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How To Draw A Cartoon Rose

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A Young Girl’s Guide To Drawing A Rose

How to draw a Cartoon Rose (GIMP)

Video by Madi Higgins

In this brief – and positively adorable – video tutorial, a very young artist demonstrates her unique style of drawing a simplified rose. The form uses shapes such as an oval divided by the stem to form two leaves. This tutorial is proof that even the very young can master the art of drawing.

Three: A Rose With Stem

  • 1Draw a vertical curve in the centre of the page for the guide to the stem of the rose .
  • 2Add thorny details on the left side to the above made curved line.
  • 3Add details also on the right side of the curved line.
  • 4Draw a leaf extending on the top left side of the thorny curve.
  • 5Add couple of more leaves on either side of the thorny stem.
  • 6Add details to the leaves by drawing the midrib and a few veins.
  • 7Start making the flower from its base by drawing the sepals.
  • 8Go ahead with drawing the flower petals from the centre and adding one petal to its right.
  • 9Add further petals of the rose heading upwards to the centre.
  • 10Draw the centre details of the rose petals.
  • 11Detail the leaves with edgy outer blades.
  • 12Erase all unnecessary guides and color the rose and the leaves.
  • 13Enrich the painting by applying appropriate shades and a shadow.Advertisement
  • How To Draw The Enchanted Rose From Beauty And The Beast

    Video by Draw So Cute

    It was a tale as old as time. The rose, left by a beautiful enchantress, was meant to remind the Beast of his selfishness and cruelty. In order to break the spell and become fully human once more, he had to learn how to love before the flowers last petal fell. You can draw the enchanted rose using this video tutorial.

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    How To Draw A Carnation

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    The carnation is a flower native to the Mediterranean region. Also called clove pink or grenadine, carnations have a spicy aroma and have been cultivated for at least 2,000 years. The name “carnation” may be derived from the term “coronation,” as flowers were often used in ceremonial crowns, or from the Latin carnis or incarnacyon due to the flowers flesh-toned hues.

    Carnations have been bestowed with much symbolism, often concerning love. White carnations can mean love or good luck. They are often worn at weddings. In 1907, the pink carnation was selected as a symbol for Mother’s Day, as some believe they were born of the Virgin Mary’s tears, representing her motherly love. Light red carnations mean admiration, and dark red carnations symbolize deep affection; they are often exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Green carnations are worn on St. Patrick’s Day.

    Cartoon flowers have been popular in animation since its advent. Disney’s “Silly Symphony: Springtime,” released in 1929, is an early example.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Would you like to draw a carnation? This easy, step-by-step cartoon flower drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your flower with crayons, markers, or paints.

    If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Hibiscus, Peony, and Poppy.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Rose That Looks Fresh

    Teaching Kids How to Draw: How to Draw a Cartoon Rose

    Learn how to draw a cartoon rose using a simple video lesson as well as a four steps written tutorial. Drawing this beautiful flower is not always an easy task. Some petals are difficult to illustrate properly and adding reflections or shadows can be a nightmare. Fortunately, things can be simple! Let me show you how to draw a rose that feels realistic and appealing using only four easy steps …

    creating our cartoon rose using a short video

    Watching this short video is a good alternative if you want to see how this cool cartoon image was created. All steps are displayed and nothing feels better than seeing it all in action. If you still have questions or prefer to study the subject more carefully, a written version is available below.

    Drawing this flower using four easy steps

    Ready? Great! First, we need to create a basic template using a few straight lines. Let’s use a gray color for this step. I suggest drawing the middle of the rose first. Then, you can develop the illustration and add more petals around the flower. Don’t forget to draw a leaf near the bottom of the image.

    It’s now time to draw the rose using lots of curved lines. This is a delicate flower and only the thorns are made from straight lines. Just make sure everything is fluid, logical and relevant.;

    Nice work! More roses are available here!

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    Get Inspired By Beautiful Flower Drawings

    When it comes to flowers, theres no right or wrong way to draw them. Spark a few new drawing ideas by seeing how other artists have captured stunning blooms in their own beautiful drawings.

    • Craft a stylized, abstract form like this artists unexpected rendition of an iris in bloom.
    • Take a different approach and relax your mind with flower doodles reminiscent of mandalas.

    Now that youve got drawing tips and inspiration, youre ready to try it for yourself. Adobe Fresco has live brushes that can help add painterly effects to your favorite flower drawings.;

    How To Draw A Rose Hands

    Video by Vijay Kumar

    Most of the previous tutorials have included videos of an artist drawing a rose by hand. If you find those appendages distracting, you will enjoy this hands-free, computer generated rose drawing tutorial presented in real time. Follow along in adding lines to your own drawing, whether by hand or using a computer drawing program such as Paint.

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    How To Draw Hydrangeas

    I love how they are broken down into different sides. This is exactly how to build up the volume of this flower successfully.;

    Once you undertsand the basics of drawing the petals of ;hydrangeas you can move on and draw the wole big flower.

