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How To Draw A Cartoon Snake

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How To Draw A Cartoon Snake Easy Step By Step For Kids

How to Draw a Cartoon Snake

November 26, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category: Snakes

This is a beautiful snake, with big eyes and a yellow napkin around its neck, as if to enjoy its food soon. It’s so interesting.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cartoon snake out, very simple. If kids like it, follow the steps below to try it out!

1.Draw an ellipse first, and leave three gaps.

2.Draw two big eyes and eyelashes, then draw a wavy line under the eyes.

3.Draw a wavy line for your mouth, and then draw your neck.

4.Draw a napkin, and part of your body.

5. Draw the outline of the body, and the tail.

6.Finally, color it carefully, and draw some markings, this beautiful cartoon snake is finished!

Ball Python Boa Constrictor Bright Pet Snake

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Snake ball python burmese python drawing, matting, food, animals, . Vector art, clipart and stock . This purchase is a single image file. Anime drawing tutorial how to draw snake’s scales, by john muir laws art tutorials,. Brown ball python or boa constrictor.

How To Draw A Cartoon Snake Part : The Inking Stage

13. Okay, lets do some inking! Get out your thick black pen and draw in the main outlines: His head, middle, tail, face and hat.

14. Before you put your thick black pen away, dont forget to color in the dark area of his mouth . Also color in his top hat black

15. Time for some details now! Ink in his pupils and his spots. Its important to draw in the details with a thin pen. If you use a thick pen, then the drawing will become too busy and crowded with too many things.

16. We are nearly done with the inking. Finally, draw in some snakeskin texture inside his spots. These are just a whole bunch of thin lines criss-crossing over each other. Also add in some little tiny blobs next to the large snakeskin patterns. Once thats done, then we are ready to move onto the coloring stage!

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Details And Description Of How To Draw A Cartoon Snake In A Few Easy Steps: Drawing Tutorial For Kids And Beginners

How to draw a cartoon snake in three easy steps! – Simpletoons

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Learn to draw a cool Cartoon Snake. This step-by-step tutorial makes it easy. Kids and beginners alike can now draw a great looking Snake.

Snakes often get a bad rap, due in part to the venomous bite of some, or due to the fact that as reptiles, they are naturally cold blooded. Some people avoid snakes because they have been used as a symbol of evil since ancient times. Dont worry, though if youd like to draw your own snake, the cute cartoon serpent in this drawing tutorial is nothing to be afraid of.

You dont need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need.

Have fun!

You can find the illustrated How to Draw a Cartoon Snake drawing guide with a downloadable PDF tutorial on

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How To Draw A Snake

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Snakes are legless reptiles with scaly tubular bodies tapering toward the tail, lidless eyes, and venomous fangs. Snakes are famous for their roles in animated movies. Let’s begin!

Second Step Give Your Snake A Cute Cartoon Face

Cute! Lets remember this. So how do you draw a cute face for an animal thats usually thought of as dangerous! and fearsome!? Simple. Change the features of the face so that they are softer something a bit more calming than the otherwise sharp & mysterious features of a typical snake.

In three simple steps, heres how I drew the face , see if you can do the same

Big round eyes are a good start. Follow them up with a nice big happy smile and already this little guys looking all the more friendly!

Something else you can do get rid of that slithery, creepy forked tongue. Well, do so only if you want to. A soft gummy tongue like the one above wont be scaring anyone away!

When youve got the face of your cartoon snake in place, have a go at the neck and then its on to the final step details!

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How To Draw Snake For Kids And Beginners:

Step 1: Start drawing your snake with the basic step, draw a curved inverted S shape to start it.

Step 2: Draw another inverted S shape wrapping the former one parallel, draw in the patter that it will form a shape of 8 as illustrated below.

Step 3: Draw tail for the snake, extend the curved line as shown in the image below, lead it towards the upside and joint it with another line.

Step 4: Draw the head of the snake as depicted in the given image.

Step 5: From the middle of the mouth draw a wavy line for the tongue of the snake, also delineate eyes with a dot and 2 dots for nostril.

Step 6: On the end of the tail draw circular sections.

Step 7: Draw partition in the snake body, for help refers to the given image.

