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How To Draw A Boy Easy

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Male Anime Face Shape Breakdown

How to Draw a Cute Boy Easy

Before going into drawing specific character archetypes its a good idea to first analyze the characteristic features of male anime faces. While there is quite a bit of variation in the anime and manga style generally all anime characters tend to have large eyes, small noses amd simplified mouths with no lips.

Younger anime and manga male characters are often drawn with almost the exact same faces as females. Older male characters are more likely to have longer faces, wider chins, and smaller/narrower eyes . For this tutorial we will use a very generic male face that can be either a high school student or a younger adult.

The generic shape of this type of male anime face can basically be broken down into the three simple shapes in the example above.

Drawing A Surprised Intellectual Male Anime Character

The intellectual may make a surprised face like the one in the example when they make some sort of a discovery.

To draw the surprised look for the intellectual character draw the eyebrows raised and draw the eyes wide open with small pupils. Draw the mouth open in an O type shape. Since the mouth is open you can also optionally draw the jaw slightly lower down.

Now The Drawing Is Done

This is the final step of the process of drawing the boys face. In this we are sketching out the hairs of the boy. Hair sketch is a very easy sketch.Here is a video tutorial to help you. Watch this tutorial video with sharpness and try to draw this drawing. I hope you also draw this drawing with care

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Drawing A Happy Average Guy Anime Male Character

A happy smile can be one of the expressions this type of character is likely to have. Usually this is a look the main male character can give to a character they like such as the female protagonist.

For the happy expression of the average guy draw the eyebrows slightly raised and the eyes slightly squinted. Draw the mouth with a smile. Leave the inside of the mouth white to indicate that its the teeth that are showing but dont actually draw any hint of them, this will make the character look more friendly.

How To Draw Male Anime Characters Step By Step

How to Draw a Boy and Girl Kissing Easy

This step by step tutorial shows how to draw male anime and manga characters. It includes a total eight examples of some of the more popular character archetypes with three variations of each.

The main focus of this tutorial is on personality. It shows how you can take the same anime style male face and transform it into different characters by tweaking the facial features and hairstyle. It also shows how to draw some of the facial expressions these characters are likely to have.

The character types covered in this tutorial are:

  • Average Guy

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Your Boys Hair Drawing Is Complete

That brings us to the end of this guide on how to draw boys hair! As we mentioned at the beginning, drawing something like hair can be tough even for seasoned artists.

That means you should be very proud that you completed this guide to end up with an amazing drawing! We hope that this guide showed you that it can be much easier if you follow the steps and take it slow.

Now that you have mastered this hairstyle, you could use this guide to create new hairstyles with this one as a base!

You can also really make this drawing your own by incorporating your favorite colors and art mediums into the mix.

Please be sure to check out our website where we have tons of awesome drawing guides for you to enjoy! We upload new ones all the time, so make sure to look often for new tutorials.

Anime Boys Body Proportions Breakdown

To make a character look younger you will usually want to draw them more slender than their older counterpart. Muscular characters will automatically tend to look older.

A good way to measure the body is by using the head.

Anime characters tend to have bigger heads compared to their bodies than real people . For this tutorial the boy will be six and a half heads tall.

The other proportions are as follows:

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Now Draw Hair And Ears

Now you have to do his hair. Hair styling is very easy. Hair gives a new look to human personality. After doing your hair, you have to do your hair. You should not darken the pencil while sketching. Draw a pencil sketch with one light hand. And in this final step, we draw the collar of the boys shirt.

How To Draw Vault Boy From Fallout

Easy anime drawing | how to draw anime boy wearing a mask

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You can learn how to draw Vault Boy from Fallout with the help of this video game character drawing tutorial.

Vault Boy is the mascot of the fictional Vault-Tec Corporation. Within the game, this company “was a pre-War defense corporation which won the federal government contract to design and implement a network of bunkers designed to protect the population of the United States from nuclear holocaust.”

Within the game, Vault Boy is used to represent player stats and valuable items. He also appears in in-game videos and trophies.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Have you ever wondered why Vault Boy is giving a thumbs up? It has been estimated that if the mushroom cloud from an atomic explosion can be covered by your thumb, you are a safe distance away.

If it appears larger than your thumb, you are within the danger zone. So, Vault Boy is using his thumb to determine whether he should evacuate!

Did you know? Vault Boy has a female counterpart named Vault Girl. Can you adjust this tutorial to draw her? Try adding long hair.

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Chibi Rey from Star Wars, Shadow, and Adrien Agreste from Miraculous.

