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How To Draw A Braid Easy

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The Finished Braid Drawing

How to draw A Braid l Easy Tutorial

And here is my finished braid drawing! Could you refine a drawing of a complex subject matter such as this indefinitely? Absolutely! That’s why it’s important to learn how to . I dedicate the last video of my free mini-course to this very question.

I am quite happy to call this drawing finished. I enjoy that it is very realistic in some areas, yet still looks like a drawing in others. I love the quality of a drawing, and don’t want to hide that that’s what it is! I also look for a balance of simplicity and complexity in my drawings, and feel that I have achieved this here: there are more detailed, complex areas, as well as simpler ones.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw a braid! Don’t forget to below, and check out my other hair drawing tutorial here.

Happy Drawing!

How To Draw A Braids

First of all, designate its basis, determine the length. Draw lines are indicating the width of the weave. Remember, the beginning of the spit is thicker than the middle, and the tip should remain thinner to the edge.

So, how to draw a pigtail further? Make a semicircle of small size. The beginning of the weaving should be lowered from above to the bottom, touching the center. The same rules apply to the end of weaving. Lines should not be excessively rounded. Internal and external lines should be parallel. A larger coil is a little higher than the extreme one.

As for beautiful weaving, the line of the second circle should have a beginning in the same place where the previous one ends and at the same time touch the outside. So get a gentle curve that will create a coil. As soon as you reach the center, stop. Mentally draw a line horizontally, it should cross the coil from the outside approximately in the center. From this point, start the next loop, it is parallel to the one that goes inside, and its end should be fixed in the center.

Next will be a repetition. The next inner semi-circle will start from the final line inside and end on the last line outside. Thus, get a parallel inner and outer line of the braid. Moreover, the external one should start from the middle of the previous loop and end in the center.It is recommended to make a point or press the pencil more strongly in a place that will be the beginning of the inner eyelet, so it is much easier to work.

Now Draw In The Final Details

Your braid drawing is pretty much complete now, so all that remains is to add in some detail lines! As you can see in the reference image, these thin lines can give the appearance of separate hair strands.

You can see in the picture how you can draw in these lines, and while I would recommend following the way they look in the picture dont be afraid to draw in the lines in a way that looks good to you!

There isnt really a right or wrong way to add in details like this, so you should go with what looks best to you.

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Easy Steps For Drawing Braids

Simplify your braid into basic shapes to streamline the process of drawing hair. While there are infinite ways to make this process your own, you can use these four steps as a framework to help you nail a great braid drawing, from outline to finishing details.

Image by Josefina Fernandez

Establish your line of action.

This is the basic line that shows the motion and shape of the braid. Even if the braid is static and falls straight down the back, you still need a line of action, says chibi artist Shiela Larson. For example, where the braid hits the shoulders, there will be a slight curve. Its important to not just have the braid go straight down. You want to give it some life. To start out, it can also be helpful to draw a simple head shape to work around.

Image by Josefina Fernandez

Start with a basic shape.

Braids are a pattern, so the next step is to find a basic repeating shape that will loosely represent your braid. Draw that shape over your line of action. Fashion illustrator Josefina Fernandez uses a repeating Y shape for her braids. With the Y method, you connect the ends of the Ys using a rounded, inverted C shape to achieve a natural flow. Larson opts for a zigzag shape as her centerline, and connects each point with the same curved C shape all the way through.

Image by Josefina Fernandez

Draw in details.

And dont forget to draw the end of the braid. The hair will be pinched where the hair tie is, and then it poofs out at the end, says Larson.

How To Draw A Braidstep 1: Completing The Second Pass Of Shading

How To Draw Braids: Step by Step (Easy)

This concludes the second pass of shading . The entire braid has been worked up to the same level of detail, though I am choosing to leave the end of the braid a little bit softer and more general so that it attracts less attention and appears to be farther back in space.

I’m confident that everything is in its place and can now focus on the delicious details!

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Going Over The Drawing In Ink

Finally, when you’re done with your drawing, it’s time to go over it in ink. Using your favorite pen, slowly trace over the pencil lines. To ensure that you don’t accidentally smear any ink as you go, place a scrap piece of paper underneath your drawing hand. Then, after waiting ample time for the ink to dry, erase any remaining pencil marks.

Congrats! You’ve successfully drawn a French braid.