Step 8: All around the partition draw flat sections as depicted below.

Step 9: Draw random patches all over the body with your choice.

Step 9: Color your snake with the combination of light and dark brown.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cobra

How to Draw a Snake Cartoon Step-By-Step

Here we are again, mapping out a simple arrangement of basic shapes and lines

A framework!

And yes, again Ive gone ahead, and outlined those shapes and lines in color making the initial visualization of our cartoon animal character, THAT MUCH clearer.

Can you make out, the basic composition of this, curled up cobra ready to strike?

And so yes composition in place, lets now fade out to a lighter shade and then begin sketching in the various lines, which will bring our animal into view.

Beginning with the snout, and the yes, the eyes heres how this cobra starts taking shape

And then yes, fading those first few lines out to grey

No go ahead, and sketch in the eyeballs, and around the side of the snakes head.

Just like this

Next up its on to some of the details those *key features*, that when someone looks at your cartoon cobra drawing theyll probably say

Yes thats definitely a cobra snake!

Twisting and turning, the next lines are placed carefully bringing the body of this cartoon snake, into view.

Notice how by drawing the line of action, ahead of time we have a much better idea as to how and where these lines should go?

You know, you dont have to draw a framework like I do. You can just *visualize* this in your mind.

Thats what happens, when you keep on practicing!

Other side of its head now and yes, down along the interior of its *snaking* body, with another curvy line

It may take a few tries to get this nice and smooth.

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Easy Steps To Draw A Cartoon Snake

Follow this easy how-to-draw a cute snake step-by-step tutorial and you will be drawing your own snake drawings in no time!

  • Lets draw a snake! First, draw a circle.
  • Add another two circles on the right, leaving some space between those and the first circle.
  • Connect the top of the two circles to the bigger one.
  • Draw a line from the bottom circle to the center of the first one. Then connect the first circle to that line.
  • Draw a tail!
  • Follow the visual guide to draw an S shape notice how it kinda looks like a question mark.
  • Add an egg shape to the left corner of the last step.
  • Great its time to add details to our snake! Add a circle for the eye, and a curved line to make a smile and the tongue.
  • Amazing job congratulate yourself and add as many details as you want!
  • Your snake is done! Yay! Now its time to give it some fun colors!

    C How To Draw The Snake Eyes

    Eyes are one of the most beautiful features of snakes. Most of the venomous species have vertical pupils, while non venomous snakes appear with round pupils. The outer lining of their eyes is always round.

    With a small detail above the eye you can create the brow and also give a sense of expression. For instance, a diagonal line makes your snake more dangerous while a curve line represents a more relaxed character. Eyes are an important part in forming the facial expressions in all drawings.

    Photos courtesy: here

    You can go wild with colors. Similar to other reptiles, snakes have earned crystal-like eyes in the evolution with colors like golden green, brown, orange, gray and more. But this is YOUR snake and only you can decide about its eye color and retina patterns.

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    Simple Steps For Drawing Snakes

    Set the scene.

    Plan the composition of your drawing. If your snake will be draped over a tree branch, sunning itself on a rock, or curled up in someones hand, sketch in the background elements first. Create the surface on which the snake will reside to help lend more weight and volume to your snake drawing.

    Start with a sketch.

    Nows the time to draw the general shapes of the snakes body. Make sure the curved lines of the body arent perfectly round since snakes have more organic curvature. Depending on the kind of snake youre drawing, these basic shapes will differ. Think about what makes your species of snake distinct. The king cobra has a flared hood along its neck, while a rattlesnake has the distinct addition of the rattle-like tip to its tail.

    When looking at reference photos, pay attention to how the snake moves in space and how that musculature works. Its often going to be foreshortened in surprising ways that will give it a more dynamic feel, says illustrator and comic artist Jonathan Case.

    Image by Kevin Jay Stanton

    Refine your shapes.

    Add a new layer to your Adobe Fresco file so you can draw over your basic lines and hone the shape of the snake. I use my first sketch as an underdrawing. That lets me see what my original sketch was, so I can go back in and refine the lines and add more volume, explains Stanton. You can create new layers and refine the body of the snake as many times as needed until youre satisfied.

    Add more detail.

