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How To Draw A Cat With Pencil

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How To Draw A Cat

How to draw a cat with butterfly – pencil sketch for beginners || step by step drawing

If you are looking to learn how to draw a cat step by step, then this tutorial is for you. First Ill show you how to draw a cat skeleton to define the pose, then youll learn how to draw a cats body, how to draw a cats face with all the details, and finally, how to add the final details to your cat drawing to make it look realistic.

How To Draw A Cat With Graphite Pencils

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You will need:


Hailey Woerner is a young author following her dreams. She is one of thoseintroverted types, if you will. She finds her passion in writing, drawing, singing, and serving on her high school worship team. Some have called her creative, intuitive, quiet, gentle, and graceful, though sometimes hot-headed. She lives in the wonderful state of VA with her family of seven, and loves watching the seasons change over the mountains. You can often find her sitting alone, thinking up new ways to tell an old tale, or creating tunes for a new song she has written, but she always welcomes conversation to those who come up to her! Just watch yourself, or she might find some way to work you into her next novel. You can follow her on her blog, and on Deviant Art.

Shade The Surrounding Fur

Successfully shading the eyes is just the beginning! You need that soft, fuzzy surrounding fur to complete the effect. Work with these special strokes to get the most realistic depiction.

Pay attention to the length, color and direction of the fur. Work slowly and keep the direction of your strokes consistent with what you see in your reference photo. Alternate between using your pencil and kneaded eraser to achieve the values and details. When youre satisfied with your progress, keep building and sketch in the entire face. Purrrfect!

Good to Know: The rules for sketching cat eyes are the same, no matter your medium. Things only differ when it comes to shading or adding color. Watch the our class Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil for a detailed step-by-step!

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Ready To Learn How To Draw A Cat

Let’s begin!

For a model, I used this cat photo that I took during my visit to Italy in the summer of 2010:

I cropped the photo to show a close-up of his face. I love the way he’s staring straight into the camera!

Next, I divided the picture into a simple grid by drawing a line in the middle of the picture both horizontally and vertically:

On my paper, I drew a similar grid:

To draw the grid, first I drew a rectangle on my paper that was 7 inches across and 7.75 inches tall. To draw the interior lines of the grid, I divided those measurements in half. Therefore, the vertical middle line was 3.5 inches in, and the horizontal middle line was 3 7/8 inches in.

Now, using the grid as a guideline, I drew the cat’s face on my paper. The grid method makes it easier to draw accurately, instead of just eyeballing it. By using a grid to learn how to draw a cat, you can compare where the cat’s features are in relation to the lines on the photo, and then draw them on your paper in relation to the lines on your grid.

For instance, look at the photo of the cat, and notice where his ears are. You can see that they are in the corners of the photo, but not quite touching the edge of the grid. So your job is to replicate that on your paper. Next look at how his chin is near the bottom edge of the photo, right in the middle of the central vertical line, and draw that on your paper. Draw lightly, so that you can erase any mistakes.

First I outlined the cat’s head and main features with violet:

Sketch The Basic Shape

How to Draw a Tabby Cat in Coloured Pencil | Drawing Tutorial Part 1

Now start drawing the eyes. Remember to use light pencil strokes youll erase some of these marks as your drawing progresses.

Begin with a circle, then turn your attention to the shape of the eyelids and how each covers the eyeball. The upper eyelid considerably covers the eye, while the lower lid curves around it .

The inside corner of the eye is normally lower than the outside corner. You can draw more horizontal guidelines to make sure these corners are aligned. When your lids are sketched, erase the excess circles above the top eyelids.

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How To Draw A Cat: The Whole Cat

Theres a lot to consider, even when you narrow down your cat-drawing-tutorial-search to the whole cat. From cute cat cartoons to something more realistic to even how theyre sitting, standing, or laying down, your inspo cup runneth over, right? We found three really easy tutorials to walk you through drawing an entire feline nose to tail. Which of these drawings of fluffsters do you want to see pinned to your fridge?

Try Taping Your Paper Down For Warping Prevention

You can use any drawing board you have. Alternatively, you can recycle the cardboard backing from an old paper pad or inexpensive lightweight foam core board.

The plywood/Masonite boards are also great if you prefer working at an easel. The extra weight will keep your painting from rocking as you paint!

Taping the paper down will also give you a beautiful white border if you paint to the edge.

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Draw A Large Oval For The Body

Make sure that you sketch all your shapes lightly.

The first shape to draw is a large oval for your cat body. Start the top of your oval at the beginning of the second tab down from the top and end it a little way up from the bottom.

