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How To Draw A Bubble Letter R

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Bubble Letters Are Fun

How to draw bubble letter R

Fun should be at the core of writing bubble letters. One way to make bubble letters fun is by adding some shadow lines inside the letters. This will add some additional depth and dynamism to them.

If you want to make them even more fun, you can add some small ovals to the inside of the letters. This will work better if you add those little ovals to the left side of the letters only.

These are just suggestions to make them more fun. But here you can use your imagination and play with any additions that you think will make each of the letters more fun. The only rule is that you keep it consistent so whatever you decide to add, you would have to add to each one of the letters you use.

You can also choose to color in the letters. You can color in each letter in a different color or choose two colors and alternate them. That is entirely up to you.

Once you have mastered all the main letters , you will be ready to put words together by combining the right words. When you do that, you will need to ensure that you leave enough space between each one of the letters. But if you have followed this tutorial, you would have developed the right skill to do that.

And never forget that the whole point of bubble letters is to have fun. So, have fun!

How To Draw Bubble Letters P 2

As mentioned in part 1, it’s worth knowing how to draw bubble letters because of their fun appearance, simplicity and usefulness for all kinds of cheerful lettering purposes

This page continues with my own method showing how to draw bubble letters based on a circle, so that they look very bulgy. The image comes first, then some notes on how to draw the letter.

Here we go with some slightly more complex bubble letters containing lovely puffy diagonals S, Z and N:

This bubble-letter ‘S’ is cute, I think, with its little blobby nose and tail. The important steps are 2 and 3. It’s not too clear on the diagram above but what I did in 2 was to place a dot on the bottom-left-to-top-right diagonal, halfway between the centre and the outer edge. The little triangular holes that define the S-shape should be positioned with their innermost edge centred on those dots. Notice too how the triangles are defined further by the two horizontal lines added in step 3. That horizontal is what makes the nice bulgy, bubblish ‘chest’ and ‘back’ of the letter, and makes it recognisable as an ‘S’.

Yes this does look like a bendy 2. It reads just fine as a ‘Z’, though. Notice that although this is very similar to a backwards S it is not quite the same. The dividing lines emerging from the little internal triangles point down to the left and up to the right, not straight across.

‘M’, on the other hand, looks a little shy:

And ‘W’ is a different character again:

O.K., here are ‘R’ and ‘F’ together:

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How To Draw Letters

BUBBLE LETTER “R” | How To Draw Bubble Letter “R” By ART2FREE

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 26,287 times.Learn more…

Whether you’re doing a card, a banner, or even graffiti, it can come in very handy to know how to “draw” letters, or write them in an aesthetically pleasing way. Some of these methods involve actual illustration, while others manipulate the way the letters are formed. Read on to learn how to draw letters to your heart’s content!

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How To Draw The Letter R In Bubble Letter Graffiti

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Use this printable tutorial to learn how to draw the LETTER R bubble letter step by step. Bubble letters are a graffiti-style art that allows the reader to still identify a letter, but it appears puffy and bubbly!

This capital bubble letter tutorial is so easy kids of all ages can get in on the bubble letter fun.

How To Add A Background

  • Open the bubble letter font generator and click on the image icon to add a background.
  • Then follow the steps above.
  • Do you need any letters or symbols that do not appear here?

    At this stage, we only have uppercase letters available. If you need lowercase letters, numbers, or symbols such as a question mark, & or others, then please leave a comment below. We will try to add those options for you and free of charge.

    ;Colored Letters

    Most of the fonts are black and white, but we also have colored letters.

    You can also print the stencil and then color it yourself. If you need a graffiti font generator, then follow the instructions above and select this font.

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    Bubble Letter Drawing Tutorial

    Today youll learn how to draw bubble letters. They are among the most basic of lettering styles, making them perfect for beginners.

    There are a variety of ways to draw them. Today Id like to focus on some basic techniques that you can use to improve your ability to draw cool looking bubble letters.

