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How To Draw A Cartoon Owl

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How To Draw A Cartoon Owl With Large Eyes

How to Draw a Cartoon Owl – How to Draw Birds Easy – Fun2draw Animal Drawings | Online Art Lessons

In this lesson, you can learn to draw a cartoon owl using a simple step-by-step process. This tutorial is available using a video or a written version. You will also have the opportunity to study the animal using a real photography. I will also show you how to decompose the character into shapes to understand how this one was built.

Owls are fun animals to illustrate because you can easily identify the most important features of this subject. Indeed, they have large eyes, a short pointed beak and long feathers on both sides of the head. Around 125 different species of owls have been observed. It’s not just their great night vision that gives owls the possibility to hunt at night. It’s also their great hearing capabilities that help them a lot! Their eyes are fixed in their sockets making it difficult for them to see around without turning their head.

You can start this lesson by taking a look at the video below. More tips and techniques can be fun below the video.

Studying a cool picture to learn more about this bird

Let’s start this written tutorial by studying a simple picture featuring a nice owl filled with great colors and patterns. First, you can see that some feathers are visible on both sides of the head . Eyes are large and filled with a bright orange color . Pupils are also impressive, but these are colored in black.

drawing a cartoon owl in six easy steps

more cool cartoon birds for you to draw!

How To Draw A Cartoon Owl Easy Step By Step For Kids

March 09, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Owls

This is a cute owl, like wearing a hat, with big and bright eyes, like a wise Dr. Owl. It’s so interesting.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this owl out, very simple. If kids like it, follow the steps to try it out!

1. Draw the outline of the head, as shown above.

2.Draw eyes and mouth. Then draw some lines for details.

3.Complete the head, including eyebrows, eyes and feathers.

4.Then start to draw the outline of the body and a wing.

5.Draw the tail, and the claws at the bottom of the body.

6.Draw some lines on your body like the letter U for feathers.

7.Finally, color it carefully, and the cute owl is done!

Is Hoot A True Story

None of the characters in HOOT are based on real people, but the setting is very much borrowed from own childhood. The owls, too. The tactics used by Roy and his buddy, Mullet Fingers, to try to foil the destruction of the owl burrows might or might not have happened in my own childhood neighborhood.

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By following the very simple step-by-steps in this fun drawing book you can draw dolphins diving in the sea, knights guarding a castle, monster faces, buzzing bees, and lots, lots more.

Drawing Doodling and Coloring

An excellent book filled with doodling, drawing and coloring activities. On some of the pages youll find ideas for what to do, but you can do whatever you like.

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Write and Draw Your Own Comics is full of inspiring ideas for all kinds of different stories, with writing tips to help you on your way. for kids who want to tell stories, but gravitate toward pictures. It has a mix of partially-drawn comics and blank panels with intro comics as instructions lots of space for kids to draw their own comics!

Materials For How To Draw An Owl Face

How To Draw A Funny Cartoon Owl – Preschool
  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase. Buying the pre-sharpened ones will save busy teachers a lot of time.
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tip erasers, especially when erasing leftover pencil lines after tracing.
  • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

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Learn How To Draw An Easy Owl With This Step By Step Tutorial Its Fun To Fill His Shapes With Lots Of Rainbow Colors

The fun part about drawing a super simple owl is that students will end up with all kinds of closed shapes. By keeping the wings with some directional curves, and the belly with feather-like scallops, there are all kinds of pattern possibilities.

All those repeating rows could certainly be colored in somewhat realistically, OR just make their own rainbow patterns. Chances are if you ask a room full of young ones to make their own choice, no two will be alike.

How To Draw An Owl For Halloween Video & Step

In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a cartoon Owl for Halloween step by step.

Stay tuned for more free drawing lessons by:

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To draw this cartoon Owl step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw two circles next to each other for the cartoon owl’s eyes. First make four small marks to indicate each circle’s height and width. Then connect the marks using curved lines. If you’re struggling to draw the circle, trace the outer rim of a button or any other small object with a circular edge. Sketch lightly at first so that it’s easy to erase if you make a mistake.

Step 2: Inside each eye, on the top left side, draw an oval to represent glare. Draw a smaller oval on the lower right side of each eye for extra glare.

