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How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon

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How To Draw A Dragon Video & Step

How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon (Step by Step)

In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a cute cartoon Dragon.

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To draw this cartoon Dragon step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw a curved line similar to a half-circle for this little cartoon dragon’s eye. Sketch lightly at first so that it’s easy to erase if you make a mistake. When you get the shape right, darken the line and make it thick for eyelashes. The shape should be like a circle that doesn’t connect at the bottom.

Step 2: Inside the eye, draw a small circle for the iris. Sketch lightly at first to get the shape right. Inside the iris, at the top and bottom, draw two tiny circles for highlight. In the middle of the iris, draw a smaller circle and shade it in for the dragon’s pupil. Don’t overlap the highlights.

Step 3: Draw a curved line above the dragon’s eye for a thick brow. Make the line jagged along the way to give the brow a rough, bony look.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon Loaded With Cool Textures

Learn how to draw a cartoon dragon colored in red and filled with several textures, shadows and complex digital effects. Indeed, I will show you how to draw this interesting cartoon character using a side view while this one is flying throughout the sky. You will definitely need to use a vector application to create this animal .

Illustrations from this site can be yours now!Learn more.

step 1 – setting up our drawing using basic shapes

First, we need to sketch a few simple shapes to help us create a template to work with. All these shapes are needed so that we can nail the posture and all proportions before creating the final lines. A long oval shape can be drawn to form the head while a small circle is needed for the jaw. The body is also made from an oval shape while all other elements are made from irregular rectangles.

step 2 – drawing all major body parts

It’s now time to draw the cartoon dragon itself. Long curved lines are mostly used to represent the wings, the body, the tail, the head, the legs and the arms. Once all lines are created , you can erase all orange shapes drawn in the previous step.

step 3 – adding a few details on the cartoon dragon

Inside the visible wing, draw a few long curved lines to complete the pattern. A long curved line is also added along the chest . The pupil and the eye are made from simple curved lines with pointed ends and three nails are sketched on each foot.

step 4 – even more details before adding colors

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Are you always doodling? Do you love to create cartoons? These are the art classes for you! I’ve created a small, friendly group that works together in our online art class. Were open to anyone who likes to sit, doodle and dream up cartoons. There are drawing classes for kids , young children and even adults.

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Discover Online Classes In Drawing

Character Illustration, sketching tips, ink drawing, pencil portraits, and more.

Dragons have captured our imagination for centuries, but have you ever tried to draw one? Whether you feel inspired to create a fearsome fire-breathing monster or something a little more cute and cuddly, were here to show you how easy it can be to create your own dragon drawings.

What Are Some Fun Art Activities

How to Draw a Cartoon Dragon

Here are 8 activities to add to your to-do list this summer! 1. Visit the museum. 2. Color the stones or shells. 3. Participate in arts-based community services. 4. Take a walk through the local gallery. 5. Follow the course. 6. Work on your diaries. 7. Look for events at your local library. 8. The wire bombards the tree.

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Finish The Body Details

Add in the rest of the details to complete your dragon drawing.

Once your head is complete, you can start working on the rest of the body. Go back over your original outline with a darker pencil and add extra lines to create the body structure. Think about how the dragons skin will wrap around the bones of the arms and legs, as well as anywhere there may be more exposed bone structure like the wings and fingers.

Add a few spikes along the dragons spine and any other details youd like to include, like spots or stripes. Once youre happy with how your dragon looks, you can either erase your guidelines or place a new sheet of paper over the top and trace your dragon using an ink pen.

Congratulations, youve just finished your first dragon drawing!

How To Draw A Dragon Clip Art Using Fun Examples

Drawing a dragon clip art can be done using a wide variety of techniques. In this series, you will learn to draw these fun creatures using basic shapes, complex effects and realistic textures. Whether you are new to drawing or are simply looking for something more challenging to illustrate, all you need to succeed can be found here.

Dragons are legendary creatures often found in fantasy novels, movies and video games. These huge monsters were also mentioned in ancient civilizations that were ruling the earth centuries ago. Even more fascinating is the fact that you can trace these creatures on most continents. Of course, all versions were not quite similar to the ones we can think of today, but it’s still very impressive.

Working on a cute dragon made from perfect curved lines

First, let’s see if we canlearn to draw a dragon mostly made from circles and curved lines. You can start by working on the head using a large rectangle. The body is tiny and made from smaller lines. Sketch two arms using subtle broken lines. The tail is short and done using a triangle.

