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How To Draw A Cat Easy

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How To Draw A Cat Very Easy

How to draw an easy cat for kids

Earlier I showed you how to draw a cat, in this even simpler instruction I will show you how to draw a cat very easily.

Since on the pages of I most often show how to draw animals in cartoon style, today I decided not to make exceptions and show you how to draw a cat in a cartoon style. This style is free from unnecessary details and complex lines. Everything here is as simple as possible.

To proceed to the instruction on how to draw a cat very easily, you will need a simple pencil and the simplest piece of paper. In addition, at the very end of the work, you can use paints, crayons, or felt-tip pens to bring your cat drawing to life.

Eyes Ears Foot And Tail

Draw two smaller off-centered ovals side by side inside the head for the cats eyes. Beneath that, draw a small curved upside-down triangle for the nose. Two curved triangles on each side of the head will form the ears. Next, to draw the two front feet, start from the middle of the body and draw something like an extra-long W. Then, draw the two back feet on each side of the bottom. Finish up with a tail. As long and wavy as you would like.

Draw The Body & Front Legs

Add the legs by drawing two curved lines from the bottom curve of the head down to the area of the feet. Inside these lines draw two more curves for the inner shape of the legs. Make these curves about half the length of the first set. At the bottom of these draw the feet and connect them with one line to show the bottom of the body.

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Drawing Your Cats Ears

This is the last construction step before we move on to create the final outline for your drawing of a cat. The perfect placement for the cats ears is right on the top of its head, just after the top point of the head oval. Begin by drawing a pointed triangular shape on the top of the cats head oval, and then draw a slightly more rounded one behind it.

You want to make sure that the front ear overlaps the back one, to get the perspective right.

What You Will Learn In This Guide

How to Draw a Black Cat Easy

This cat drawing guide is suitable for people of different levels and abilities. Use this table of contents to quickly get to the different sections of this guide.

Feel free to use any tools you wish for this tutorial. I recommend a hard pencil for the sketching phase, and a soft pencil or an ink liner for the final lines.

The red lines are the ones that youre supposed to draw, and the green ones are guide lines that you only need to imaginethey will help you get the proportions right.

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Ready To Learn How To Draw A Cat

Let’s begin!

For a model, I used this cat photo that I took during my visit to Italy in the summer of 2010:

I cropped the photo to show a close-up of his face. I love the way he’s staring straight into the camera!

Next, I divided the picture into a simple grid by drawing a line in the middle of the picture both horizontally and vertically:

On my paper, I drew a similar grid:

To draw the grid, first I drew a rectangle on my paper that was 7 inches across and 7.75 inches tall. To draw the interior lines of the grid, I divided those measurements in half. Therefore, the vertical middle line was 3.5 inches in, and the horizontal middle line was 3 7/8 inches in.

Now, using the grid as a guideline, I drew the cat’s face on my paper. The grid method makes it easier to draw accurately, instead of just eyeballing it. By using a grid to learn how to draw a cat, you can compare where the cat’s features are in relation to the lines on the photo, and then draw them on your paper in relation to the lines on your grid.

For instance, look at the photo of the cat, and notice where his ears are. You can see that they are in the corners of the photo, but not quite touching the edge of the grid. So your job is to replicate that on your paper. Next look at how his chin is near the bottom edge of the photo, right in the middle of the central vertical line, and draw that on your paper. Draw lightly, so that you can erase any mistakes.

First I outlined the cat’s head and main features with violet:

Scary Black Cat Drawing

There are so many ways to have creative fun with all the images that pop up around Halloween. Between haunted houses and colorful costumes and variations of nocturnal animals walking or flying around, theres just too much material to work with. Now students have one more option with a tutorial for how to draw a scary cat.

This scary cat face was found in some vintage collection of Halloween things, which is also offers lots of what I call the fun scary ideas. Some of them are, of course, on the cheesy side, but many others just conjure up a time when a wigged-out looking cat with buggy eyes and sharp teeth was about the scariest thing you could imagine.

Oh, and on top of that, you could also use this as a lesson in drawing emotion. Anytime students draw dots that are small and floating in the middle of the eye, the look definitely says SCARED.

