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How To Draw A Celtic Knot

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Celtic Knot Drawing Tutorials

How to draw a Celtic Knot Real Easy

These hand drawn drawing tutorials give your kids a step by step instruction of how to draw each Celtic knot.

When video lessons arent an option or youre looking for an alternative way to provide instruction- these drawing tutorials are just what you need! You can share these with your students too- either in print or digitally!

Knotwork Designs Pt 1

While four strand knots are fun to do, there is very little creativity in them, it’s more just following a prescribed pattern. If you want to spend a little mre time, and stretc your artsy muscles a bit you can create more traditional knotwork designs. I like to do these on graph paper, but they can also be done without if you practice a bit.

Now Finish Off Your Celtic Knot Drawing With Some Color

This final step of your Celtic knot drawing is the one where you get to have some fun adding some beautiful colors!

In our reference image, we used some yellow and grey for the knot, but you should definitely go for any colors that you may love for this drawing.

You can also help to bring these colors to life by choosing your art mediums wisely.

This is definitely a step where you get to take over and show us just how creative you can be. We cant wait to see how you bring this picture to life!

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Start Drawing The Notches And Joining Them Up

I started by drawing notches for 6 intersections . 3 vertical, 1 horizontal, and 2 cross.

Then you start to draw your strands for squares that have notches on every corner. You do this by:

  • Joining the two notches from the bottom left of the square, to the two notches on the top right of the square.
  • Then in the same box, you join the two notches from the top left of the square, to the two notches on the bottom right of the square. Make sure to have this second strand go underneath the first strand.
  • On my example, I only have two squares that have notches in every corner. So I need to add some more.

    Your Celtic Knot Drawing Is Complete

    How to Draw a Celtic Knot: Step By Step

    With the final details and colors added, you have finished this guide on how to draw a Celtic knot!

    These elaborate designs can be quite tricky to draw, so we hope that this guide helped to make it not only much easier but also more fun for you to do.

    Breaking a drawing down into smaller and more manageable steps is always the best way to make it easier to do!

    Now that you have mastered this guide, you can take it even further with your own details and elements.

    You could do this by extending the design of the knot by adding your own lines and designs. Finishing it off with your favorite colors and art mediums will also look great!

    Once youre ready for your next drawing challenge, we look forward to seeing you on our website! We have tons of guides for you there and we upload new ones frequently.

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    Creating A Border: Joining Up The Edges

    Now, draw extra grid squares around your edge. These should be half the width of the rest of the squares. This will be the framework for your border.

    Once you have this in place, start joining up the edges. Personally, I like to have lots of leaf-like shapes. It’s best to think ahead at this stage and have a plan where they will join up. It can sometimes be tricky to pair them up. This is where it comes in handy to have an eraser. Sometimes you’re left with strands that are far apart. When this happens, I just join them up with a long strand with a couple of pointy edges where they thread back into the pattern. Also, if you’re mirroring, make sure you mirror your edges too!

    More Celtic Design Inspirations

    To inspire you further, I am showing you this breathtaking design that I found. Its not for free however!

    Madival Celtic design via

    There you go, five amazing free Celtic borders that you can use in your DTP project plus one design inspiration! Have fun using them, my dear fair knight and maiden friends!


    Ultimate Calendar Roundup!

    Homeschooling? You might need this!


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    Complete The Main Body Of Your Knotwork


  • Join up the notches for squares that have notches in all four corners
  • For those following along, or for people who want more step by step pictures, I’ve included the rest of my pictures showing my progress. Note that for every notch I make, I’m making sure to mirror them both vertically and horizontally.

    When you’ve finished that, put notches on the outside edges of your grid. If you’re choosing x notches they will look the same, but for horizontal or vertical notches, you only need to draw the one that will fall inside the squares, so you’re only drawing half of them. Have a look at the photos if you’re not sure.

    Colouring In And/or Embellishing

    How to Draw a Celtic Knot: Step by Step

    There are lots of ways to finish your design. Here are just a few:

    • Colouring in, or drawing patterns on the strands
    • Colouring in the bits between strands
    • Only colouring half of the strands
    • Turning each strand into two strands, like in the first picture. See below.

