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How To Draw A Cartoon Unicorn

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Heres An Easy Unicorn Drawing Project With Step

How to Draw a Cartoon Unicorn Farting Easy and Cute

Of all the animals to draw, I think horse-like ones rank near the top of the list as far as difficulty is concerned. With all those bends and curves in their head, neck and legs, its just plain tricky to get them to look right. Draw them too straight and they look kinda wimpy. Make them too curvy and they appear kind of strange.

And unless students have a real horse in front of them, or a good photo at least, theres a good chance they will get stuck along the way. Not to worry though, Im pretty sure that drawing anything horse-like has vexed many an artist over the years.

The solution? A unicorn tutorial that focuses just on the head and mane. All the cute and colorful fun is still there, without any extra frustration.

For some extra inspiration for how to color your unicorn, scroll down to see more finished samples. Yes, a rainbow painted background is always lovely. But even if you only have access to crayons, that doesnt mean your unicorn has to be any less colorful.

Unicorn Coloring Page

How to Draw a Unicorn

  • Start the simple head shape.
  • Add the cheek and neck line.
  • Draw the outside of the horn.
  • Add inside diagonal lines.
  • Start the mane as shown.
  • Add the mane details.
  • How To Draw A Unicorn

    When creating this lesson how to draw a unicorn, I thought it would be neat to pay homage to the popular animated film The Last Unicorn, from 1982.

    So yes, the version you see above is a likeness to the one in the movie a very feminine, elegant take on this magical fantasy creature.

    Ok, ready to draw?

    Great lets go!

    Fifth Step Steps In The Drawing Of A Unicorn Horn

    Perfect Were nice and close now so you can easily see how the drawing of a unicorn horn takes place beginning with a simple placement line

    Once youve decided upon the placement of your horn, begin by drawing a base segment just like the one in the middle picture above. Make yoursmore even if you like Im going for the twisting horn look here. Now, after the base segment is in place, repeat the process up the line decreasing the size of each new segment as you move toward the tip.

    And yes, it does indeed appear to be twisting when its all finished. A neat and simple little effect I must say!

    Now, lets finalize this drawing of a unicorn!

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    How To Draw A Cute Unicorn

    This video is made by Art for Kids Hub on Youtube channel, you will learn how to draw a cute unicorn in just a few steps. After finish drawing, you and your kids can use your imagination and color your own unicorns on your own way. Hope you will get lots of fun to practice and draw your own unicorns by following the steps.

    S Of Unicorns To Draw

    How to Draw a Cartoon Baby Unicorn-Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

    Simple and easy

    Here you are another collection of pics that will help you in the process of drawing the unicorn from scratch. Find below a great example with all the manual steps needed to draw a simple yet handsome unicorn:

    In this case, we start from the ears, then draw the head, the body, the legs and the tail. The last step is to paint it to make it even more amazing, remember you can pic any other colors you like, this is just an example.

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    How To Draw A Unicorn Emoji Easy

    This video is made by Draw So Cute on Youtube channel, you will learn how to draw beautiful unicorn emoji step by step easy and cute. After watching this long mythical creature drawing tutorial, hope you can master a unicorn emoji drawing whenever and everywhere you are. Maybe your unicorn drawing will make you popular on tik tok!

    First Brush Up On Your Horse Anatomy

    As illustrator Lucas Elliott puts it, Unicorns are just fancy horses. So, its helpful to know your horse anatomy, like their bone and muscle structure and how they walk or canter. Before you pick up those colored pencils and dive into your unicorn drawing, get familiar with how to draw the head, body, and legs of a horse. Then adapt those parts into a creature thats a bit more fantastical.

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    How To Draw A Baby Unicorn Easy

    This video is made by Draw So Cute on Youtube channel, you will learn how to draw a kawaii unicorn which is inspired by Tys Beanie Boos plush animals. Kids will love this cute unicorn for sure, so watch the video and learn the drawing instructions right now, to create a cute big eye baby unicorn with your kids in no time.

    First Step Drawing A Framework For Your Unicorn

    Drawing: How To Draw a Cartoon Unicorn – Easy Drawing Lesson for Beginners – Magical!

    As mentioned above, a unicorn is similar to a horse but with a horn! And with respect to drawing something horse-like it makes sense to first understand the simple shapes that compose such creatures and how they come together to give them their shape.

    In four simple steps, heres how the framework for your unicorn drawing comes together

    Something about horses, unicorns, zebras, etc. they can be tricky to draw correctly at a first attempt. The legs of a unicorn as well as the body, take on a special form that needs to drawn reasonably correct so that youre satisfied with the end result.