By Step To Draw A Braid

  • First of all draw the circle which would form part of the head and under that draw the two curves shaped of the neck
  • Between the shape of neck draw a dot
  • You need to draw a curved line which would be starting from the dot and meeting the circle of the head
  • Then draw the other curved line next to the previous curve this line would also be meeting the dot and making the leaf shape
  • Next another curve line from the other side and form the same leaf shape
  • You need to draw the 4 shapes of leaf to fill the head with the root of the hair
  • Now you need to give the shape to the braid
  • The braid will have many such leafs
  • Make the braid by drawing such leafs to the down and give the braid a pointy shape.
  • Now you just need to shade the leafs and make the outlines darker, it will make it appealing more.

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Make A Rounded Line From The Edge To A Center

Starting at the top of the braid, draw a small curved line in a sort of semi-circle that is neither too round nor too eclipse in terms of shape.

The outer point of the curved line should touch the left outer line, and it should join with the 4th zigzag, ending in the same place where it touches the line on the right of the centerline.

Go Over The Drawing In Ink

How to Draw Hair: Braids

Finally, when you’re done with your drawing, it’s time to go over it in ink. Using your favorite pen, slowly trace over the pencil lines. To ensure that you don’t accidentally smear any ink as you go, place a scrap piece of paper underneath your drawing hand. Then, after waiting ample time for the ink to dry, erase any remaining pencil marks.

Congrats! You’ve successfully drawn a three-strand braid.

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How To Draw A Braidstep : Gesture And General Proportions

Before you start any drawing, consider where you want it to be situated on yourpage. Consciously deciding where to place your drawing on your page is an easy way to start considering composition Composition will become essential in creating a mood or conveying a story in your drawings later on, when you start creating more personal artworksrather than studies.

My first step is to find the gesture and general proportions of the braid. Even though this subject is made up of curves, I’m looking for major angle changes and indicating them with straight or slightly curved lines.

I sketch in my subject using light, erasable lines, and then use various methods of measurement to check how accurate my eye was at judging the proportions. For example, as shown below, I use comparative measurement to compare the width of the braid to its height. I find a convenient point to measure the width of the braid from: in this case, its outermost point on the right, where there is also an angle change. There is a video lesson on comparative measurement in my free Mini-Course.

How To Draw A Braid Using A Simple Technique

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a basic braid using a single rectangle and a few simple tips. You will learn how to create this simple pattern in just a few basic steps. Learning how to create adorable cartoon braids can be quite useful if you are looking to draw cute hairstyles for your characters. Braids are more complex to illustrate because they usually follow a very geometrical pattern. Let’s see how we can come up with a simple solution that can help you draw this part of the body in no time.

Using a simple basic shape as a guideline

First, you need to create a small rectangle with accurate proportions. I recommend keeping a ratio of 2 to 1. The closer you are to this basic ratio, the easier it will be to illustrate this braid in just a few minutes. Otherwise, some parts of the drawing won’t connect properly and the illustration might look awkward.

Drawing a simple template to work with

Turn the triangle in a 45 degrees angle. Then, use this one to create a pattern similar to the one shown below. See how all pieces are connected together. You can see near the green line why the ratio displayed earlier is important. Indeed, both yellow shapes need to be aligned properly to make this technique successful.

draw the braid using curved lines

Now that we have a template to work with, it’s time to illustrate this braid properly using several long curved lines. You can choose to work with shapes drawn with round corners or go with something a little bit sharper.

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How To Draw A Girl With A Braid Easy For Kids

August 17, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Girls

This is a beautiful girl. She has long hair and braided her hair into braid, looks youthful, fashionable and slim.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this beautiful girl, very simple. If kids like, follow the steps to try it out!

1.Draw the girl’s hairstyle first. Then draw a curve at the bottom to get the outline of the face.

2. Draw an ear on each side of the head, and draw a short curve on each. Then draw an eyebrow, eyes, nose and smile.

3. Draw some curves in your hair, as well as an oval hair accessory. Then draw a long braid.

4. Draw the neck and body, and draw two curves on the neck.

5.Draw the clothes she wearing. Then draw a shape of heart on it as a decoration.

6.Finally, color it carefully and the beautiful girl is finished!

Breaking Down Braid Drawing


Hair drawings can be striking and beautiful when done well they can also be a tricky task for artists of any experience level. For straight or curly hair and hair of different lengths, textures, and volumes, there are a lot of elements at play if you want to draw hair and braids well. In this step-by-step tutorial, youll discover expert tips to help you draw perfect plaits more easily in fashion drawings, portraits, or comic book art.

