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How To Draw A Breast Cancer Ribbon

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As Breast Cancer Awareness Month Draws To A Close Think Before You Pink

How to Draw an Awareness Ribbon | Breast Cancer

    Just two weeks before the end of the month, the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And with that the merciful end of the incessant pink merchandising known as Pinktober the obnoxious evolution of the annual fundraising for breast cancer research and treatment.

    What started as a grassroots effort to bring awareness to the second leading cause of cancer in women, is now a national campaign with large corporate sponsors and aggressive marketing of everything pink. Its a long way from the first symbol, a salmon-colored ribbon handmade by 68-year-old breast cancer survivor Charlotte Haley. Beyond the requisite tee shirts, face masks, and pink ribbons, this years plethora of pink products include everything from high-end items like a pink bracelet from designer jeweler David Yurman, and a pink leather high back adjustable gaming chair, to blush-colored notebooks, phone covers, as well as pink M& Ms. Typically, a purchase of one of these products means a portion of the price is donated to the cause.

    How To Make Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons

    According to U.S. Breast Cancer statistics, approximately 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in U.S. women in 2019, in addition to over 62,930 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer.

    To join the cause in raising awareness, you can easily make your own pink breast cancer awareness ribbons to wear or distribute to your family and friends, coworkers, schools, or other organizations you are a part of. All it takes is a three-inch piece of pink ribbon and a small safety pin to create the iconic marker of such an important cause. Though breast cancer research is crucial year-round, as a nation, we claim the month of October as the time to wear pink.

    Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Steps

    To make your own pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, it takes just three easy steps:

  • First, cut three-inch pieces of pink ribbon, cutting the ends at an angle.
  • Hold the ribbon horizontally at its midpoint and fold the left end down and slightly across the midpoint.
  • Then, fold the right end in the same way so the ribbon crosses itself slightly below the fold. At this cross-point, use the safety pin to secure the ribbon in place.
  • If its easier, you can stitch the ribbon together or hold it together with double sided tape at the midpoint before pinning to your shirt, jacket, bag, refrigerator, or wherever else you would like to display it. This DIY craft barely takes any time to make and allows you to demonstrate your solidarity for breast cancer survivors, remember those who have lost their battle with cancer, and celebrate those who have beat it. Its a small and simple token, but with a powerful statement.

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    Inspirational Breast Cancer Tattoo Design

    Each and every story of a breast cancer survivor is immensely inspirational. After all, the patients of breast cancer do not just have to go through a difficult time physically but mentally as well. There are several repercussions to such an illness and many patients lose all their hope and courage that they need. Therefore, once they recover from the illness, they like to pay a tribute to their intense strength and stamina.

    As seen in the picture, you can also add motivational words or phrases to your pink ribbon tattoo to show the world your inner fighting spirit. It will also make people curious about the significance of the tattoo and they will ask you more about it. This way you can raise awareness and educate other women about how to look out for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. After all, many women are still not aware of such an illness and do not know how to realize the early warnings.

    Praying Hands Wrapped In Pink Ribbon

    How to Make Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons In 3 Simple Steps

    Cancer ribbon tattoo drawing. In this tattoo, a lovely feather turns into birds in flight and completes a pink ribbon. Breast cancer awareness ribbon tattoos. Ribbon banner and anchor tattoo design.

    If you have lost a loved one to breast cancer, then you can forever immortalize them by getting a pink breast cancer ribbon tattoo on your wrist or your bicep. Since ancient times, the great war chiefs and other famous men decorated their bodies with cancer ribbon dragonfly tattoo, telling of their exploits and changing social status. A pair of hands together in prayer is wrapped in a pink cancer ribbon tattoo.

    How to draw a cancer ribbon an easy step by step drawing lesson for kids. Wearing this design in a visible place will send out a clear message to people. Hand drawn diamond and ribbon outline for.

    Some even add other symbols and relics of faith and hope along with the ribbon design. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world. How to draw a cancer ribbon breast cancer ribbon step 1.

    The 80 best cancer ribbon tattoos for men. Tattoo ideas breast cancer pink awareness ribbons tatring. See more ideas about ribbon tattoos, tattoos, cancer tattoos.

    50 cancer ribbon tattoos designs and ideas tattooset. 70 cancer ribbon tattoos for men supportive design ideas. There are a lot of reasons why people get tattoos.

    Pin on tattoo

    Breast cancer awareness ribbon tattoo Hope Faith Love

    Pin by Gary P on Tattoo Awareness ribbons tattoo, Cancer

    For Mom Tattoo Pictures at Cancer

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    How To Make An Awareness Ribbon In 4 Easy Steps

    It takes only four steps to make awareness ribbons as lapel pins or earrings you can use to support causes important to you.

    Wearing an awareness ribbon pin may seem like a small or inconsequential gesture.