    Take your time with the steps above. Go for a likeness and not necessarily perfection. This combination of circles, rectangles and triangles is ideal for drawing horse-looking creatures. Do this, and its on to the next step

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    Reference Other Unicorn Drawings

    Some novice drawers think that if you have to use a reference photo, youre not a real artist, says Elliott. But Im a professional illustrator and I do. As for illustrator Ben House, Western-style paintings serve as the ultimate inspiration: Studying the poses of different horses helps me a lot when Im visualizing a unicorn. Remingtons Old American West paintings really capture the expression of their form.

    Fourth Step Drawing The Unicorn Legs

    First take a look at the small picture of the unicorn drawing to the right. Note the position of the grey circles. I included these circles as a guide by which you can position the joints of the legs.

    If a horse is standing upright same with the unicorn in this example, you would see that that back legs are much more powerful than the front something indicated by these circle markers. Without too much explanation here put more emphasis on the position of the back leg than the front with respect to the rectangles of the framework

    Whats interesting too if you practice drawing horse legs like this off to the side of your page youll see that it really is important to get the initial position bang on. Of course, with respect to drawing cartoons you could easily get away with more simple vertical legs. I just went into a little more detail here as it can help to work from/with examples that are slightly more realistic.

    When you get the left front and back legs of your unicorn drawn, lets move up to the head and zoom in to draw the horn

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    Here Are More Easy Drawing Tutorials For Kids:

    Need coloring supplies? Here are some kid favorites:

    This post contains affiliate links.

    You can find TONS of awesome coloring pages for kids & adults here. Have fun!

    How To Draw A Unicorn Made From Simple Elements

    How-To Draw a Unicorn, Cartoon Unicorn Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial

    Let’s learn how to draw a unicorn that looks cute in just a few easy steps using this fun lesson below. This legendary creature has been around for a very long time . Usually depicted with the body of a horse or even a goat, they symbolize purity and grace. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple version filled with basic effects and bright colors.

    drawing a template to begin with

    First, let’s draw a simple template made from basic shapes to help us locate the character in the working space. It’s also a good opportunity to work on the posture and make sure proportions are accurate. You can start by drawing an oval shape to form the head of the animal. The mouth is done with two small squares.

    using lines to visualize the posture

    Next, we can draw simple curved lines to visualize the posture of the character. One line will be used to represent the neck and the back. Four more lines are needed to form the legs. Notice how the legs on the back are shorter than the ones on front. For the tail, another irregular curved line can be drawn near the end of the subject.

    adding shapes to play with proportions

    Now that the posture is perfect, let’s add more basic shapes to create the remaining body parts. The body can be sketched with a few simple lines. All four legs are made from rectangles. For the hooves, you can use irregular squares. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a unicorn is progressing nicely. It’s time to draw the animal using more curved lines!

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    Unicorn With Wings Drawing At Getdrawings

    How to draw a flying unicorn. Learn how to draw the last unicorn along with the milky way. If you are looking for easy flying unicorn drawings check out the flying unicorns with their rainbow manes. A winged unicorn is a fictional horse with wings and a horn, and may be a variant from either the more well known pegasus, and/or unicorn.

    Then draw the snout of the unicorn. On each peak of the wings, draw two diagonal lines adjacent to each other and enclose the wings with three curves below them. It is a symbol of purity and grace and its horn is said to have healing powers.

    Oko step by step to show you how to draw a magical unicorn goaless toe. First draw four small marks for the height and width of the circle, then connect the marks using curved lines. Let’s take a look at what will be creating today.

    Welcome to art with mr noah. How to draw a rainbow unicorn. Start at bottom of the circle and curve the snout around to above the circle.

    Since the bat looks like its coming out from its cave, lets place a cave behind it. Another free fantasy for beginners step by step drawing video tutorial. Welcome to art with mr noah.

    Then draw the front part of the unicorns neck so that it is slanted. Remember anything can be turn into a. This is a personal use svg file and its perfectly compatible with cricut explore, silhouette cameo, brother scan n cut, sizzix eclips, sure cuts a lot, etc.

    Draw Flying Horse by on

    Drawing Of A Unicorn Cartoon Lesson

    In this lesson, create a drawing of a unicorn easily one of famous of all fantasy creatures.

    In the cartoon animals section, I mentioned how learning how to draw one thing a horse for example, can make other things that look similar a lot easier to draw.

    Well, this point applies perfectly to this lesson here. A unicorn as we all know is basically a horse with a horn. Learn how to draw one here, and then drawing something like a horse, cow, donkey, zebra, etc., will seem a whole lot easier later on.