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Drawing An Angry Antagonist/villain Anime Male Character

This is an expression the villain tends to make when they are ticked off/angry/upset.

For an angry look draw the eyebrows closer together and very low down on the face . Give a hint of wrinkles between the eyebrows to further indicate they are being squeezed together. Draw the eyes squinted and draw the irises of the eyes smaller then normal with tiny pupils and no reflections.

Not drawing reflections will make the eyes appear more cold and uncaring.

Draw the mouth open and shaped similar to the number 8 thats been flipped on its side with the teeth showing. You can also make the mouth slightly wider on one side and give a hint of the split between the top and bottom rows of teeth with curved lines on each side.

For more on drawing anime teeth see:

Drawing A Scheming Antagonist/villain Male Anime Character

A scheming/plotting type expression is another one a negative anime/manga character is likely to have. This is a face they can make when anticipating the success of their plans.

To draw a scheming expression position the inner ends of the eyebrows to be very slightly raised, draw the eyes looking down with the top eyelids lowered. Draw the mouth with a smile and again add a hint of the split between the top and bottom rows of teeth. These will make the smile look less friendly and more like a grin.

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Drawing A Surprised Male Anime Character

This is a lightly surprised face like them meeting their friend somewhere unexpectedly.

For the lightly surprised look draw the eyebrows raised with the eyes open a tiny bit wider than normal.

Draw the mouth open with the jaw position the chin slightly lower down and only the top row of teeth showing.

This will give the character a kind of a happy to bump into you expression.

Drawing A Relaxed Average Guy Anime Male Character

How to draw a Boy’s Face – Easy drawing for kids

This is another expression that this type of character can have. A sort of relaxed/wondering expression like What am I gonna have for dinner tonight?.

For relaxed and slightly puzzled expression draw the eyebrows with their inner ends slightly raised and draw pupils higher up .

Add the mouth in an O like shape. Since the mouth is open you can draw the jaw lower down but this is optional. Often the jaws of anime characters are drawn in the same place even with the mouth open.

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Drawing A Disgusted Wealthy Guy Anime Male Character

The disgusted look is one the wealthy character archetype tends to make when they look at someone or something they consider beneath them.

For a disgusted look draw the wealthy guys face with the eyebrows in reverse of their normal curves. Make the inner ends of the eyebrows raised and draw them just slightly closer together. Make the eyes themselves slightly squinted.

Draw the mouth like an upside down smile, narrower at the top and wider at the bottom with the teeth showing. Flip the bottom lip upside down as well.

Drawing A Scared Henchman Male Anime Character

The scared face is one the henchman can get following the previous alarmed face after they see that whoever/whatever broke in is too much for them to handle.

For the scared face draw the henchman with their eyes wide open and the eyebrows raised. Draw the irises smaller than normal with some white space between the them and the top and bottom eyelids.

Draw the mouth similar to an 8 flipped on its side with the teeth showing and the bottom lip in an upside down curve.

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Drawing A Friendly Male Anime Character

The friendly guy is usually a positive supporting character such as the protagonists best friend.

A short and messy hair can be a good fit for the friendly guy as it can reinforce a down to earth and slightly carefree personality type.

For the friendly guys normal look draw the eyebrows in their natural state. Draw the eyes wider and make the irises and everything inside them larger than the base example at the start of the tutorial.

Give the mouth a light smile.

Larger eyes will make for a friendlier looking character and a light smile will further reinforce this look.

How To Draw A Boy Saying Hello Step By Step For Kids

How to draw a boy’s face from the front Real Easy

October 28, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Boys

This is a cute little boy. He is waving his hand, as if saying hello to a good friend. Learning to draw a cartoon boy like this is a very simple and fun thing, suitable for preschoolers and kids of all ages. You can try to draw a background on the side, such as streets, trees, etc.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this boy saying hello, very simple. You can choose your favorite color. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow these steps!


How to draw a boy saying hello

1. Draw the hair first, as shown above.

2. Draw the boy’s bangs, and draw three curves on his hair.

3.Draw two ears. Then draw a curve to get the face shape.

4. Draw your eyebrows, eyes, nose and smile on your face.

5. Draw the neckline at the bottom of the head. Then draw two arms.

6.Draw two hands. Then draw the body of the boy.

7.An the bottom, draw the boy’s pants.

8.Draw your legs. Then draw socks and shoes.

9.Finally, simply color it. The boy who is saying hello is finished!

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Start Drawing The Fringe Of The Hairstyle

In this step of our guide on how to draw boys hair, we will be drawing the fringe of the hairstyle. This fringe will go around the midway point of the hairstyle.