Tip: To draw a nice oval, find halfway between the top and bottom of the oval and draw a horizontal line as a guide for how wide you want your oval to be. Mine was about three inches. You can draw yours the same or by approximating if you like.

How To Draw Cat Eyes With Colored Pencils

How to Draw a Tabby Cat in Coloured Pencil | Drawing Tutorial Part 2

In this colored pencil drawing lesson, we create a small drawing of a cat’s face focusing on the eyes. There’s quite a bit of complexity in the colors found within the eyes. To handle this complexity, we’ll patiently layer colors to build up depth. Gradually, our colored pencil drawing will begin to resemble a painting.

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Stage : Completing The Head Of The Cat

I usually wait until I have completed the head of the pet before I go back to the beginning and make sure the contrast of my portrait is right. I have found that contrast is one of the most important parts of drawing in order to make your drawing look real. I compare my reference picture and make sure all white areas, such as reflections in the eyes, white hairs and whiskers, are bright white. White paint is a great way to do this and I have also recently discovered that a white gel pen is good for more control.

Once I have made sure that all the white areas are as a white as possible, I do the same comparison technique with the black area. Any shadows or stripes in the fur, or pupils in the eyes need to be as black as possible. Throughout the process of my drawing, I am always comparing colours and textures with my reference picture to make sure it is as accurate as possible.

Draw 4 Long Ovals For Legs

Now its time to complete the main shapes of your cat by adding two large ovals for the front legs and two smaller ovals for the back legs.

Tip: The two larger ovals in front come up to just below half of the large circle body. They are on a slight angle outwards. The smaller ovals for the back legs are lower and also on a slight angle outwards. The oval legs touch the ovals for your cat paws.

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Draw Cats Step By Step: General Principles For Drawing

Cats are amazing animals, furry and cute, but in reality, they are not so different from their wild counterparts. Just imagine that a small copy of a panther or a cheetah lives in your home! With their naturally graceful bodies, they are simply made for hunting, and this elegance makes them an excellent subject for drawing.

Draw The Shapes For Your Cat Nose Eyes And Mouth

Cat Drawing Tutorial With Colored Pencils – By Artist: Andrea Kirk | The Art Chik

Draw a small upside-down triangle for your cat nose. See how the triangle begins at the top of the large body oval. Its a short horizontal line that is drawn evenly on both sides of the central vertical guideline.

Complete your upside-down triangle cat nose shape by adding two diagonal lines that meet on the central vertical guideline.

Add one angled line on each side of the top of the nose, to travel upwards, and continue these upwards to just above the halfway mark on your circle.

The cat eyes are added just as small circles for now. Space them a little distance apart from one another by using the angles you have just created as a guide to position them.

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Next Draw In The Ears

We have the beginning of the head of your cat drawing done, so now we will add in the ears.

For the right side ear, draw in a slightly curved triangle without a bottom connecting at the space you left in the head outline. Draw in another triangle for the inner ear.

Next, draw in the curved ear shape for the left ear as it appears in the reference picture and then draw in the inner ear.

Stage : Drawing One Side Of The Face

My next stage of drawing would be to complete one side of the face. This makes for a great picture on social media because of the contrast between the line drawing and the coloured pencil drawing. It also gives me a great idea of how long the rest of the face will take me to complete.

The head of an animal always takes me a lot longer than drawing the body. There are so many different fur directions around the eyes, nose and ears, so you have to make sure you are following each change correctly otherwise the portrait will not look right.

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Observe The Cat’s Grace And Movements

H South

When you start sketching, don’t worry about being too artistic. You want to learn to observe the cat’s basic structure, so begin by sketching them in simplified forms. These can change dramatically with a cat, due to their great flexibility.

  • Rough in the oval of the ribcage/belly area, the shoulders, rump, and head.
  • Observe the cat in various poses — curling in a ball, stretching, arching — and mentally simplifying the shapes.
  • Note that the spine runs from the back of the neck to the tip of the tail. While it’s very flexible, it won’t form a sharp bend. This is a useful line to observe in sketching as it helps you align the forms of the body.
  • The tail is an important means of expression for the cat and it aids in balancing the drawing . It should always be included in the sketch where possible.

Finishing Up And Planning Your Next Project

How to Draw a Cat Face in Pencil – Drawing Lesson – MAT

Once you are happy with all your blending, your cat is complete. Great job!

This is a process you can practice several times so that you can draw your cat from memory any time you like. If you would love to learn more about how to draw and shade using professional methods, see my course: Complete Drawing and Shading Course. Next, join me in learning how to draw a unicorn.

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Their Grace And Elegance Make Them Great Subjects

    Have you ever noticed how often cats are pictured sleeping? It’s the only way they will be still for long enough to be drawn!