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Draw In Highlights With Tombo Mono Zero Eraser

Draw in the highlights with a Tombo Mono Zero eraser. Do not be too concerned with erasing stands of hair at this time. The objective is to create highlights. The soft value changes and highlights will create the braids shapes and produce a three-dimensional illusion on a two-dimensional drawing surface.

How To Draw A Braidstep 1: Shading The Bottom Of The Braid

As I work my way down the braid, I’m using my kneaded eraser just as much as I’m using my pencil. The kneaded eraser is a tremendous drawing tool, as it can be shaped into any form, and used in various ways. I demonstrate my three favorite kneaded eraser techniques in this video. While drawing this braid, two techniques have been particularly useful:

  • Shaping the kneaded eraser into a pencil point and using it as a kind of white pencil, and
  • Flattening the kneaded eraser so that it has a sharp edge with which to create or lighten lines of value

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Lets Try To Actually Draw It

Now lets draw them onto a character.

Start out by sketching a character.

You can easily estimate the movement, direction, length, and thickness of the braids.

There are a lot this time, so I will simplify it.

Open up a new layer, and start by simply drawing the outlines of the hearts.

Fill out some detailed portions like with the flow of the hair to bring out the feeling of hair.

Color it to complete it.

It ended up a little long, but what did you think?

If you master the basic way to draw it, you can arrange various hairstyles.

If you get used to it, you will be able to draw it without having to sketch in the hearts, so be sure to try it out.

Your drawings will have a wider range!

Arrangement 1: Reverse braiding

How To Draw A Braidstep : Drawing A Specific Block

How To Draw A Plait / Braid: Hair Drawing Tutorial | Step by Step

I continue “drawing through” the braid to make sure that each line of every lock of hair is continued after it is overlapped or intersected. I’m also looking for differences in each section of hair . Each one has different widths and angles, creating unique shapes. The more closely you look at and compare the sections of hair, the more clearly you will see that each one has its owncharacteristics. The more specifically you draw these variations, the more realistic and natural your drawing will eventually look.

Notice that closer to the bottom of the braid, it becomesmore loose. There are several small spaces between the locks of hair here. Towards the top we no longer see these because the braidtightens, and thickens. The narrowest part of the braid is approximately in the middle. From there it widens slightly towards the top and towards the bottom. These are the kinds of specifics that are necessary to pay attention to in order to draw a realistic braid.

To avoid getting lost in your drawing or your subject, as you look from one to the other, make mental notes of which curlyouâre working on â for example âleft side, third one downâ.

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Final Thoughts On How To Draw Braids

Drawing hair can be intimidating you artists who have never practiced the techniques used for drawing hair.

You can spend many hours drawing a portrait, and if the hair is off, the entire drawing will look off.

The steps used for this drawing braids tutorial can be used for drawing all different types of braids, including french braids, fishtail braids, plait braids, rope braids, and so on.

Each braid will have a different shape, but the techniques used for drawing braids will be the same.

Start by drawing the clumps of hair, identify where the light source is coming from, identify where the darkest values are, and draw from dark to light. Create soft values by blending the graphite with a camelhair brush and draw the highlights with an eraser. Continue the steps until you are pleased with the outcome.

Drawing Braid Step By Step:

Step 1: As we know braid consist of three strands. Thus, start by drawing three lines as a frame. Firstly straight centerline, then secondly, 1 line both side. While drawing considers braids are thinner art end than the beginning.

Step 2: Firstly, start drawing small semicircle which start and end should touch the centerline. Draw it in a manner that it should not be too round or too eclipse. Then secondly, draw the parallel line with the inner one. Keep in mind that it must start a little higher than later.

Step 3: This is the secret step. At the point where the previous inner line ends start drawing an inner line of the second strand. Forming a very nice curve it will close the first strand. After reaching the centerline stop. From the straight right of the last drawn strand start the outer line of the new strand. Draw it parallel to the inner line and again finish at the centerline.

Step 4: By following the image given below again draw the next strand. Outer lines are always parallel, ending at the centerline.

Step 5: By drawing an outer line, close the previous strand.

Step 6: Follow the steps until the braided frame ends. You have to follow the frame drawn in the first step. In end, draw an elastic band to hold your braid. the size of the band and the strand must have the same width.

Step 7: At the end draw the diamond shape overlapping to the braid. This will represent leftover hair of braid.

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