    Once again, start by drawing 2 circles and 3 flower outlines.

    Draw in the petals in the next phase. From those 3 flowers, start to build up the rest of petals and draw in the details.;

    This will take time, so do not be scared to take the time necessary and draw in the details that you want.;

    Better the petals look at the sketch face, easier it will use watercolor to add color to your drawings.;

    When painting flowers in watercolor, ensure that you will start as light as possible and build it all up in layers.;

    How To Draw A Calla Lilly

    How to Draw a Cartoon Rose

    Step 1:;Create a rough outline of the flower. It has a teardrop overall shape. Once again, do not forget to mark the middle and the bottom of the flower going down.;

    Step 2:;From the middle mark downwards, start to create a spiral that is swirling and going all the way down. That way you are creating structured petals that are required for this step.

    Step 3: Finalise the design, add in the stem, and leaves. Ensure that it is not symmetrical, but much rather has its twists and designs that ensure that your design looks realistic.;

    Drawing a Calla lily flower from the front is a little bit less complex. Overall, do not forget to mark the middle and follow closely as the petals are showing in the drawing.;

    Learning how to draw easy calla lily flowers can be even better when you add a little bit of color to your drawing.;

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    How To Draw A Geranium Flower

    Step 1:;Create a rough outline of the small flowers by sketching small circles. This is where you will soon draw in the flowers petals.

    Step 2: In the place of the outline, add in the petals of the flower. Look closely at the flower and place the petals where they will follow where they should be.;

    Step 3: Finalise the design and erase unnecessary lines.;

    What Pencil To Choose & A Light Touch

    It is a good idea to start with a light pencil such as a 2H or 3H. A dull pencil works best, as it glides across the paper more easily when sketching out basic shapes. Keep your movements fluid and loose throughout this process.; After all, a rose is a living thing, and maintaining that idea will guide you during each step.

    Have a kneaded eraser handy for adjustments.

    Draw the basic outline of the bloom. It is not exactly a perfect circle. It just needs to be round. Add a guide indicating the center of the rose. My guide is a rounded out diamond shape.

    This particular rose is a head-on view, meaning facing directly into the bloom.

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    How To Draw A Rose In Eight Easy Steps

    Similar to the Simple Rose tutorial, this tutorial breaks down drawing a single rose into a series of overlapping shapes. Notice that in each step, new lines added are shown in red. See the drawing tutorial.

    INFO BOX: Meanings of Roses

    In many societies throughout history, roses have held a cultural significance. Giving a bouquet of roses often indicates romantic interest in the recipient.

    Roses of different colors are given to others to indicate different sentiments. For example, red roses indicate love and romance; white roses, purity and innocence. Dark pink roses are a symbol of gratitude; light pink are given in sympathy for a loss. Yellow roses mean friendship. Orange, coral, or salmon colored roses symbolize desire. Purple roses are used to celebrate love at first sight, and red and white roses, when given together, symbolize unity.

    How To Draw A Rose That Looks Fresh In A Few Easy Steps

    Drawing: How To Draw a Rose step by step – easy lesson beginners – cartoon rose

    Before learning how to draw a rose: some fun facts before starting sketching!

    • Roses were mentions over fifty times in Shakespeare’ work.
    • Red roses are symbolizing romance, passion and courage.
    • Roses are a good source of vitamin C.

    Step 1

    This tutorial will help you learn how to draw a cartoon rose in 4 easy step! The rose is made of petals , sepals , leaves and a stem . A rose can also have thorns .;

    They can come in various colors like red, pink, yellow, white, orange and lavender. So, this part is really up to you, but a red rose won’t look like a white one. Better study an image first.

    Step 2

    This rose is really delicate and in made of really small shapes. A circle for the corolla, small lines for the sepals, one tick line for the stem and some circles for the leaves.;

    To draw a good looking rose, you should always draw the leaves at the bottom of it. If they are too high, we might not see the corolla and it won’t look natural.

    Step 3

    Start your lesson by drawing a circle for the corolla and a small line for the stem. Next, add the sepals and the leaves. Now, it’s time to draw the petals. This is the most difficult part. As you can see, the middle of the rose is made of a circular shape.;

    Just try to draw this shape just like I did. Don’t forget to add more petals around it! When you are finished, just add the color of your choice.

    Step 4

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    How To Draw A Poppy Flower

    Step 1:;Create a rough outline of the poppy flower. Mark the middle of the flower with an oval shape.;

    Step 2:;From the middle oval mark start outline the first petals. From there, draw three lines pointing in peace sign direction and going a little bit outside of the initial rough outline.;

    Step 3: Finalise the design by adding in the neccessary details and add in different folds and shapes that make the flowers look like poppies and that give them the perfect charachter for flowers.;

    This guide shows how to draw a flower from the side. It is similar to from front just different perspective this time. This guide makes the flower drawing easy.

