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How To Draw A Cactus Flower

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How To Draw A Cartoon Cactus

How to draw a cactus with a flower

Drawing a tree-part simple cartoon cactus like this one is very easy to do.

Take a look at any version of this plant and youll quickly see that its shape consists of simple rounded segments, just like in the example to the right.

Of course, depending on the kind these segments can appear thicker, skinnier, and either more or less plentiful than in the example.

For this quick drawing lesson, use the instructions as a simple starting point. Then, take a look at some photos of other cacti for ideas on how to come up with some unique designs of your own.

On to the drawing

Learn How To Draw A Cactus And Add A Bit Of Shading To Make It Look More Dimensional A Step By Step Tutorial Makes It Really Easy

A basic saguaro cactus in a desert landscape is one of my favorite things to draw. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • The basic shapes are pretty easy for artists of all ages.
  • They really start to look dimensional when you add the LINES .
  • They really pop when you change the VALUE of the edges by making them darker.
  • Spread out a few cacti of varying sizes and you have a lovely desert landscape with SPACE.

A tip for drawing all those rib lines is that they are easier to space if students draw them in stages. For instance, after drawing two or three lines evenly spread out at first, come back and splitting each section in half with another line, and repeat until there is no more room. Remember, the real ribs are not stick straight so wobbly lines are actually better than something that looks made by a ruler.

Finally, if your students like the look of the sample cactus shown above, it was made by coloring the entire shape with a light yellow green first, and then adding a darker green on top afterwards. The goal is to have a soft transition and having that light green under everything really helps.

Think About The Pistil

I used to draw the pistil as a plain circle and that was it. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but they needed something more.

Now, I mostly draw pistils as a group of small circles or dots. This way, you add dimension to the flower.

Look at these. Which has more interest?

Another thing about the pistil. Its not a perfect circle. Its always crooked a bit. Thats what gives the flower dimension and interest.

So, forget about perfect symmetry or rules here. The less symmetrical, the more interesting it is.

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How To Draw A Cactus Simple

Exactly how to attract a cactus in stages in 7 steps.

1 Map out. At the end of the sheet, draw a rounded line for the top of the pot, then include two short lines for the sides. Draw a rounded shape for one cactus.Behind it include a rough rectangular shape for a new cactus. Include a long, slim oval for the third cactus

.2. Growths and a pot.End up attracting the pot with curved lines. Attract many oval branches on the left cactus. On a central cactus, draw a circle to show the placement of the blossom.3. Leaves.Attract the leaves on a tall cactus utilizing a drop shape and a heart shape. Draw ridges inside the central cactus using vertical lines. A program that cacti are in the ground by drawing wavy lines in a pot4. Spines, as well as ridges.On the left cactus, drawbacks in the form of short lines. On the main cactus, draw groups of lengthy lines along the ridges. Draw ridges on a high cactus with wavy lines5. Pot, contours.Redraw the contours of the three cacti. Redraw the pot by adding the sides of the edge6. Flower.In a circle, draw a flower with four flowers in wavy lines. Behind them, attract more petals with added curved lines. In the facility of the flower attract a tiny circle from the fixate, the petals show short lines. On the fallen leaves of a tall cactus, draw blood vessels. Simply put lines, draw a shadow on the ground.

7. Blackout

How To Draw A Cactus Easy

How To Draw Cactus Plants || Doodle With Me Tutorial

How can a child draw a cactus? Very simple! Lets look at this example.On a piece of paper with a black marker draw an elongated vertical oval with the lower end cut off this will be the central figure. Along its left edge, draw another such, already reduced outline, extending from the lower third at a slight angle. Draw the same construction on the right side, slightly higher than the left. Paint the flower green.Draw two horizontal lines inside the stem of the plant and two along the inside of the processes. The edges should run at equal distances from each other and the contours of the plant. With small strokes, about two centimeters each, indicate the thorns.Draw three small flowers one on the trunk and two on the processes. Paint them with a red marker. Flowers are depicted in the form of several droplet-shaped figures, converging with thin edges to each other.

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How To Draw A Cactus Flower

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Cactus Flower in 4 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Cactus Flower.

Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

How To Color A Cactus Drawing

We continue to learn to draw a cactus with a pencil.In the center of the sheet, draw with a pencil something in between the rectangle and the oval. On the sides of it are drop-shaped processes, each of which has a pair of small operations.

Draw vertical lines throughout the flower. Small, frequent strokes indicate the spines on the trunk and processes.

Color the picture. With dark green and light green color give the plant volume, and at the base, it is barely possible to designate the soil with bright brown shades.

