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How To Draw A Bunk Bed

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Arts And Crafts Oak Cabin Blueprint

How to Draw a Bunk Bed

    This arts and crafts style bunk bed is marketed as a stylish and somewhat rustic project with a plywood mattress support. The bed frames are designed to accommodate a 39 x 75 twin mattress and each one stands 34.5 high. The whole thing is manufactured from birch plywood and oak. You will have to pay for this PDF download-alternatively you can get it mailed to you.

    The Stair Step Bunk Beds

    I love these bunk beds. And the reason is that there is no ladder. I am a mother, and I constantly worry about my kids falling off of something and getting hurt.

    And when your children have bunk beds that dont always mean theyll slow down to be safe while climbing. Well, with this bed theyll have a stairwell which will take some worry out of your children sleeping off of the ground.

    The Kenwood Twin Over Full Design

      If you dont want a simple bunk bed for your children, you can try this twin over full bunk bed design. The good thing is that you can unstack the two beds whenever you want to use them as individual beds. But keep in mind that youll need help to lift the top bunk onto the bottom one. You can secure the ladder to the top bunk and the bottom bunk for extra safety but make sure that the outer corners are angled as per the provided instructions.

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      L Shaped Triple Bunk Bed

      One of the main concerns in the comments sections of DIY sites is the lack of space and the lack of ceiling height to accommodate a triple bed bunk. This DIY design cleverly tackles it all. The two lower bunks are perpendicular to each other with only one bunk elevated to the top. It is made of plywood and has a readymade ladder attached to it.

      The crafter claims their bunk bed to be about a decade old and still very sturdy. If you have a large family too, triple bed bunks are the need of the hour for you, so check the following site out.

      The Easy Diassembling Wood Design

      How to draw a Bunk Bed

        This bare-bones wooden bunk bed is engineered to be easy to disassemble. Thats the advantage if you anticipate moving homes in the near future and want to be able to pack it up and reassemble it in a different location.

        The builders provide a comprehensive tools list that includes a circular saw, brad nailer, sander, drill and other common woodworking tools.

        Their construction plans provide detailed guidance for constructing the end rails, leg pieces, trim pieces, ladder rungs, ladder sides, and bed slats. It was advertised as a farmhouse-style furniture plan that cost between $50 and $100 designed for woodworkers of an intermediate skill level. Once youve built your bed, check out some of our DIY fleece blanket plans so your kids are extra warm in the winter!

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        Standing Triple Bed Plan

        If you have siblings then youd definitely remember the battle for space will sharing the same bed or blanket and the intimate late night chats that followed. This DIY design accommodates that need of closeness to your siblings and is adaptable enough to be restructured as per your desires. Since it is not attached to the wall, the location is flexible too.

        The Diy Cat Suitcase Bed

        We have tons of ideas for bunk beds for your family, and pets are family. So heres a cute bunk bed project for your kitties to hop on to for their favorite part of the day, sleeping! Maybe if it is comfortable enough, your cat will stop trying to sleep on your face. Maybe.

        If you have a cat, you must check the following site out for the video tutorial. Make sure you sprinkle catnip your kittys new pod.

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        The Disassembling Oak Design

 provides project blueprint for a simple DIY childrens bunk bed. Its advertised as a solid and durable wood option utilizing durable tenon joinery and robust mortise. The furniture project plan that comes with a materials list, diagrammed cut list, step-by-step instructions, and purchasing considerations.

          The Minimalist Plywood Blueprint

          How to Draw a Children Bedroom with Bunk Bed | Drawing and Painting Bedroom for kids | Learn Videos

            This minimalist bunkbed is built from solid wood designed for a growing family with two male children. Their parents figured that they could create more play area space if they built a loft bed for their boys.

            Its built from two twin-size bed frames that easily disassemble so you can stack them a top one another or place them beside one another. The builder used 3/4 plywood and the total material cost was $103.

            Initially, the woodworker was attempting to create the bed frame from just one sheet of plywood, and he was able to figure out that it could be created using a 48 x 96 sheet of 3/4 plywood. He ended up going with sheet of oak plywood that he acquired from a Home Depot.

            He was careful to vet the outer veneers and inner plies to make sure that neither were prone to chipping or full of voids. He finished his project with 220 grit sand paper, applied some oil-based stain, several semi-gloss lacquer spray coats, and then some more sanding before a final application of paste wax.

            With some modification, you can convert it into a full over twin bunk bed and add in some fun accessories like a desk, a metal frame, or some storage compartments to make it a queen bunk bed with desk.

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            The Contemporary Teenager Bunk Bed Blueprint

              This free bunk bed plan will help you build a double bunk bed in no time. The design features two bed frames with 2×4 cleats, five 1×4 slats attached with 1 1/4 screws , and guard rails to keep your child from tumbling on the ground. Also, keep in mind that youll need someone to help you lock the components in place.

