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How To Draw A Care Bear

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How To Start A Drawing Of A Bear

Proportions are the key to a realistic drawing of an animal. If the legs are too short or the head too small, even the most elaborate details will not make it look good. 

That’s why we should start every drawing with a rough sketch of the proportions before we invest any time in the details. Such a rough sketch can show us the whole silhouette in a simple way, so we can see the mistakes when they still can be fixed.

This rough sketch should be drawn lightly, with subtle lines that can be easily erased. Draw this way until I tell you to change the technique.

How To Draw A Bear

Of all the mammals, grizzly bears are one of the easiest to drawthey are big and plump, with thick fur concealing the silhouette, and they’re plantigrade, so their legs are similar to ours. Moreover, their characteristic face with tiny eyes and a huge muzzle makes it easy to keep the proportions right. So, even if you’re a complete beginner at drawing, you can safely try drawing a realistic bear with me!

This is going to be a very simple tutorial about drawing a bear in a single pose. If you want to learn more about drawing bears, their anatomy and species, try this tutorial instead:

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Method 1 Of 2:drawing A Realistic Grizzly Bear

  • 1Draw a large horizontal oval with a smaller vertical oval to the left of it. The horizontal oval will be the outline for the grizzly bears body, and the vertical oval will be the outline for the head. The space between the ovals should be equal to the diameter of the smaller oval.XResearch source
  • The large horizontal oval should be slightly taller than the smaller vertical oval.
  • 2Draw a circle thats slightly overlapping the big oval. The circle will be the raised part of the grizzly bears back. Position the circle so a slim portion of the bottom right section of the circle is overlapping with the top left section of the big oval. Make the circle about half as tall as the big oval, but the top should still be higher up on the page than the top of the big oval.XResearch source
  • The circle shouldnt be touching the small vertical oval.
  • 3Connect the top of the circle to each oval with an upward curving line. Starting at the top of the vertical oval, draw an upward curving line that ends at the top left section of the circle. Then, move your pencil to the top of the horizontal oval and do the same thing, this time ending on the top right section of the circle.XResearch source

    At this point, you should have an outline of the grizzly bear’s head, body, and upper neck and back.

  • The end of the curved line should be slightly higher on the page than the point you started at.
  • When you’re finished, each leg should have 2 toes.
  • Method 2 Of 2:making A Cartoon Grizzly Bear

  • 1Draw 2 small circles and shade them in to make the eyes. Position the eyes toward the top of your page since the cartoon bear youll be drawing will be standing up. The grizzly bears face is going to be tilted, so draw the right eye slightly higher up on the page than the left eye. Make the space between the eyes about 3 times the diameter of one eye.XResearch source
  • 2Draw a narrow oval under the eyes for the nose and shade it in. Since the grizzly bears face is going to be titled, position the nose so its centered under the right eye, and draw it so its angled slightly upward. Make the oval about 2 times as wide as the circles. The space between the right eye and the oval should be about the diameter of one of the eyes.XResearch source
  • Dont worry about making the placement or size of the nose perfect. It doesnt need to be exact.
  • 3Draw the right cheek to the side of the eyes and nose. Starting with your pencil slightly to the right of the right eye, draw a line that curves outward around the right side of the nose and then back in toward where the chin will go. The starting and end point of the line should nearly fall along the same vertical path, although the bottom end point will be slightly to the right.XResearch source
  • When youre finished, there should be 2 rounded ears and on top of the cartoon grizzly bears head.
  • Don’t worry about drawing the individual toes on this foot. They’re hidden on the other side of the cartoon grizzly bear’s body.
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    How To Draw A Grizzly Bear

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    Grizzly bears are known for their distinct shoulder humps, long claws, and grizzled fur, from which they get their name.XResearch source Drawing a grizzly bear can seem challenging at first, but you can make the process easier by breaking it down into steps and using guidelines to assist you. If youre looking for an easier, cuter challenge, try drawing a cartoon grizzly bear instead!

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Bear That Looks Adorable

    This tutorial will help you learn how to draw a cartoon bear. There are many things in life that I don’t really wish to experience. Meeting a bear alone in a forest is one of them.

    Fortunately, this big and ferocious animal is probably more scare of you than you are of it. Instead of encountering one of these creatures, let’s try to draw it!

    Enjoy a license to use this illustration here

    Step 1

    First, draw a circle to illustrate the head. Make it perfectly round. Next, add two rectangles to create the ears.

    Step 2

    For the rest of the body, once again, you only need to add simple shapes! The body itself is made with a perfect circle. Draw it about twice as big as the head. For the feet, only an oval shape moved in a 45 degrees angle is necessary. And for the hands, just draw a rectangle near the feet for now.

    Step 3

    Let’s work on the outline of our bear now! Refine the shape of the feet by adding four small toes on each of them.

    Step 4

    Then, work on the body of the bear by drawing the upper part a little bit narrower. You can also adjust the hands by sketching only the outline more accurately, just like in the image shown above.

    Step 5

    Add the details on your bear’s face like the eyes, the nose and the mouth. You can also draw the ears by making the bottom part narrow and rounder.

    Step 6

    Finally, add some details on the body itself and on the feet of your bear to complete the whole thing.

    Step 7

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