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Draw The Shapes For Your Cat Nose Eyes And Mouth

Beginners how to draw a cartoon cat – very easy

Draw a small upside-down triangle for your cat nose. See how the triangle begins at the top of the large body oval. Its a short horizontal line that is drawn evenly on both sides of the central vertical guideline.

Complete your upside-down triangle cat nose shape by adding two diagonal lines that meet on the central vertical guideline.

Add one angled line on each side of the top of the nose, to travel upwards, and continue these upwards to just above the halfway mark on your circle.

The cat eyes are added just as small circles for now. Space them a little distance apart from one another by using the angles you have just created as a guide to position them.

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Toes And Final Editing

After drawing in the toes, you’re technically done with drawing your cute, little kitty cat cartoon. But, since I take a photo and put mine up online, I went back over it with a heavier ink pen so it reproduces better.

Then I shot a pic with my cell phone and used the BeFunky app to crop it and adjust brightness and contrast. Lastly, I finished up with the Pinhole filter, followed by the Orton filter, and that’s it! Not bad for a iPhone app!

You can color it in if you want too. Have fun!

I should mention here that learning to draw ANYTHING takes practicelots of practice. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid . I’ve drawn thousands of eyeballs and noses and mouths and eyebrows and whatever else over the years.

The best tip I can give you is this: ALWAYS DRAW IT AGAIN!

Even after all these years, the first time I draw something new, it’s crap. I’ve been drawing this same cat in this same pose maybe close to 100 times. Seriously. There’s all kinds of variations to play around with, and even if you simply try to draw it exactly the same way, it’ll look better.

So draw it again.

Thanks for hanging out with me! I hope you learn to enjoy drawing this kitty as much as I do.

Note: All art by Chris Desatoff

Next Draw In The Ears

We have the beginning of the head of your cat drawing done, so now we will add in the ears.

For the right side ear, draw in a slightly curved triangle without a bottom connecting at the space you left in the head outline. Draw in another triangle for the inner ear.

Next, draw in the curved ear shape for the left ear as it appears in the reference picture and then draw in the inner ear.

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How To Draw A Cat

Grab a pencil and lets learn how to draw a realistic cat! Heres how.

STEP 1: Draw a small circle for the cats head. Then add a larger circle below it and a larger one still below that for the cats body.

STEP 2: Join the circles together with a smooth, curving line to draw the cats neck and back on the right-hand side and another on the left for the cats neck.

STEP 3: Erase the overlapping lines inside the cats body. To draw the cats first front leg, add an oval overlapping its body and another smaller oval below that. Draw a smooth line around the ovals for the outline of the cats leg.

Step 4: Erase the overlapping lines in the cats leg and the line on its chest. Add the cats other front leg by drawing a line from the cats chest around the first leg. Now draw an oval overlapping the cats front leg and bottom for the back paw.

Step 5: Draw the cats face and ears, copying the shapes shown here as closely as possible. Erase any unnecessary lines so you are left with a complete cat shape.

Step 6: Draw long smooth lines coming from the nose for the cats whiskers. Add a curving tail and erase a small section of the outline where it joins the body. Add some wiggly fur lines on the chest and ears.

Get this cat drawing project and many more in How to Draw Animals by Michael Garton.

Adding The Tabby Stripes

How to Draw a Cat – Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Tabby cats are known for their tiger-like stripes, and so to make your drawing more realistic, you can use a darker shade of grey or black to create these stripes. You want your stripes to be very narrow and quite parallel. You do not, however, want to have pure parallel stripes all the way down your cats body. Make some of your lines slightly curved, put some in a different direction, and make sure that none of them are joined together.

To make the stripes on the tail and legs look realistic, draw them horizontally so that they wrap around the legs and tail.

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Draw A Large Oval For The Body

Make sure that you sketch all your shapes lightly.

The first shape to draw is a large oval for your cat body. Start the top of your oval at the beginning of the second tab down from the top and end it a little way up from the bottom.

Tip: To draw a nice oval, find halfway between the top and bottom of the oval and draw a horizontal line as a guide for how wide you want your oval to be. Mine was about three inches. You can draw yours the same or by approximating if you like.