    Do not forget at the end to add in the defining folds on petals as that is what makes a difference between a successful poppy drawing and just a basic flower.;

    This is a different flower poppy breed that reminds me a little of a peony flowers. I left it till last as it is clearly more complex and fun.;

    Learn To Draw Lessons

    With over a thousand simple drawing lessons for you and your kids to follow along with. We show you how to draw simply with basic geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. We strive to teach you to draw with the most basic learning techniques. Think you can’t learn to draw? Don’t give up until you try drawing with our easy lessons. 😀

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    How To Draw A Rose Using The Word R

    Video by Draw Cute

    This video tutorial uses the same basic elements as other letter based tutorial the lowercase letters r, o, s, and e. However, rather than layering the letters at unusual angles as in the other tutorials, this guide begins by writing the word rose on a piece of paper. Then, additional lines are added to connect the letters, forming both a rose flower and an unopened rose bud. The word itself is soon hidden in the drawing.

    How To Draw A Sunflower

    How To Draw A Cartoon Rose

    Step 1:;Create a rough outline of the sunflower. Draw one circle inside the other. That way it will be easier to draw the petals of this flower.;

    Step 2: Next, make sure that petals are equal more or less on each side. The guiding lines in the form of a snowflake can help to guide you that the flower looks well and pretty realistic

    Step 3: Finalise the design and erase unnecessary lines. Draw in the leaves and other details that will make a big difference when it comes to having a beautiful drawing of sunflowers. See, flower drawing easy and not as hard as you thought!

    Without the guiding lines, it can be so so hard to actually create a drawing that you can love and be proud of.;

    This is why this tutorial is absolutely great. It shows you exactly how to draw a sunflower from the side.;

    This is how your sunflower drawings will look. You can even save this image, print it, and trace it in order to create a stunning piece.;

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    Drawing Of Rose For Kids

    Kids love drawing. Drawing a rose for kids can be an enjoyable experience. All you need is a pencil, paper, and some patience. You could draw a rose that is still blooming and just have a few petals, with an easy side view. Especially with these layered shapes, kids can spend more time on their leaves adding details.

    Gather all of the necessary supplies mentioned above and get started! We also recommend using clean hands or wiping them with soap and water before drawing so that the dirt doesnt transfer onto the paper.

    Supplies You Need:

    • A piece of drawing paper
    • A black marker

    Follow these easy steps below to create a rose for kids:

    Steps to Follow:

  • Make a sketch of the large right petal.
  • In the reverse order, add the left petal after the right.
  • Create two more petals by drawing the tops.
  • Below the petals, add the stem.
  • The stem should start with the leaves on the left.
  • Draw the leaves at each end.
  • The stem should come first before the right leaves.
  • Draw leaves at both ends.
  • Using a marker, trace the outline then color it.
  • How To Draw A Vintage Rose

    This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to draw a vintage style pop art rose. This rose has a banner across it that reads, Lover, but you can customize it with whatever message you would like. See the drawing tutorial.

    INFO BOX: Roses in Art

    Roses also appear in works of art dating back many centuries. They are the among the most popular subjects in classical paintings, second only to the human form. For example, the Codex Manesse, a book of German love songs dating to around 1305 A.D., includes red roses in its illustrations.

    In the year 1461, the rose became a symbol of British royalty, and its monarchs, especially queens, were often painted holding the flower. Such famous names as Pierre-August Renoir, Paul Cezanne, and Claude Monet have included images of roses in their artwork. The earliest known painting of a rose was discovered in a fresco at Knossos, Crete, dating to around 1,500 B.C.

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    How To Draw A Cosmos Flower

    Getting the outline right for the flower is the most crucial step when it comes to doing the design.;

    Step 1:;Create a rough outline of the flower.;

    Step 2: In the place of the outline, add in the petals of the flower.

    Step 3: Finalise the design and erase unnecessary lines.

    Here, is another great tutorial of how you can draw the flower looking from the bottom of it.;

    Here, is another great tutorial of how you can draw the flower looking from the bottom of it.;

    This is a tutorial of a more open cosmos flower.;

    How To Draw A Rose With Depth

    How to Draw a Rose

    Video by Draw With Ian

    In this video tutorial, watch the authors hands as he crafts a rose, one petal at a time. This tutorial provides more detail than those listed previously, and is therefore an excellent way to enhance your rose drawing skills. The shape of the petals, as well as the shading, demonstrated in this tutorial provides the flower with an increased sense of depth and dimension.

    INFO BOX: Roses in Popular Culture

    Roses have also found their place amid popular culture. For example, a rose protected in a glass case featured prominently in the plot of Disneys Beauty and the Beast .

    Roses are still popular adornments on clothing and jewelry, accessories, and home decorations. Weddings, wedding anniversaries, first dates, school dances, and Valentines Day are among the contemporary celebrations in which roses are commonly exchanged.

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