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How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

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Second Step Drawing Your Cartoon Elephant

Teaching Kids How to Draw: How to Draw a Cartoon Elephant

With a very simple and nice-looking framework in place, go ahead and begin to draw your cartoon elephant beginning with the eyes.

In my case nice big circles in your case who knows! Draw the eyes however you like. And when youre done, continue on with the trunk, and then the tusks

The eyes, trunk and tusks are the three main components of the face of your elephant. Once in place, you can easily go ahead and sketch in the ears on either side of the head, followed by the head itself. Do this and then move on forward to draw in the legs, body and tail

The rectangles make drawing the legs pretty darn simple too. You dont even have to draw them curved like I did straight tree trunk-like legs will do just fine for a cartoon elephant!

When youre all finished, get rid of the underlying framework with a good eraser. Then, think about the details and color you can add to bring your elephant to life. And if you like, it may be fun to draw the elephants arch enemy alongside it a tiny cartoon mouse!

How To Draw A Elephant Video & Step

In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a cartoon Elephant step by step.

Following us

To draw this cartoon Elephant step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw two small ovals for the elephant’s eyes. Shade in the ovals but leave a couple of circles inside each oval blank to represent glare. Space out the eyes. Don’t draw them too close together. If you’d like, you can skip the glare circles and just shade the ovals completely.

Step 2: Draw a short, curved line between the eyes for the first part of the elephant’s trunk. Now draw a line that slopes to the left like a slide to form the top edge of the trunk.

Step 3: On the left side, draw a small wavy line for the trunk’s tip. Now draw a longer, curved line below for the bottom edge of the elephant’s trunk. The tip of the trunk should be thin, while the base should be thick.

  • Start

Adding Some Details To The Underdrawing

We will start adding some bigger details in this step.

So let´s start by drawing the general form of the ears. I simply drew two s-curved lines from the head of the elephant to the tips of the ears. I also drew a curved line on the side of the elephants head to give him some cheeks.

Next up we will add the eyes to the elephant. The eyes are two simple elongated ellipses that sit insight the guidelines, that we drew earlier. I also added some high sitting eyebrows to give the elephant an expression.

We will also add some lines at the back of the elephants head to give the elephant some hair and character. Elephants dont really have hair, that is that long but it gives our cute cartoon elephant a little bit of character.

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Establishing The General Form Of The Elephants Head

We will start by drawing a simple circle with our graphite pencil that is going to be the head of our elephant.

Don´t stress out about making the circle perfectly round. Keep your lines very light because you will erase most of the lines later on!

Then we will draw some guidelines for the eyes and the base of the trunk. Always keep in mind, that the head of an elephant is round, so our guidelines are going to be ellipses.

The trunk of the elephant is curving upwards. Our elephant is holding its trunk over its head but you can change it up if you want to.

The mouth of the elephant is right under the trunk. I added a lower tip to the elephant to give him a big smile. I also added two round lines at the side of the elephants head to establish where the ears are going to be.

And with this, we are done establishing the general form of the elephants head.

Materials That You Will Need For Drawing An Elephant

How to Draw a Cartoon Elephant (Step by Step)

I will list the tools, that I used to draw this cartoon elephant and I will also list some similar tools, that you can get, that will do the job at least as well as the tools I used.

You don´t need to get the exact same tools, that I have in order to draw this elephant well. So don´t stress out about getting the exact right tools.

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Now Draw The Elephants Facial Features

Give your elephant a bit of an emotion and expression by drawing its eyes.

Draw two upright oval shapes with a tiny circle inside the outline. Shade the entire eyes while leaving out the tiny circle shape unshaded. This creates a dramatic glimmering eyes effect, making your elephant drawing look more adorable!

Finally, here is the most exciting partfilling in the colors for your awesome drawing! This is the part where you can show off your artistic skills and your ability to mix and match various colors.

Majority of the elephants have grey skin. However, there are some elephants in various regions that have brownish or reddish skin. There are also a few elephants with patches and depigmentation all over their skin, which is why some elephants appear to have spotted, striped, or polka-dotted skin.

Feel free to color your elephant drawing however you like and use any colors you prefer! And while youre at it, why not try experimenting with different coloring materials as well?

How To Draw An Indian Elephant For Kids:

Step 1: Draw a big oval for the guideline of the body.

Step 2: Now, draw a curvy C, broaden on the upper side and narrow at the end from the top of the body, draw sleek C from below and enclose both curvy lines forming head and trunk.

Step 3: Draw the 2 front legs, 2nd leg overlapping the body and broader on top, refer image below.

Step 4: First, draw 2 back legs visible from front and erase the overlapping lines.

