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How To Draw A Cartoon Octopus

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Color The Cute Octopus Drawing

How To Draw A Cartoon Octopus

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Coloring The Octopus Cartoon Drawing

Even though it’s a cartoon, some shading can help make the octopus feel more alive. How much shading required and to what extent is of the color range of shading is up to the artist. There will be two types of brushes that are helpful.

The first brush is the chalk brush. Shading can be done just by blocking in areas where the light is. The main areas are the tentacles. Just by blocking in a lighter color, strong thick arms are created out from the body.

For the head, second type of brush is used, which is a very large round brush with. The feathery effect of sing a soft round brush will create a transition of color from dark to light that really brings out the head almost like a balloon.

If there is no pressure sensitivity options turned on, then simple hard colors is another form of shading forms where shadows are only indicated by a darker version of the skin color. These shadowed areas are found in between each arm.

Anyway, when done with shading, create a small rim light surrounding the cartoon octopus. For the most part, the octopus cartoon drawing is done. However, there is an optional step of adding a pattern to it. Photoshop has a unique feature called the ‘pattern overlay’ layer style.

How To Draw A Cartoon Octopus:

  • Create a base so that you can start easily, for doing this you need to focus on what type of shape basically you needs, and the parameters of it.
  • Draw a big oval which will be head for the octopus later and a small circle at its base from where legs will generate.
  • Draw 2 intersecting lines to mark center of head. Then nicely draw 8 curved lines as outline for legs, coming out from the small cirlce.
  • At one side of the intersection draw a big circle to draw first eye of animal.
  • Draw a semi-circle on the outer wall of the head for the second eye. Add a dark spot in the center of the eyes for the pupil.
  • Once you are done with eyes draw the big bulky head for it.
  • Draw a small curve over the second eye joining a big bulky half curve going downward to the first eye.
  • Draw a curve above the second eye.
  • Draw 2 long curved line meeting at same point to draw the very first leg of it.
  • Draw small curve joining through the frill to the upper part of leg.
  • Keep on drawing the other legs too, just keep their folds in different directions.
  • Draw all the legs in the same pattern, the length of the back legs is smaller than the front ones.
  • Also dont forget to draw frills in between.
  • Draw a very thin line at the lower line of every leg.
  • Draw very small tiny curves in between these 2 lines and form suction of the animal.
  • Your drawing is complete, fill it with the colors, use orange, white, and black.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Octopus Easy Step By Step For Kids

March 25, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Sea Animals

This is a cute octopus, like four streamers hanging under a big pink balloon. It looks very happy, as if playing with water. It’s so interesting.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cartoon octopus out, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps below to try it out!

1.First draw an oval, then draw two small ovals in the center as the mouth.

2.Draw a curve on each side of your mouth for your eyes, then a tentacle on the bottom.

3.Draw two more tentacles. It’s not hard to finish.

4.Draw the fourth tentacle, as shown above.

5.Finally, simply color it, and the cute cartoon octopus is done!

How To Draw An Octopus: Finished Drawing

How to Draw a Cartoon Octopus Beginners Tutorial

How to draw an octopus: finished outline drawing

And here is the result of our “how to draw an octopus” tutorial – the completed outline of the drawing after we have cleaned up the sketch lines with an eraser.

Quite a cute looking sea monster, what do you think? It is the large cartoony eyes that give our octopus that friendly look. You can add a little smiling mouth if you want to push the cartoon look a bit more.

How to draw an octopus: finished drawing coloured-in

The usual last step is to colour in our drawing. If you have a look at some , octopuses can have many different colours. Octopuses also can change their colour to camouflage themselves to blend into their surroundings.

So here our octopus is a nice bright orange, with some darker reddish shading. We have used a nice dark yellow for the lower body parts and as a shade on the webbing between the tentacles.

And that is the very end – now you know how to draw an octopus.

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What Is Flow Drawing

Flow Drawing is an art technique developed by us to encourage children to understand shapes and create illustrations, in a much freer way.

You can think of the flow drawing technique as a how to draw guide with a difference children wont just draw a picture, theyll create a unique work of art, right from their soul.

How To Draw An Octopus: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the octopus’s eyes and suction cups on tentacles

With the sketch done, it is time to outline the octopus drawing. Start with the eyes – outline the circles, and fill in the marked-off inner pupils, leaving a small white curve on the side for the shine in the eye.