Step 4: Between the eyes, draw a small, curved line similar to the letter C on its side for the top of the beak. Below the curved line, draw a V- shaped line for the bottom part of the owl’s beak.

  • Start

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Finish The Line Drawing

To finish the line drawing of the owl add some inner patterns of its body that will be used to help color it in the next step. On its head draw a smaller inner shape that somewhat follows the main outline of the head. Also draw an oval like shape on its chest/stomach area.

After you finish the line drawing you can go over it with a black pen/marker or just darker pencil lines. You can also fill in the pupils of the eyes with black .

Easy How To Draw An Owl Steps

How To Draw A Cartoon Owl

Lets draw an owl! Just print our tutorial and follow these steps, and youll be drawing your own owl drawings in no time.

  • Lets start drawing an owl! First, draw an oval.
  • Then make this cut and erase extra lines. This will be our owls ears.
  • Draw two drop shapes. Notice theyre upside down and tilted in opposite directions these are the wings!
  • Add an arched line on the bottom.
  • Draw two sets of three ovals on each side for the claws. Notice the one in the middle is smaller.
  • Add two circles for the eyes and erase extra lines.
  • Add two bigger circles.
  • Lets add details! Draw two circles for the eyes, a triangle for the beak, and arched lines on the belly.
  • Good job! Congratulate yourself for creating such a beautiful owl!
  • Your owl looks amazing! Now its time to give it some color and make it even more special.

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    How To Create Owl Drawings Filled With Cool Shadows

    Learn how to draw owl drawings that are cute, filled with great colors and drawn with large big eyes! This particular animal is one of my favorite to draw.

    With its cute round body and large big eyes, it’s hard to end up with something that doesn’t look like a cute cartoon owl. In this drawing lesson, I will show you how to draw an owl with simple outlines, complex shadows and a great 3D look.

    Do you like this illustration? Good news! It can be yours now! Learn how 🙂

    Step 1

    Start this tutorial by sketching the character using your pencil. You can also create your template directly on the computer if you prefer. When you are finished, scan or take a picture of your drawing and open your vector application.

    Step 2

    Import the template in your software and create a new layer. Use irregular lines to create the general shape of your cartoon character.

    Step 3

    Create another layer that should be placed between the outlines and the template. Add shapes filled with plain colors to build your character. You can delete the template when you are done.

    Step 4

    Select the gradient tool to illustrate a shadow on each element of the owl. The bottom part of each shape must be darker.

    Step 5

    To create more shadows, we need another layer that will be located between the outlines and the solid shapes. When you are ready, draw some shapes on areas that are not exposed properly to light. Use a dark color to create these shapes.

    Step 6

    Step 7

    Step 8

    Step 9

    By Step How To Draw A Cartoon Owl

    Step By Step How To Draw A Cartoon Owl?

    How do you draw a great GREY owl? Step 1: First, draw a circle for the head of the Great Grey Owl. Step 2: Draw two tiny circles for the eyes and fill them in. Draw a small curved X shape or bowtie shape for the face of the owl and draw a slanting line above it to show the face details. Draw a small triangle for the beak.

    What is the Colour of owl? Owls vary in colour from white through many shades of tan, gray, brown, or rufous to deep brown.

    Who eats owl? Depending on the owls habitat, size and species, foxes, snakes, squirrels, wildcats and eagles are all owl predators. Most adult, healthy owls are considered safe from most predators but injured, small species or young owls do have a higher risk from predators.

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    Getting Started With Drawing Guides

    The best way to get students off to a good start to any drawing lesson is to show them how to use guides as a reference point.

    You may have noticed that all of the tutorials on this website have a dashed line running through the center of each step, both in a horizontal and vertical direction. If students make their own centered lines on their own paper, before drawing, they will have an easy reference to follow.

    For instance, as seen in Step 1 below, the drawing starts with a centered nose, so its easy to do when students can place it where the two guides meet. Its important to draw that shape large so students end up with a head that fills their paper.

    When students get their drawing off to a good start, theres a better chance of them feeling successful by the time they are done. Drawing skills are all about getting the size and placement of lines on paper. Having some visual reference point to get started, will always help anyone learn how to be a little more accurate.