              Bunk Bed With Roll Out Desk Plan

              If you think were done with idea to help you save some space, youre not even close to the truth. Heres an amazing DIY project for a bunk bed with closed ends, a ladder and a rolling out desk with shelves to keep your books and other accessories in. this looks quite complicated but the well explained procedure will save your day. Check it out on the following link.

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              The Twin Set With Stairs Plan

                Are you looking for a kid bunk bed with stairs? Then you can use this design to make a twin bunk bed to delight your children. Whats more, you can choose how many safety rails you want for the top bunk and how many steps you want for the stairs. But you have to take into account how much available space you have the bunk bed set is 81 long, and youll need around 24 for the stairs.

                The Boys Modern Loft Bed Plan

                How To Draw Bunk Bed For Kids || Glitter Bedroom coloring and drawing for Toddlers – CKTVâ¡

         provides a woodworking plan for a kids-sized bed. Theyll walk you through how to construct the ladder, the bunk ends, How to design the entire thing to disassemble so that you can stack them or decouple them at your discretion. Additionally, since this product plans designed to be scaled, you can build it to the size requirements of your childrens room.

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                  The Sweet Pea Bunk Bed

                  True to its name, this DIY bunk bed is going to be memorable not only for you but also for your sweet little daughter. This extensively decorated cottage style project is an opportunity for you to let your creative horses running.

                  From butterflies and birdhouses to window boxes and pink corrugated roof, this bed will carry it all! It also provides for a functional storage below and a rear panel shelving as a bonus.

                  The Princess Castle Bunk Bed For Girls

                  Is the basic thrift shop bunk bed to bland for your liking? Then consider redecorating it just like this innovative crafter did for his daughters first bed. Curtains for the lower bunk to be transformed into a nice cozy play area, pink and white paint themes and two towers, and voila!

                  A castle ready for your growing princess. Connected by an arch and decorated with parapets and castellations, these towers enhance the look along with the craft store plastic jewels that the builder glued on to them.

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                  Bunk Beds Make Bedtime More Fun

                  Furnishing and decorating a shared childrens bedroom can be a lot of fun but also a real headache. A bunk bed solves the problem of space limitations, by freeing up an entire beds worth of floor space. But you can also have fun with a bunk bed, turning it into a secret cabin or hut with draped fabrics and comfy pillows. With a bit of fantasy, bunk beds can bring a big cozy factor in childrens bedrooms.

                  Loft Bed For Your Princess

                  How to draw a Bunk Bed easy and step by step.

                  Little girls areconsidered to be princesses in any family. This explains why many families dowhat they can in order for their child to feel this way and this includesarranging their room in a certain way.

                  But one sure way to dothis is to build them a castle inside their room. Just fashion your kidsbunk bed to have this look so that theirroom is fitting for a princess.

                  This bunk bed has a saferladder compared to the usual bunk bed ladder. Even a much younger princess willbe able to reach the top of their castle and not fall.

                  The bottom area is alsospacious enough for your princess to occupy. Its as if they really aresleeping inside a castle if the bed happens to be placed in that area.

                  These features are whatmade us include it in our list.

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                  The Single Loft Bunk Bed Idea

                  Now, there can be umpteen reasons as to why youd want to build a loft bed. Maybe theres less space, maybe its your aesthetic, maybe you just like the idea of your kids running around and under the bed or maybe a proper sized bed on the floor will block the radiators, as it did in this crafters case.

                  No matter what the reason, this loft bed design is a simple, easy to build plan which any beginner DIYer will fall in love with. The plan is inspired by Ana Whites plan for a simple bed. Refer to the following link for further details.

                  The Modern Side Street Build

                  Vary of the fancy designs all over the market? Here is a simple and modern DIY plan for you to suit your sober and modern taste. This easy and quick project requires no more than beginner level skills and the overall build will fit a budget of about $50-100. This Ana White design is inspired by the Land of Nod Addison bunk bed.

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                  The Extra Heavy Triple Plan

                    I Like To Make Stuff offers a comprehensive bunk bed tutorial for this triple decker bunkbed plan.

                    The builder utilized SketchUp to design it and had some initial criteria that included heavy durability, no exposed screws or nails, and easily sourced wood sizes, storage shelving and extra wriggle room for the mattress so it would be easier to change the sheets.

                    Its built from 2 x 8s and 2 x 12s, though they were cut down into 2 x 7s and 2 x 11s respectively to ensure they have square corners. Commenters had a rigorous debate between using pocket whole joints or mortise and tenon.

