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How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

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How To Draw Cartoon Animals: Easy African Giraffe For Young Kids

How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

Giraffes are some of the most iconic animals on this planet! Everyone knows them for their long, long necks. Actually, my favorite features of a giraffe are its eyes! They have big and cute, dark eyes with natural eyeliner and enviable long eyelashes! A giraffes facial features arent easy to draw, especially for kids. They are very unique looking and theres no real mammal out there that looks quite like a giraffe. Were going to do a simplified version of a giraffe, just their face and a separate tutorial for the body. Were going to make it really cute and easy to follow along with! Lets go!

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Note: This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 10

Add The Face And Legs

Add circles for the eyes. Sketch a V-shape lying on its side for the nose. Use two ovals and parallel lines for the horns. Draw a half circle for the chin. Connect a very short curved line to the top of a much longer curved line for the smile.

Form each front leg with a U-shape, two short lines, an oval, two longer lines, and a circle. Place a curved rectangle under each front leg for the hoof. For the rear legs, sketch L-shapes and ovals. Add curved triangles for the hooves.

Learn How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe Easy Enough For Beginners Start A Sketch With This Tutorial Step By Step Giraffe Drawing For Beginners

This artwork instruction will learn how to draw a cartoon giraffe using this elementary step-by-step sketching guide. Giraffes are mammals that are currently considered the tallest of the animal types. Giraffes are very recognizable animals because their appearance cannot be confused with any other animal, giraffes have very long necks, large legs, and a spotted color on the body. The spots on these animals are very individual, so it will be very difficult to find two identical individuals. Giraffes are very daytime animals, they feed during the day or morning and sleep at night. Giraffes sleep very little, only 10-20 minutes! In nature, some animals live according to a different daily routine, such as Owls. Owls eat and hunt at night and rest during the day. The facts about giraffes are readable, but you can read endlessly about these cute animals! And for this reason, lets get down to drawing a giraffe. Enjoy your drawing!

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Cartoon Giraffe

  • Head outline.

    First sketch out the outline of the head of the cartoon cute animal in the shape of an oval.

  • Add eyes.

    Draw large cartoonish eyes and eyebrows as shown. Realistic giraffes certainly dont have those eyebrows, but were drawing an exaggerated cartoonish version of this cute animal!

  • Snout and face details.

    Now sketch out the details of the snout of the giraffe. First, sketch a curved line like in the example, and after that draw the nostrils and a smile.

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    How To Draw A Giraffe Clipart Using Solid Shapes

    Illustrating a giraffe clipart should not be a challenging experience. In this lesson, you can sketch a simple version using mostly circles, rectangles and curved lines. Perfect for beginners and young artists, this tutorial can help you draw a basic version of this adorable cartoon animal.

    Giraffes are intriguing animals. Quite tall, covered with patches and gifted with a long and unique neck, these animals are easily recognizable. They can be up to 20 feet tall can weight up to 3,000 lb. Even the tongue of the giraffe can be quite huge, sometimes up to 20 inches long!

    You can see the cartoon giraffe you are about to illustrate below. Even if this version doesn’t have a long neck, the animal is still easy to recognize. Yes, this adorable animal is very unique! Ready to draw! Great! Let’s proceed with the first step!

    Step 1

    First, you can draw the body using a large rectangle made from a thick outline. Then, you can work on the eyes by sketching two large rectangles. The pupils are made from small circles. Below the eyes, you can draw the mouth using a rectangle made with round corners. Two small circular shapes are used to form the nose.

    Step 2

    Next, you can draw the antennas using two small rectangles and two small oval shapes as shown below. The ears are made from small curved lines. Inside the ears, you can duplicate these shapes to represent patches. It’s now time to move on to the third step.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Drawing this giraffe clipart was a fun experience!

    Draw The Mane And Tail

    How to draw a cartoon Giraffe

    Use curved lines, J-shapes, and curved V-shapes for the eyelids, irises, pupils, and nostrils. Form the ears with U-shapes. Place a short curved line between the two horns. Attach small U-shapes to form the mane.

    Finish the bottom of the mane with a short curved line. Connect an odd-shaped oval to a long curved V-shape for the tail. Use lines, V-shapes, and L-shapes to shape the belly, chest, legs, and hooves.

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    How To Draw A Giraffe With These Realistic & Cartoon Drawing Tutorials

    If we focus on how to draw a giraffe for sure fun will be guaranteed. Giraffes are lovely animals and what is cool that when you learn how to draw them you also practice your basic sketching skills.

    Artists that are new to animal drawing can consider the first option to learn drawing giraffes. Doing this will help you understand the basics fundamentals that can be used afterward to do other animals as well.

