6: Color it nicely

    So finally, your rose is all drawn and colored.

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