Step 5: Draw 2 big ears of an elephant. Draw reversed C for the front ear and a small curve for the back ear on the head.

Step 6: Draw 2 teeth with the pointed cone on the trunk.

Step 7: Draw eyes on the trunk in front of the ear. Draw fine lines on the trunk for skin shrink also draw a tiny tail at the back.

Step 8: Draw small curves below the legs. Give a background to your drawing, draw outline for grasses and land.

Step 9: Color your elephant with grey and background with your imaginations.

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How To Draw An Elephant: Step By Step Drawing The Outline

Step 1: Start outlining the elephant’s face

Start outlining the elephant’s head from about halfway up, and down to the chin. Round off the tip of the chin. Then outline the tusk.

Next, we start improving on our simple trunk sketch. Outline only the top portion of the “nose” circle. Then draw three more “folds” – simple curves – at the start of the trunk.

Step 2: Finish drawing the trunk and mouth

Draw small curves at the top to finish the trunk folds, where it is wrinkled from being bent up.

Then outline the rest of the trunk and the mouth. Notice we have added a slight bend to the small oval at the end of the trunk.

Step 3: Draw the elephant’s head

Now it is time to outline the rest of the elephant’s head and ears. Once you have done that, draw the eyes and fill in the pupils.

Step 4: Draw the elephant’s legs

In this step, we are outlining the elephant’s legs. If you want a simple drawing, you can draw the legs straight, the same as they are in the sketch, but they will look much better if instead of the straight lines you use smooth “S” curves. Do not forget to widen out your legs at the feet.

Step 5: Finish drawing the elephant’s body and tail

This is a simple step, just outline the visible parts of the body oval – and notice we are not closing it completely. Then draw the elephant’s tail and the little hairy tip.

Step 6: Add final details

Our elephant drawing is almost complete – here are the final details. Add two curves to mark the top of the ears.

Heres How To Draw An Elephant From The Side

How to Draw a Cartoon Elephant
  • Think of a box thats just a bit longer on the sides than it is high. Dont draw it, just picture it.

This will help you position the elephant on your paper, so you dont run out of space while youre drawing.

  • Very lightly draw a big perfectly round circle on one side of the imaginary box. This is your elephants hindquarters.
  • Draw another really light, smaller, slightly overlapping circle to form the shape of your elephants shoulders. This circle should be on the left side of the big circle.
  • Draw one last light circle thats even smaller than the second one, just to the left of your second circle. This is your elephants head.
  • Now you are going to draw the top line that makes the elephants trunk, and connect it to the top part of his head, shoulders, back, and hindquarters, going all the way down to the ground to make the line of one of his back legs. This line should be heavier than the light circles you drew, so press your pencil down just a bit more.

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First Step Four Circle Guideline

As I mentioned above, when you look at elephants straight on, the shapes of which they are composed are easy to make out. And again, this makes mapping out a guideline a whole lot easier too!

You can summarize the head and body section as four overlapping circles. Start with the center circle the head and then draw three more for the ears and body of your cartoon elephant.

When youre done this, take a look below at how to map out the position of the legs, the facial features, and the tusk and trunk. Note the BIG cross

I purposely extended the cross to go below and beyond the face area. Basically, the trunk is a really long nose. Use the cross to help you position the trunk, and if you like draw it so that it curves slightly to the left or right.

OK things are looking good! Lets keep going

How To Draw An Elephant: Finished Drawing

How to draw an elephant: finished outline drawing

Here is the completed elephant pencil outline drawing, after we have erased the sketch lines with an eraser.

How to draw an elephant: finished drawing coloured-in

And as usual, we like our drawings completed in colour. Elephants are just a simple grey in colour. The trick is to use different shades of grey to shade the elephant’s body. We left the tusk and toenails white and added a pink mouth for contrast.

That is the end of our how to draw an elephant tutorial – this one turned out to be a happy, cute young elephant. And judging by the size of the ears, this is an African elephant. The Asian variety has much smaller ears.

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Add Patterns All Over The Elephants Body

Now, its time to add textures and details all over the elephants body to make it look dimensional and realistic.

Starting with the ears, draw a line inside the ears following the outline. This outlines the inner ear of the elephant. Then, draw three curved lines within the middle of the ear to create folds inside the ear.

Draw An Elephant In Five Steps

How to draw a cartoon Elephant

Follow along as illustrator Alex Braun draws an elephant in five simple steps using a digital drawing app, like Adobe Fresco. Before you start, Braun recommends looking up a reference photo to use as a guide throughout the process.