    Lets begin by looking at the supplies that were used for this bubble letter drawing tutorial.

    * Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

    Adding More Puff To Your Bubble Letters

    How to Draw the Letter R in Graffiti Style – EASY!

    This is a super simple and easy tip that will make your letters look more bubbly.

    Remember that at the beginning of the tutorial, I mentioned that the internal angle should remain sharp?

    Just by adding a bit more detail to these inner edges, you can make your letter look more bloated.

    Check out this example

    Thats all for this time, gang.;

    I hope this tutorial helped you in your creative journey!

    Keep in mind that these are just the basics of bubble lettering, and once you are comfortable enough with the basics, you can start creating your own unique style.;

    This rule basically applies to any lettering style learning the fundamentals is essential for progress!;

    Is there something I forgot to mention?

    Or is there something you did not quite understand?;

    Maybe you have a specific question in mind, or perhaps you want to get some constructive feedback on your artwork?

    Feel free to drop a comment below, or even better

    Our group is a place where you can

    • Network with fellow lettering & calligraphy artists
    • Ask specific questions about lettering & calligraphy
    • Much more!

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    Graffiti Bubble Letter Art Tutorial

    For this next example a slightly different style of bubble letters were drawn. This style is a little less complex, and is more inline with your basic bubble letters.;

    Begin by drawing your guidelines. For this example were going to approach it as more of a finished work of art. So we need to think more about composition.

    Therefore, we need to draw all of the letters out ahead of time. Lettering usually looks better if you overlap them a bit. So lets draw our rough sketch with that in mind.

    Next, follow the same process as before and draw your lines around your guide letters. Again, making sure you keep your lines all rounded. Trace over your pencil lines with a black marker. And then use an eraser to remove all of your pencil lines.

    In this example a drop shadow was added. It was added to the bottom and the left of the letters.

    For the colors, Bic Intensity markers were used. I love how this purple and blue look together. The exact colors are Oceanview Blue, and Polynesian Purple.

    These two markers blend together really nicely. For some tips on blending markers take a look at, How to Blend Markers for Beginners. White highlights were added with a Gelly Roll pen.; And then a background was drawn around the bubble letters for the finishing touches.

    There are countless ways to draw your backgrounds. You can draw anything from very simplistic, to extremely complex.

    The Basic Construction Of Bubble

    Like written in my general graffiti tutorial, the process always starts with lines. Now taking all the characteristics mentioned above in consideration, we will create out first bubble letter.

    Lets start off with an example of the letter A.

    There should not be space between the letter elements. So dont make the letter too broad. The height should be way bigger than the width.

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    Capital R Bubble Letter

    To make a capital letter R in bubble letter graffiti, weve some easy step-by-step directions to comply with!; Print out the two web page bubble letter tutorial pdf so you may comply with alongside making your individual bubble letter and even tracing the instance when obligatory.

    This text contains affiliate hyperlinks.

    How To Create A Bubble Letter Template

    Graffiti Alphabet Tutorial – How to draw Graffiti Bubble Letters P to R
  • If you want to create a template with one letter per page, then open the bubble letter creator and follow the instructions above. You can use these templates for many different purposes, such as to create coloring pages for children learning to read and write. To make a stencil, print on cardstock and then cut out the letter by hand or with a cutting machine such as a Cricut or a Silhouette.
  • If you want to write a word such as love,happy birthday,thank you, or mom, then click on each letter in the word that you want to write.
  • You can then either cut out or trace the letters.
  • If you want to create colorful letters, then color each letter once you have printed the template. You can also use the colored letters.
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    Add The Shadows And Highlights

    Imagine a source of light and place the shadows and the highlights on the graffiti letter corresponding to that light-source.

    Like shown in the example below. If you imagine the source of light in the top right corner, you have to add the shadows to the left bottom of the letter. Therefore, you have to draw the highlights on the opposite side to the right top of the letter.

