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How To Draw A Cartoon Butterfly

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Learn How To Draw A Butterfly And You Have The Perfect Place To Practice Your Symmetrical Drawing Break It Into Simple Steps To Keep It Fun And Easy

How To Draw A Cartoon Butterfly SYA!

Its not too hard to understand why so many children AND adults are fascinated with butterflies. Their color and delicate beauty make them endlessly fun to look at.

Many internet tutorials for learning how to draw them, however, I found to be overly simple or overly complex .

This project is intended to land in the middle. The outline of the wings land on the center guides, to help students get started, and there are just enough shapes inside to give a realistic look, without getting forever lost in them.

TIP: Try challenging your students to layer crayon color to jazz up their background. You dont have to use oil pastels to do it, pressing hard with crayons and laying down lots of waxy color can look amazing too! Scroll down to see this lovely purple coloring option.

How To Draw A Butterfly With Amazing Special Effects

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a butterfly filled with simple digital effects used to create more depth and to make this cartoon illustration more realistic. If you have access to a vector application, then this lesson should definitely be easier to achieve. On the other hand, all effects can also be created using pencils, markers or even paint. Results will vary, but that’s the beauty when creating art … nothing needs to be perfect or similar!

Using a simple video lesson to begin with

Before proceeding with the written version of this tutorial, you can try the video found below. This one should help you learn how to sketch the character properly using a few basic ideas. Then, simply continue with the rest of this lesson to learn how to create more effects inside the character.

step 1 – drawing the cartoon butterfly

Great! In the first step of this tutorial, you must draw the cartoon insect using mostly long and short curved lines. See how both antennas are long and curly. The body is filled with a couple of stripes and wings are loaded with simple patterns. Large pupils and eyes are perfect to create a more friendly character. Once you are done, you can proceed with the next step …

step 2 – Colors to make the insect more appealing

step 3 – color gradients to add another layer of realism

See how adding two colors inside each shape can create a nice effect inside the butterfly. Of course, you can do the same thing using any other material .

How To Draw A Monarch Butterfly

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According to National Geographic, “The monarch butterfly is one of the most recognizable and well-studied butterflies on the planet.” It is famous for its epic seasonal migration, in which “millions of monarchs migrate from the United States and Canada south to California and Mexico for the winter.” Monarch butterflies also live in Europe, Australia, and several Pacific islands.

Each butterfly begins its life as a caterpillar. Caterpillars hatch from eggs and feed on the milkweed plant – the only plant which these young butterflies can eat. After a few weeks, the caterpillars encase themselves in a chrysalis. Their bodies practically dissolve and reform into that of the adult butterfly.

Did you know? Milkweed gives monarch butterflies a special defense. The butterfly stores toxins from the plant in its body. This makes them taste bad and even poisonous to birds.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Butterflies have long been seen in artwork. Some of the oldest dates from 3,500 years ago. In many cultures, the butterfly symbolized the soul. Today, butterflies are still a common motif in jewelry, clothing, décor, and other items.

Butterflies are also seen in animation. In Disney’s A Bug’s Life, Heimlich the caterpillar dreams of becoming a butterfly. When he finally does, his wings are tiny compared to his large body.

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How To Draw Cartoon Butterflies Drawing Tutorial For Preschoolers And Children

Do you want to learn how to draw a cartoon butterflythen look no further. This is a great drawing tutorial for preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and young children. This would actually be a great lesson for any age, but it is especially easy because the entire butterfly can be built with simple shapes, letters, and numbers. Find out how to draw cartoon butterflies with the cartooning tutorial below.

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Drawing A Butterfly Cartoon Loaded With Cool Effects

How to Draw a Cartoon Butterfly

If you already know how to draw a nice butterfly cartoon, then maybe you would like to learn how to apply some nice colors on it to create a superb illustration with a 3D looks to it. If you own a vector software and know how to achieve some basic operations with it, then this drawing lesson is for you!

I will show you how to use the gradient tool to create some nice shadows and how to play with the transparency tool to create cool reflections. Don’t worry! This tutorial might seem difficult at first, but trust me, it can be done quite easily!

Important note: For each step available below, the first image represents the operation you must perform for this particular step. All changes are surrounded by a red outline.

On the second image, you will have the opportunity to see the result of this particular step.

Step 1

First, draw the butterfly cartoon using some dark outlines. Once this is done, fill you cartoon character with basic colors. Don’t worry if it looks strange by now. We will work on colors and shadows in the following steps.

Step 2

This second step is very easy! All you need to do is select the back of each wing and apply a gradient fill on each shape. The back must remain dark, so the bottom can be black and the top colored with a darker tone of brown.

Step 3

Step 4

Next, select the gradient tool once again and work on the head, the antennas and the body. Notice how the antenna on the left is darker than the one on the right.

