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How To Draw A Button Up Shirt

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Open Front Tie With A Tee

How to Draw a Flannel Button Up Shirt

A second really great way to wear the shirt tied for a casual look is;over a t-shirt Put the shirt on overtop of a t-shirt and instead of buttoning it like above, fold the bottom under so you have the most fabric possible to work with, but just tie a regular knot. You wont have the weird gaping hole issue here since the shirt isnt buttoned at all. This is great for that in-between weather when its too hot for a sweater but too cold for just a t-shirt.

Another Example Of A More Complex Stencil

Dr. Steve Brule

I’ve included this step to primarily give you another example of a multi-colored stencil with “do not cut” markings and the “extra line” around the border. In this one, I used a larger Sharpie and made actual bridges to secure the “island” parts where they should be. Looking closely at the third picture shows that the bridges are ironed on to the shirt so everything is in its intended place. Then picture four shows after I removed the “bridges.” The facial features would have been hard to place without using these “bridges.”

In regards to the “extra line” on this stencil. Sometimes it is only possible to show certain details by adding an extra line.

It is also OK to bleach the shirt in multiple “Bleach, Rinse, Dry” sessions. You can see I finished the portrait, dried the shirt, and made another stencil for the words. You may also notice that I labeled the stencil in the order I wanted to apply bleach, but changed my mind while bleaching the shirt.

Artwork can be found here:

Skills Needed For Buttoning

First, lets talk about why buttoning a shirt is so hard for some kids. When teaching a child to button a shirt or unbutton clothing, sometimes breaking down the task of HOW to button is the hardest part.

You really need a lot of skills in order to button a shirt. ;

  • Both hands need to work together in a coordinated manner while doing different movements.
  • Buttons are small in most cases and require a good grasp to hold the edge of the button
  • Hands need intrinsic hand strength and arch development to hold the button and push it through the button hole. ;
  • Then there is the other hand working to hold that button hole, with bilateral coordination. ;
  • But first, you need to make sure the buttons and holes are lined up correctly.
  • There is a lot of problem solving and sequencing involved in buttoning. ;

All of this is done while wearing the shirt and at an awkward position, while looking down. ;If any of these areas are a problem area, then buttoning a shirt immediately becomes much more difficult.; ;

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How To Make A Men’s Dress Shirt Bigger

The most obvious and cheeky answer to this question is that if the shirt is new and can be returned, then do that. Just exchange the shirt for a larger size. This is the best way to make a mans dress shirt bigger. It will save you time, frustration and money.

But if you are bent on creating a bigger shirt be prepared to spend a lot of time doing it. The problem areas are going to be the shoulders, the cuffs, and the collar. The good news is if you are ready to handle the bad issues then there is a way to make the shirt larger for your spouse.

First, carefully remove the cuffs without damaging or leaving the raw edges. Do not iron those edges flat.

Second, open up the side seams on the body of the shirt and along the long sleeves of each arm. Do not separate the sleeves from the shoulders but do open the underarm seam up on both sleeves.

Third, prepare your insert fabric and take time to match the design as closely as you can. Pin the insert fabric into place in all those areas you have just opened up. Leave yourself only about 1/4 seam allowance.

Fourth, stitch the insert fabric into place and use a zig-zag stitch. Re-attach the cuffs slipping the raw edge over the raw edge of the sleeve. You may end up stuffing the wider sleeve raw edge into the cuff.

Finally, stitch the cuff back into place. It may work but the result may not be as good as you would like.

Can You Make A Dress Shirt Neck Bigger

How to Make a Baggy Button-Up Shirt Fitted without Sewing | DIY No-Sew Fashion Hack

This is going to be an easier task than making the dress shirt bigger. That is because altering the neck is a common sewing alteration due to clothes shrinking in the wash or the dryer.

The process we are about to describe doesn’t include any sewing. It is a safe, simple method that helps your husbands dress shirts fit better after they shrink. The first step is to buy a collar extender.

You should be able to find them at most stores for men that have a large dress shirt selection. After you bring the collar extender home put on the shirt you want to enlarge the neck.

After that, you put the loop side of the extender over the top button on your collar. Next, put the stud side through the corresponding hole. The final step is to put your tie on and your shirt is as good as new.

The other way to make the neck bigger is by simply moving the button closer to the edge of the collar. This technique works on the waistline when your pants have shrunk and it should work on your neckline as well.

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Cutting Off Extra Bits

Now is when you need that friend/parent/child/dressform. I tried making a duct tape dress form a while back, but it came out all weird and lumpy – luckily my mom was happy to help instead. You should be making these adjustments on whoever will be wearing the dress. So from now on when I say “you” I mean whoever’s doing the adjusting, and when I say “the person” I mean the dress form or the person the dress is for.