Inside the head, draw two large circles to illustrate the eyes. Small wings are added on the back of the animal. You can also draw pupils using medium circles. Spikes are drawn on the back of the creature. Don’t forget to sketch several teeth under the mouth.

This cute character is filled with more details

Using gradients to create more depth

Building a realistic cartoon head from scratch

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How To Draw A Red Dragon

  • Step 1 Okay, are you ready to go or what? First draw a small circle for the dragon head and
  • Step 2 Now, in the next step, first remove the razor sharp teeth from the dragon’s mouth. then sign
  • Step 3 As you can see, your red dragon is doing well. You start drawing the eyeliner.
  • Step 4 Draw the wing fabric and make sure to draw the skin fabric to make it look like this.

Ink With Your Instincts

How to draw a cartoon dragon

Now I grab my pen. But of course you can outline darker in pencil. I almost always start with the eyes not so in this case as those are not the key feature. Here its the shape of the face, body, and tail. This is going to give my character expression so this is where I begin. I have lots of sketchy lines on my page, but I use my instincts to commit to which will look best for my cartoon. Here I trust my taste.

With my pen, I continue to outline the rest of my character. I exaggerate the lines that give the feeling I am looking to express.

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How To Draw A Dragon

Please PAUSE the “How to Draw a Dragon ” video after each step to draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw two short, diagonal lines for the dragon’s eyebrows. Sketch lightly at first. When you get the angles right, darken the lines. Bend the tips and add a small line in the middle to emphasize the furrowed brow. Under each eyebrow, draw a diamond-like shape for the eyes. The eye on the right should be a bit bigger because of how the head is turned.

Step 2: Under the eye on the left, draw a curved, vertical line for the dragon’s muzzle. Add an extra bump near the bottom of the line to indicate the first nostril. Curve the line to the right then upward so that it ends near the eye on the right. The overall shape of the muzzle under the eyes should be similar to the letter U.

Step 3: Under the muzzle, draw another curved line for the lower jaw. Follow the curvature of the muzzle so that the lower jaw is somewhat parallel to it. Inside the jaw, draw a shorter, curved line for the dragon’s open mouth.

Step 4: Within the muzzle, draw a couple of short lines for the other nostril. Inside the mouth, along the edges, draw a series of triangle-like shapes for the dragon’s teeth.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Baby Dragon And The Creative Concept Of Potential

by Sarah Jane Vickery | Jun 11, 2020 | YouTube Tutorials |

This week at Cartoon Club online art classes for kids it was all about dragons. Perfect for Harry Potter fans like me our topic was Me & My Dragon. What would your dragon be like? We had fun imagining all the potential situations and characters we could create: an ice dragon, a frozen lake, a mysterious sunken castle. We did lots of great drawings in our online art class but one of my favourite characters was this baby dragon .

Ive just posted up a new video on my YouTube channel showing you how to draw and colour this little fire-breathing cartoon. I thought Id share how I did one character, so if you missed our online art class, you can have a go and cartoon now. In this how-to-cartoon video I talk about how to transition and do gradients with pencil crayon which brings this character to life. There are just so many possibilities with the theme of dragons.

Theres always a new topic to doodle in our online Cartoon Club art class something that will not only improve our drawing abilities, challenge us to come up with new and creative ways of solving problems. It was challenging to draw all the features on the map but this is a pretty fun character to doodle yourself so have a go and let me know what you think in the comments.

Heres what you will need:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Black marker or fine-liner
  • Eraser or rubber
  • 3 or 4 Colours

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How To Draw A Dog

  • Draw a small circle. This will be the circumference of the dog’s head.
  • Draw a square sticking out of the circle. This will be the beginning of the dog’s muzzle.
  • Add 2 triangles to the circle. These will be dog ears.
  • Draw 2 straight lines from the bottom of the circle. This will be the circumference of the dog’s neck.
  • Draw a large vertical oval under the neck. The oval represents the upper part of the dog’s body.
  • Draw a smaller vertical oval overlapping the base of the larger one. This is the lower part of the dog’s body, including the abdomen.

Final Step You Know How To Draw Dragons

How to Draw a Dragon (Cartoon)

Everything finished now? Got the tail, horn and remaining details drawn? Excellent!