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

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How To Draw A Butterfly Icon Quickly And Easily

Let’s work on a colorful butterfly icon featuring a simple cartoon insect made from basic elements. In this tutorial, you will have the opportunity to work on an icon rather than creating a cartoon character. What’s the difference? Icons are usually much simpler while cartoon characters are made from thick strokes and more complex shapes.

For this lesson, we will create a simple butterfly filled with light brown colors. Butterflies are fun to illustrate because you can be creative while working with this insect. Wings can be filled with various patterns and colors, shapes can be simple or complex … it’s time to unleash your creativity!

Step 1

Before creating this animal, let’s sketch a basic template to help us create accurate proportions. You can start by drawing a large circle to form the head. Then, add a long and thin rectangle to represent the body. Complete this step by adding wings made from irregular shapes as shown below.

Step 2

Now we can start working on the butterfly. Begin with the head using a circle that is slightly narrower on top. The body is made from two long curved lines and the bottom must be sharp and narrow. Wings are also created from curved lines done using soft corners. Once you are finished, you can erase all orange shapes.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Adding strokes is not a good idea

This is how to use outlines!

Why not add digital effects?

Good job drawing this butterfly icon!

How To Draw A Butterfly Clipart From Cute Rectangles

Draw a simple butterfly clipart using this step-by-step drawing lesson created especially for beginners! Indeed, all steps required are quite easy to duplicate once you are able to draw simple rectangles and circles . You can either create this cartoon character using a vector application or do everything with a pencil and a piece of paper.;

You can find the final version of this cartoon animal below. As you can see, this one is pretty basic to achieved. Of course, you can modify colors and shapes to create an original version not found on this page. Ready? Let’s start this lesson now!;

Step 1

First, sketch a large rectangle to form the body of this cartoon butterfly. On top of this one, you can add two small lines and circles to create the antennas. All shapes done so far must be created using thick outlines. Once you are finished, you can proceed with the second step.;

Step 2

On both sides of the body, you can draw wings using long curved lines. The wings on top can be slightly larger. Inside all four wings, you can draw small circles as shown below. These small circular shapes can have thin outlines instead of thick ones.;

Step 3

Great! We are almost done . Inside the body and head, you can sketch large circular shapes to form the eyes. These eyes are partially hidden on both sides of the body. The pupils are done using smaller circles. Finally, you can create the mouth using a long pointed line.;

Step 4

This is how you can create a simple butterfly clipart!

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How To Draw A Butterfly Step

How to draw a butterfly isnt a hard job to do.; come with me. i will teach you how to make drawing easy.

Hello little artists! Are you thinking about making a beautiful drawing today? Great! You are at the right place then. Here in this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a butterfly step by step.

How To Draw A Cartoon Butterfly Easy Tutorial For Kids

How to Draw a Cartoon Butterfly Cute step by step Rainbow Colors

June 17, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Butterflies

Butterflies are magical insects, that go through four stages in their lives: eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. Most butterflies consume nectar.

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this cartoon butterfly out, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!


Preschoolers and kids of all ages



How to draw a cartoon butterfly

1. Draw a big circle, and draw two small circles above and connect to it with curves. Then draw the body at the bottom.

2.Draw two big bright eyes and mouth. Then draw some stripes on your body.

3. Draw two large oval wings on each side of your body.

4. Draw a curve at the bottom of each wing, as shown above.

5.Draw some ovals on your wings. These are beautiful patterns.

6. Finally, simply color it, and the beautiful cartoon butterfly is done!

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You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

To start this tutorial on how to draw an animated butterfly, you will need to do a few things. First draw a circle for the head and then add a vertical line to it. Next, draw the shapes of the big butterfly wings as you can see here.

Step 2

After completing step one, you will draw two eyes and color them a bit. Next, draw the antennas and then draw the ends of the butterfly wings as you can see here. You can create your own style outfits if you like its entirely up to you. Before you add a cute little mouth to this adorable insect.

Step 3

All you have to do here is first draw the teardrop body and then finish out the outline of the wing shape you want. When thats done, you can also sketch cute looking bold eyebrows.

Step 4

Draw stripes on the butterflys body and then start detailing the wings starting with the two below. Next draw a total of six legs.


Detail the wings on top and then move on to the next step. So far you are doing well!

Step 6

For the final drawing step, all you have to do first is delete all the guides and shapes that you drew in step one. Once youre done, you can move on to adding finishing touches to the edges of the wings.

Heres what your complete line art will look like when youre done. Color in your artboard and youve completed this tutorial on how to draw an animated butterfly step by step.

