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How To Draw A Butterfly Easy

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Interesting Facts About Butterflies

How to Draw a Butterfly Easy

Every butterfly species is unique. Similar to snowflakes, no two butterflies have the same pattern on their wings.

Butterflies go through a process called metamorphosis. Theyre born as crawling caterpillars and change into fluttering butterflies.

Did you know?

  • Butterflies have exoskeletons, which means that their skeletons are on the outside of their bodies.
  • Butterflies are coldblooded. They need warmth from the sun to fly. They will not fly unless their body temperature is at least 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The size of butterflies can range from 1 inch to 12 inches.
  • Butterflies hide from enemies by changing their appearance to blend into leaves, bark, and other surfaces.
  • Butterflies live on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Butterflies taste with their feet and they have four wings. Their wings consist of tiny scales, each a different color.
  • There are thousands of species of butterflies. In most species, the female is larger than the male, and females usually live longer too.

The butterflys diet includes the nectar of flowers, juice from rotting fruit, and water. They sip the liquids through a tube. Butterflies are like humans when it comes to sleep. They are active during the day and sleep at night, usually sleeping in grassy areas or underneath leaves.

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How To Draw A Simple Butterfly

If you would like to draw a simple butterfly you can follow my step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Draw the basic circle and oval shapes of the body of the butterfly.

Step 2 to Step 4: Draw each section of the wings on the right and left.

Step 5 to Step 6: Fill in the basic patterns within the butterfly wings.

Step 7: Shade the body of the butterfly.

Step 8: Add some hatching to a few of the shapes on the upper part of each wing.

Step 9: Add some shading to where the body meets the wings and some stippling to the edges of the wings.

Step 10: Finished!

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Did you have a blast creating this cartoon butterfly? If so, you are likely thinking of what else you should draw. To get more tutorials, I recommend How to Draw 101 Animals by Dan Green.

This book will show you how to draw 101 animals step-by-step. It is easy enough to follow for both children and adults.

If you enjoyed this butterfly drawing tutorial, be sure to let me know in the comments what else youd like a tutorial for. ?

How To Draw A Butterfly: Finished Drawing

How to draw a butterfly real easy | Step by Step with Easy – Spoken Instructions

How to draw a butterfly: finished outline drawing

And here is the complete butterfly drawing. While this is a fairly simple way how to draw a butterfly, it is not far from what real butterflies look like.

How to draw a butterfly: finished drawing coloured-in

As usual, lets finish our drawing by colouring it in. There are some really colourful butterflies so feel free to choose any colours you like.

Here we have decided to continue with the simple theme, and coloured our butterfly in a nice soft pink, with purple and red accents and a simple grey for the body.

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How Do You Draw A Butterfly Step By Step

Simply use the included practice sheets below and copy the butterfly from the grid guide onto the practice sheet. With a little practice, youll be able to draw a butterfly easy without the need for the practice sheets.

Its best if you use a pencil to sketch the butterfly faintly and then use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. When youre happy with the butterfly outline, start doing the details by replicating the lines in each grid square.

When youre finished drawing the butterfly you can add a touch of color to the page. This is also a fun activity for children to do as they can draw a butterfly and then color it after.

Drawing A Simple Butterfly

I am super stoked to share this butterfly tutorial with you! There are many creative ways to color in your butterfly, so feel free to make changes to the final appearance. I say go wild with it.

To follow along with this butterfly drawing tutorial, you should use the blue lines as your reference. The blue lines in each step indicate what part of the butterfly you should be drawing. For example, you will see that the body of your butterfly is blue in the second step. This means that you should be drawing the body once you get to that particular step.

Prefer a video of the drawing tutorial? Scroll to the end of this post for an easy butterfly drawing video tutorial.

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Instructions For How To Draw A Butterfly

1. Fold a paper lightly in half both ways or lightly draw a cross line that divides the middle.

2. Draw the body and head of the butterfly in the center of the vertical line.

3. Draw two curved lines starting just under the head and going to the upper left and right corners. Then draw an inverted curved line that starts at the bottom of the body. Try your best to make your lines as symmetrical as possible on both sides of the middle line.

4. Connect the wings by drawing a wavy line that goes diagonally inward. This step may take a few practice sketches with your pencil before you get it right. Remember to also get these lines to be as symmetrical as possible.

5. Draw a set of antennae on the head. Then draw two symmetrical large loops on the inside of the wing staring at the top.

6. Draw two more loops that are going kind of horizontal in the middle of the wings. Make sure the base of the loops match up with each other.