    Before we start learning more about how to draw a giraffe lets also see some cool facts about them:

    Their necks are long for sure but what is interesting is that the number of bones in their neck is equal to the number of bones in our neck

    They have four stomachs, not just one

    They can live up to 25 years

    Cool Giraffe Facts For Kids

    • These gentle giants, well known for their long necks, are the tallest living land animals in the world. An adult male can grow to around 5.5 m, higher than three adult humans.
    • The height of a giraffe is useful for keeping a watch out for animals, such as lions and hyenas. Its also suspected because they eat leaves from treetops, the giraffes with longer necks were able to get more food and passed on their long neck genes.
    • Giraffes lives in sub-Saharan Africa where it gets sandy. To keep sand out of their eyes, giraffes have long, lush eyelashes.
    • Giraffes dont drink much water. This is because of their leafy diets, they get much of their water from leaves, and they only need to drink once every few days.
    • Giraffes excellent eyesight helps them from miles away to detect starving predators.
    • They use their long necks to reach the treetops with their leaves and buds. Their long tongues also allow them to pull up high leaves, spend most of their time eating, and can guzzle up to 99 LBS of leaves and twigs a day!
    • Giraffes sleep cycle is four to six hours every day, mostly at night. They can nap anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes and thats all they need in terms of sleep.
    • Giraffes can run for short distances as quickly as 35 miles an hour, or cruise for longer distances at 10 mph.
    • They are some of the tallest mammals around. Baby giraffes grow over 1 inch a day in the first week of their birth!

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    How To Draw A Giraffe Cartoon That Looks Great

    A yellow body. A few brown patches. A very long neck. A simple step-by-step drawing tutorial featuring a giraffe cartoon that can easily be done using any vector software! Although it requires that you must be comfortable with vector drawing, this drawing lesson should not cause you any major problem if you follow all steps carefully.

    If you know how to create simple shapes, how to use the gradient tool and how to apply nice transparency effects, then you will be able to go through this entire drawing lesson in no time! Don’t hesitate to start all over until you are 100% satisfied with your result. It’s worth it!

    Important note: For each step available below, the first image represents the operation you must perform for this particular step. All changes are surrounded by a red outline.

    On the second image, you will have the opportunity to see the result of this particular step.

    Step 1

    First, use the drawing tools to create the shape of your character. Using only a few basic black lines can be enough for now. Once you are finished, apply basic colors on all parts of the animal. Notice that all outlines are now gone.

    Step 2

    Next, select the ears, the body, the legs and the tail and apply a gradient effect to every shape. The bottom of each shape must be darker since the light is coming from above. You can also select the two holes used to create the nose and apply some transparency on the bottom of both shapes.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6

    How To Draw Giraffes

    How to Draw a Cartoon Giraffe

    If you like tips and tricks this tutorial is the perfect one for you. Give it a try you will see that you can make your giraffe sketch in a matter of hours and be able to just improve from there.

    Tips for drawing Giraffe

    Shoulders are higher than hips and the entire torso is short so take that into account

    Long legs and neck can be difficult sometimes to draw so be careful with the proportions. You need to measure the torso, basically the entire body to get it right

    General Anatomy

    Ok so we understood that the Giraffe looks amazing but in reality, its construction is quite typical. If we think of a horse, for example, the only difference is that the legs and neck are longer.

    Cows are related to giraffes so you might want to check also this type of drawings as well especially if you want to improve how your giraffe sketch will look in the end.

    They have three kinds of horns on their heads that are used for protection sometimes. The spots that we can see on them are similar to a leopard. Having all of this in mind the next time when you are thinking about drawing giraffes, make sure you check the tutorials we mentioned. For sure you will find one that can help you!

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    How To Draw A Giraffe: A Funny Cute Cartoon Giraffe Drawing

    Today we will learn how to draw a giraffe. Starting from the usual simple base shapes, we draw giraffe’s body with the typical long neck. Although we draw a semi-realistic giraffe head – mouth, nostrils, ears, and horns – by adding large cartoony eyes with eyelashes our giraffe drawing turns definitely into an exaggerated cartoon. We dress the giraffe in a very typical patterned body coat.

    Second Step How To Draw A Giraffe Step By Step

    Beginning with the head the eye first of course go ahead and slowly bring the animal into view, using the following images to help. Branch off and have some fun wherever you can making your giraffe all the more special.

    The steps

    If you look at a photograph of a real giraffe, its clear that they have distinct white markings on their legs, belly, and on parts of their face. Here, weve brought this pattern forth using a more realistic look .

    Of course if youd rather go “yellow and brown” by all means do!

    Thats it for this lesson until next time err tomorrow!!

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    Start With Some Basic Shapes

    Start with an oval-shaped body that is drawn at an angle. Attach two upside-down J-shapes for the neck. Use a circle for the head. Form the snout with two straight lines and an oval with one flat side.