Pin the sleeves together in the back and button up the buttons, so that the dress stays up. Then you’ll have to fuss around a bit to make sure everything will fold right. You may need to tuck in little bits of fabric along the side, and tug out other bits so they don’t get lumpy. These little adjustments don’t have to be permanent yet – just make sure that you’ll be able to get the front of the dress to look ok, and you can tack down the folds later if you need to.

You’ll have to decide whether you want to keep the collar or not. If you don’t want it, now’s the time to cut it off.

Now you have to cut the sleeves short. Stretch the sleeves behind the person’s back, and mark where to cut them. The ends must overlap by at least a few inches, so there’s room for buttons and buttonholes and for hemming the ends.

If you started out with a short sleeved shirt, you probably won’t have to cut the sleeves any shorter.

Draw The Buttons & Finish The Line Drawing

Finish the line drawing by first adding a strip running down the middle of the shirt. You can draw it with just two lines. Afterwards add a series of buttons going through the middle of this strip .

Finally once done outlining the buttons trace over the lines of your entire drawing with either a thin black marker or a black pen. If you dont have one around you can darken your lines with the pencil.

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Make A Geometric Design

If you want to create an orderly geometric design with your T-shirt cutout, it is surprisingly easy to dowhat you need is simply to create a stencil which you can use. If you click through to the source link, you can view a brief tutorial. Remember, you can easily adapt this idea to suit your tastes; you can design a stencil with any pattern you want!

Source: buzzfeed

Lace Collar Diy T Shirt

DIY BUTTON UP SKIRT FROM A MEN’S SHIRT | Clothing Transformation

Collared shirts tend to be the pricier sorts of tops, but you can save some cash by making your own. Here is how you can make your own!

How to cut a shirt to get this design?

  • Get an old t-shirt and 2 rectangles of lace of the same size. Place the rectangles of lace around the collar so they slightly touch.
  • Pin the lace parts where you want them before sewing them on.
  • Cut the rest of the t-shirt collar off.
  • Tuck this into a black skater skirt, we are thinking Blair Waldorf vibes!
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    How To Draw A Shirt

    The team of has created many different tutorials about clothes, and to continue this topic today we will show you how to draw a shirt. The shirt drawing will be a great addition to the hat, pants, and boots drawings. The guide on how to draw a shirt will be very simple. It consists of eight super simple stages, each new line of which is painted red for maximum simplicity and clarity.

    To begin the process of learning how to draw a shirt, you will need your favorite art set. You can draw a shirt with a simple pencil on peace of paper or with an electronic pen on a graphics tablet.

    Make Your Own Button Pins Easily With These 10 Tutorials

    Making custom buttons pins is a great project for any type of crafter. Whether youre a novice or you have your own booth of pins at a mall, button pins are relatively simple to assemble. The materials are also easy and affordable to source, but first you need inspiration. Follow any of these 10 tutorials for a fun activity at a kids birthday or as a personal project to make special gifts for your friends.

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    Short Sleeve Cuff + Full Tuck With Jeans

    The tuck on this one is simple, you button the shirt to where the button of your jeans hit and then tuck the entire shirt in, crossing in front as mentioned above if you need a little extra help cheating the fit of it. For this look, I wanted to talk more about the shorter sleeve cuff. This is a great option for a shirt thats a lot bigger than youd like, because it pulls the sleeve in a lot.

    Similar to the other cuff, you will fold the sleeve of the shirt up, this time having the cuff land above your elbow. Then roll the sleeve until it hits the bottom of the cuff. Fold/adjust as desired!

    Cut Out The Shape Of A Cross

    Make a button up shirt into a tank top – Cut off the sleeves and collar of a men’s dress shirt

    I like the geometric design hereits a lot different fro just cutting a set of parallel lines! Even though it looks like a lot of work, the video is actually a pretty quick watch, so this is easier to make than it appears to be. There is a downloadable template on the site which you can print out , as well as a couple of other printable templates you can use the same way for different designs.


    Source: boatpeopleboutique

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    Make A Line Of Bows Along The Back Of Your T

    If youre a girly girl when it comes to fashion and you love bows, then you will just adore this idea! You do need to do some sewing for this one since you need to make the bows out of other fabric and attach them all along the back. The finished look is absolutely adorable, and dont you just love the floral fabric?