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How To Draw A Cactus: Step By Step Sketch

Step 1: Draw the central column

Our cactus drawing starts as usual with a simple shape. Draw half of a long oval at the top. Then extend the sides of the oval with two straight lines and close the shape with a curve at the bottom.

Here we are drawing a fairly short and stubby cactus so that it fits the square space on the webpage. But since Saguaro cacti are usually narrow and tall, feel free to draw your cactus narrower and taller.

Step 2: Mark ovals for the “arms”

In the next step, we are marking out the ends of the two “arms” of the cactus. Draw a small oval left of the main cactus body, with a small circle on the body. We will join these shortly to make one “arm”.

Then draw another slightly larger oval on the other side. This one will not need the bottom end circle, as the arm will join from behind the cactus body.

Step 3: Sketch the cactus “arms” and some ground

As promised, it is time to connect the “arm” ends drawn above with simple curved lines. Join the left oval and circle on the sides to draw the smaller arm, that attaches from the front of the cactus.

Then draw two curves from the sides of the larger oval to form the other arm, that attaches from behind.

Again, our arms are quite short and stubby – if you have drawn a tall cactus body, feel free to draw these longer as well.

Finally, draw a sand dune for our cactus to stand on. That is a small hill behind the cactus and a random squiggle on the front.

Step 4: Mark the fold lines on the cactus body

How To Draw A Daisy

How To Draw A Funny Cactus

I love daisies. Especially because theyre so easy to draw. Also, they look cute in a bouquet.

Step 1. Draw to circles, one for the pistil, and a bigger one for the petals.

Step 2. Draw small circles within the pistil, to give it dimension. Remember how we talked about adding dimension with this?

Step 3. Start adding petals within the bigger circle. Try to hide the last two petals on each side of the daisy, so they look like theyre behind. To make it even more dimensional, add more petals on the back as in the drawing below.

Step 4. Finally, draw a curvy stem.

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How To Draw Simple Flower Doodles From Your Imagination

This is where it all becomes even more interesting and creative.

I love doodling flowers just from my imagination. Sometimes my petals will be stars, or Ill decorate the leaves with more doodles.

Here are some examples that I like to doodle, and I hope youll try them and come up with your own ideas, too.

Simple Flower Doodles: Step By Step Tutorial For Art Journaling Beginners

Do you want to draw flower doodles in your art journal but sometimes dont have any inspiration or ideas?

In order to get you going and inspire you, Im sharing ideas on how to draw simple flower doodles so you can fill your art journal pages. And of course, have fun!

Disclaimer: Some links in this post may be affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something through that link, I get a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Cactus In Just Three Steps

In this case, were drawing a plant in three simple parts the middle, followed by two arms one on either side. To create the appearance that its being viewed on an angle, draw the main part so that its slightly overlapping the first arm.

Like this

As you can see in the middle example, this overlapping effect makes it appear to be turned ever-so-slightly, or as stated above viewed on an angle.

OK, a few things left to do. Go ahead and draw in the second arm. Position it higher, lower, etc. Then, add a few curved lines to create the sand below, followed by a series of lines all around the perimeter for spikes!

And youre done! Nice job.

How To Draw A Cactus: Outline Step By Step

How To Draw A Cactus Plant! Draw A Cactus In A Pot!

Step 1: Outline the cactus body and the ground

With the sketch complete, it is time to outline our cactus drawing. Start by outlining the small arm first. Then draw the cactus body, breaking the line where it is hidden behind the arm. Finish the cactus by outlining the thick arm.

Similarly for the ground, start with the dune line at the back, and break the line for the part hiding behind the cactus. Then outline the front squiggle. We have added another half-oval to suggest a small dip around the cactus base.

Step 2: Draw the fold lines on the cactus body

This is a simple step – we are just outlining the fold lines on the cactus body, exactly following the sketched lines.

Step 3: Draw the cactus spikes

Finally, let’s add the most important feature of any cactus – it’s prickly spikes! Draw them as short straight lines.

Start by drawing the prickles around the outer shape of the cactus, and notice how the line direction changes following the shape. Then add a few more spikes onto the inner body.

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How To Draw A Dandelion

Weve all blown these a thousand times. Is it just me or do they look amazingly romantic during a sunset?

Step 1. Draw two circles, one for the pistil and the other for the petals.

Step 2. Draw lines from the pistil to the outer circle line, but dont make them all the same size.

Step 3. Add the U-shaped thingies with small circles on them. It kind of reminds me of a fork.

Step 4. Draw a curvy stem.

Draw A Circle/round Shape First

An easy hack when drawing flowers is to first draw a round shape to outline the space for the pistil and the petals. It helps you stay in lines and the flower gets more dimension this way.

Here are some examples:

Or what about drawing it this way:


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How To Draw A Cactus

You probably know the myth that cacti protect from harmful radiation? Many people try to place cacti around their workplace as much as possible.