Does It Take A Lot Of Time To Make A Cat Drawing

Not at all. In fact, it might take you much less time than you would expect. With our in-depth cat drawing tutorial, you can easily and quickly create a realistic cat drawing. If this is your first time drawing animals of any kind, the tutorial may take a little longer, but through this process, you will learn some important drawing skills.

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Finish It Off With Some Color

The last step is one of the most fun in the process of learning how to draw a cat, and that is to add in some color!

We show an example of one way you can color in the cat for our final reference image, but this is a step where you should let your creativity flow!

You could use any colors that you love to color in your cat drawing to really give it a personal touch.

Constructing The Cats First Back Leg

How to draw a cat real easy

This step and the next focus on drawing the first back leg in your drawing of a cat. Begin this back leg just in front of the back of the body oval. Draw a square U shape that faces the back. The cats back legs have a knee joint, so it is easier to draw this leg in two stages. This first construction shape is going to represent the cats thigh.

To complete the bottom of this back leg, draw two lines that are slightly angled towards the back and finish the leg with a rotated uneven circle.

Hopefully you can now see the shape of the back leg, and in the next few steps we will start to flesh it out.

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How To Draw A Simple Cat

Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

The house cat or domestic cat is a common sight around the world. The housecat is the smallest member of the cat family.

They make great pets, but remain independent enough to survive on their own. Once-domesticated cats living in the wild are known as feral cats.

Cats were first domesticated thousands of years ago. Mummified cats and carvings of cats have been discovered in the tombs of ancient Egypt.

Did you know? A group of cats is called a clowder or glaring. Cats may be small, but they are mighty hunters. On one small island near New Zealand, the first European settler brought a house cat with him.

The cat caught a bird, which he sent to a scientific organization for identification. By the time they wrote back requesting more specimens as they believed it to be a new species, the cat had eradicated the wrens from the island! A single cat hunted this bird to extinction.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

You can learn to draw a simple cartoon cat. It’s easy! Sharpen your pencils and grab an eraser.

Then, follow the step-by-step instructions in this cartoon animal drawing tutorial. You’ll use simple shapes to create your meow-sterpiece!

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Cartoon Cat, Simple Dog, and Cartoon Dog.

Directions To Draw A Black Cat

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step by Step

  • Draw a circle for a head.
  • Add a simple body shape underneath it.
  • Draw the front leg.
  • |

    Hi Kathy, I love all the cat art. They are fitting very nicely into my Storybook Art classes! Your drawing lessons work so well in the distance-teaching universe in which I now find myself. Thank you so much.

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    Eyebrows And The Inner Ear

    I almost forgot the inside of the ear, but let’s pretend that I meant to save it until now.

    The eyebrows finish off our eyes and face. You can experiment with the thickness, edges, etc. I like them nice and fat with rounded corners. Again, a little bit different shape and size between them is okayjust like the eyeballs.

    The mouth isn’t actually necessary. Doesn’t he look even cuter without it? I think so.

    Our Cat Directed Drawing Printable Optional Paper

    How to Draw a Cute Cat – Easy Drawing Lesson

    Easy step how to draw a cat. Next add the mouth nose and whiskers. According to the primary contours circle the body and head of the cat. Everything here is as simple as possible.

    This is the trickiest part of the drawing. The cross should bend the way the cat drawing is facing. Draw the body as an elliptical loop that is angled downward off the back of.

    To proceed to the instruction on how to draw a cat very easily you will need a simple pencil and the simplest piece of paper. After youve observed the reference images draw the major shapes of the cat. Draw the front legs of the cat On the left draw a long arc down from the neck draw three small circles at the bottom of the arc these are the pads on the cats legs to the right of the pillows we draw an arc about the middle of the first arc the left foot is ready.

    Draw a circle with a cross through it. How to draw a realistic cat. Start by drawing an oval shape for the head.

    It can be boxy more circle like or even a slightly triangular one. If you like the video please share like comment and subscribe. Draw a circle and a oval for the body and head of a cat then mark the center of the head with the help of a line.

    Next you will draw your cat outline by adding curves and lines. In this step-by-step tutorial youll learn how to draw a cat in three stages. Simple Cat drawing – step 19.

    Sketch out the simple shapes. Click Here For Step 4. CLICK IMAGE FOR BIGGER VERSION Step 2.

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