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How To Draw A Car For Kids

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Tutorial On How To Draw A Muscle Car:

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

A muscle car is a high-performance car with a powerful engine and a solid body. In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw the first generation Dodge Challenger, a popular muscle car that was manufactured in the late 1950s.

You Will Need:

An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

How To:

  • Draw a horizontal line for the base. Muscle cars have a wider wheel base, a longer hood, and trunk. Draw two circles on the base the first one on the right-end of the baseline and the other in the center, as shown in Figure 3.1. The wheels have to be of the same size. You can use a stencil to ensure that.
  • Draw the base of the car draw a line connecting the wheels and extending to the sides for the front and the rear overhangs. Complete the wheels and add another wheel in the front, by drawing a semicircle and a small curved line to its left, connecting the bottom of the hood and the ground. See Figure 3.2.
  • The next step is to draw the body. Muscle cars have a particular shape they are slender and slightly angular. Start by drawing the long overhangs of the car and move on to create the connected waistline, which is slightly higher from the ground . Observe that the lines are not fully connected at the end. See Figure 3.3.
  • In the third step, draw the doors, windows and a line indicating the trunk. See Figure 3.4. Notice that the line passing through what is the door does not go till the end.
  • Draw The Car Door And The Headlight

    Now, lets add a car door and a headlight. For this step, you have to draw two slightly curved lines in the centre portion of the car, as shown in the figure below. Add a small rectangle near the second line for the handle. This completes your car door!

    Drawing the headlight of the car is even more simple! Just draw an oval on the hood of the car .

    Tutorial On How To Draw A Sports Car:

    Sports cars have attractive sleek designs and your little artists will love to create such one. Here is the dynamic sports car drawing for children.

    You Will Need:

    An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

    How To:

  • Start by drawing a large oval for the body of the car. This will be the base for your drawing and should not be dark or stressed. Observe that the shape of the body is not exactly round or square. Figure 5.1.
  • Draw the hood of the car by drawing a semi-oval from right to left, starting from the oval. See Figure 5.2.
  • Draw the windscreen, window, and the side-view mirror. The design of this sports car is curvy, so see that the shapes are not angular, like in a muscle car. See Figure 5.3.
  • Complete the body of the car by extending the semi-oval shaped body you drew earlier. You should get an image as illustrated in Figure 5.4.
  • Draw the finer details in the front to indicate the hood of the car. Figure 5.5.
  • Add the three wheels, the rims of the wheels and the headlights. Notice that the front wheel is slightly angled to the right a slight bend in the circle you draw can help you get this effect. Figure 5.6.
  • Draw the door, and darken the outline of the car to finish it. See Figure 5.7.
  • Color the car in red, the wheels in black and the headlights in pale yellow. Your sports car should look as shown in Figure 5.8.
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    How To Draw A Truck

    Just like the car, well also use basic shapes.

    1. Identify the big, medium, and small parts.

    2. For the body, draw a long rectangle.

    3. For the head or cab, draw a vertical rectangle with a small triangle on the upper right along the center of the body.

    4. For the wheels, draw two circles at the bottom of the body.

    5. Add the details.

    Let’s draw the bus now.

    Add Patterns On The Car Windows

    How to Draw a CAR – Easy Kids Drawings

    Car windows are typically reflective, thus resulting in visible diagonal patterns. Draw multiple parallel diagonal lines on each car window to create the illusion of a reflection.

    Now that you have successfully drawn a car, its time to the most exciting partcoloring your awesome car drawing! Go ahead and pick the colors to make your car vibrant and colorful!

    Cars come in a wide range of designs and exist in every color. So, if you have a favorite color, theres most probably a car with that color.

    This gives you a lot of color options to choose from when coloring your car.

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    Drawing Bus Step By Step For Kids

    How to draw the bus step by step with image

    To download worksheets draw Vehicles by steps, simply click on the images below. A larger version will open in a new tab or window. Right-click on the image and select . Use sheets and Enjoy!

    Fun Coloring Pages for kids is an Educational game for preschoolers. Kids Learn and color: Alphabet Letters, Animals, Shapes, Fruits, Vegetables, Vehicles, Dinosaur, Flowers, Butterfly, and Bee!

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    Outline The Body Of The Car

    Right above the bumper, structure the outline of the cars body by drawing downward curved lines extending all the way to the other end of the bumper.