7. And then draw loops on the bottom part of the wings.

8. Then two more loops for a total of 4 symmetrical loops on each side of the wings.

9. Next draw three diagonal lines that connect the edge of the top loops to the wings.

10. Continue to draw more diagonal lines from the edge of the loops to the edge of the wings. Do two diagonal lines on each of the loops as pictured below.

11. Finally draw a border all along the outside edge of the wings.

See How To Paint A Butterfly

How To Draw Butterflies

How to draw a Monarch Butterfly Real Easy

    I love to play with color, and two of the best subjects for creative use of color are butterflies and flowers. So this week on the blog, were featuring some tutorials on how to draw butterflies.

    Since many of these tutorials are in black and white, your children can have some fun coloring their butterflies and making them beautiful.

    I hope youll get out your art supplies and draw along with some of these artists.

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    How To Draw A 3d Butterfly Step By Step

    Now a day, people are getting attracted towards 3D images, movies as these gives realistic effect and it becomes difficult to ignore such kind of things. If you have done with 2D drawing than its good to move towards 3D image now. It is not that much difficult task as now you are familiar with how to draw images. You just need to follow steps, Im discussing here.

    • Divide your paper in squares with help of the pencil. It will help you to draw sketch. No. of squares will be according to size of your sketch.
    • Draw the lines from one square to another square. Try to draw smoothly, and dont break your line.
    • After completing drawing erase the squared lines. These lines are just helping you to draw the image.
    • Put colors to your image. To give 3D effect, we draw shadow image. With the help of shadow, image gives real effect. Keep in mind shadow will be darker at the places where the image is touching the surface. Draw shadow with lighter to darker. With the help of this, your image will give 3D effect.

    In the begging, there will occur some complications while drawing the 3D image. But with a little bit practice, you will be able to draw the perfect 3D image.

    Draw The Wing Pattern

    Now that you’ve drawn your butterfly, it’s time to flesh out the details. Monarch butterflies have a black and orange wing pattern that resembles stained glass. To emulate this in a pen illustration, start demarcating the orange and black parts of the butterfly’s wings.

    According to the reference photograph, monarch butterflies have a black border around the wings, and within them are rectangular sections of different sizes that would be the orange areas.

    Next, fill in the top borders of the butterfly’s wings with two rows of smaller rectangle shapesthese will be the white spots along the black border.

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    Simple Butterfly Drawing Tutorial For Kids

    Drawing a butterfly has never been this easy. This kid friendly video tutorial will teach them the simplest way to draw and sketch a butterfly. You start off with the alphabet Y, and add a few more basic shapes around it to complete the drawing. Its an easy process that requires zero drawing experience or skills. Anyone can pull it off, just by watching this tutorial once or twice. This particular tutorial is perfect for kids of all ages.


    How To Draw A Realistic Butterfly:

    How to Draw a Butterfly easy step by step

    Step 1: Draw a small circle, and 2 diagonal parallel lines, one going from the circle. Draw an interesting line in between these 2 lines.

    Step 2: Following the outline draw 2 arcs on both sides of the head. Below it draw 2 angular ovals of different sizes.

    Step 3: Extend the wings curve towards the thorax with the curvy line.

    Step 4: Below that wing draw another curve for the second wing. Draw chambers of the thorax as in the image.

    Step 5: With wavy lines draw the wings realistic.

    Step 6: Start drawing patches of the wings with random angular shapes.

    Step 7: Draw the patches in the lower wings also and add small random shapes all over the wings.

    Step 8: Outline all the borders and add random long leaves from all sides of the paper.

    Step 9: Contour your wings, abdomen, and thorax with hatching.

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    How To Draw A Butterfly Flying

    To draw an image showing butterfly flying. You just need to draw an image which shows one side of the butterfly. Draw in such a way, in which one wing of butterfly overlapping another wing. Make tilt image of butterfly. This will give a look in which butterfly is flying. You can do one more thing to draw flying image in which one wing is little bit shorter than other one and try to draw in some acute angle. Do not draw straight image otherwise it looks like simple butterfly sketch. If you become good drawing artist to draw simple butterfly sketch than you can easily make this sketch of butterfly in which butterfly is flying.

    I tried to share all the different kind of butterfly sketches you can draw and impress kids or other viewers with your drawing skills. But still if you think I missed something important which I have to add in this article. Then you can give your feedback in comment section. I will definitely try to improve myself as per you advises and suggestions. Drawing butterfly is not very much difficult task. You just need to focus that you can draw it very easily and it is your cup of tea to draw sketches. Just try to draw again and again until you are not satisfied. And trust me, with the passage of time you will grew as a perfect drawing artist.

