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How To Draw A Cartoon Frog

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Character 2: Another Frog

Our second tutorial is has the same structure at the first:

  • thePencil Sketch This design is super duper simple, therell be no overlaps here except for our frogs arms
  • the Inking Stage The order of how we ink this character isnt too important, as long as you make sure his arms and hands are overlapping with his body
  • the Colouring Stage Same procedure with our first frog. We will add in our main colours and then shade him in with purple. All we need here is light green, peach and purple thank goodness this froggy is wearing no clothes!

Okayyy lets get sketching!

Step 3: Lets Color Our Drawing

Before I start coloring a drawing like this I usually choose the right colors for the drawing.

I chose three differently saturated green colors, a white color, and a darker color for the eyes.

For coloring you can use any medium, that doesn´t smudge your black marker. You could use crayons, colored pencils, watercolor or something similar. Whatever you like best.

I always start by drawing the base color in. In this case, I choose the green color, which is in the middle of the two in terms of saturation.

I colored in the Stomach of the frog next. I chose the light green color for this.

Next up are the eyes. Simply color the eyes with the white color, that you choose and the iris will be painted plack.

Finally, I added some Details by blending some of the base colors together and I also colored the spots on the skin of the frog.

And with this, we are done. You now have successfully drawn your very own frog!

I hope this guide was helpful to you and I hope you had fun following it.

If you liked this guide I have several other easy drawing guides where I teach how to draw a fox or how to draw an alligator in a similar style.

As mentioned before, you can download a worksheet for both of these drawings, that will hopefully help you with these illustrations.

You can download the Worksheet above!

Simple Steps To The Cutest Frog Drawing

Follow this easy how-to-draw a cartoon frog step-by-step tutorial and you will be drawing your own cute frog drawings in no time!

  • First, draw an oval.
  • Now lets do the eyes by drawing two circles on top of the oval.
  • Draw a drop shape below the oval.
  • Add two tilted ovals and erase extra lines.
  • Draw two arched lines.
  • Draw the fingers on the ovals. Your frog is almost done!
  • Now, draw the fingers on the arched lines.
  • Time to add details: draw circles to make the eyes, ovals for the cheek, and a little smile.
  • Amazing job! Get creative and add different details.
  • Your frog is done! Yay!

    How To Draw A Frog Part 3: The Colouring Stage

     Step 17: Time to add our colour light green for his skin, with a bit of peach for his chin and jaw area. Dark blue for his suspenders and pants, yellow for his suspender clips, red for his tie and light blue for his shirt and glasses. We could stop at this step, but we are going to take things a bit further and add a layer of shading to give him a more three dimensional appearance

    Step 18: Our last step! I made this character using Adobe Photoshop. For this step I created a new layer above the cartoon and blocked in the shadows with a dark purple. I then lowered the opacity of the layer to make the purples transparent. If youre using coloured pencils, get out your purple and get shading! Just copy what I have done in the image above. Pay close attention to shading in his spots, every second stripe on his tie and the shadow on his face created by his glasses above.

    Okay we have completed our first frog it is a bit of a complicated design, so lets now move onto a more simplified frog.

    First Step Two Ovals Suffice From A 3/4 Angle

    Two overlapping ovals one for the head, the one in behind for the body help to visualize the structure of this tiny animal before you go ahead and draw it. The cross, as you can see below provides a sense of depth.

    Heres the structure

    Really, drawing this animal is all the more simple when form and structure is taken into consideration ahead of time. But to prove this, lets add some lines!

    Step 2: Lets Draw Some Details

    To start off in this step we will erase all the unnecessary lines.

    We will also add two circles to the eyes of the frog. It is important to leave out a bit of these circles on the top right part to give the illusion of a reflection.

    Finally, we will add some circles to the frog to give the skin some more life and we also add a smiling mouth to our frog to make him look better.

    Finally, you can also color the little frog if you want to.

    If you want to know how I colored the Frog you can check the second illustration below, where I go into more detail about coloring a drawing.

    You Are Going To Love This Cartoon Frog

    This is a dynamic picture, which means the frog is in motion jumping.

    Draw a spindle shaped trunk. The back top is flatter, the bottom belly is more bowl-shaped. As always, make as many pencil lines as you feel necessary in the beginning, youll erase them later.

    Notice that the mouth is also a half-cut spindle shape, attached to the front of the body. On the top of the head draw the eye halves.

    Draw the hind legs first. Hind legs are one of the most important body features on frogs. Not only for a cartoon frog, but also if you draw a frog in general.

    Draw the final body contour over the initial pencil lines and then erase the unnecessary rest.

    Before you start to color the body, draw the eye circles and leave them white. Chose light green pencil and evenly color out the whole body.

