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How To Draw A Chicken Easy

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Next Give Your Chicken A Body

How to Draw a Chicken Step by Step – Art for Kids – Draw a Cute Hen Easy CC

Chickens have a distinctive body shape, and we will try to replicate it in this step of your chicken drawing.

To draw in a body for your chicken, simply use some curved lines extending from below the front of the neck and from the back of the wing.

Be sure to leave a wavy shape at the bottom of the body for where we will be adding the legs later.

Interesting Facts About Chickens

Chickens are ground-feeding birds with heavy bodies that are part of the Phasianidae family of birds that also include the grouse, pheasant, turkey and partridge.

Ancestors of the chicken may have roamed with the dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus rex!

Did you know?

  • With a population of over 50 billion, the chicken is the most widespread and common domesticated animal.
  • Chickens were first domesticated in Europe, Asia and Africa for the purpose of cockfighting.
  • Chickens will eat both plants and animals. They scratch the soil for seed and insects and even baby mice and lizards.
  • Male chickens are called roosters and usually have much more colorful feathers than female chickens, called hens.
  • Hens will often lay eggs in nests that already have eggs in them and have been known to take eggs from other nests.
  • Roosters often call to other chickens in the flock when they have found food so the other chickens can eat first.
  • Chickens that are raised for their meat are called broiler chickens, while chickens raised for their eggs are called egg-laying hens.

Since antiquity, the chicken has held amazing dominance in societies all over the world, from its contributions to the food we eat, to the inspiration it has delivered in art, religion and science.

Now Draw In The Legs Mouth And Tail

In this next step of our guide on how to draw a chicken, we will be adding in some more distinctive details. First of all, use a line in the beak to give your chicken a smiling mouth.

Then, use some curved lines at the back of your chicken to give it a nice feathery tail!

Lastly, we shall be giving your chicken drawing some legs. These will be made up of some curved and straight lines to form the legs and feet as they appear in the image.

The legs will come out of the shapes that we left on the underside of the chickens body in the previous step

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Time For A Second Coat

For this second coloring step, you are going to need a slightly darker brown. Using this color, add some depth and dimension to the shape of your chicken drawing. Begin at the head, blending a touch of this darker color around the top of the eye and down the neck. Leave the very front of the chest lighter, but surround it with the darker shade. Continue to blend this darker shade on the back above the wing line, below the wing, and behind it, to make it stand out. You can also add patches of this darker color throughout the wings and around the bottom of the belly.

While you want to add a darker color, try to keep this coat as light and fluid as possible. You want a seamless blend from one shade to the next.

How To Draw A Chicken Dinner

How to Draw a Cute Chicken – Easy Pictures to Draw Now

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“Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” – Chef Guy Fieri

When some people think of chicken, they envision feathered fowl pecking around the barnyard. Others picture golden-brown fried drumsticks and wings on a plate! The chicken, native to the jungles of Asia, has long been “the most widely domesticated” bird, “raised worldwide for its meat and eggs.”

Fried chicken is perhaps the most iconic chicken dish. Sometime during the Middle Ages, the Scottish became the first culture known to deep fry chicken, though it was without seasoning. In West Africa, chicken was seasoned and fried in palm oil. In the American South, these two culinary traditions collided to create the beloved dish we know today.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Would you like to draw a cartoon of a delicious chicken dinner? This easy, step-by-step cartoon food drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, or marker and something to color with.

Set the table for a family feast! You can also learn how to draw a turkey dinner, a salad, and a fruit-filled cornucopia with milk and cookies for dessert.

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Turkey Dinner, Salad, and Cartoon Steak.

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Attaching The Head To The Body With The Necklines

In this step, we are going to use two lines to create the chickens neck and join the head to the body. Begin drawing the neck with the front line, starting at the end of the wattle and end it along the curve of the main body oval. For the rear neckline, draw a similarly curved line from just behind the end of the comb to the top of the main body oval.

Once you have completed this step, you should be able to see the final shape of your chicken drawing coming together slowly.

How To Draw A Chicken For Kids

Hello, dear aspiring artists! Today we will tell you how to draw a chicken for children!;This tutorial continues a series of drawing lessons about animals. They are all very simple but, nevertheless, they based on the basic proportions of the body, which is very important for beginning artist.;We have drawn a cow, agoat and a goose, and now we will learn to draw a chicken. Lets start the tutorial!