Go Further With Adobe Fresco

Use digital drawing tools and artistic brushes in Adobe Fresco to put a new spin on your butterfly art. Create multiple layers to build up your drawing and apply effects to specific, isolated sections. And with digital oil paint and watercolor brushes that blend and mix like the real thing, you can achieve natural effects without the mess and expense of physical paints. Whether you create a simple butterfly drawing or a detailed oil painting, now youre ready to flap your wings and take flight.

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How To Draw A Butterfly Very Easy

In this step-by-step drawing instruction, I will show you how to draw a butterfly very easily.

This very cute and beautiful insect can look very different.

I have previously shown the process of drawing a butterfly for kids. There was the simplest version, in which there were few details, and the drawing itself was very simple. This sketch will be a little more complicated. Here I decided to make more complex details and shapes.

Easy Steps To Draw A Butterfly

How to Draw a Butterfly

Lets learn how to draw a cartoon butterfly! All you need is a pencil, an eraser, a piece of paper, and your favorite crayons or colored pencils to color it afterwards.

Print our step by step tutorial and follow these simple instructions:

  • Lets start with the wings. First, draw a circle.
  • Add a cone to make a drop-like shape, and erase extra lines.
  • Draw a smaller circle on the bottom part.
  • Repeat step 2.
  • Draw another set of drops, but this time face the other way.
  • Draw a long oval in the middle, between the circles.
  • Lets draw the head by drawing a small circle on the top of the oval.
  • Add a cute face and antennae and youre done!
  • If you wish, you can decorate the wings to make it look like a monarch butterfly, or add fun patterns too. Get creative!

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    Second Step Give Your Cartoon Butterfly Some Wings

    When drawing the wings, start with the upper right wing. First, draw the upper-right wing. Then, mirror it as best as you can by drawing the upper left wing. Use the center line to help you keep symmetry, but remember it doesnt need to be perfect!

    Once youve got the top left and right wings done, do the same for the bottom ones. Again, keep using the center line to keep symmetry and proportion.

    The other thing you may want to do is give your butterfly some “tail wings”. This is an extra that I came up with butterflies dont usually have them in real life, and if they do theyre more of an extension of the bottom left and right wings.

    If you want, come up with your own butterfly wings. So long as you keep symmetry, theres really no end to how creative you can get! Make the wings smaller, bigger or add more layers too if you like!

    How To Draw A Realistic Butterfly:

    Step 1: Draw a small circle, and 2 diagonal parallel lines, one going from the circle. Draw an interesting line in between these 2 lines.

    Step 2: Following the outline draw 2 arcs on both sides of the head. Below it draw 2 angular ovals of different sizes.

    Step 3: Extend the wings curve towards the thorax with the curvy line.

    Step 4: Below that wing draw another curve for the second wing. Draw chambers of the thorax as in the image.

    Step 5: With wavy lines draw the wings realistic.

    Step 6: Start drawing patches of the wings with random angular shapes.

    Step 7: Draw the patches in the lower wings also and add small random shapes all over the wings.

    Step 8: Outline all the borders and add random long leaves from all sides of the paper.

    Step 9:; Contour your wings, abdomen, and thorax with hatching.

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    Cartoon Drawing Of A Butterfly

    How To Draw A Cartoon Butterfly

    OK. Lets make a simple cartoon drawing of a butterfly

    When it comes to drawing, butterflies are always winners. Theyre super easy to create, with only a few simple steps.

    Butterflies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and have an infinite possible number of different designs on their wings makes drawing them all the more fun!

    In this lesson making a cartoon drawing of a butterfly symmetry is very important. Just remember, whatever you do to the one side, do pretty much the exact same to the other!

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Butterfly With Cute Patterns

    Drawing a cartoon butterfly: some fun facts before starting sketching!

    • The skeleton of the butterfly is outside its body. It is called the exoskeleton.
    • A monarch can fly up to 900km without interruption!
    • The lifetime of a monarch is around 7 to 10 months.

    Step 1

    Everybody has drawn a butterfly at one point or another. Butterflies are easily recognizable with their small antennas , colorful wings and small bodies .;

    The one on the picture on your left is called a viceroy. There are more than 2 million different species of butterflies around the world. Around 600 of them can be found in the U.S. and in Canada.

    Step 2

    The shapes of the butterfly are simple to figure out. A circle for the head, a rectangle for the body and triangles for the wings. The antennas are drawn using two simple straight lines. Notice how the fore wing is smaller than the hind wing. All wings are attached near the head of the butterfly. The butterfly has also 6 small legs that are not shown in this image.

    Step 3

    For this example, we will draw a simple cartoonesque butterfly. First, sketch an oval for the body and two circles for the eyes. Next, draw the antennas with a long curly line.;

    Then, add the wings. Don’t forget to draw the fore wings smaller than the hind wings. The final step is up to you. Add the color of your choice, the texture you prefer and the pattern you wish to see.

    Step 4

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