Next, draw the suction cups that show on the tentacles, where we have marked them off. Draw the suction cups as simple small ovals in two lines. They are larger closer to the octopus’s head and get smaller as you move to the tentacle tip.

Step 2: Draw the octopus’s body

Outline the main curve of the octopus’s body, joining in a smooth line the two outer tentacles with the head shape.

Step 3: Outline the octopus’s tentacles

Next, outline the five lower tentacles. These are just a straight outline of the sketch, breaking up the line where the suction cup ovals hide the edge of the tentacle.

Step 4: Outline the remaining tentacles

Same as above, outline the remaining three tentacles, breaking the line for the suction cups where needed.

Step 5: Draw the webbing between tentacles

Here are the last few lines to complete our octopus drawing: Draw the webbing between the tentacles, to close the octopus’s body – these are just small curves between the tentacles, that smoothly join one edge to the other.

Finally, draw the edges of the lower tentacle parts, again breaking the line between the suction cups as needed.

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How To Draw An Octopus Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

This how to draw guide uses the flow drawing technique. Flow drawing is all about drawing with simple lines and shapes that are repeated often to create definition. This technique is perfect for kids and beginners, as it focusses on engaging in the process and developing natural rhythms in creation. Children will use this process to create the simple outline of their octopus and are encouraged to use their imaginations to come up with their own designs.

How To Draw An Octopus Step By Step Guide

How to Draw a Cartoon Octopus

Learn how to draw an octopus with our super simple and fun Octopus How to Draw step-by step-guide! Our how-to makes drawing octopi easy and paired with the flow drawing technique, this happy octopus can be drawn in just a few simple steps.

The octopus is such an exciting subject for children to draw, especially in an animated cartoony style as they can experiment with different emotions with just a few small changes to the eyes, mouth and arms. For instance: bold, wide and bright eyes create the impression of a happy octopus. Angular shapes and sharp lines will create the impression of an entirely different set of emotions. To enhance character and create emotion, the octopuses arms could cross over, be tangled or chaotic, swaying in all different directions. Exploring these little changes can expand the entire how to draw tutorial into a full blown art project that encourages children to use their imagination and think about characterization and story-telling in their design.

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How To Draw A Sea Animal Using A Few Adorable Examples

Learn how to draw a sea animal using four simple examples located below. First, we will draw a nice cartoon crab using a few basic shapes. Then, I will show you how to draw a jellyfish using the same template. Once you are done., you can also try an adorable lobster and a simple octopus. The fun aspect of all these lessons is that once you are able to create one character, drawing all remaining three will be relatively easy.

a simple crab made from curved lines

First, let’s draw a simple crab using a few curved lines. The head and the body are made from squares with round corners. Next, you can draw two eyes using dots. The mouth is made from one single curved line. Add six tiny legs on both sides of the body. Create two claws using a circular shape with a triangular hole in the middle. Simple color the character in orange and you are done.

using the same template to illustrate a jellyfish

The next character we can work on is a beautiful cartoon jellyfish made from long curved lines. You can start by sketching the head and the body using the same template as the one created previously. Next, create all small tentacles using more curved lines.

Then, draw two eyes using small dots and create a short curved line to form the mouth. Inside the body, duplicate the head and the body to form a basic patch. Add a dark blue color inside the body and a brighter version of the same color inside the patch.

this cute lobster cannot be the star of your meal

Filling In The Octopus Cartoon Drawing

As mentioned before, there is a lot of freedom with the overall shape of the octopus. If the drawing doesn’t look exactly like the example, it’s still OK so long as the basic form of a round head and eight arms are followed.

This leads very well into the process of coloring. Again, flexibility in its pattern and color is another strong point of this animal. Interested in having a rainbow of colors? That’s 100% possible with this animal! Even a pink tone will work!

In setting up the color, just fill in line drawing, on a separate layer, in the shape of the octopus. The only rule of thumb to follow is to arrange colors in manageable layers that work for the artist. Some may like having a color on separate layers while others will put it all on the same layer.

Regardless of the preferences, a series of base colors is essential to finish off the cartoon or for setting up the tone for the next step of further color refinement. When ready to proceed, lock down the layer to begin the process of adding light and shading.