Image by Alex Braun

1. Draw circles for the body.

Elephants are solid, rounded animals. So to start out, simplify the body into three oval shapes: one for the head, torso, and pelvis area. Use rounded strokes and curved lines throughout the whole drawing. Even for lines that look straight, retain a slight bend. Otherwise, your elephant will look stiff and not lifelike.

2. Build out your limbs.

Use your circles as a guide, and fill out the shapes of the elephants body. This may seem like a big leap, but with the help of your circles and reference photo, youll be surprised how easily it comes together. Think of the legs as cylindrical shapes and the ears as triangles or trapezoids, advises illustrator Chioma Iloegbunam. Make sure to draw a more pointed arch near the base of the back, because the elephants spine is very defined, adds Braun. You can also sketch details like the tail, toenails, and eyes at this stage, but dont get bogged down by perfecting every detail yet.

Image by Alex Braun

3. Outline and fill the body.

4. Add gradients.

Image by Alex Braun

5. Add shading and final touches.

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How To Draw An Elephant Clipart That Looks Really Cute

If you want to illustrate a simple elephant clipart using a basic template easy to duplicate, then please take a moment to try this drawing lesson. It offers everything you need to help you draw a cute cartoon elephant in minutes! You can see the final illustration below.

Elephants are fascinating animals. They are tall, quite heavy and easy to recognize with original features like a long trunk and large ears. Elephants also have 26 large teeth and a tough skin. They are mostly found in Africa and Asia. These animals are also quite intelligent and are also known for being able to use basic tools. Let’s start this drawing lesson now!;

Step 1

First, create a large rectangle made from a thick outline. This rectangle is used to form the body and the head of the cartoon character. Then, draw two large ears using several curved lines. When you are finished, you can proceed to the next step.;

Step 2

Now the fun begins! Continue your good work by drawing two large circular shapes to form the eyes of the animal. Pupils are made from additional circles.

Finally, you can complete this step by adding a long trunk made from a single curved line just below the eyes. On the trunk, you can use three small lines to add a little bit of texture.;

Step 3

Step 4

Drawing this elephant clipart was a fun experience!

More cute elephants from this site are also available below. These fun characters are easy to illustrate and featuring various styles, postures and designs. Enjoy! 🙂

By Step Drawing Tutorial On How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant Easily

Time needed:;1 hour.

illustrations to draw a cartoonish elephant.

  • simply draw a Rectangular shape and 2 circles lightly.
  • draw the trunk of the elephant.
  • sketch 2 symmetrical 3 curves and 2 C curves.
  • draw head hairs
  • draw eyebrows and eyes of the elephant.
  • first, draw the symmetrical hands and then draw a C curve joining it to symmetrical ellipses, now draw the
  • sketch the ears of the elephant.
  • draw curvy lines in the ears.
  • add more details on the body.
  • remove unnecessary lines .
  • colour the elephant .
  • how is your completed cartoonish elephant sketch looking, i think you enjoyed this step by step illustration .

    and this illustration helped you in sketching elephant easily.

    and thanku soooo much ; for visiting my website.

    if you enjoyed this tutorial

    tell me in the comment below .

    there is animal step-by-step drawing tutorial for you.

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant From Rectangles And Squares

    In this easy tutorial, I will show you how to draw the coolest cartoon elephant using only squares, rectangles, two dots and a couple of lines! This is the perfect drawing lesson for someone who is just starting at drawing! The level of difficulty is quite low and everyone can achieve this tutorial will a little practice.

    Since the elephant is a massive and big animal, using only shapes like rectangles and squares to represent it is quite relevant! It will help us draw a simple animal while keeping all its physical attributes easily recognizable. A dream for any artist.

    Also notice on each step below how to tail is small and how the eyes are places on the face . You don’t necessarily need to draw everything like I did! Don’t hesitate to use creativity and some imagination to come up with a more personalized drawing.

    Step 1

    Lets Draw A Cartoon Elephant

    How to draw a cartoon Elephant

    Now, that we have all the necessary things out of the way, we can actually start drawing!

    Before we get going with the first step I will give you some general tips, that will help you with the drawing.

    Keep all your lines with the graphite pen very light, because you will erase almost all of the lanes later on. The lighter you draw your lines the easier they are to erase later on.

    This is going to be a cute cartoon elephant, so in order to make the elephant look cute, we will use some very specific form-language. Form-language is something, that the artist utilizes to give an extra layer of detail to their drawing, which will help the viewer understand the artists intention.

    So our intention is to make the elephant look cute and round shapes are generally making a subject look cuter. So the majority of our shapes are going to be very rounded. We will also avoid sharp points in our drawings.

    And the final tip is to draw from your shoulder and not from your wrist. By doing this your lines will be a lot smoother and you won´t be struggling with round shapes and circles as much anymore.

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