If you like, go ahead and take your drawing a step further. You can add some scales in the form of small repeating arcs similar to how fish scales look. Or, how about a series of simple circles for some spots?

Same with other parts of your dragon as well, there are lots of different ways to change things up so that it becomes more unique to your own style of drawing.

Anyway lets wrap things up here.

Congrats on a job very well done you now know how to draw dragons!

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Third Step How To Draw Dragons Bodies

Referencing the central oval, along with the limb lines that extend outwards from it drawing the neck, limbs and body of your dragon is a much easier task. The two examples below illustrate this quite nicely

Something to add if youve gone to tackle some of the other more difficult dragon drawing lessons, youll see that there are more lines involved, making the drawings more detailed and well more complex. Remember just because this lesson is Intermediate-level, doesnt mean you cant bump things up a notch. You can use the positioning ideas of your dragon here in this lesson, and apply it to drawing a more complex dragon from some of the others. And yes the same goes for making some of the more complex lessons simpler.

Second-last step now how to draw the rest of your dragon!

Fire Breathing Dragon Drawings

Fire-breathing dragons are the next step in creating memorable artwork.

When you ask anyone to describe dragons, the first thing theyll probably say is, they breathe fire. You can learn how to draw a fire-breathing dragon quickly and easily, from scary sky monsters all the way down to cute baby dragons.

Source: Taking inspiration from seahorses, give seadragons a go next time youre looking for a sketching idea.

Like the bearded dragon, sea dragons are found in the real world. But this time, the clue is in the name! These creatures are related to the seahorse, which you can use as the basis for your design if youre looking for a simple way to start.

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How 2 Draw A Dragon

To start, use gentle, light strokes.Step 1 : Draw two circles as a guideline for the dragon’s body.Step 2 : Draw a smaller circle on the top right of the dragon’s body.Step 3 : Draw an arc next to the head as a guideline for the dragon’s face.Step 4 : Draw oblique lines under the dragon’s body to guide the legs.

How To Draw Minion For Kids

Drawing: How To Draw a Cute Cartoon Dragon – Step by Step drawing lesson for beginners
  • Step 1. First I draw the correct elongated shape. Similar to beans, only without the elbows on the sides. The shape must
  • Step 2. By the way, at the last stage I drew the corpse of the minion. Now I describe the contours of the eyes and mouth.
  • Step 3. Your minion’s body and facial features are already rough. Maintenance

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How To Draw Dragons

Learning how to draw dragons simple and flying through the air like the one above, is fairly simple to do. Here, Ive made sure to keep all of the lines basic and to the point. That, and an easy-to-sketch guideline from which you can use to help maintain proportion in your drawing.

Ready to begin then? Heres how to draw dragons

How To Draw A Dragon Head

Draw the dragon’s head with easy-to-draw shapes. Use shapes such as two wedges to draw the basic shape of the muzzle. Draw the neck. Draw the basic shape of the header you want to add. Draw additional shapes such as cones or mounds that will serve as a place for horns or tendrils, hair, etc. Draw an attachment of your choice.

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How To Draw An Easy Cartoon Dragon Step By Step For Young Learners

Drawing a dragon? Dont be intimidated by this tutorial. The European dragons have a set of wings and four legs. Dragons are also seen in other Asian cultures, such as East Asian, Korean, Japanese, and South Asian as a famous powerful mythological deity. Although dragons are known for being difficult to draw, we can approach it in these 8 steps with a simple, easy, very cute cartoon dragon instead!

And why not check out our collection of free coloring pages for kids! We update our resources library regularly so feel free to check back as we add more and more content. Were currently at over 1000+ coloring pages and creating more how-to-draw stuff art tutorials!

Note: This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 10

Second Step Drawing The Body

How to draw a Dragon (Cartoon)

Next step is to give your cartoon dragon a body. So, begin by extending the centerline of your cross down below the head. Draw the line as far down as you think you should. You can get away with a short line as this is supposed to be a baby.

Looking at the example to the right, you can see how the left and right sides are indeed very similar. Well, go ahead and do the same I recommend beginning with the paws.

Draw two circles one on either side of the centerline. Then, work your way up to the head of your dragon with two simple lines to form the arms/shoulders and the neck.

For the belly, all it is is two curved lines. Begin at the lower outer side of each circle and draw the curves so that they meet at the same exact point on the centerline, just like they do to the right.

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