                    The Basic Bunk Bed Plans

                    How to Make Bunk Bed

                    The following is a referral site for DIYers like you in search of a good DIY project for daily purposes. It enlists various DIY bunk bed plans for all age groups, toddlers to adults and from styles ranging from funky to classic, with stairs, storage, slides, underneath desk or couch. All sorts of raging trends for bunk beds with differing sizes and configurations are available here.

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                    Tip : To Maintain The Sturdiness Of Metal And Wood Loft Beds Teach Your Children How To Use The Bed Properly And Prevent Wear And Tear

                    When it comes to metal or woord loft / bunk beds, its important to set clear rules about the use of the bed. Make sure to tell your children that the beds are not to be used for jumping but only for sleeping and resting.

                    Jumping on a metal bunk bed or loft bed can cause the nuts and bolts to loosen. It can also cause the metal to bend which can ultimately cause the whole structure to collapse and cause serious injuries.

                    Ensure that the weight limit of your metal loft bed / bunk bed is high enough to support the weight of your child.

                    To make sure that children remember to follow these rules you can write them down on a decorative piece of paper and display it near the bed. You can also use creative warning signs to act as a reminder for children.

                    Teach your children that bunk beds and loft beds are not meant for jumping on. This will prevent bolts from losening and ensure your bed remains sturdy. A warning sticker for kids. Image from

                    The A Frame Bunk Bed Design

                    If youre looking for something to fall into the trend, then this house-bed design is just perfect for you. Its a unique design that can be decorated in more ways than one can imagine. The build gives it a very sturdy skeleton and hence you need not worry about it collapsing.

                    It would be good to have someone hold up the pieces while youre at work. Refer to the following link for a detailed description of the construction process.

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                    The Boys Tree House Build

                      The pictures here are somewhat spooky- this is a treehouse-inspired bunkbed illuminated with a haunting green LED light. Its really a loft play area with a bed fitting perpendicularly beneath it, but the upper space can also double as a futon sleeping area for when your kid has a guest over for the night.

                      The builder actually converts a generic IKEA bunk into an L-shaped bunk. He was going for a rustic look so he sourced untreated cypress from a local timber supply yard that was 12 mm thick.

                      The most creative and complex aspect of this furniture construction was manufacturing a fake tree from layers of polystyrene that were coated with a skin of paper clay. Layers were cut out using a hot wire cutter with many areas filled in with spray from a can of expanding foam.

                      Its reinforced with a broom handle and bolted to a plywood base. In addition, he modified the rooms ceiling fan, replacing the blades with a leaf-theme, short enough that they wouldnt hit the roof of the treehouse.

                      A finishing touch, he installed RGB LED strips and glowworms beneath the bunk to enhance the effect and provide nighttime illumination for reading.

                      The Three Stacked Bed

                      Make A Loft Bed (pt.1)

                      So you have three kids that need to share a room. But you dont really like the idea of one of the beds being off to the side.

                      And I get that because I could totally see my kids using it as a ninja course or one jumping on top of the other while they sleep. So if you have the same thoughts running through your head then this stackable bunk bed is what youve been looking for.

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                      The Conventional Bunk Bed Plan

                      Not all of us prefer fancy, modern designs in our traditionally designed houses so this DIY bunk bed design here walks us through the making of a traditionally designed bunk bed with a good sturdy quality that is easy to build.

                      The crafter explains that even though he is quite the beginner in woodworking, he was successful in building this bed in the limited time available till his kids went to bed! Refer to the link given below for an overarching explanation of the entire process.

                      The Side Fold Murphy Design

                      This is a very innovative idea to save up space by placing a custom sized bunk bed in an unused closet or an odd shaped nook which doesnt allow other furniture to fit in. the bottom side of the bed can be used for artwork, playing board games etc. Remember to to establish the pivot points carefully and test them before you proceed.

                      The spring-load tension should be set so that the bed has a slight upward movement when released near the closed position. This step is very important as the bed can cause a hazard to young children that attempt to open it.

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                      The Full And The Twin Bed

                      If you have children that have some age difference between them then this could be a great option for that situation.

                      And the reason is the older could have a larger bed on the bottom. While the younger child has a smaller bed on top. It allows you to have extra space but still in a condensed form.

                      The Wall Attached Ladder Build

                      How to Make a Bunk Bed Fort

                        DIY Network is there to help you out if you want to create a custom-built bunkbed that attaches to the wall. These can be white twin bunk beds, metal ones, stairway bunkbeds twin loft beds, solid wood bunk beds or even full-sized bunk beds with a desk.

                        Their plans let you adapt and modify it to create a style fit for your residence. They provide a helpful video as well as a tools list that includes a pry bar, level, tape measure, hammer, cleats, pneumatic nailer, and chisel.

                        In addition, comprehensive step-by-step instructions walk you through how to remove the baseboard, attach the cleats to the wall, attach the footboard, molding and headboard, install the side rails, add on the mattresses and trundle and then affix the ladder.

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