    So does that mean students need to get out a ruler to draw a big fat line down the center of their paper before they start? Goodness no, please dont! That will most likely be hard to erase and distract from any finished art. No, simply fold the sheet of paper in half both ways, make a crease, and unfold. The beauty is that by the time the drawing is done and colored in, the creases will disappear.

    And now, on to the Owl Face drawing project.

    Directions For How To Draw An Owl Face Step By Step

    How to draw a Cartoon Owl for Halloween

    Time needed: 30 minutes.

    How to Draw an Owl Face Step by Step

  • Draw the nose.
  • Add the symmetrical brow shapes.
  • Draw two matching large circles.
  • Add an edge around each circle.
  • Draw outer cheeks and top of head.
  • Add two smaller circles with spots inside.
  • Draw the two wings and body shape.
  • Erase the grey and add spots.
  • Trace with a marker and color.
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    How To Draw A Cartoon Owl

    In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Cartoon Owl in 6 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

    The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

    Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

    At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Cartoon Owl.

    Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Owl Pic

    How To Draw A Cartoon Owl Pic?

    Who eats owl? Depending on the owls habitat, size and species, foxes, snakes, squirrels, wildcats and eagles are all owl predators. Most adult, healthy owls are considered safe from most predators but injured, small species or young owls do have a higher risk from predators.

    What Disney movie has an owl? Friend Owl is a supporting character of Disneys 1942 animated feature film, Bambi.

    What is owl skeleton? An Owls skeleton is typical for birds. Designed for both walking and flying, it is very light and strong. In owls, the skeleton makes up about 7-9% of its total body weight. Many of the bones which would be separated in mammals are fused together in birds, making them strong to support their weight on the ground.

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    First Step How To Draw The Structure For Your Bird

    Horizontally across the screen, youve got three steps to create an easy-to-work-with structure for your cartoon bird. As you can see, it all comes down to only two very basic shapes a circle and an oval.

    Here it is

    The green areas of course map out the feet/talons and yes the horns! No there not actually horns, but tufts of feathers that give the Great Horned variety its name.

    OK lets create!

    How To Draw An Owl With A Unique Look

    How to Draw a Cartoon Owl

    No need a night vision to learn how to draw an owl with such a cute and adorable design! This fun bird can be drawn using only six easy steps and a few basic shapes. It might be a little bit more challenging than the other characters from the same series, but it is still a tutorial that beginners can achieve.

    Below is a colored sample of the cartoon owl that you are about to create. As you can see, this fun character is mostly sketched using circles. A few triangles are needed to illustrate the beak and the hair on top of the head.

    Step 1

    Great! Now that you are more familiar with the final result, let’s start this lesson with the creation of the head. Use a simple oval shape to illustrate this one. For the hair, two thin and long triangles are needed.

    Step 2

    Next, you can draw the body using another large circular shape. This new shape must be slightly smaller than the one used to create the head. Finally, you can complete this step by drawing the legs using small straight lines like shown below.

    Step 3

    Cool! You can add two oval shapes to represent the wings. These shapes must be narrow and slightly pointed on the ends. Don’t forget to draw the tail near the legs using a small curved line.

    Step 4

    It’s now time to work on the head of the animal. To form the beak, simply use a small triangle. The eyes and the pupils can be illustrated with large circular shapes.

    Step 5

    Step 6

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    Fill Out The Eyes And Feet

    For the eyes, draw two crescent shapes to make them look life-like. Lightly draw two diagonal lines over the eyes. These will form the outline for the eyelashes. Also lightly draw a small vertical line between the eyes. This will form the outline for the beak. Elaborate on the details of the feet of the owl by drawing three tiny sausage-like shapes for each foot. Let the middle one be longer than the other two.

    Cute Cartoon Owl Drawings For Kids

    June 18, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Owls

    Owls like to sleep alone in the leaves, and wait for the night to come out for food. They are experts in catching mice in the forest.

    Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this cartoon owl out, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!


    Preschoolers and kids of all ages


    How to draw a cartoon owl

    1. Draw a big oval, like an egg.

    2.Draw an oval in it as the outline of your face. Then draw four circles to get the eyes, and draw the mouth.

    3. Draw two curves on each side of your body as wings. Then draw the tie, and draw some “U” curves as feathers.

    4.Draw a feather on each side of your head. Then draw the owl’s paws at the bottom.

    5.Finally, simply color it and the cute cartoon owl is done!

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