    Finally, draw the eyes by black color pencil. You can do the same with softer ordinary pencil B2 or B4, but the graphite will shine which is not always nice.Make a few darker green dots on the back so that your cute jumping cartoon frog appearance looks more natural.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Frog

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    Need to draw a frog for a school project, someone that really loves or just feel like drawing a ? Follow this simple step-by-step guide for instructions on how to draw a cartoon frog.

    Cartoon Frog Part 1: The Pencil Sketch

    Step 1: Draw a head it kinda looks like a whats this called again A circle! Or maybe its a really smoothed out square with no angles

    Step 2: Now draw in two small circles on top for our frogs poppy eyes! Dont forget the pupils

    Step 3: Time for his face draw in a curvy mouth, similar to our first character . And if youre good at drawing dots chuck in some nostrils above his mouth

    Step 4: Draw a rectangle popping out from under his head

    Step 5: For his arms, just draw in some vertical lines

    Step 6: Our first frog had some pretty fancy hands with suction cups, but this frog will just have some flippers! Give him some triangles for his feet. For his arms, give him some lettle trapeziums connecting to his arms

    Step 7: Lets now draw some resting hind legs, just some cut-off ellipses popping out from each side of his torso

    Step 8: Draw in some curves starting at his head, going behind his arms and exiting at his legs. These lines will separate his colours later on

    Step 9: For our last step in the sketch stage, draw a line on each leg to show that his legs are bent

    Get out yo pens. Its time to move to the next stage!

    Learn How To Draw A Cartoon Frog

    It is easy to learn how to draw a cartoon frog. Keep your pencil lines as light as you can so that you can erase them easily later.

    You will start with a rounded triangle shape, similar to a kernel of corn. Keep the point downward with the wide, flat end at the top. This will form the body of your frog.

    How To Draw A Frog Step By Step Cartoon

    Reptiles & amphibians

    Table of Contents

    How To Draw A Frog Step By Step Cartoon?

    What is a frog life cycle? The life cycle of a frog consists of three stages: egg, larva, and adult. As the frog grows, it moves through these stages in a process known as metamorphosis. During metamorphosis, two hormones, prolactin and thyroxine, control the transformation from egg to larva to adult.

    What egg do you get the unicorn in Adopt Me? A unicorn can be hatched from three different eggs: Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, and the Royal Egg. The higher the cost of the egg, the more likely you are to get one. However, the Unicorn is a legendary rarity pet, so that means its a very low percentage to hatch one, even in the more expensive eggs.

    What is the Colour of peacock? Inspired by natures natural pigmentation, Peacock Blue is reminiscent of the green peacock native to South East Asia, whose display of bright, vivid and showy feathers is enchanting. This dark teal colour is artful blend of ratios between the blue and green pigmentation make it almost turquoise in appearance.

    Learn How To Draw A Cartoon Frog With A Cute And Happy Face A Step By Step Tutorial Makes It Easy And Fun For All Ages

    Cartoon drawings are often more about personality than realism. The very best cartoon artists spend years figuring out how to make a few simple lines can convey an attitude, and though they make it look easy, theres a lot of practice behind it.

    Imitating cartoon drawings is a great way for young artists to get started though. The simple shapes are easy to see, and drawing something recognizable can be a real confidence builder.

    This frog is simple so even younger elementary students would probably do well trying him out. Dont skip the tracing step though, as strong black lines make him or her easier color, and lend more to a cartoon look when finished too.

    How Do You Draw A Snail Face

    Step 1: Drawn two long, thin antenna beside each other to start the snails face. Step 2: Draw two arcs away from each antenna and downwards to begin to shape the head. Step 3: Draw one finger like tentacle, jutting out from the right side of the head. Step 4: Draw a matching tentacle on the other side.

    How To Draw A Frog Part 2: The Inking Stage

    As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of overlapping layers to this frog. His eyeballs are in front of his head. His head is in front of his clothes. His clothes are in front of his body, etcetera. So make sure you follow the order of steps below, and youll be sorted!

    Step 10: Lets start with his eyeballs. Once youve drawn two circles, draw in the rest of his head. In our sketch, his mouth was just a horizontal line, but in this stage lets make it wavey so it looks more organic.

    Step 11: Now start inking in his clothes the collar, tie and suspenders are the next elements that are closest to the viewer

    Step 12: Keep working on the clothes draw in his sleeves and ink in his hands. For his fist, follow the overall form of your sketch, but put in some zigzags for his knuckles. For his waving hand, simply draw along the outline of the shape that we created in the sketch phase our foundation sketch of circles and fingers has now merged into one form a neat little froggy hand! 

    Step 13: Okay we inked in his tie in Step 11 and his fist in Step 12, so next we can move on to the elements in the background lets now ink in his trousers and feet.