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How To Draw Cartoon Chickens / Hens / Farm Animals Step By Step Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Page : 12

Do you want to learn how to draw cute cartoon chickens / hens? Chickens / hens arent always easy to draw, but after seeing how they are drawn, I bet you will shock all of your friends with your drawing abilities. I; have put together a step-by-step tutorial that will help you figure out how to draw; cartoon chickens / hens by using simple shapes to build up this chickens form. This is an intermediate cartooning tutorial that kids, teens, and adults will enjoy. Even some younger children might be able to draw a chicken if you stand by to help with the instructions. Enjoy!

How To Draw Chickens & Hens With Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a Chicken Cartoon – Draw a Rooster Step by Step Easy and Cute CC

Do you want to learn how to draw some farm animalswhy not start with how to draw chickens and hens. The following tutorial will help guide you step by step through the simple process of drawing chickens and hens. Kids, teens, and adults can all complete this drawing lesson if they take care to follow the steps. Good luck.

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Next Give Your Chicken Some Facial Details

Your chicken is really coming together now! It wouldnt be much of a chicken without some facial details, though, so lets add them in this step.

For the eye of the chicken, you can use a circle within a slightly larger one to form it. You could even change the eye details a bit if you would like a different expression for it!

Then, you can use some curvy lines to create the waddle underneath the beak and then the crest of the chicken on top of the head. Then, its on to some final details!

How To Draw A Chicken

In this drawing lesson well show you how to draw a Chicken in 6 easy steps. This step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Chicken.

Here are some interesting facts about the Chicken you might find interesting.

  • There are more chickens in the world than any other bird.
  • Chickens may live for five to eleven years, depending on the breed.
  • Hens of special laying breeds may produce as many as 300 eggs a year.
  • Chickens are gregarious birds and live together as a flock.
  • Chickens are not capable of long distance flight and will sometimes fly to explore their surroundings, but usually do so only to flee perceived danger.
  • You can complete this step-by-step drawing of a Chicken in 6 brief steps.

    Step 1: Draw the beginning of the upper body section of the Chicken.

    Step 2: Draw from the beak down to the thigh, sketching the under belly and chest.

    Step 3: Sketch the beginnings of the talon and complete the under belly section.

    Step 4: Add more talon details and complete the tail feather section.

    Step 5: Draw the second leg and add the head details.

    Step 6: Finish the head by adding the eye, complete the wing and draw in the talons for the feet and youre done!

    Heres a 58 second video showing you another way to draw a Chicken.

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    Creating Beautiful Chicken Drawings Filled With Cool Effects

    You might need to create a few chicken drawings before being able to reproduce this cute cartoon character, but the reward will be huge! Indeed, you might feel inspired and confident once you are able to master this fun drawing tutorial.

    Don’t worry! Just like any drawing lesson, you might need a few attempts before you can reach your goal. It’s perfectly normal. Just enjoy the ride and have fun! You can start with the video lesson below and then proceed with the written version once you are familiar with the character.

    Step 1

    First, we need to sketch the character using a simple pencil and a piece of paper. Just draw the eye, the beak and the body to get started. You can also draw a small portion of the left wing.

    Step 2

    Complete the sketching part by adding the legs, the pupil and all other details. Great! Now you need to convert the illustration into a digital file to be used as a template. You can either take a picture or scan the image.

    Step 3

    Once your image is converted into a digital file, add black outlines on all elements of the cartoon character. As you can see, I really enjoy lines that are irregular and made with different width.;

    Step 4

    Add plain colors to the drawing. Make sure that all outlines are still on top of the illustration. Each vector application is different, so use the tools that you feel are right for this aspect of the drawing lesson.

    Step 5

    Step 6

    Step 7

    Step 8

    Step 9

    Step 10

    Now Finish Off Your Chicken With Some Color

    Drawing is easy: How to draw a chicken and a chick – simplekidscrafts – simplekidscrafts

    The final step in this guide on how to draw a chicken happens to be one of the most fun of all the steps!

    Your drawing needs some beautiful colors to really bring it to life, so this is your chance to show us how creative you can be!

    Weve shown you how we would color it in for our example, but you should feel free to use any of your favorite colors!

    Will you keep the colors more realistic to make it look like a real chicken, or will you let your imagination run wild and make your chicken look more stylistic with some bright colors?

    Theres no limit to what you can do, and once you choose your colors you merely need to decide which fun art tools and mediums you should use to finish off your artwork!