    Source: alldaychic

    Cute A Heart Pattern Into A T

    I love this tutorial for several reasons. First of all, the end result looks awesome. Secondly, this tutorial explains why it is easy to make cutout T-shirts. If you are new to this, you may think you need to cut sizable gaps to make a pattern like this, but you dontyou just have to cut parallel lines, and the material rolls when you pull on the stripes, leaving the gaps naturally.

    The other thing I appreciate about this tutorial is that it points out that you can wear a tee like this over top of a contrasting tank top. This is a good move if you dont want to wear it over a bra, but arent built to run around braless.

    Source: macted

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    Styling Your Shirt Creatively

  • 1Tie your button-down shirt around your waist. This might sound a bit strange, but its a trend that has exploded. You can instantly add a pop of color to a monochrome outfit just by adding a brightly colored or patterned button-down around your waist. If youre wearing a dress or loose-fitting outfit, tying a shirt around your waist can even accentuate your waist, making a flattering silhouette.XResearch source
  • Plaid button-down shirts are especially perfect for this look. Tie them around your waist with a pair of jeans and a solid top, and you look comfortable and trendy at once.
  • 2Tuck in your shirt. Seriously, this can change your outfit. Men, you may already do this when youre at a formal event, so you know that untucked versus tucked is a major outfit changer. For ladies, this can transform an outfit similarly. Try tucking your button-down shirt into a pair of high-waisted jeans or a skirt, and youll instantly make your outfit look sleek and put together.
  • 3Tie your shirt up. You probably immediately think of a cowgirl tying up her flannel shirt, but this certainly isnt the only look you can achieve by tying up your button-down. Unbutton two or three buttons form the bottom, and tie the two ends into a little knot. Try doing this with high-waisted bottoms, so that you dont necessarily show skin but create a cropped look.XResearch source
  • Try tying up a button-down shirt over a dress. It is still modest, yet adds a bit of fun to an otherwise simple outfit.
  • Accessorizing With Your Shirt

    How to Make a Button up T-Shirt
  • 1Pair it with sneakers. While the button-down shirt alone screams polished and professional, the sneakers take it down a notch. You can take your shirt from work to weekend by pairing it some Converse or other casual sneakers. To complete the look, throw on a baseball cap. The shirt makes you look put together, while the sneakers and cap show youre ready to relax.
  • 2Match your shirt with a tie. While ties will naturally make the look a bit more formal, you can find more casual ties. Patterned ties look great with solid colored button-down shirts, and they are perfect for more casual settings. Even if no one else is wearing a tie, casual ties look like you put in the extra effort. They can add a lot to an otherwise simple look.
  • 3Add a bold statement necklace. Most people leave a few buttons undone at the top of their shirt, letting it expose a bit of skin near the neck. Instead, try buttoning up your shirt to the very top button, and then placing a big, eye-catching necklace around the collar. This is looks extremely chic, and can make any button-down shirt immediately look stylish.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
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    Layer It Under A Summer Dress

    As the seasons begin to change, we tend to forget just how easy it is to repurpose our summer wardrobes by layering them with other items. So don’t put your slip dress away just yet. Make it office-appropriate and cool weather-friendly with a button-down underneath.;

    Available in sizes;XS to L.

    Available in sizes;XS to XL.

    Available in sizes;6.5 to 10.

    Can You Make A Button

    The simplest way to make a button-up shirt bigger is to try and stretch it out. But like resewing a dress shirt, the results may not be that appealing and it may not work too well.

    The next simplest method will be to only move the buttons. Getting them closer to the edge of the shirt will add a little bit of width to the garment but it wont increase the size by 2.

    The next step after moving the buttons is to cut the center back of the shirt up till you reach the yoke. Turn the raw edges in about a 1/2 inch and press, Next, get your insert panel ready and pin it in place.

    Once that is done, sew the panel into place and remove the pins as you go. Trim any excess fabric away and you have a shirt that is a little larger. One of the problems you will face using this method is matching the insert fabric to the design of the dress shirt.

    It will take a lot of patience to match up the look and sew it correctly into position so there is no loss of design.

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    Cuffed + Half Tuck With Jeans

    First up, lets talk about how to cuff. You can simply roll your shirt cuff but;this way gives a much more casual look, like you didnt even TRY! I recommend cuffing your shirt;before you put it on. Its easier that way! Youll want to fold your shirt so the cuff hits about where you want the final length. From there, youll roll the sleeve up until it hits or overlaps the cuff. You can leave the cuff itself sticking up above or fold it down and mess around with it to get the look you like! This cuff is repeated for almost every outfit in the post.

    For this first look, we went with a half tuck. This is the most effortless way to style the shirt. You simply button the shirt down to where your pants hit, and then tuck in one side.

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