    Step 15: Lets put in some shadows just add in some thick areas of black to create some depth, interest and contrast to our character. Notice the shadow under his head and under his sleeves these areas of black make our frog look way more interesting!

    Details to his glasses: Hinges, stripes along the bridge

    How To Draw A Frog Cartoon

    In this simple easy drawing tutorial, we will learn how to draw a Frog, step by step for kids and novices. People are confused about this animal that they are reptiles but actually, they are amphibians. Thus it clearly means that they have slimy scales, lay eggs, and live most of the time in the water.

    Young frogs are called tadpoles and are very different from their parents, they dont have legs, rather a long tail to swim. As they start growing all the features started to grow and the tail disappears. This is the reason baby frogs or tadpoles are confused with fish.

    We are here with this tutorial to make your frog drawing easy with this step by step illustration. Make your eraser ready to remove extra lines during the drawing. And without paper and pencil, you cant draw so grab them out. Have you seen a frog, what color it has, use any type of color with your choice.

    With this hopping frog also learn to draw , , etc animals.

    Following are a few fun facts you might know before your frog drawing:

  • They are the best jumper among animals.
  • Frogs have more than 5000 species of frogs.
  • Their size varies up to 300 mm.
  • Few species change their colors.
  • Mostlyfrogs use the Camouflage technique for the defense with enemies.
  • How To Draw Frogs Using A Few Adorable Characters

    Are you ready to learn how to draw frogs that are visually basic, colorful or even complex? Excellent! This page is filled with fun lessons of the most appealing cartoon frogs from this site. You will learn to illustrate this adorable animal using basic shapes like rectangles, circles or triangles. Then, you can also try to improve your images by adding shadows, highlights, gradients and textures.

    Frogs are one of my favorite things to sketch. These lovely creatures have a unique silhouette that can be both easy or challenging to duplicate. The fact that frogs have a perfect round head, long back legs and a bright green skin makes it easier for us artists to create. Ready? Let’s see how we can draw a few samples using various tips and techniques adapted to your skill level.

    drawing a cartoon frog made from rectangles and dots

    Our first subject is perfect for those looking for something easy to draw. Everyone can draw rectangles and a few dots. That’s all we need to learn how to draw frogs in just six easy steps. First, create the silhouette and the patch on the chest using rectangles. All four legs are made from squares and more rectangles.

    Under the feet, you can sketch small dots. The eyes and the nose are made from additional dots. A simple broken line is used to form the mouth of the character. You can add gradients inside the drawing to compete this tutorial. Green colors are needed for the body and head while the dots under the feet can be red.

    Second Step How To Draw A Frog

    Beginning with the eyes and mouth go ahead and bring your cartoon animal into existence with the careful placement of lines, using the images below to help you progress.

    Hopping to it

    The only issue Ive got with the finished result here is the offsetting of its eyes. True in nature, this frogs eyes are positioned such that its pupils appear to be looking in opposite directions . Still you can change the eyes/pupils giving it a unique character altogether.

    Have the pupils look more circular if you like yet still incorporating the red/black combo. Give it a try!

    Until next time!

    Step 2: Refining The Figure Of The Frog

    Now we can draw all the lines with a permanent marker and we can start adding some details like the mouth of the frog and the nostrils.

    The eyes will be drawn the same way as we drew them above as well.

    Simply draw a circle and leave out a bit on the top left side of the iris to give the illusion of a reflection in the eyes.

    As a final Detail, we will add some ellipses to give the skin of the frog a better more realistic look.

    Exploding Snowmen To Predict Spring

    Another interesting fact about snowmen is that people use the explosion of a snowman to predict spring. 

    Many locals in Zurich, Switzerland normally detonate a snowman to predict spring. 

    According to the people in Switzerland, this is a tradition that has been around for a long time. 

    The activity involves stuffing an 11-foot snowman with various items such as straw, dynamite, cotton, and other things.

    Then people sit to see how long it takes for the head of the snowman to explode. 

    Some people place bets on the activity.

    According to this famous tradition, the faster the explosion, the quicker spring arrives.

    How To Draw A Frog

    Hello friend, today we are going to draw a cute cartoon Frog drawing.

    it will be easy for you to draw a Frog by following our easy/simple step-by-step guide .to draw any drawing always remember, sketch with light hands, or dont push too much on paper while,     without wasting any time take a paper, pencil and start drawing with me.

    Easy How To Draw A Frog Tutorial

    Arent frogs just so adorable? They are so small, have funky colors, and can jump really, really far! Its no surprise that most kids want to learn how to draw a simple frog.

    Our frog drawing tutorial is so easy to follow that any kid can become a true artist in a matter of minutes, all while having fun! As always, you can try different ways to color these printables afterward; use markers, coloring pencils, watercolor, or whatever you want to make your frog sketch colorful.

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