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How To Draw A Bunny Easy

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How To Draw A Cute Bunny :

How to Draw a Cartoon Bunny Rabbit Easy

Step 1: Draw a circle with an overlapping pear shape, the circle will work as the head, and the pear shape is the body of the rabbit. Draw the bottom part of pear shape little fatty

Step 2: In this step draw the guidelines of the head as you see in the image below, it will help you to draw facial features in the right place. Draw 2 intersecting cross lines, an oval nose on the intersecting point, and 2 eyes on both sides of the long line.

Step 3: Draw a big bulky cheek with 2 long ears on the top of the head, you can little differentiate with the shape of the ear.

Then draw the arms which are a little curved in the center, draw 2 similar types of parallel lines joining them on the top, follow the given image for reference.

Step 4: Use your pencil tenderly dont over press on it, and then draw a curved leg that is flat at the bottom. Similarly, draw a small tail at the back or bulky part of the pear shape. Until this step, your cartoon rabbit is clearly visible.

;Step 5: Now pay attention to the face, double the ear lines, pupils inside the eyes, and give a triangular shape to the nose. Draw broad teeth inside the mouth.

Step 6: Draw a carrot in between the hands of the rabbit as also it is a favorite fruit of the animal. Add eyebrows and fingers to legs.

Step 7: Now its time to contour, erase all the mess, and outline drawing with a dark and thick pencil.

Rabbits For Easy Drawing

Rabbits for easy drawing are those that can be traced with simple and simple shapes. These drawings of rabbits for coloring are very cute and it is also with rabbits to draw for those who are not very skilled with the pencil. This is because the drawings are very simple. For example in the rabbit above, it is the big eyes that determine the rabbits face. From there it is to copy the different features and thats it.

In this other case, we go that rabbits to draw sometimes are not exactly with the ways we know them. The shape of the head of this drawing rabbit looks more like an onion, but by adding the different elements of the face, the expected results are achieved.

On our website you can find many other themes of drawings to color, but if you want for specific themes, we offer you these:

Draw A Bunny Step By Step

For the first step, were going to make a round shape with curved bumps for the cheeks.;

Draw the ears by making a U-shaped line, up and then down on one side of the top of the head and then the same on the other side of the head.

Draw a large curve. This will be the bunny body.

See the picture below.;;

Next, draw a line from the bottom of the head going down to make the legs.

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Learn How To Draw A Bunny Step By Step With This Very Easy Drawing Tutorial For Kids And All Beginners

There are a large number of rabbit drawing lessons on the net, but most of the drawing lessons are not informative, or very difficult. Here you will learn and learn how to draw a bunny.

As we already wrote in previous lessons, animal drawing lessons are one of the most popular and important for beginners.

We present for readers a step-by-step, easy and interesting lesson in drawing a cute bunny. Such a step by step drawing lesson will help anyone looking for a way to learn how to draw a bunny easily. Welcome to the cute bunny drawing tutorial!

Time needed:;20 minutes.

How to Draw a Bunny

  • Draw the oval of the head.

    The first and important step. We draw by the example of the picture. It is quite simple to draw, the main thing is not to forget to make a pronounced part where the bunnys nose and mouth will then be.

  • Draw the bunny ears.

    Draw lines in straight lines from the head until the moment when you need to round off the ends of the bunnys ears. Do not forget that the ear, which is visually closer, should look larger in the drawing.

  • Draw the lines of the torso.

    From above, go down in a semicircle to the place where the tail will be. There select the tail in the same way as shown in the picture. After that, you can even draw the lower part with a ruler, but closer to the head the line needs to be broken and made round.

  • Learn How To Draw A Cartoon Bunny Easy Enough For Beginners Start A Sketch With This Tutorial Step By Step Cute Rabbit Drawing

    How to Draw a Cute Bunny Rabbit Easy

    Hi friends! In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cartoon bunny. In this simple tutorial, we will show you how to sketch a cute cartoon bunny that can be drawn by an artist of any level of drawing. Besides the cartoon bunny, you can draw an elementary hare drawing or many other animals!

    Rabbits are mammals that belong to the order Lagomorphs. In the course of evolution, rabbits acquired super high speed, which helps these animals escape from rivals. Usually, rabbits live in meadows, glades, mountains, and forests. Rabbits live in the countries of Eurasia, Africa, North, Central, and South America. Rabbits are herbivorous mammals that mainly feed on grasses, leaves, flowers, flowering plants, and so on. Rabbits, unlike hares, are social animals, and hares love loneliness. Now that you have learned some facts about rabbits, you can start enjoying the drawing process!

    Time needed:;45 minutes.

    How to Draw a Cartoon Bunny

  • Head contour.

    Start by drawing the bunny with a circular outline of the head.

  • The shape of the muzzle.

    Now add the shape of a bunny muzzle to the outline of the head. Erase the guidelines after this step.

  • Details of the muzzle.

    Draw the bunnys face detailing with the addition of the nose, mouth, and teeth.

  • Add eyes.