    If you have friends or family members battling cancer represented by one of the specific color ribbons, though? Its an elegant and simple way to raise awareness and show support.

    How To Draw Zentangle Breast Cancer Ribbon

    Draw some random, extra lines.

    Add encouraging words.

    Use the fine tip permanent marker to trace the pencil lines.

    Add patterns in between some of the lines.

    Use gel pens or colored pencils to enhance the drawing.

    Erase any visible pencil marks.

    Add a signature and your done!! Maybe give this to someone you know with breast cancer!

    • Pencil

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    What Materials And Tools Do I Need To Make An Awareness Ribbon Pin

    To start making awareness ribbon pins, you need:

    Craft felt

    Craft felt is typically available in a lot of vibrant colors.

    You can purchase individual felt rectangles at big box stores like Walmart and Michaels.

    JoAnns has both single felt rectangles, as well as felt by the yard.

    If youre new to working with felt, I recommend buying felt by the yard if you are able. Buying felt by the yard is a much better price point.

    With even a half a yard of felt, you will have plenty to use for the ribbons, plus extra felt to use for any other projects that are sure to come up.

    Because, once you start working with felt, youll realize its great for all kinds of DIY projects.

    Apin backing

    To make an awareness ribbon pin its easiest to glue a pin backing to the back of the ribbon to secure it.

    In a pinch, you can also use a safety pin. I find those harder to manipulate when Im trying to put the pin on, though.

    Earring posts & backings

    The video tutorial below includes how to make three different sizes of awareness ribbons.

    The smallest size ribbon makes great earrings. For some people, earrings may be more fun to wear than a ribbon because they add an accent of color while also supporting their cause.

    So, if you want to gift some earrings to a family member or friend, make sure to have some earring posts and backings ready.

    Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler

    If you dont have one already, a rotary cutter and mat are wonderful tools to have for all of your craft projects.

    Glue gun

    Breast Cancer: The Brand

    How to Draw a Pink Ribbon

    Breast cancer is a unique case study in disease branding. Breast Cancer Awareness Month , launched in 1985 by the American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries , was originally intended to encourage women to get regular mammograms. The momentum around breast cancer awareness continued in the early 1990s, when Evelyn Lauder established the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and solidified the pink ribbon as a universal symbol for the disease. The rest, as they say, is history.

    You might ask: A month dedicated to raising awareness for a pressing challenge in modern health care what could possibly be wrong with that?

    The answer is, to borrow a term coined by Breast Cancer Action, pinkwashing. What began as a strategic, research-driven, and ultimately effective fundraising approach has been co-opted by many in the name of profit.

    Throughout the month of October, companies eager to drive sales plaster their products with pink ribbons and inspirational quotes. The best of them contribute all or a significant percentage of the proceeds to the cause. Many others commit nominal amounts or nothing at all. Breast cancer survivors are flooded with requests to participate in corporate campaigns, often with no promise of compensation.

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    Simple And Minimal Breast Cancer Tattoos

    The most popular and classic way to get cancer ribbon tattoos is to get a small and simple tattoo. The ribbon tattoo is extremely eloquent and can speak a volume of words even if it is tiny in size. Since the ribbon is a universal sign for cancer, most people will immediately understand the implications of such an important symbol.

    A ribbon is also a symbol of grace, elegance, unity and strength. This is why many people also get breast cancer ribbon tattoo to raise breast cancer awareness.

    If you have lost a loved one to breast cancer, then you can forever immortalize them by getting a pink breast cancer ribbon tattoo on your wrist or your bicep. The minimal style will definitely stand out. As seen in the picture, you can also add a heavy dark coloured contouring to the ribbon in order to make the pink colour stand out even more.

    How To Draw Awareness Ribbons For Causes Such As Breast Cancer And Autism

    There are innumerable causes that their needs to be a higher awareness aboutand that is one of the reasons awareness ribbons have come into style. The ribbon that most people have seen are the pink Breast Cancer ribbon, the yellow Armed Forces ribbon, and the puzzle pieces Autism ribbon. But there are so many more. Here is a list of the colors of other Awareness Ribbons. Today we will show you how to draw awareness ribbons with a few simple illustrated steps.

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    Delicate Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs With Butterfly Motif

    A lot of women love to get butterfly tattoos with their dainty wings. It can be monochromatic or have colourful ink and they normally mean a lot for the wearer apart from looking exceptionally cute and pretty. Butterflies are associated with femininity, grace and endurance. They also symbolize hope for change and moving forward in life because of their unique life cycle.

    Therefore, many women attach the pink ribbon tattoo along with a beautiful butterfly who is spreading its wings. For survivors, the butterfly also signifies freedom from a deadly illness and independence from a life in the hospital. This means that they could also spread their wings and shape the course of their life the way they want to by putting their painful past behind them.