    Turning each strand into two strands:

    I did the pattern again so you could see an example of it finished differently. It takes a while, bit it makes the whole thing look a lot more intricate. It can be really easy to make a mistake with the weaving here , so try not to zone out whilst you’re doing it if you can. It can also be really effective with this style to only colour in parts of it. I’ve given a few examples of this. Hopefully you can tell from the photos how I did it.

    To try to give a written description – I treat each pencil line as if it’s it’s own strand. For this, I use a pen to draw a little to the left and right of each pencil line, and make sure that it weaves under and over every line it comes across. I find that it’s best to do this in small sections, stopping when the strand is about to weave, and then doing the same thing with the other unfinished pencil lines around it. Hopefully you can see this is one of the photos.

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    Knotwork Designs Pt 3

    Now it’s time to create the weave in your knot. I like to start in the upper left hand corner. Just pick a strand and follow it. Alternate over and under at every junction of the strand. This is also a great time to adjust an egregious misalignment in your knots. Just shift things over a bit until the strands line up just right. Once all of the overs have been overed and the unders undered, it’s time to go over the knot with your pen / marker. This makes it pop a bit and better emphasizes the weave of the knot. When the outlining is done, I like to shade the background a bit wit pencil. I like the look of this a bit more, but you should do whatever you like best. They’re your doodles!

    Twists With Four Strands

    This design starts the same as the last one.
    Continue the top curved line twice as far as last time. Its better to rub out the surplus dot altogether.
    Continue with the next two diamonds, the same as last time.
    Make a second shorter curve, below the top one.
    Make a long curve at the bottom, remembering to remove the surplus dot.
    Make a short curve above the bottom curve.
    Draw the second middle diamond.
    Draw the second middle diamond.
    Draw the two outer curves
    then the middle two diamonds.
    Here is the final result.

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    Another Valuable Calligraphy Skill

    If youd like to know more about how to draw Celtic knots for use in decorative borders, illuminated letters etc, these pages show you:

    how to draw the basic unit which makes up all Celtic knots how to join cords to knot the ends how to repeat units to create twists, plaits and weaving how to create all kinds of patterns in your knots

    Heres the knot Ill be using as an example. As you work through, youll learn a lot more than just this one knot! You’ll practise the skills youll need so as to know how to draw Celtic knots of your own. You should then be able to design your own page borders, knot decorations, illuminated letters etc.

    How To Draw Celtic Knots

    How to Draw a Celtic Knot: The Triquetra, Step by Step

    This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read my affiliate policy here.;

    My love for all things Celtic began in fifth grade, when I first saw Riverdance on PBS. I borrowed every Celtic music cassette tape I could get from the public library and my sisters and I would pretend to be Irish dancers. We delighted in movies set in Ireland, like Durango, Waking Ned Devine, Far and Away, and The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns. I was over the moon when I discovered that a large chunk of my heritage is Irish, and Ive since been to Ireland not once, but twice. So when I learned how to draw Celtic knots in middle school, they became my go-to doodle . These knots look complicated, but once you know the secret, theyre actually quite easy to draw. So in honor of St. Patricks Day, please enjoy this quick tutorial on how to draw your own Celtic knots.

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    How Did You Go

    I hope you were able to successfully draw the border. If it didnt work out the first time, keep practising. Use a sketchbook to draw part of the border until you get the hang of it.

    Share your results! If you are not already a member of my Facebook group, join us here. This group is a place where you can safely interact with like minded people. Its a place where we can all learn from each other. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Crusaders Rugby League Welsh

    How to draw celtic knots easy. Beginning in the 1970s the Celtic knot became a popular tattoo design in the United States. A type of knot specifically a binding knot or hitch knot. Would you like to draw an intricate Celtic knot.

    If you want to learn how to write calligraphy of different types all three will be needed. This easy step-by-step drawing guide is here to show you how. Draw vertical horizontal or diagonal lines parallel with each other.

    Croesgadwyr Rygbir Gynghrair was a professional rugby league club based in Bridgend and later in Wrexham WalesThey played for six seasons in the Rugby Football League competitions including three years in the Super League from 2009 to 2011. You might also wish to color your finished knot. A quick-release draw loop knot used for temporarily securing a rope that will need to be released easily and cleanly.

    Step-by-step pyrography project featuring a Celtic Knot Bird in a Postage Stamp design. Founded as Celtic Crusaders in 2005 initially based in Bridgend the club played in National.