    Draw the almond-shaped cartoon bunny eyes.

  • Add an eyelash.

    Draw a small eyelash near the bunnys eye.

  • Add an eyebrow.

    Draw a little cute bunny eyebrow.

  • Draw the ears.

    Draw the typical large bunny ears.

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    Putting Together The Sketch

    In the first step, we will construct the sketch. When doing this, you can follow the basic processes outlined below:

    Tip: When drawing the sketch, use an H or HB pencil and never press too hard. This will allow you to erase guide lines and errors later on.

    • At first glance, a bunnys head can seem quite complicated, but if you break down the motif into geometric shapes, you can easily construct your sketch. Breaking the parts down is the best way to learn how to draw a bunny face.
    • To do this, draw an elongated ellipse in the center of your paper to suggest the bunnys face. Next, draw two more ellipses as ears that start in the upper third of the first ellipse and stick out a bit. Use your printed photo as a guide to get the angle of the ears right.
    • Another ellipse marks the cheeks of the bunny.

    Tip: Break down your motif into simple basic shapes to learn how to draw a bunny face. This will help you to get the proportions right. This works for every motif!

    • On my sketch, you can also see that the head is divided by a cross in the middle. The horizontal line shows you exactly where the eyes are and the vertical line shows you where the center of the face is. This will help you later when drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth.
    • You can also roughly draw the outline of the body. Follow my sketch.

    Crafts To Make With A Bunny

    The nice thing about digital drawings is that you can upload them to a cutting machine and make print and cut designs for lots of craft projects.;

    Here are some crafts that you can make with your bunny drawing:

    Get this bunny mug from Hendog Designs

    Those are just a few ideas to get you started.; Check out some of these ideas for easy crafts that you can try.;

    If you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine and a heat press, you can make iron-on t-shirts. Of course, you can use scissors to cut out the bunny but a cutting machine will make it even easier.

    You can take your drawing and put it on tons of different surfaces to make crafts!

    Have you ever wondered how you can turn your hobby into a profitable craft business? Check out my post on 5 great reasons to open a craft shop on Etsy.

    Feel free to add a photo of your drawing to the pin so that I can see your cute bunny.

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    How To Draw A Bunny That Looks Real

    Drawing a bunny that looks real is quite a bit more difficult than drawing a cartoon version and it requires way more step.

    However, if you want to learn how to draw a realistic bunny I recommend you try out the excellent tutorial tutsplus that can find by .

    I gave it a try myself and here are my results. Im not showing all the steps though, so make sure to check out tutsplus tutorial for that.

    Bunny Drawing How To Draw A Bunny

    How to Draw a Bunny Easy ð¸ð?° Spring

    If you are looking for bunny drawing, here we will present several different models. These are easy drawings for children, something to draw that children find simple and make them want to learn to draw. Our drawings of bunnies are basically easy drawings, with which you can have a good time enjoying an activity as healthy as learning to draw.

    If instead of drawing, you just want to color rabbit, you can print a rabbit drawing of the ones shown here, and you can paint it any way you want.

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    How To Make An Easter Bunny Drawing

    Skillshare student Meire Fortunato made this bunny drawing. With his proper posture and cup of tea, he might just be a creative rendering of an Easter bunny. ;

    If youre wondering how to draw a bunny for Easter, follow the same general steps of drawing any other bunny: Choose your inspiration, sketch out the rough shapes, define them, and then add colors and details. Then, take it one step further to make it an Easter bunny drawing by adding seasonal touches. You could draw the bunny inside of a basket, give it eggs and spring chicks to hold, or sketch it in a beautiful, flower-filled garden.;

    Adding Details To The Easter Bunny Drawing

    Now it is time to add details.

    • Add a cloud shape connecting from the side of the lower body to the paw for a fluffy tail.
    • Under the bunnys chin, add a bow-tie shape.
    • Add two lines inside each of the bunnys ears to create an inner ear area. Add a pattern design inside the details. Stripes are used in the example.
    • You can get creative with the details here and allow your students to draw their details from a few ideas that you share with them . Let them choose the pattern for inside the ears, and on the bowtie or egg, they draw. Patterns like polka dots, stripes, and zig-zags would look great!
    • Use a fine point black marker or Sharpie pen to trace all the lines of your Easter Bunny. Erase the pencil lines with a good white eraser.

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    The Meaning And Symbolism Of The Rabbit

    Before we get stuck into the easy bunny drawing tutorial, it is nice to know a little more about the different symbolic meanings associated with rabbits. Bunnies are often associated with the freshness, new life, and fertility that comes with spring. Many cultures also associate bunnies with the circle of life, as a result of their incredible abilities to reproduce in great numbers. Bunnies can also bring good luck, so if you think you need a little luck in your life right now, perhaps this was meant to be!