    If you are looking for some amazing more amazing butterfly tattoo designs, then check out these wonderful 3D butterfly tattoos.

    How To Create An Awareness Ribbon In Adobe Illustrator For World Aids Day

    How to Draw a Cancer Ribbon

    December 1st is World AIDS Day, a day in which we further the fight against AIDS through charitable efforts and awareness. As such, I’ve cooked up a vector awareness ribbon tutorial that can be used not only when spreading hope in the fight against AIDS, but also for most any graphic representation of awareness ribbons you may have. Let’s get creating!

    If you’d like to work with a vector stock file that’s similar to this tutorial, check out this AIDS Awareness Red Ribbon vector from Envato Market and follow the steps in the tutorial below to edit its appearance for alternative awareness causes.

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    How To Make A Breast Cancer Ribbon

    First, you will need the following materials:

    • Three inches of pink ribbon, a quarter-inch wide.
    • One small safety pin
    • Needle and a small length of pink thread

    To attach to a lapel:

    • The small safety pin used above
    • Double stick tape


  • Cut three inches of ribbon, making sure the ends are snipped at an angle. Place the ribbon on a flat surface with a shorter edge on top.
  • Put your finger on the middle of the ribbon. Grab the left end and fold so it points down and slightly across the middle.
  • Fold the right end in the same way so the ribbon crosses a half-inch below the fold.
  • In the spot where the ribbon crosses, take the small safety pin to hold the ribbon in place, hiding the pin behind the ribbon.
  • You can use this same pin to attach the ribbon to a lapel.

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    Tiny Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Design For Your Fingers

    Another beautiful way of showing your love for someone who has suffered from breast cancer or for showing your own battle is to get a tiny tattoo on your finger. Although it is not a very common or conventional design, many people nowadays opt for this tiny tattoo on their finger.

    These tattoos look extremely delicate and beautiful. You can also add a butterfly or its wings to further enhance the beauty of the tattoo. A tiny tattoo on a finger is not a very common design so it will also be perfect for people who want something unique and distinct from the rest. This design is also extremely subtle without being too prominent. So if you do not want a huge tattoo but want to keep someone in your heart and memory forever, this is the best way to do so. The pop of coloured ink in the pink ribbon will look beautiful. You can also add a heart symbol to add more meanings and features to your small tattoo. These tiny tattoos with the extra colour are quite cute as well.

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    Unique Ideas For Hiding Scars With Breast Cancer Tattoos

    Many survivors of breast cancer search for a tattoo that will hide the scars they have on their body after the breast cancer surgery. These surgeries usually range from a mastectomy where the entire breast is removed for stopping the spread of the disease to breast reconstruction surgery. While many women opt for further surgeries, some women prefer not to go on the operation table again. However, the scars can be quite painful and remind them of a very difficult time of their life.

    Therefore, many tattoo artists have come up with an amazing method of hiding those scars through a unique and distinct breast tattoo. A proficient tattoo artist can expertly draw the lines over the scars and make beautiful mastectomy tattoos.

    If you do not want to hide your scar but want to emphasize it even more, you just have to ask your tattoo artist for a design accordingly. There are also wonderful tattoo designs which do not hide the scar but celebrates it by drawing lovely floral patterns around it as seen in the picture. The floral features are elevating the beauty of the tattoo showing that we can create lovely art even from the most difficult experiences in our life. These tattoos symbolize hope, resilience and courage.

    Why Do We Wear Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Pink ribbon in Illustrator

    Pink is the color ribbon for breast cancer. The story of how the pink ribbon originated dates back to the early 90s.

    In 1992, Evelyn Lauder of Estée Lauder Cosmetics launched The Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Campaign and collaborated with several others to create the pink ribbon as its symbol. It represents the strength of those battling the disease and survivors, and shows support for breast cancer research and life-saving scientific advances.

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    Great Job You’re Done

    Now that you’ve completed your awareness ribbon design, what sort of similar ribbons can you create? How about striped color combinations? Share your awareness ribbons in the comment section below!

    If you’d like to work with a vector stock file that’s similar to this tutorial, check out this AIDS Awareness Red Ribbon vector from Envato Market and follow the steps in the tutorial above to edit its appearance for alternative awareness causes.

    Other Meanings Of Ribbon Symbols

    Cancer isnt the only cause associated with the use of colored ribbons. For instance, while a yellow ribbon can be a symbol of sarcoma, bone cancer, and bladder cancer, its also been used as a symbol of missing children, obesity awareness, and carbon monoxide poisoning, among others. Similarly, a red ribbon is associated with dozens of causes, including things as different as blood cancer, troop support, and substance abuse.

    While this shouldnt deter you in any way from getting a ribbon tattoo to show support for the fight against cancer movement, its good to research your chosen ribbon color in order not to be surprised when people dont immediately know what it means or misinterpret it entirely.

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