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How To Draw A Box In Word

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How To Curve Text In Google Docs

How to DRAW a box around text in WORD ¦ Tutorials for Microsoft Word

Unfortunately, you cant curve text in Google Docs in the same way you can in Microsoft Word. However, there is a workaround for this.

  • In the drop-down menu, choose the type of font you want.
  • Select font size by clicking and dragging the blue circle in the slider.
  • Once you finish creating your curved text, right-click on the image and select Copy.
  • Go back to your Google Docs document.
  • Right-click where you want to insert your curved text and select Paste.
  • Note: The curved text will be inserted as an image, so you wont be able to edit curved text in Google Docs.

    How To Insert And Format A Text Box In Microsoft Word

    If you want to get creative with your text or simply have more flexibility, consider adding a customizing a text box in Word.

    If you want more flexibility with certain text in your Word document, why not use a text box? Since a text box is considered an object, you can move it wherever you like in your document. This is handy for placing text in areas you normally wouldnt.

    You can use a text box to call attention to something in your document, rotate snippets of text, or create a unique appearance. Microsoft Word also provides formatting options for text boxes that give them their own nifty style or useful function.

    Here, well show you how to add or draw a text box and then format it to your liking in Microsoft Word.

    Swot Analysis Diagrams In Microsoft Word

    A SWOT analysis is a business tool aimed at long-term planning and is an effective way of outlining your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Although Microsoft Word is not primarily a diagramming tool, it can be used to create SWOT diagrams. These are text-based charts, so building a SWOT analysis template in Word is easy.

    There are advantages and disadvantages of using Word for SWOT analysis. You can edit text boxes, change their fill and line color, and easily add bullet points. However, Lucidchart is designed specifically for diagrams. Instead of making a static chart in Microsoft Word, Lucidchart enables you to save a single version that incorporates feedback in real time.This page will walk you through different options for using Word to create SWOT analysis diagrams including how to add a SWOT analysis diagram from Lucidchart into a Word document.

    Read about the four ways to use Microsoft Word to build your SWOT analysis diagram.

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    Using Microsoft Word Drawing Tools

    There are two sets of drawing tools available to Microsoft Word users. If you want to draw basic, block-like images, you can insert shapes or lines into your Word document and group them together. You might want to do this if youre creating a diagram or flow chart, for instance.

    Alternatively, you can turn Word into your own personal canvas using pen drawing tools. If you have a touchscreen device or a graphics tablet, you can create freehand drawings.

    To insert shapes, youll need to press the Insert tab on the ribbon bar. For freehand drawings, press the Draw tab instead.

    Choose One Of The Options In The Ribbon To Format The Shape

    How to Create Text Box in Word

    Some popular formatting options for drawings include the Shape Fill, Shape Outline, and Shape Effects options found in the Shape Styles section of the ribbon.

    You can also elect to resize the drawing by using the controls located around the drawing when it is selected. If you want to add text on top of the drawing then you can continue to the section below.

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    How To Draw A Circle In Word 2016 2013 2010

    As it has been mentioned above the circle can be added to the MS Word with perfection and therefore it is highly advised to follow the steps below. The overall management of the shapes is also done by word on its own. It simply means that other than the process below you need no additional tools to get the work done. The steps are mentioned as under.

  • Open a blank document which is the start of the process. It can be located anywhere on your system based of your OS you are using.
  • Press the “Insert” tab on the top of the document. There are several options under the tab which you can explore to get to know more about the document.
  • There is a part of “Insert” tab which is known as “Illustrations”. Hit this tab to reveal the drop down menu and once again hit the “Shapes” tab in the list.
  • Now click the option of “Lines and Connectors” to reveal the shapes. Find Circle and then click on it to it add it to the document. There are several forms of circles which can add to the document. Drag the mouse as much as you want the circle to be. Release the button to add the circle to the document. This completes the process in full.
  • Resizing Rotating And Changing The Color Of Arrows

    Now lets go a step further. If you dont change a thing, your arrow will default to the normal settings, which is black for the color and 3/4 point for the width. But what if the thin black arrow doesnt suit your fancy? Maybe you need a thick, shorter blue arrow. No problem. You can make changes to it in a snap.

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    How To Draw A Text Box In Word

    It may seem that an entire Microsoft Word document can serve as a text box after all, you simply launch the program and begin typing. But actually adding text boxes to a Word document offers benefits that simply straight typing cant achieve. Drawing text boxes in Word lets you rotate text, flip it upside down, shade the background and form borders around your words, which you cannot do or do as easily on a regular Word page.


    Launch Word. Click the Insert tab at the top of the Word workspace.




    Position the cursor on the document page, press and hold down the left mouse button and drag to draw the text box.


    How Could You Use Screen Capture Software

    How to Make 6 Boxes to Write in on Microsoft Word or Publisher : Microsoft Office Lessons

    Lets say you want to showcase student work.