You can draw it with a series of small, curved lines to create the fringe, but make sure to leave a space between the end of the fringe and the sides of the hairstyle.

We will be filling that space in when we do the next step.

Drawing The Boys Mouth

To draw the mouth draw yet another horizontal line between the line used for the nose and the chin. But instead of drawing the mouth directly on this line you will want to draw it slightly above. The reason being is that this line will actually give you the placement of the bottom lip which in anime is very often not drawn at all.

For more on drawing anime mouths see:

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Draw The Chin Of Your Hairstyle

Before we will be moving on to the final coloring step of this guide on how to draw boys hair, we have a few final touches to add.

The main thing is to use a curved and rounded line for the jaw and chin of the face that is below the hairstyle.

Before you move on, be sure to add any extra details that you would like for your drawing!

You could draw a face to go with the hairstyle if youre feeling extra creative, or even create a beautiful background for your drawing. We cant wait to see what you do!

Drawing A Content Friendly Male Anime Character

How to Draw A Manga Boy – Easy

A content smile is something that a friendly character is likely to have, often after they help someone.

For a content/happy look draw the friendly guy with the eyebrows raised and the eye closed. Draw the closed eyes as pretty much just a hair of dark curves similar to the eyebrows.

Draw the mouth in a wider smile than the previous example.

For drawing anime eyes in different states see:

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Drawing A Smiling Wealthy Guy Anime Male Character

A fake smile is another expression this character type tends to make. For example if the character is famous they tend to do it in front of their fans.

For this expression draw the eyebrows raised and the eyes closed . Draw the closed eyes with a pair of curves similar to the eyebrows.

Draw the mouth with a smile but to make the it seem slightly less friend add a hint of teeth on each side.

Draw Mask And Ears Or Boy

So guys, now we have to draw this boys mask and ears. It is very easy to draw. First, we will draw its face shape. After drawing the shape of the face, we will draw its mask. Then we will draw its ear. Guys, this is the first step that we just started, I hope you understand. If you already understand this first step, then read all the next steps so that you can easily draw this drawing.

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You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step: 1 Draw three intersecting lines

Guys, in order to draw this Anime Guy, first of all, we have to draw three intersecting lines. You must draw a vertical line. And then you have to draw two horizontal lines that will intersect the vertical line. In the first step, all we have to do is show the drawing in the remaining steps.

Step: 2 Draw the boys eye from the anime

So guys, first of all, we have to draw its eyes. Weve just drawn the eye for it, the rest of the sketch will be done later. We drew some lines, with the help of these. We will be very helpful in making this drawing, because the position of its eyes will also give us better. First of all, when drawing a companion. The road you attract is drawn gently. Many individuals make this mistake so excessively that they draw the pencil by obscuring it towards the head. Especially unfounded, it refers to the most serious problem when we erase the pencil when the error, at that time, its imprint is still there.

Step: 3 Draw the boys hair from the anime

So guys, now we have to draw this Anime boy. To draw hair, you must paint very lightly. Hope you all understand this point. We have to draw the ears before we draw the hair. If you already understand this, then be sure to read the next steps.

Step: 4 Draw Mouth, Nose and Pullovers

So guys, now we have to draw its nose. Its nose is easy to draw. Then you have to draw its side, you can also draw it very easily. When you draw all of these, then you have to draw pullovers.

Draw The Sides Of The Hairstyle

How To Draw a Kawaii Chibi BOY for Beginners – Easy Step by Step Tutorial

You will be adding to the top of the hairstyle that you drew for your boys hair drawing to create the sides in this step.

Each side of the hairstyle will be slightly curved as they come down from the top of the hair.

The two sides of the hair wont be completely identical, as the side on the left has a rounded dip in it whereas the side on the right comes straight down from the top.

If that sounds a bit complicated, the reference picture will show you how it should look!

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Anime Male Character Step By Step Drawing

  • Draw the basic shape of the head starting with a vertical line to help you make sure both halves are even
  • Position the facial features as described earlier
  • Draw the hair after placing all of the facial features
  • Erase the parts of the face and head hidden by the hair and apply some shading
  • For more details on drawing anime male facial features also see:

    Drawing An Alarmed Henchman Male Anime Character

    The alarmed look is one that the henchman type characters are especially likely to get when they are guarding something and notices a break in.

    For an alarmed looking face draw the eyebrows low down on the head and closer together but with one slightly higher than the other. You can also draw some wrinkles between the eyebrow to show that they are squeezed together. Draw the eyes looking slightly to one side with one eye squinted and one opened wider.

    Draw the mouth with even more of an upside down curve than normal.

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