    List Of Materials And Supplies Needed To Do Your Own Pencil Or Pen Butterfly Drawing Or Butterfly Watercolor Painting

    Kneadable Eraser

    Scrap piece of paper for testing colors

    300gsm Watercolor Paper: If you want to add a wash to your drawing you should definitely do your drawing on a good-quality, heavy paper that doesnt buckle.

    Soft Bristle Round or Filbert Brush

    Watercolor pans or tubes. I am currently using the Windsor and Newton Watercolor Pan. The colors are rich and the tray itself is portable and easy to use.

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    Learn How To Draw A Monarch Butterfly In Five Easy Steps

    Stock Photos from Cathy Keifer/Shutterstock

    Once you have learned how to draw flowers, there is no better way to accompany a bucolic garden than with a beautiful butterfly. These colorful insects go hand in hand with springtime and come in a variety of colors and patterns. The monarch butterfly is among the most recognizable with its striking orange and black pattern.

    Want to learn how to capture a monarch butterfly in pen and ink? Don’t let the intricate wings deter youin this tutorial we’ll break down how to draw a butterfly in five easy steps. So grab some paper and your favorite art supplies and let’s get started!

    How To Draw A Monarch Butterfly

    How to Draw a Butterfly – Easy step by step Tutorial Fun facts!

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    According to National Geographic, “The monarch butterfly is one of the most recognizable and well-studied butterflies on the planet.” It is famous for its epic seasonal migration, in which “millions of monarchs migrate from the United States and Canada south to California and Mexico for the winter.” Monarch butterflies also live in Europe, Australia, and several Pacific islands.

    Each butterfly begins its life as a caterpillar. Caterpillars hatch from eggs and feed on the milkweed plant – the only plant which these young butterflies can eat. After a few weeks, the caterpillars encase themselves in a chrysalis. Their bodies practically dissolve and reform into that of the adult butterfly.

    Did you know? Milkweed gives monarch butterflies a special defense. The butterfly stores toxins from the plant in its body. This makes them taste bad and even poisonous to birds.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Butterflies have long been seen in artwork. Some of the oldest dates from 3,500 years ago. In many cultures, the butterfly symbolized the soul. Today, butterflies are still a common motif in jewelry, clothing, décor, and other items.

    Butterflies are also seen in animation. In Disney’s A Bug’s Life, Heimlich the caterpillar dreams of becoming a butterfly. When he finally does, his wings are tiny compared to his large body.

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    Start Adding Butterfly Wing Patterns

    Were going to map out some markings now. Look at your bowtie and find the upper corner. We want where we outline the markings to be wider here and thinner at the bottom edge. Make an arc from the bottom of the bowtie shape to the top, but bring the end of your arc in towards the head. On the bottom wings make your arcs so the back of the wings has a crescent moon kind of shape!

    Remember The Following When Drawing

    Make sure to stand back regularly to observe how your drawing is developing. It is also important that you give yourself mental and visual breaks so that you can continue to draw accurately.

    Remember to keep your pencil sharp. This is important because often we get so engrossed in our drawing that we forget that a sharp pencil helps with fine lines and details.

    It is a good idea to always have a scrap piece of paper nearby, in order to test out your shapes and shading techniques!

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    How To Draw A Butterfly Step By Step

    Butterflies are a wonderful drawing subjecttheir wings have a certain pattern that can be reduced to a few rules. Once you know the rules, you can draw a realistic-looking butterfly without any special drawing skills.

    In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a monarch butterfly step by step, right from scratch. You can also modify my method to draw any other butterfly!

    Go Over The Pencil Marks In Pen

    How to Draw a Monarch Butterfly! – Easy Step by Step

    Once you have pencil sketched the general shapes of the butterfly and have a good idea of how it is positioned, then you can start going over your pencil lines with pen.

    Because I am going to complete this illustration with watercolor washes, I have chosen a fine liner pen that is both permanent and waterproof. I like to use either the Faber Castell Pitt Pen XS to begin and then I move onto a size S nib later on when my shapes are more defined.

    As you can see, I decided to start off by inking the outline of the butterfly wings, the outline of the body, and then working my way onto the lines and patterns within the wings.

    You will also see that when I start out drawing with my pen I sketch with it. I like to have loose lines when I begin and as the drawing progresses the lines become more solid in certain areas.

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    How To Draw A Butterfly Very Easy

    In this step-by-step drawing instruction, I will show you how to draw a butterfly very easily.

    This very cute and beautiful insect can look very different.

    I have previously shown the process of drawing a butterfly for kids. There was the simplest version, in which there were few details, and the drawing itself was very simple. This sketch will be a little more complicated. Here I decided to make more complex details and shapes.

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