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    Adding Color To The Wattle And Comb

    In this second last step, you are going to use a shade of light red to add coloring to the face of your chicken drawing. Color the wattle and comb with this light red shade, and use the same color to add shading around the eye and the base of the beak. You can also add a touch of red to the very back corner of the chickens face. Apply a second coat of a slightly darker red shade to strengthen the color in the lower parts of the comb.

    Finally, finish the face by using a touch of white paint to fade out the red towards the edges of the wattle and comb.

    Add In Some Final Feathery Details

    With your chicken drawing almost done, you just need to add some last little details to finish off the drawing before moving on to the coloring in.

    To start with, we have some details that are made up of some curved lines throughout the chicken to create a feathery look.

    We also have some lines on the wings and tail of the chicken for some extra feather texture.

    Lastly, you can use some lines on the legs to give them some texture as well!

    These are the details we thought would look good, but you can also add some more of your own that you think would look great on your drawing!

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    How To Draw A Cute Chicken Easy Pictures To Draw Now

    How to Draw a Cute Chicken Easy Pictures to Draw Now

    Its that time again. Its time to draw cute things. Cute art tutorial. And I think one of the cutest things ever is chicken art. There are so many ways to draw chicken art. This is a step by step art tutorial on drawing a cute chicken. I use a marker and then I use a generic set of colored pencils to bring it to life. I try to make it as easy as I possibly can. So here is the fun and easy way to draw. If you enjoy the drawing lesson, please give a like or share it on facebook. thanks

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    Write and Draw Your Own Comics is full of inspiring ideas for all kinds of different stories, with writing tips to help you on your way. for kids who want to tell stories, but gravitate toward pictures. It has a mix of partially-drawn comics and blank panels with intro comics as instructions lots of space for kids to draw their own comics!

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    How To Draw A Chicken Easy Steps

    You dont need any special or expensive tools to draw a chicken. A simple piece of paper and a regular pencil will do the work just fine!

    Learn how to draw a chicken by printing our step by step tutorial and follow these simple instructions:

    Step 1: Lets draw a cute chicken! First, draw an oval.

    Step 2: Add a drop shape below the oval.

    Step 3: Draw two arched lines and erase extra lines these will be the wings.

    Step 4: Draw three ovals. Notice theyre tilted. This will be our chickens crest!

    Step 5: Add a triangle to the crest and erase extra line. Your chicken drawing is almost done.

    Step 6: Draw a set of three ovals on each side for the claws notice how the middle ovals are smaller.

    Step 7: Add a curved triangle for the beak so cute.

    Step 8: Great! Lets add some details! Draw circles for the eyes, ovals for the cheeks, drop shapes coming down the beak for the wattle, and wavy lines on the body to make the effect of feathers.

    Step 9: Amazing job! This is the most important step: Congratulate yourself for drawing a chicken!

    Your chicken is done! Yay! Now its time to color it and maybe draw more cute chickens.

    Highlighting Your Chicken Sketch

    So far, most of our colors have been fairly dark. It is now time to lighten things up a little with a highlight shade. Choose a light caramel color, or a light beige or yellow. As we added shadows where they would naturally fall, we are going to add highlights to the areas of the chickens body that would naturally catch the light.

    Focus the highlights around the top of the back and tail, around the top of the wing, on the very tip of the wing, on the front of the chest, and around the bottom and back of the chicken.

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    Drawing The Final Outline Of Your Chicken Sketch

    Now that we have done all the slightly boring work of construction lines, it is time to put them to work and create the final outline of your chicken drawing. You will see how easy these construction shapes make your life when creating a drawing of a chicken.

    We begin at the head, using the construction lines to outline the top of the head, the beak, and the wattle below the head. For the comb, do not follow the construction line too closely, adding in the characteristic curved flaps. You also want to bring the comb down onto the top of the beak further than the construction lines. You can now add some other details to the chickens facial features, including a separation line on the beak and a nostril. Finally, draw a circle just behind the beak to create the chickens eye.

    Within this circle, add three smaller concentric circles, and use small lines to create a shape around the eye.

    For the rest of the chickens body, you can follow the construction lines quite closely. Chickens are not smooth and perfectly shaped, however, so you can use slightly scribbly lines throughout your outline to change the shape subtly and add texture.

    For the chickens tail, do not create a smooth line. Instead, create feather streaks, some of which are more rounded, pointy, and square. As you get towards the bottom of the tail, these feather streaks can become smaller.

    When you are happy with your final outline, you can erase all of your construction lines.

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