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How To Draw A Buzz Cut

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How To Make A Crescent Moon In Photoshop

How to make a buzz cut cool

Youve probably already heard that Adobe Illustrator is the go-to when creating vector graphics. Honestly, you can make a simple vector shape in Photoshop just fine.;

Ive been working as a graphic designer for nine years, and Ive used Photoshop to create many shapes, especially the simple ones like the different moon phases, or other combined shapes.;;;

Define simple shapes? Well, anything that can be created with circles or rectangles is considered simple. A crescent moon is created by subtracting two circles. Easy!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a crescent moon in Photoshop using two circles and save them to Custom Shape for future use.;

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Mid Faded Buzz Cut With Neat Line Up

Afro hair being thin and extremely wavy is sometimes hard to maintain when long but buzz cut makes it all easy making it a low maintenance haircut. The top is clipped with size 3 clippers while sides are given some nice drop fade.

To ace this look, neatness is the key, so shave the sides little to look angular.

Adding Dark Space And Individual Hairs

Use your creativity to define shadows along random areas of hair. These might be areas that youre not sure what to do with or that would have looked awkward if you did draw hair. Youll know what I mean if youre following along and applying this to your drawing.

After youve drawn the shadows, use your mechanical pencil to break groups of hair down into smaller groups until they start looking like individual strands of hair. While youre drawing the strands, improvise and find unique ways to incorporate unruly, overlapping, loose hair, etc.

If you like this tutorial and want to see more in-depth hair tutorials, drop me;your suggestions in the comments below!

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Clean Up Your Sideburns And Neckline With Trimmers

Youll want to clean up your sideburns and detail your neckline with trimmers. This step is all about defining your hairline and neckline with sharp, crisp lines that will detail your cut.

Start by cutting a clean line at the sideburns. Your cut should be informed by your natural hairline so dont go too high up on the sides and ears.

Now reversing the position of the blades, hold the trimmer so that the teeth face up, and shave everything underneath your newly defined sideburn.

You can keep the neck rounded or blocked, depending on your style. Detailing your cut will give it a clean, polished look.

Start With Clean Dry Hair


Clippers, scissors, and trimmers generally work best on clean, dry hair. Before you start buzzing your hair, youll want to shower with warm water. Wash your hair with good shampoo and conditioner products.

Afterwards, make sure you towel-dry your hair, but dont be rough with your strands or follicles. Wait 10 to 15 minutes after for your hair to completely dry. Oftentimes, wet or moist hair appears longer than dry hair. This can lead to an uneven or shorter haircut than expected.

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How To Get And Maintain Buzz Cut

A Buzz Cut is simply trimming down your hair to an equal level of short all over your head. In practice, it does not take much time and effort. If you are thinking of trying this style for the first time then you are advised to get a barbers assistance. Almost all barbers are familiar with this style and can easily fix you up. They can understand the shape of your face and your scalp and give you the well-suited buzz cut. Once you get a hang of it, you can select the style on your own and get it done at the convenience of your home.

To pull this off, you dont need much equipment. A perfectly working clipper, a comb, and a decent finishing hair product . You can rinse down your hair a little at home and get on with it. Set your clipper to level one or two and start trimming. If you still wish to get shorter, increase the levels. Though you dont need to spend much time grooming, you may have to maintain this style almost every week for consistency. Just by spending 10 minutes on a Sunday, you can have a hassle-free cool hairstyle all week.

Now, let us see what are the rocking buzz cut hairstyles available in the fashion world right now.

Is Buzz Cut Style Suited For You

Like we mentioned earlier anyone can rock this style without much effort. No matter what your hair color or texture is, this style works equally captivating. Although it fits all shapes of faces and heads, there is a downside to this style. If you are carrying any bumps or scars on your scalp you should be aware that this style might elevate them. It may also look unappealing if you have really long ears. However, there are different styles of buzz cuts that are available in the fashion world that can cover up the anomalies and give you a complete look.

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Draw The Top/back Of The Long Hair

Draw the back/top section of the hair pretty much tracing the shape of the upper part of the head some distance away from it. It should then starting to fan out more from around the top of the ears.

Inside the outline of the back/top shape draw a pair of lines going from the ears to the shoulders to help define the volume of that part of the hair.