    • If you are student handin work electronically, you simply open up the document of Google Docs, take a screenshot, and you can start highlight or underlined text. You can also blur out the student name or anything else that you dont want the class to see.
    • If the work is on paper, just snap a photo of the handwritten work using your phone. Upload the image to dropbox. Open the file on your computer and take a screenshot of the picture to get into Greenshot.

    If youre going to the computer lab, you could take a screenshot of the website that you want students to go to, and highlight or make jot notes directly onto the screenshot.

    • That way, students have a visual reminder of what to do.
    • Some of your students will miss instructions the first time.
    • Now, after your done walking students through what they have to do, you can put on the computer projector, a marked up screenshot reminding students what to do.

    If you teach art class, you could snap a photo of student work or your teacher example, and markup important features that you want them to know.

    If you teach in the science lab, you could snap a photo of equipment and then add arrows to the screenshot to show important safety features.

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    Tips: Advantages Of Pdf Format

    PDF format has many advantages over word. There are several points which ensure that the PDF stays on top of Word. Analysis of the PDF document is very easy as compared to the Word format. It is highly advised to extract the audit trail to know that how and when the document has been accessed.

    PDF files are very secure as compared to the Word. The MS Word has its own editing engine so it can be edited easily. PDF on the other hand requires special tools to make sure that editing is done.

    The readability of the PDF format is very much interactive as compared to Word. The Word formatting can be distorted over different devices while it is not the case with PDF.

    The cloud systems which are developed by the Adobe can be used to interact with the PDF files from multiple locations which make collaboration very easy.

  • Open, save, print and markup PDFs using the program.
  • Approve the sign the documents digital.
  • Use OCR to extract the text within PDF images.
  • Partial OCR can also be performed on user defined PDF fields.
  • Protect the PDF files with the passwords using the program.
  • Draw With The Trackpad

    Draw in Microsoft Word without a mouse by using the Draw with Trackpad tool.

    First, choose the ink type you want to use. Then click the toggle to switch on Draw with Trackpad.

    A window appears on top of your document. Use two fingers on your trackpad to move it anywhere on your document.

    Pressing the Command key, move one finger on your trackpad to where you wish to draw. Pause, then draw with your finger. You dont have to press down on the trackpad to draw.

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    How To Curve Text In Word 2019

    This is the latest version of Word. The methods for curving text are the same as in Word 2016. You can curve text in two ways.

    Without WordArt:

  • Go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
  • In the Text section, click on the Text Box button.
  • Highlight and delete the existing text.
  • Type in the text you want to curve.
  • Right-click on the text box border.
  • In the pop-up menu, click Format Shape.
  • In the Format Shape sidebar, check No fill and No line.
  • Hover your cursor over Transform.
  • In the fourth row of the Warp section, choose between the Curve: Up or the Curve: Down option.
  • With WordArt:

  • Select the text you want to curve.
  • Go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
  • In the Text section, click the WordArt button.
  • Select the style of letters you want.
  • With your text highlighted, click on the Format tab in the toolbar.
  • Place your cursor over Transform.
  • In the fourth row of the Warp section, choose between the Curve: Up or the Curve: Down option.
  • Learn More About Working In Word

    How to Create a Text Box in Microsoft® Word 2007

    As you can see, Microsoft Word has many robust features. Some of them are little-known functionalities such as the various drawing tools in Word that I showed you in this article. It pays to learn how to use Microsoft Word so you can maximize its potential. Not only will you be able to realize the vision you’ve got for your Word documents, but youll also optimize your workflow.

    If you aim to produce the most visually compelling materials using Word, then you may find these articles helpful:

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    How To Create And Format A Text Box In Microsoft Word

    Amelia Griggs is a Learning Design and Development specialist, Instructional Designer, Writer, and “Authorpeneuer.” She enjoys researching, designing, and developing all kinds of educational materials, problem-solving, helping and training others to understand technology better, writing instructional articles, blogging, and composing fictional short stories. Read more…

    Text boxes let you emphasize or bring focus to specific text in a Microsoft Word document. You can choose from a variety of preformatted text boxes, or draw and format your own. Theyre great for adding things like pull quotes, or even for laying out text and images on things like flyers.

    Word has a number of predefined text box styles you can use, or you can draw your own. Regardless of which way you create the text box, you can then format it to suit your needs. Heres how they work.

    Draw With The Microsoft Word Pen

    In this case, it would be better to use Words Draw tools. To access them, click on the Draw tab.

    As you can see, the Draw tab gives you some ink types:

    • Pen
    • Pencil
    • Highlighter

    Each ink type gives your drawing a different look. To select an ink, click the Draw button on the ribbon, and select either a Pen, Pencil, or Highlighter.

    Click, hold, and drag to draw with your mouse. Notice that even when you release the mouse, Word stays in drawing mode. This means you can keep adding elements to your drawing. When youre done, click the Draw button again.