    Right now our giraffe is just floating in the air, so in the next step, we’ll give him some legs.

    How To Draw A Giraffe: Base Sketch Step By Step

    How to draw a Cartoon Giraffe

    Step 1: Draw base head, neck and body shapes

    Let’s start our giraffe drawing by laying down the simple base body shapes. Start by drawing a narrow long oval, slightly tilted to the side, for the giraffe’s head.

    Next, draw a “D” shape for the body -the flat line up, with the whole shape again tilted up at the front towards the head.

    Join the head and the body with the giraffe’s trademark – the long neck. Draw two parallel lines from the back of the head down to the front of the body. Draw the neck just a touch wider at the bottom where it joins the body than what it is at the top near the head.

    Step 2: Draw the giraffe’s face and ears

    Let’s sketch the features on the giraffe’s head next. Start with two large ovals for the eyes. These are large cartoony eyes, so the left eye sticking out of the head is fine. Draw two smaller ovals inside the eyes for the pupils.

    Then draw the nostrils – again two small ovals at the lower end of the head, tilted out in a “V”. Add two larger ovals sticking out from the top of the head for the ears.

    Finally, sketch the two small horns on the giraffe’s head – just short antennae with small circles at the end will do for now.

    Step 3: Draw the giraffe’s legs

    Now it is time to give the giraffe some legs. Draw the four hoofs first. These are simple triangles – two next to each other under the front of the body, and two more under the end of the body. Add a small split line to each hoof.

    Step 4: Finish the giraffe’s hind legs

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    How To Draw A Giraffe: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

    Step 1: Draw the giraffe’s eyes

    Let’s start outlining the giraffe drawing and improving on our sketch.

    Draw out the eyes first. Outline the outer oval and fill in the inner pupils, leaving out a small white shine patch.

    On these giraffe images, you will notice that giraffes can have lovely eyelashes. Let’s give those to our giraffe. Carve out a small moon-shaped lid at the top of each eye. Then add the eyelashes – just three short lines at the outer edge of the eyelid.

    Step 2: Draw the giraffe’s ears and horns

    Time to improve on the ears sketch next. Draw the upper edge of the ears as a small “roofline”, or a wide-open “V” shape, with a small point in the middle. The lower edge of the ear is a quarter of the oval. Double up the top edge line to suggest the inner ear texture.

    Then draw the giraffe’s horns. This time draw the stalks with a proper double line smoothly transitioning to the top rounded ends. Finally, draw the short curve for the top of the head between ears.

    Step 3: Draw the giraffe’s nose and mouth

    Next, finish drawing the giraffe’s head by drawing the nose and mouth. Fill in the nostrils and the mouth. Outline the nose directly from the sketch.

    When outlining the outer head shape, notice the small changes to the sketch: the left cheek line between the eye and nose does not follow the head oval, but curves slightly inward. Similarly, on the other side, the right cheek bumps out slightly around the eye.

    Step 4: Draw the giraffe’s neck and back

    First Step A Simple Framework For A Giraffe

    Very similar to a previous lesson here on the site, also dealing with drawing this animal, the structure of the animal can be subdivided as three circles, and then to account for its obvious height lines to bridge the gaps.

    Like so

    Pretty simple indeed and remember this is just a way for you to either visualize the structure ahead of time, or actually use it as a blueprint with lightly sketched pencil lines as you progress.

    To the actual drawing part now

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Giraffe

    Stand tall! It’s time to learn how to draw a cartoon giraffe thetallest animal in the land! This awesome creature is native to Africaand instantly recognizable thanks to her long neck and distinctivemarkings. So, let’s rise above the rest and get our pencils at theready as you add another amazing animal to your portfolio!

    STEP-1: The Long and Short of it GiraffeBasicsThe first part of learning how to draw a cartoon giraffe is to sketchout that amazingly long neck, which our African princess needs to reachthe tastiest leaves in the tree! She could easily be a model with herstature and graceful poise.First of all, draw an oval shape for thehead, followed by a long neck which meets in a curve at the bottom. Wenow have the basis for another amazing animal illustration!

    STEP-2: Adding Some More Features to our AfricanPrincessNow we’ve got the basics, it’s time to add some more features to ourcartoon giraffe to make her stand head and shoulders above the rest!Atthe top of the head, draw a small curved line, then draw two circlesfor her eyes followed by a curved box shape for the mouth.For the next step in how to draw a cartoon giraffe, draw two angularlines either side of the body these willeventually form our graceful giant’s front legs or arms. Finally, drawtwo curved vertical lines at the bottom of the body which are thebeginning of the back legs.Our cartoon giraffe will soon be standingtall!

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