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    Learn How To Draw Celtic Knots In My Live Online Art Class

    In this beginners class, youll learn how to draw three simple knots with my clear step-by-step instructions.

    This class lasts about an hour and can be arranged at a date and time of your choosing, with morning, afternoon, evening and weekend slots available, subject to availability. I will contact you following your purchase to arrange a suitable time. Alternatively, you can email me at ;to agree a; date and time before you book.

    This class is suitable for individuals, groups,; adults, and teenagers as well as;corporate online events.

    • Paper*
    • Paints or colouring pencils of your choice. Watercolour pencils are ideal.

    *Your paper should be suitable for your chosen paints or colouring pencils, if you are using them. I use Arteza watercolour paper.;

    Go Over Your Design In Pen

    How to Draw a Celtic Knot: Step by Step

    You might want to make sure your strands are the same thickness all the way around, so compensate a bit when you’re tracing the pencil. I don’t bother with this too much though.

    When going over my designs, I like to make the strands a bit thicker. Doing this can be a bit fiddly because you have to make sure you stop a bit before the strand goes under another strand. This is so that you can then make that strand thicker too.

    Then erase your pencil design.

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    Gather Your Tools & Draw A Grid

    You will need:

    • pencil
    • piece of plain paper

    Optional :

    • ruler
    • any colouring pencils you like

    Now that you’ve got everything you need, draw a grid

    I’ve chosen to draw a 6 x 6 grid. The squares are 1cm x 1cm each. Make sure to leave at least another square’s worth of space on every side of your grid. I forgot to do that on mine, so some of the edges got a bit squashed.

    How To Draw Celtic

    Heres a tangle pattern from down under Sydney, Australia, to be precise. Australian Deanne Stewart-Mills was working on deconstructing Celtic knot patterns and came up with her pattern Celtic.

    Deanne is a freelance paper arts and crafts teacher. She teaches cardmaking classes, and knitting and crochet. Many of her projects have been published in Australian magazines such as Stamping and Papercraft , Australian Paper Crafts, Creative Cardmaking and Papercraft and Scrapbook Creations.

    I have been tangling since the end of April and I am passionate about it. I have taught cardmaking for nearly 7 years and I am always on the lookout for interesting things. I have been into art and creativity since I was a little girl . I am a huge fan of MC Escher and this art form really reminds me of that, which is probably how it caught my interest. I have always loved drawing, but stopped doing it for a long time and I am very pleased to be back into it again, as a result of discovering Zentangle.

    I am really pleased that I finally worked out that the Celtic pattern begins with a simple zig zag. Once I got that, it was easy going to deconstruct. Celtic takes a little practice but is really quite easy once you have had a few goes at it. The look of Celtic can be varied by changing the height of the zig zag, and the length .

    Deanne illustrates the step-by-step instructions for drawing her tangle pattern Celtic below.


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    Creating A Celtic Knot

    How to Draw a Celtic Knot in 7 Steps

    Alexander Suricoma Babich, manager of design studio MacoshDesign, became enchanted with Celtic design after watching The Secret of Kells, an animated film in which the main character creates intricate Celtic designs and patterns. This inspired him to begin studying Celtic design and create his own drawings.

    For me, designing Celtic knots is similar to solving a crossword, says Alexander. The more complicated it is the better! It is incredibly interesting to interlace the strips put one on top and then on the bottom, twist the knot with itself, and finally connect two ends to get one infinite line. Its like magic.

    We asked Alexander to share his process for creating a basic Celtic knot:

    Hi everyone!

    Today, Ill show how I draw Celtic patterns. This method allows you to create a hand-drawn pattern that will be perfectly seamless, resulting in unique artwork with all the charm of a handcrafted product and all the advantages of computer graphics including the ability to scale, experiment with colours, easily modify shapes, and of course prepare to print.

    In this downloadable library, youll find a final file to accompany each step so you can compare your results with mine.

    1. Create the backdrop grid for your drawing in Adobe Illustrator

    First, create a standard vertical A4 RGB document.

    Choose the Rectangular Grid Tool, which is located under the Line Segment Tool instrument.

    Open the Rectangular Grid Tool Options menu by clicking on the artboard.

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