How To Save A Shape In Photoshop

How to give a buzz cut at home and make it look good | Your Morning

You can save any shape you create as a custom shape in Photoshop following the three steps below.

Step 1: Right-click on the shape you just created.;

Step 2: Select Define Custom Shape.;

Step 3: Name the shape and click OK.;

When you choose Custom Shape from the Toolbar, you can find the new moon shape in the Shape dropdown menu.;

If you want to change the color, you can go to the Shape Properties panel and change the settings.;

For example, I got rid of the stroke and change the fill color.;

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Draw The Top/back Of The Buzz Cut

Finally draw the top/back part of the buzz cut hair. Depending on how short you want this to be you can even leave this step out. If the hair is almost completely shaved you can just use the outline of the head to define its top.

In this case the hair will be slightly longer so it will be draw with just a little bit of volume. To do this draw the hair pretty much hugging the shape of the head starting from the top of the ears gradually moving away from it towards the top.

Trendy Buzz Cut With Lines: Learn How To Get It

A buzz cut with lines is a way to make a statement with your hair. This kind of style is made popular by men like David Beckham. However, there are a few things to consider first. You need to have the right kind of hair. You also need some skill in cutting hair.

The first thing to remember concerns giving yourself a haircut. It is not too hard to give yourself a short haircut. However, these things are almost always better if someone else cuts your hair. The reasoning behind this is very simple. You cannot take your head off and place it on the counter. If you can, you are probably not reading this article.

You need to ask yourself if a very short hairstyle is for you. Your hair should be thick. In fact, the thicker it is the better. These cuts also work very well on African American hair.

If you wish to give yourself a short haircut, it is important to have electric clippers. Use a guard, as this keeps the hair all the same length. You can also opt for a little longer on the top. Look in the mirror and start from the middle front of the head and clip straight back. Once you take out that first cut, there is no going back now, unless you want a reverse Mohawk look.

Take out one side of your hair, and then the other. You may need to remove the guard to properly trim around the ears. Carefully check the back of the neck with your hands and run your hands all over your head. This will help you find stray hairs to remove.

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Buzz Cut For White Men

The white guy buzz cut is crazy cool and minimalist, especially when it is trimmed and styled properly. Despite the short hair, men can get creative with their buzzed haircuts. Whether you shave the sides, grow a full beard, dye your hair blonde, or experiment with different cuts, there are many ways for white men to wear a buzz cut.

Taper And Trim The Edges

Drawing Boy Hairstyle #6 Buzz Cut with Flat Top

Some men like to trim and taper the edges for that final touch. Replace the guard with the #1 guard, so that it will cut the hair to 1/8 inch.

The same scooping or rocking motion as before will be used here to fade the hairline. To taper the sides, begin with the hair at the sideburn. At the back of the head, you can shave up the neck.

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Move From The Front To Back On The Top Of Your Head

Once youve completed the back section of your head, its time to tackle the top of your head. Start by moving your clippers backward, starting at the front section near your hairline, moving down to meet where you left off at the center of your head. Repeat this until your head is completely shaved.

Finish It Off With Shadows Highlights And Color

Well-drawn highlights and shadows will give the hair a three-dimensional look. Again, refer to your reference photos and note how different types of hair reflect light in different ways. Even on the same head of hair, different areas of the hair reflect light differently. Pay attention to how the light hits different strands, says Lamb. With straighter hair, the light concentrates on the bends, but curly hair has so many bends and so much dimension that youre not going to see as much light.

Consider the light source and notice where the shadows fall. As you get closer to the body, like underneath the chin, the hair will be darker because less light is going to hit there, Lamb says. I just use a bigger, more transparent brush and go over it lightly, following the lines that are already there.

If you add color, remember that one persons hair can contain many different colors. And if you draw Black hair, remember that natural Black hair is never completely black. Add a little bit of tone to show that its black but there are also some extra colors in there, Jemison says. These colors will also add to the sense of three-dimensionality.

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Masking And Painting The Surface

Cover the areas to be getting painted with the painters tape. Ensure that the painters tape sticks well to the cork plate; otherwise, the edges will run out. Then take the silver paint and paint the surfaces. Alternatively, you can also choose your favorite color and give your pinboard a unique look.;

Let the corkboard dry well. Depending on the manufacturer of the paint, this step takes different lengths of time. It is best to check the packaging of the color to see what drying time the product has. Once the paint has dried out, remove the painters tape.