  • Add the fill-in
  • Draw the shadow on the correct place it is the outline of the letter shifted to one side
  • add highlights the white lines on top of the fill-in of the letter. I use the Posca PC-1MR marker for adding highlights and outlines. They can be used to draw opaque on other lines and forms.
  • I hope this tutorial about the basics of graffiti bubble letters helped you in your creative journey!Is there something I forgot to mention or you did not understand?Feel free to drop a comment below.

    Turning Regular Letters Into Alphabet Letters

    Once you have written out all your letters and want to turn them into alphabet letters you will begin to work into giving them a bubble shape.

    The easiest way to do that is by tracing a rounded shape around the letter making sure that your trace does not touch any part of the letter in question. You can make different trances until you achieve the right size. If you choose to do that, make sure that you start small and make every trance larger until you get to the right size.

    If you are drawing the whole alphabet or several letters at the same time, you would additionally make sure that there is still space left between the letters even after you have traced around them.

    The letters can have any shape as long as it is rounded and there are no sharp corners. The main thing is that the letters all have the same consisting style and that they are all roughly the same size. But, remember, the letters have to look fun so do not worry if they are not exactly the same size. They should be as much fun to draw as to look at.

    If you mess up too badly, you can also erase them and start over until you are happy with them. The more you practice, the better you get at it but do not try to make them look perfect.

    Once you have achieved the shapes that you wanted, you would need to erase the actual letters inside the rounded the shapes and any internal traces that you discarded. That is why it was so important to draw everything lightly using a pencil.

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    Bubble Letters With Mrs Lyndsi

    Supplies: Paper, pencil, eraser, markers


  • With your pencil, using light pressure, write your name on the paper in big letters
  • Draw a bubble around your letters with a pencil. Follow around each letter slowly.
  • If your make a mistake, erase and try again.;
  • Look at your name and find any letters with a hole in them
  • Make a circle inside all the holes
  • Go over your bubble letters with colorful markers;
  • Erase or draw over your original pencil letters;
  • Color or draw inside your letters as you like
  • ART NOW is all about getting art lessons out to our students NOW. Art Road is unwavering in its commitment to provide an exceptional art experience to disadvantaged children despite state-wide school closings due to COVID-19. This unexpected situation has created an opportunity for Art Road to quickly pivot and rethink its delivery of art instruction. To provide art to children while not in school, and to support our talented teaching artists and staff, Art Road created ART NOW.

    Lets Start With Shading

    How to Draw Bubble Writing Real Easy – Letter P

    I see many beginners struggling with adding shadows properly, and it can be tricky if you are just getting started.

    Once you understand the underlying principle, the process is quite simple and straight forward.

    The position of the shadows depends solely on the direction of the light.

    Lets make this easier to understand using our letter A as an example

    So in this example, we can see that the light source comes from the top right side.

    This means that the shadows will appear on every bottom and left side basically the opposite side of the light source.

    Here is an example

    What if the light source comes from the opposite side?


    we just add the shadows on the opposite side of the light source!

    Now we just need to color the letter and add a nice outline to it.

    Like this

    In case you are struggling with outlining your letters smoothly, fear not!

    We recently posted another article where we shared a couple of tips on how to improve your outlining and inking skills.

    You can check it out here.

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    Bubble Letters Drawing Guidelines

    When drawing your lettering, its good practice to start with a guideline to layout the flow of your letters.

    Depending on what you have in mind for your final drawing, this could be just one simple line. Or you might need to sketch out a more advanced layout like we did in our How to Draw Graffiti Style Letters for Beginners lesson.

    For our bubble letter drawing all we need is a single line. It can be curved, like I did. Or it can be straight.;

    How To Draw Bubble Writing Real Easy

    Learn to draw the letter R in Bubble Writing, with award winning illustrator, Shoo Rayner. Learn how to draw bubble writing by watching this video first …

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