    Draw the face.

    How To Draw Cartoon Snake For Kids:

    How to Draw a Snake

    Step 1: Draw an enclosed shape with the help of many curved lines , above that shape draw a half-circle.

    Step 2: Draw 2 small curves on the top at some distance from each other, draw 2 small circles for the nose covered with a half-circle from above. Draw a smiley semi-circled mouth in the lower line of cloud kind of shape.

    Step 3: Draw a curved line from the right side of the mouth turning into a full curve, draw another curved line from the left side following the former line.

    Step 4: Extend the curved line with a few more curved lines meeting at a point and forming a tail as depicted below in the image.

    Step 5: Draw tongue for the snake, and divide the first section of the snake body with another long section. Draw many horizontal sections inside this as you can see in the image given for reference.

    Step 6: Draw 2 cute big round eyes in the depth formed in the first step. Draw 2 circles covered with semi-circle and darken the inner circle in the way that it depicts shiny eyes.

    Step 7: Draw random circles all over the body depicting the patches of this snake.

    Step 8: Color your snake accordingly or with your choice, and the funny cute, adorable snake is ready.

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    Final Step Detail Your Cartoon Snake

    One last thing to do sketch in some details to make your cartoon snake extra-unique. Its at this phase of the lesson where you can come up with something like no other snake anywhere.

    Notice I went for the stripes look well, you could change things up if you want by adding spots or even leaving the pattern blank your call. Another idea try to incorporate the pattern up the neck and around the face as well.

    What else? Color of course! And snakes especially are quite the colorful creatures. From the grass snake to the tiger snake to the coral snake were talking greens, blues, reds, oranges and the list goes on. So get creative and bring your cute little cartoon snake to life with a vibrant color selection of your own.

    Hey, great work on this one! See snakes arent all that bad err, at least when we draw them theyre not! Very good work.

    How To Draw A Snake Filled With Simple Patterns

    Feared by most and adored by others, learn how to draw a snake that should be admired by friends and family! It’s a fact that snakes aren’t the most popular animal on earth. Many don’t like the textures, the look and the behavior of this particular animal. Whether you are a fan or not, you are invited to learn how to create a cool version using this simple drawing lesson.

    Step 1

    Great! Let’s start this lesson by drawing the head and the body of this cartoon snake. The head is made from a simple circular shape. On the right of this shape, you can draw the body using two long curved lines. Make sure that the end of the tail is narrow and pointed.

    Step 2

    Next, you can illustrate the mouth using a small curved line. Under this line, you can draw the tongue like shown on the illustration below. Keep the tongue small and slightly curly.

    Step 3

    Nice work! Next, you need to represent the eyes using large circular shapes. As you can see below, the eyes are covering most of the area found inside the head. That’s a simple tip if you want to create a cute cartoon character.

    Step 4

    Inside the eyes, you can add pupils using also circular shapes. As you can see on the template below, these pupils must be placed close to each other to create the desired effect.

    Step 5

    Finally, you can complete this illustration by adding small patches all over the body of the cartoon snake. Patches are made from oval or circular shapes. Two additional shapes are also drawn inside the pupils.

    Step 6

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    How To Draw A Snake Head

    Step 1 Draw the outline for the head which is in the shape of cap as illustrated.

    Step 2 Using the outline, draw the shape of the head and the snout.

    Step 3 Next we move to the back part of the head and the jaw.

    Step 4 Draw the evil eyes and the mark the nostrils.

    Step 5 We then draw the outline of the mouth around the jaw. Draw the eyeball and mark the pupil.

    Step 6 Draw the fangs, forked tongue and give details to the tongue.

    Step 7 Mark the beginning of the neck and remove the outlines.

    First Step Easy Peezy Not Much To Its Structure At All

    How to Draw a Snake Cartoon Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

    If you can draw a circle and line and I know you can!! then this is probably one of the easiest things youll ever draw. Of course, even with the structure down, there are many twists, turns, tips, tricks to make your drawing unique.

    The framework

    Oh, and remember just because Ive got mine curved around and in this particular positiondoesnt necessarily mean you should do the same. Experiment a bit here have your snake curved like an S coiled or draping from a branch.

    Let go and make it happen!

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