Fortunately, we are not inclined to believe in such things. We just love plants a lot. Thats why we decided to do a drawing tutorial on how to draw a cactus.

How To Draw A Cactus: Finished Drawing

How To Draw A Cactus Flower Step By Step: Pencil Sketch Cactus Flower Drawing

How to draw a cactus: finished outline drawing

Here is the completed cactus drawing after we have erased the sketch lines.

How to draw a cactus: finished drawing coloured-in

Our usual final step is to colour in the drawing. The cactus body is coloured in shades of green, with dark “shading” along the body fold lines and a lighter green in between. The top of the cactus and arms, as well as the highlight on the side, have some yellow mixed in.

The sand dune is a golden yellow, with some darker yellow patches to add some structure to the sand.

Finally, add a nice blue sky. Here we are cheating, the sky is not drawn with coloured pencils, but with watercolours, which create interesting random “cloud” patches.

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You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

Fisrt drawing the center of the flower is an oval point.

Step 2

Then draw flowers that need to be flattened. The rounded wings are drawn around the center and then a swoop beneath the petals to complete the bottom of the flower.

Step 3

In this step draw the cactus leaf by drawing many rounded squares.

Step 4

Finally draw the lines on the leaves to make thorns.

Step 5

Complete the cactus flower by coloring it. In order to get a beautiful flower image we need to color the flower as the video tutorial above.

Add Dimension To Your Flower Doodles

You can add dimension to your flower drawings in different ways.

First of all, as I already mentioned, use curvy lines. Straight, stuck-up lines are not that interesting to the eye.

Imagine some flowers that you love, are they all straight lines? I doubt it.

Next time when you doodle flowers, have this in mind. Draw curvy petals, stems, and leaves.

Another thing that adds dimension is drawing thin, short lines on the petals and leaves.

When you draw a petal, dont leave it blank. Add some tiny lines here and there to make it more interesting.

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Simple Flower Doodles Wrap

Did you see how easy it is to doodle flowers?

The key is not to put pressure on yourself and just enjoy with lines and dots.

What you should remember is to

# draw curvy lines to add more interest and dimension

# add lines to the petals to make them dimensional

# draw oval pistils and add dots to them

# draw circles as frames for your flowers

And lastly, experiment with your imagination and dont set any limits to what you can draw or doodle. Im sure you can do this!

Black Waterproof Pen With Fine Tips

How to draw CACTUS plant

I love black pens because black is neutral but also bold enough to stand out. It creates a wonderful contrast on white paper.

Why waterproof?

Because waterproof pens dont usually smudge. This is great for doodling because you move your hand a lot on the paper and dont want to smear the ink.

Also, if you want to paint your flower doodles later, the pen will not smudge when you add paint. For me, this is priceless.

Another thing to consider is the fine tip of the pen. In my experience, the fine tip pens are excellent for doodling because their lines are thin and can draw the tiniest details.

Ive been using this black fine liner pen for ages and its never let me down. It comes in different nib sizes to fit any doodling need. Its also waterproof. I cant recommend it enough.

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How To Draw A Cactus: Easy Step By Step Drawing

Today we will learn how to draw a cactus. While there are many cactus species, the one we draw today is the tall Saguaro cactus, found in Sonoran desert. This is a cactus with a tall main column and several arm-like branches.

The one we have drawn here is a bit chubby compared to the skinny tall cacti found in the desert – we had to water it a lot to make it fit the square space in this tutorial, but it turned out quite cute.

To Learn How To Draw A Cactus And Have Its Lines Stay In Place While You Color Try Working With White Glue On Black Paper And Chalk Pastels

Each media will do what it does best, namely make black lines (when the glue dries, and soft shadows, when the colors are blended with your fingers.


  • Chalk pastels
  • Spray sealer

*The above product link is a referral. If you click through and take action, Ill be compensated a small amount, but at no additional cost to you.


  • I used 9 x 12 black paper, but recommend something larger for 1st or 2nd grade students. I had to really be careful to keep my glue lines from touching each other, so a larger format would make it a lot easier.
  • After drawing the cactus in pencil, trace all the lines with white glue. Important: Let dry flat or else the glue will run and make messy lines.
  • When dry, use chalk pastel pencils to fill in the cactus. I decided that the light source was from the left, so I used a light green on all three left sides of the cactus, and a dark green on the right. I also had a medium green to fill in the middle, but you could just used two colors that meet in the middle.
  • Fill in the sky, ground and rocks with single shades. To finish, a little white pencil made highlights on the cactus, and a little black made a ground shadow for it and some rocks. Spray with a sealer or hairspray when complete.
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