Buzz Cut For Asian Men

Buzzcut| How to make a Buzz cut coll| men’s easy hairstyle Trend

The buzz cut is a hot trend for Asian men who prefer short hair. From an induction cut to a burr, butch and crew cut, the Asian buzz cut allows you to explore a range of styles and lengths. Because Asian hair is typically thick and straight, its naturally suited for a cool buzzed hairstyle. Start with a fade or undercut on the sides and short trimmed top, and then let the hair grow out with time to style different looks.

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Buzz Cuts Save You Money

Men are spending more money on grooming products than ever before, and the truth is, the longer your hair gets, the more expensive it gets to make it look great.

Longer hair means using more of your everyday hair products to have the same effect. Additionally, the quality of the products you use really does make a significant difference in how your hair looks and behaves. Trying to tame and style long hair with cheap products can discourage most men from giving long hair a real try.

As Trav White and Greg Berzinsky point out in their video, 5 reasons they hate having long hair, it can really drain your wallet.

The buzz cut, on the other hand, almost completely eliminates the need for most products. You dont need to use a conditioner on a buzz cut. And styling products? Pointless.

You can apply a little Utility Balm to the scalp to keep the skin soft and hydrated, but other than that, the only product youll need to use more of is sunscreen.

Is A Number 3 Buzz Cut Good For Balding Or Receding Men

Yes, it definitely is. In fact, most buzz cut styles are. What makes it so good is the fact that all of the hair is trimmed down to a short and even length.;

Doing this makes thin hair on top look less thin overall. Its an interesting phenomenon and works pretty effectively.;

Making the hair shorter and more even also reduces the contrast between the forehead and the hair.;

If youre a balding man, the Number 3 buzz cut may be the perfect solution to your struggle. It can be frustrating trying to find a style thats flattering and easy-to-maintain.;

What I love about buzz cuts for receding hairlines is that the focus is on embracing what you have and making it work, instead of trying to cover up and comb over.;

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How To Give Yourself A Buzz Cut

    All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    If you’re wondering how to give yourself a buzz cut, know first of all that there arent a lot of DIY haircuts we would advise you to administer. Sure, the pandemic era forced some of us to go to extremes , but it also got a lot of guys comfortable with the concept of the DIY at-home buzzcut. And a lot of you got pretty good at it. Making the refreshing choice to just shear it all off is always an option, pandemic or no. And no matter your reasoningwhether youre embracing hair loss or simply love how the short hair looks on youthe buzz cut is a universally sharp look. It also requires next to no styling and is easy to maintain.

    But, before you grab your beard trimmer and go to town, please read up on the proper procedure for how to give yourself a buzz cut, with expertise from one of our favorite barbers in the business, Rob McMillen, owner and lead barber at Mildred New York.

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    Drafting The Cone Shapes

    Buzzcut| How to make a Buzz cut coll| men’s easy hairstyle Trend

    A lot of the armor is originally based on cone shapes. But if you were to draw just a plain trapezoid and connect the edges, your shape wouldn’t look smooth or correct. The key to making the cone look nice and round is to make sure that your edges all meet up in 90 degree angles .

  • I start by drawing a trapezoid. Measure the center line the height that you want.
  • Split the upper and lower circumferences in half and make those the top and bottom parts of the trapezoid.
  • Make points that slip the longer line into quarters.
  • Using a square, add lines that are 90 deg from the slanted sides that also pass through the points made.
  • Measure down the sides so that they are the same length as the center height
  • Smooth the arcs
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    Drake Style Uniform Buzz Cut

    Buzz Cut is an art if done right it quickly skips the routine look and instantly gives a classy and elegant appearance with a trendy flavor to it. There is no obvious side part whereas the sides are taper mid faded which helps the beard stand on its own and balance the face with its volume towards the chin.

    Buzz Cut For Black Men

    As one of the most popular haircuts for black men, the buzz cut continues to be a trendy style. Whether you want a brush cut fade or a very short haircut to style into waves, a buzz cut for black men delivers a clean, fresh look. For a refined stylish hairstyle that will turn heads, guys should pair buzzed black hair with a temp fade, line up and short beard.

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