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Creating A Fun Octopus Drawing With A Painting Application

Learn how to draw a complex octopus drawing filled with shadows, reflections and personality! For some reason, I really like to draw an octopus. It’s an animal that is loaded with curves, irregular lines and made with a strange shape. They could almost come from another planet!

Using Painter from Corel, I will create a complex character that is obviously very cartoonish and weird. My goal is to come up with a funny character that feels alive and almost real.

Step 1

First, I need to sketch my character using a regular pencil. This illustration is only a guideline. In fact, the lines that are visible on the tentacles won’t end up in the final result. However, the general shape and most details will be used to illustrate the octopus.

The final drawing should be quite similar to this picture. I like to create my sketches on a real piece of paper. I feel like I have more control using a real pencil than using my tablet for this part of the process.

Step 2

Create a new layer and add a pink color to form the body and head of the character. For the tentacles on the back, it might be a good idea to draw these shapes on a new layer. By doing so, it will be easier to work on both elements.

Step 3

It’s now time to draw the eyes on your octopus drawing. For the white portion of the eye, create a new layer and use the “Lasso selection” tool to come up with round shapes. Repeat the same process on a different layer to create the pupil and the small white reflection.;

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Drawing A Cartoon Phoenix

How to draw a cute cartoon octopus in 3 easy steps

Beginning with simple framework an arrangement of basic shapes to help visualize the structure of the subject, carefully and lightly create a base from which to draw your cartoon octopus.

A large oval will do nicely for the head in this case. Notice here though, as sort of a pivotal point Ive added a small circle at the base. This will be the central point where the head and legs connect

Next up giving it a 3D look add some curved lines , and also draw in the eight legs.

At this point the legs are basic curved lines. But they act as placeholders to sketch in the final legs as well do very soon. Use this to visualize mentally or actually on the paper in front of you

And now to the first part of the drawing. A big circle to station its right eye

And then follow it up by mirroring its other eye. Note though due to perspective a slight 3/4 head tilt away from the observer the left eye will appear smaller.

Heres how it looks

A key defining feature of any octopus sketch in its big ovular head. By sketching the eyes first this part is all the more easy. Working from front to back works well.

Here it is

OK. A few more curves and its on to the legs eight of them!

Notice perspective being taken into account with the legs. Based on the position of each one lines will overlap accordingly.

Heres what my cartoon octopus looks like with its legs complete

So of course add a splash of color now

And stay tuned for more lessons to come.

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Learn How To Draw An Octopus With All Eight Of His Legs This Step By Step Tutorial Will Help You Draw Them Curly Yet Evenly Spread Out

Classroom experience taught me that curves are some of the hardest shapes for new artists to draw, in the sense that it is initially tricky to see just how curvy something needs to be. A gentle slope of a hill is vastly different that a head of curly hair, and it takes practice to conquer all the levels of curl that are in between.

So, that being said, adding an octopus to my collection of tutorials has always stumped me because a somewhat real one sounded too complex, and yet I couldnt get excited over an oval and eight straight legs either.

This guy is a mix of the two, and may look a little complex, but the plan for how to add each legs is broken down into simple steps. By drawing the two outside legs first, then one in the middle, then filling in the rest, students are much more likely to get legs that are all spread out, for a very active looking octopus!

To learn more about these amazing creatures, theres a great documentary on Netflix called My Octopus Teacher. Its beautiful and fascinating, just be forewarned that theres some circle of life footage, so preview it first to see if its right for your age level. I almost reached for a tissue box while watching it myself!

How To Draw An Octopus:

Step 1: To begin your octopus we will start with the mantle of the octopus, draw a pointed oval as depicted below with a curve below the upper line.

Step 2: Draw guidelines for the tentacles in different directions, also mark 2 lines for the further guidelines to draw eyes.

Step 3: Draw guideline for the tentacles, begin each one from the mantle in the outward direction ending with the spiral.

Step 4: Double the line of tentacle in the manner they are thick at starting and thin at the end. Draw 2 eyes at the mark drawn in step 2.

Step 5: Draw a more line to draw suction cups of the tentacles, add more details to the eye.

Step 6: Draw a very small flat oval in the area draw for the suction over tentacles also add another small circle inside the eyes.

Step 7: Add suction cups to other tentacles in the place we have defined.

Step 8: Vary the thickness of the drawing by shading where ever required, add small dots in the background as it is an aquatic animal.

Step 9: Erase all overlapped lines, guidelines drawn for your ease and octopus is ready.

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