    Of course unicorns dont necessarily look EXACTLY like horses. Theyre very special creatures in terms of their physical appearance and so it only makes sense to draw them with their unique characteristics in mind. And so, lets do just that

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    Go Diy And Have Fun During The Process

    Its easy to get caught up in the details of step-by-step instructions, but the key to a stunning sketch is less about perfection and more about fun. I think a lot of people get stuck on the idea that it has to look a certain way because of what other people have done, says Elliott. Make it your own. Have fun with it.

    How To Draw Cartoon Unicorn

    How to Draw a Unicorn (Cartoon)

    Does your kids love unicorns and nice book? Will they happy to know draw magic unicorn by own? They will know to draw cartoon cute unicorn with this perfect step by step book guide. Kids will know how to draw cartoon unicorn.I am Suzy Mako and I decided create step by step guide for your little treasures. How to draw cartoon unicorn book for kids is amazing for free time. Girls and Kids loves unicorns and they will now able to draw own unicorn according this guide. The final picture can be perfect gift for grandparents, friends, teachers. You will show your kids something interesting and new. The book will improve creativity of your kids and their imagination. Fulfill final picture with rainbow colors and kids will proud of their master piece. Improve kids creativity, imagination, artistic sense, and even teach them the basic strokes of a pencil and linking the lines to a certain form. Your children will grow with this book not only in creative way but you will also extend their mind. The book how to draw cartoon unicorn is fully illustrated, cute, magic, sparkle and needed book for your kids.


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    Make Magic With A Cute Unicorn Drawing

    Since ancient times, images of unicorns have been splashed across murals, paintings, and tapestries as the ultimate symbol of beauty and grace. And now, current artists are taking a cue from historys greats to put a modern spin on the famed mythical creature. Whether you like cute cartoon unicorns or want to stay true to tradition, here are a few tips for drawing the unicorn of your dreams.

    How To Draw A Unicorn Head

    The head of the unicorn is the most delicate part, as you need to make sure it looks like a horse, but at the same time it needs to have its horn so its clear that this is not a common animal. You want to ensure that your creation differentiates itself from other boring drawings, so youve got to pay special attention when you draw it.

    Since you have passion about unicorns, you might be interested in unicorn lamps.

    It can be very hard to draw a realistic picture, so we recommend you to go for the easy option which is drawing the emoji version of it. This video explain it very well:

    We advice you to watch this videos and follow the steps exactly as they are shown until you are confident and can repeat the process without looking at the video anymore. Once you reach that point, then you should start introducing your own personal changes to make it look different and even more cute!

    Now, after watching those videos and following our tips, hopefully you should be able to follow the steps and you are ready to make your own drawings and share them proudly with your friends and family.

    Now, well show you a few of the best unicorn drawings and unicorn pictures to draw that weve found, which hopefully will give you some inspiration:

    Remember that you can zoom in any image just by clicking on in. If you would like to download an unicorn image, just right click on the picture you like and choose Save Image As.

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    Drawing Unreal Magical Things

    As unicorn lovers you may believe that unicorns are real, however, today, unicorns are no longer believed to be real. For that you can bring one unicorn to life with art by some drawing instructions. If you want to feel the thrill of creation, let us learn to picture these unreal magic things, or you can also bring some unicorn theme items home to show as if they were real.

    Here we collect some how-to videos to help you to get started, and these tutorial will teach you how to draw a cute unicorn in no time, for your kids and for those unicorn lovers.

    Instructions For How To Draw A Unicorn

    How To Draw A Cartoon Unicorn

    1. Start by drawing a circle in the middle of your paper.

    2. Then draw the snout of the unicorn. Start at bottom of the circle and curve the snout around to above the circle.

    3. Then draw the front part of the unicorns neck so that it is slanted.

    4. Then draw the top of the unicorns head. Draw this line to connect the unicorns back and then draw a spiral at the bottom. This spiral will a part of the unicorns hair.

    5. Then draw the unicorns horn. Start at the bottom of the horn and draw a curved line for the base. This base should overlap the head a bit. Then make the horn go to a point like drawing a triangle.

    6. Then draw the eye so that its inside of the initial circle. Draw an upside down curve for its nostril. Also notice that a portion of the circle is erased so that only the bottom part shows.

    7. Next draw the ears. The bottom part of the ear on the front overlap part of the head. The back ear does not overlap. Also draw the inner part of the back ear.

    8. Daw the hair. Start by drawing a line from the left part of the horn and overlap the back ear. Go behind the front ear and draw the line to the edge of your paper on the left. Then draw a curl in front of the unicorn horn.

    9. Then draw the curl next to the front ear. Also draw a line on the inside of the front curve and a few lines on the hair on the back.

    10. Draw the portion of the unicorns hair on the right side of its neck. Draw a spiraled lines to make it look curled.

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