    The outline consists of two downward curved lines: one small curved line for the hood connected to a relatively bigger curved line to form the roof of the car,

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    How To Draw A Car Step By Step With Pictures

    Step 1: Draw a rectangle for the outline of the cars main body. Do it with easy strokes so that it will help in erasing.

    Step 2:On the top of the rectangle draw a curved line from one end to another as shown in the picture below to form the cabin of the car. Then on the lower line of the rectangle draw 2 circles on both ends for the tires. Keep remembering to always draw easy strokes.

    Step 3: Now its time to shape the front bumper on the right side of the rectangle and then go for the trunk of the car on the left side of the rectangle by following the outline as shown in the figure.

    Step 4: Draw the front and back screens and glasses of the door with front and back headlight as shown in the picture below. Erase all the extra lines.

    Now the frame of the car is ready, it needs to highlight the parts of the car.

    Step 5: To separate the wheels from the body of car add some gaps and remove all the other outlines. Add all other details as shown in the pictures.

    Step 6: Draw the doors of the car and also mark the division of the glasses, add all other details as shown in the picture. You can easily do car sketching step by step with the help of this.

    Step 7: Now complete the tire by drawing the rims and finish the outlines.

    Step 8: Draw all other details you want in your car as handles, steering on the wheel on the front side. By drawing all details your car is ready to run on the road.

    Kids Tips On How To Draw A Car

    How To Draw A Bugatti Chiron (Front View)

    ByDeshea R Witcher | Submitted On March 03, 2010

    It is important to bear in mind that kids love cars very much because cars are the first toys kids play with when they are growing. It is therefore advisable to let kids draw cars so that they can expand their imagination and develop creativity skills. It is also important to make the whole process of how to draw a car step by step for kids to be fun and exciting. If the kids enjoy doing something, they will definitely grasp the concept very well and retain the concept in their minds.

    There are some requirements that are needed when kids are engaged in the process of how to draw a car step by step. One thing which is very important is a plain paper. The plain paper will be used by the kids to make their drawings. Another requirement is a pencil. Make sure that the pencil that is used by the kids to draw a car is sharp to ensure fine quality. Another important requirement when a kid is practicing how to draw a car step by step is some crayons. The crayons will be used to color the car to achieve a fine finished product.

    Looking for tips and tips on how to Draw Cars ? Visit our website at to learn how to draw a car .

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    How To Draw A Car

      If you are drawing a city road, you cant do without the sketch of a car. It can also be a part of various other pictures. The exercise of medium difficulty can be attempted by children aged 8-10 years. The drawing relies on curves, circles and straight lines.

      Difficulty Level: Intermediate

      How To Draw A Bus

      1. Identify the big, medium, and small parts.

      2. For the body, draw a big rectangle.

      3. For the engine compartment, draw a square on the body’s lower right side.

      4. For the wheels, draw one circle at the bottom of the body and one circle at the bottom of the engine compartment.

      5. For the windows, draw 10 small rectangles across the upper portion of the body.

      6. Add the details.

      Here comes the wee bus!

      It’s SO simple, right? Now you can draw another car, truck, or bus along with your kid!

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      Tutorial On How To Draw A Police Car:

      Chances are your boy already owns a toy police car, complete with flashing lights on top and a deafening siren that goes off every time the car moves. Here is how he can draw a simple police car with flashing lights on the top.

      You Will Need:

      An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

      How To:

    • Draw a straight line for the base and two circles for wheels on it. Figure 6.1.
    • Draw a line between the two wheels, a little above the baseline. Extend the lines just a little beyond the wheels but not through them. Bend them up for the rear and front bumpers. Form a rectangle using that line as the base for the body of the police car. See Figure 6.2.
    • Draw the cabin of the car a trapezoid with the rectangle as the base. The cabin should start from the edge of the rear wheel and end at the edge of the front wheel. See Figure 6.3.
    • Draw a line as shown in Figure 6.4 for doors and windows.
    • Add the tail lights, headlights, door handle and the rims of the wheel to complete the car.
    • Color it blue and black, and your police car is ready.
    • Follow These Directed Drawing Instructions That Make A Fast Race Car Drawing Easy:

      How To Draw A Race Car
    • First draw the wheels of the cartoon race car. Start by drawing a medium-sized circle slightly to the left of the page for the back wheel of the race car. To the left of the first circle, draw a second smaller circle for the front wheel of the race car. Inside each wheels circle, draw smaller circles for the hub caps.
    • Next, draw the bottom and back of the race car body. Draw a straight line connecting the first wheel to the second, and then two more little lines on either side. Then draw a vertical line up from the little line on the right to make the back of the race car.
    • Now draw the rest of the race car body. Connect the top of the back line to the tip of the front line with a wavy diagonal line, to finish the body of the race car. Draw an arc on the wavy line starting above the back wheel to a spot above the front wheel, to make the roof of the race car.
    • Lets add a driver and some lights to the fast race car. Insert a little circle on top of the wavy line under the roof for a race car drivers helmet, and finish it with a half moon shape for the visor. Draw a small half moon in the front and one in the back to make the lights on the race car.
    • Now lets draw a spoiler on the back of the race car. Add two small lines above the back of the race car and a sideways rain drop shape to make a spoiler.
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      Learn How To Draw A Police Car With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial It Has A Basic Car Shape But Needs The Separate Colors And Siren To Finish The Look

      When your students need to draw a police car, heres a little help in getting some of those details in place, so it most definitely looks different than just your average car.

      Every city seems to have their own variations these days, but the white section in the middle and the large block POLICE letters seem too pretty much always be a constant, along with the flashing light on top. This tutorial shows how to get the car shape in place first, and then add those important details at the end.

      More Car Fun From Kids Activities Blog

      How did your car drawing turn out?

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      Online Car Drawing For Kids

      Lets draw a small beetle type of car. It shows how to draw the car in 5 simple steps. It will be a little tricky to draw the edges, since they are too close. Pay close attention to edges and try to draw a nice car

      Drawing is a very interesting kind of applied art, drawings with colors for children allow developing personal qualities in children, instilling in them a sense of taste. Studying with a child, you can teach him / her to think and feel. It is especially useful to draw paints with children of small age. After drawing a year, they develop a small brush motility, which is very useful for mental development.

      In two years children not only play with cars, but also show interest in drawing them. Here, the mother has the opportunity to show all her creative imagination. You can draw almost anything. This can be sport car, anime car or your favorite one.

      Drawings with colors for children will help fully prepare the kid for further education in school. First, coordination of the brush and fine motor skills is improved for 4 years, and secondly, can develop intelligence.

      The main goal of learning to draw is to develop the artistic and creative activity of the kid, to teach children to express their life impressions, emotions and representations through expressive images.

      Easy Steps To Draw A Car

      How to Draw a Car Easy Step by Step

      Everyone can learn how to draw a car! Grab a pencil and follow these simple instructions:

    • Lets start by drawing a rectangle notice the front and top right corner are rounded.
    • Draw a trapeze with round edges, and erase extra lines.
    • Add three concentric circles on each side.
    • For the bumpers, draw two rounded rectangles on each side.
    • Add a line around the wheels and at the bottom of the main figure.
    • Draw two curved lines on each side these are our cars headlights.
    • To make the windows, draw two rectangles with rounded corners.
    • Add lines to make the doors, half a circle for the mirror, and a small door handle.
    • Youre done! You can add details and make other changes as you like.
    • Ta-daa! Now you have a cool car drawing!

      I recommend printing these car drawing instructions because its easier to follow each step with a visual example.

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      How To Draw A Car Easy

      This is another instruction on drawing cars on, in which I will show you how to draw a car easy.

      To draw a car, you will need a pencil or marker, as well as a sheet of paper. At the very end of the instruction on how to draw a car easy, you can use a set of paints, colored pencils, or markers for coloring.

      Lets Talk About Car Drawing For Kids

      So friends, if you want to make this drawing, then definitely read this article from beginning to end. A very amazing thing I have provided for all of you in this article, which is a video tutorial of this drawing. Some steps are given with the help of which you will be able to make this drawing easily. With the help of video tutorials, you will be able to make this drawing even more easily.

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      How To Draw A Car For Kids

      Today, in our online art school we will tell you how to draw a car for kids. In one of our previous drawing guide, we taught you how to draw a car. This guide on how to draw a car for kids is much easier, and this car can draw any of you, even if you have no experience in drawing. The team of divided this simple instruction into eight elementary steps, which are described in the most simple and understandable way. So, lets start the tutorial!

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