    How To Draw A Bunny Easy Video Tutorial

    How to Draw a Cute Easter Bunny Easy

    This is such an easy tutorial to draw a bunny. Youll be ready to color this drawing in just a few minutes. Ive also added lots of ideas for crafts that you can make with this bunny drawing.;

    This simple technique uses less than 10 steps. To make the drawing of a bunny, well start by drawing the basic round shape to make the head, then add the body, the ears, and a cute little tail.;

    This short tutorial can be done by both digital and traditional methods. This means that you can use a digital drawing tablet or a pencil and paper.;;

    I get commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this post. There is no extra cost to you. See my full disclosure here.

    If youre looking for cartoon animal drawings, then this is a good place to start. Once youre done, youll be able to upload your finished drawing to your cutting machine and cut a template using your simple bunny drawing.

    You can print the instructions and the template below. Follow this tutorial and watch the video to learn how to draw a bunny drawing.

    Want to make a whole bunch of cutes bunnies?; Copy and paste or just duplicate the first bunny that you made and move them around the canvas any way that you like.

    Make an Easter drawing by using different colors to color the bunny ears and drawing a baby chick and a few carrots. You can get instructions to draw a really simple carrot in this other post.

    For a step by step tutorial on how to do this in Inkscape, sign up for my free So Simple SVG Quotes course.

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    How To Make A White Bunny Drawing

    Skillshare student Chris V. uses grey shading to add depth and dimension.

    Again, using a single color makes it a little difficult to create depth and dimension, though white is an easier choice than black. Simply create the outline of your bunny, then add shading with grey or other tones to enhance the image.;

    Constructing The Bunnys Ears

    In the third step of this easy bunny drawing tutorial, you are going to draw the construction shapes for the bunnys ears. Begin by drawing a vertical oval shape that slopes slightly to the left. You want this oval shape to be more elongated than the other ovals you have drawn so far. It is also important that you make sure that the bottom of this ear oval overlaps with the head oval that you drew in the last step.

    Now, using a slightly smaller elongated oval shape just in front of the first ear oval. This smaller oval shape should overlap with the bigger ear oval quite a lot, and the top of it should be ever so slightly higher than the larger one.

    The difference in size is essential for achieving realism in your bunny drawing, because this second ear is going to be further away from our perspective.

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    Acrylic Colors Watercolors Or Coloring Pencils

    If you want to color your drawing then you will need a coloring medium. I usually use Acrylic Colors or Watercolors for most of my drawings. For this drawing, however, I used Copic Markers.

    Coloring Pencils are also a very good option for coloring your drawings. It totally depends on your preferences.

    Constructing The Bunnys Front Feet

    Beginners how to draw a cartoon bunny rabbit – very easy

    In this step, you will see your bunny drawing come to life. For the front feet, you can draw a U shape with a slight point at the end. The front line of the U shape should begin inside the main body oval, just in front of the middle. Just above the other end of the front foot that is closest to you, draw another, slightly smaller foot.

    Remember that the features of your bunny that are furthest away from your perspective need to be slightly smaller than the ones that are closer. If you nail this difference in size, you will nail the overall realistic perspective.;

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    How To Draw A Bunny: Easy Step

    Learning how to draw a bunny is best broken down into simple steps. Start by deciding what kind of bunny you want to createa lifelike creature, an adorable animal, or a rabbit with human-like expressionsthen sketch out the bunnys outline using into simple shapes. Finally, go in and add detail and colors.;

    Skillshare instructor Patricia Caldeira does an incredible job of breaking this process down and showing students how to draw a bunny step by step.

    How To Draw A Rabbit Bunny Easy Step By Step

    Its very easy art tutorial for beginners, only follow me step by step, if you need more time, you can make pause. I use a black marker to show the picture better, but it will be easier to begin drawing with a pencil, so that you can correct it with an eraser. Then the drawing is perfect, you can outline it with a black marker.

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    In This Drawing Guide I Will Tell You How To Draw A Bunny For Kindergarten This Is A Very Simple Tutorial Adapted Especially For Beginner Artists

    Everyone loves rabbits, right? Every person who draws animals has probably drawn this cute fluffy at least once in his life. That is why I created this drawing guide today. Here you can see a lesson in drawing a rabbit for beginner artists and for those who first picked up a pencil.

    This cool drawing consists of a few rounded shapes and a couple of flowing lines. The lack of details and shadows made my drawing lesson even easier.

    So lets try to draw this lovely bunny with this 5 step drawing tutorial. Im sure you can do it.


    How to Draw a Bunny for Kindergarten

  • Draw the head and torso.

    First sketch out the head and body of our bunny. Place it horizontally as in my reference.

  • Draw the facial features.

    Depict the eyes, nose and mouth of our bunny.

  • Add the outlines of the ears.

    The ears appear as four oval shapes that sit on top of the head.

  • Add paws and tail.

    Use some smooth, rounded shapes to represent the bunnys tail and legs.

  • Color the bunny.

    Gray and pink are optimal colors for a rabbit. You can choose any colors you like.

  • Please, dont forget to download and print the PDF version of this tutorial. There you will find the steps presented above, as well as a coloring page, tracing worksheet, and grid drawing worksheet.

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