    But cats are also wonderful subjects to sketch, with their quick graceful movements equally suited to brisk energetic handling or to a smooth, elegant line. To capture your cat in action, you’ll need a quick eye and quicker hand.

    Whether in a resting pose or full of life, cats are fun to draw. They do pose some unique challenges. With careful observation, appropriate use of line, and a bit of practice, you will be drawing great cat pictures.

    Shade In The Cats Fur

    Now we need to move on to the fur and shadows. This particular cat has white fur around his neck with some beautiful spots and lines on its back and legs. Using H or 2H pencils, shade the lightest shadows around the face and neck.

    Using the same H pencils , block in the shadow on the tail and shade the fur with small lines and strokes to create the furry texture.

    For more details on how to draw animal fur, check out

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    Draw A Circle For The Cat Head

    Your cat head can begin with a circle. We will add angles and curves to refine the cat face and features later during the outline drawing stage.

    Begin the top of your circle just a bit down from the top of the center vertical guideline and end it as it crosses over and just below the top of the big oval body.

    Draw a horizontal guideline to help you create the width evenly on each side of the vertical line. I made my circle two inches long and two inches wide. You can also approximate the width of your cat head.

    What Materials Will I Need To Draw A Cat

    How to Draw a Cat

    You can bring your cat to life with anything from coloured pencils to watercolours, but in this guide, were keeping things nice and simple. All youll need are the following materials:

    A sheet of plain, unlined A4 paper

    One or two pencils 2B, HB or both will be fine for this drawing.

    A pencil sharpener: the details will be much easier if you have nicely sharpened pencils.

    An eraser, if you want to partially remove the guidelines in this drawing but its not essential.

    If you want to get into drawing, take a look at our pencil drawing for beginners guide and stock up on art supplies with our best drawing pencils and best colouring pencils guides.

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    When You Want To Draw A Cat Face That Is Cute Yet Simple Yet Expressive This New Tutorial Might Be Just What You Are Looking For

    Theres a reason why searches for how to draw a cat and how to draw a dog are among the highest on the internet. If you dont already know and love them as pets, then you might just wish you had them as a pet. And if writers are advised to write what they know then it makes sense for artists to draw what they know cute pets! And lots of them!

    A quick google search will show you hundreds of ways to draw dogs and cats, whether simple or realistic or cartoony or full body or close up. This tutorial is designed to help young artists draw just a cat face, with a very intense yet cute look. Only a few simple shapes are needed to put this kitty together, and once complete, could be colored in many different ways.

    Areas Around The Eyes

    We’ll next work outward from the eyes. We begin with a light application of Dark Umber. We’ll work out the locations of darker tone before adding a bit of color over the top. Lilac and Pink are added over the Dark Umber base.

    Over the top, we can begin burnishing the colors while making the value slightly lighter. 20% Cool Grey is applied to begin the burnishing process.

    We’ll then continue to develop the contrast by adding Dark Umber. Lilac is then layered again over the top. A touch of Crimson Lake is added around the outer portions of the pink shape before darkening areas further with Dark Umber and Indigo Blue.

    We’ll then continue working outward and concentrate on creating the illusion of fur. Directional stroking is important here since it helps to create the illusion of texture. For each pencil that we use, we must be mindful of the direction that the fur grows. The strokes that we make should flow in this this direction. The length of the fur should also be considered. Areas where the fur is shorter should be developed with shorter strokes.

    We’ll start with a bit of Raw Umber, right above the nose, before adding 20% French Gray to the lighter areas around the face. From here, we can begin developing the contrast starting with a bit of Dark Umber.

    At this point, we’ve built up a nice base of color for the fur, but now it’s time to bring out some of the details. We’ll first prepare the area by burnishing it entirely with the colorless blender.

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    Cat Most Interesting Facts You May Like

    The surprise is about to reveal. After successful cute cat drawing. Here are 8 interesting facts about cats you may like:

  • Cats meow to communicate with humans.
  • Cats have more bones than humans. As we have 206 bones but cat have more than 230 bones.
  • The cats purr have a frequency of between 25 and 150 Hertz. According to study, this purr can boost the cat immune system and increase bone density.
  • With their flexible figure, they can pass from narrow paths. Wow, amazing.
  • It is impressive to know, a cat have third eye-lid. This helps to clear debris and moisture.
  • Cats are far-sighted have clear night vision as well.
  • Having a unique notepad like a human unique fingerprint. After knowing this, you can catch actual cat burglar.
  • More interesting to know that they havent a sweet tooth. More likely they dont like sweets.
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