    To change the color and thickness of any tool, click on the drop-down menu, and make your selections. A total of 16 standard colors are available, and you can access many more by clicking on More Colors.

    Plus, for the pen ink, there are eight special effects:

    • Rainbow
    • Silver
    • Bronze

    If your drawing has several parts, youll have to group them so that Word will treat them as one object. Click, press, and hold the Shift key as you click all the elements of your drawing. When youre done, click Shape Format> Arrange> Group> Group.

    Now you can treat the drawing as a single object.

    Click on the drawing, Shape Format. Then use the tools in the Shape Format tab. From here, we’ll change the text wrap setting of the drawing.

    Go to the Shape Format tab. Click Wrap Text. then select a wrap setting.

    I chose the Top and Bottom text wrap.

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    Use The Freeform Or Scribble Tool

    You can draw objects and handwritten lines with either one. One difference is that the Freeform tool lets you draw perfectly straight lines, while the Scribble tool draws exactly what you draw.

    To draw with Freeform, click on the Insert tab.

    Click Shapes> Freeform.

    To draw, click, hold, and drag the cursor on the page. Word stops drawing when you either bring the cursor back to your point of origin or double-click on the page. In this example, I’ll draw a check mark.

    To draw perfectly straight lines with the Freeform tool, click on your starting point. Then, release the mouse, move the cursor to the end of the line, click there, and repeat until you finish your drawing. Double-click at your end-point. Using this technique, my check mark looks like this:

    Notice that the lines are perfectly straight, even though my hands were unsteady. Thats because the Freeform tool draws straight lines between two consecutive points where you click on your mouse.

    Dont worry that the text runs straight through the drawing. We can fix this with text wrap because Word treats the drawing as an image.

    How Do You Create A Curve In Microsoft Word

    In Word How to Put a Box around Text – 3 x Ways | Microsoft Word Tutorials

    Microsoft Word enables you to insert various shapes and lines, including a curved line.

    1. Go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon.

    2. In the Illustrations section, click the Shapes button.

    3. Under the Line tab, click on Curve.

    4. Left-click where you want the curve to start.

    5. Move your cursor to draw the line. Left-click to add a curve.

    6. Double-click where you want the curve to end.

    Note: If you want to draw a closed curve, move your cursor to the starting point. When Word gives you a preview of a filled shape, double-click.

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    How To Insert Text Boxes In Word

  • Expand the Text group, if necessary.
  • Click the Text Box button.
  • A gallery of text box styles appears. The styles range from simple text boxes to stylized sidebars.

  • Select the text box youd like to use.
  • The text box is automatically inserted.

    The placeholder text disappears as soon as you start typing.

    Text boxes can be sized, moved, arranged, and styled just like shapes and pictures.

    You dont have to use one of Words built-in text boxes you can create one from scratch.

  • From the Insert tab, expand the Text group, if necessary.
  • Click the Text Box button.
  • Select Draw Text Box.
  • The pointer changes to a crosshair, indicating that you can draw the text box.

    The text box is inserted.

    Linking text boxes allows text to flow between them. For example, you could make the text of a long article flow through several smaller text boxes in a more advanced layout.

  • After you have created two or more text boxes, select the first one.
  • The second text box must be empty, so make sure to remove any text in it before proceeding.

  • Click the Format tab in the Drawing Tools ribbon group.
  • Click Create Link from the Text group.
  • The cursor changes into a tiny pitcher full of letters. Moving the cursor over the second text box reveals that you can pour additional text into it.

    The two text boxes are linked. Now, once enough text is entered into the first text box, it will automatically overflow into the second.

  • Switch back to the first text box and type into it.
  • Working With Text In Objects: Editing Text

    You can always go back and edit text in an existing object.

  • Select the object that contains the text you want to edit.

  • Click within the text to begin working with the text.NOTE: Depending on the chosen shape, the I-beam may appear below the shape instead of within the text.

  • Make the desired changes.

  • When finished, to deselect the text, click outside the object.

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    Designing Microsoft Word Documents

    While it hasnt been designed with drawing in mind, you can still use shapes, lines, and freehand pen drawings to create simplistic images in Microsoft Word. You can use shapes to create a flow chart or diagram or use free-hand drawings to show your artistic drawing skills.

    You can insert and edit images in Microsoft Word too, but dont forget Words main purpose. If youre designing new documents, you may prefer to use building blocks to help you create them more quickly.

    How To Draw Using Pen Tools In Microsoft Word

    How to Make a Checkable Box in Word : Using Microsoft Word

    With Microsoft Word, you can personalize your documents in so many ways. Here’s how Pen Tools in Word can enhance your work.

    Microsoft Word mainly works with text, but sometimes you need some art to make your report or article pop. Adding pictures, shapes, charts, and so on is easy, but what about drawing it by hand?

    Words pen tools are just what you need to mark or draw on your text. Here’s what each can do and how it can benefit your project.

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