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How To Draw A Christmas Card

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Creating The Card Frame

How to Make an Easy Christmas Card – Rudolph Card – Step by Step

Now our Christmas card is almost ready, lets create the Card Frame, go to the Rectangle Tool create a box shape and resized it to 15,24 x 15,x24 cm which is standard postcard size.

Lets put color in it by go to the Fountain Fill Tool and apply the value below.

Now I need you to download the card texture in the Source Page above, after you download it import it to our worksheet by pressing Ctrl + I .

Cool, now select the texture, put red color in it and go to the Transparency Tool in the left toolbar, apply the value below to create similar transparencies.

Now arrange the texture on top of the card frame and place it inside the card frame using PowerClip .

Now arrange the card frame on the bottom of the 3d Text groups.

Create three box shape using Rectangle Tool and arrange it on the bottom corner of the card frame similar like below.

Now shape the box using Shape Tool .

Put color on the Ribbon, go to the Fountain Fill Tool , and apply the value below.

After that rotate and copy the ribbon, and put it on the top corner of the card frame.

Put it inside the card frame using PowerClip .

Easy Diy Christmas Cards

Illicit plenty of festive spirit this year by making your own Christmas cards. Not only are they cheaper, and more personal, than a lot of shop-bought alternatives, they’re also a super fun activitiy for you and the kids.

Looking for an easy DIY craft this Christmas? Try making some homemade cards with our simple ideas guranteed to get you, your little helpers, and whoevers lucky enough to receive one, feeling the festive cheer!

For more winter projects, try our easy homemade table decorations and more Christmas crafts for kids.

Before you begin, see our tips below

Fork Painted Christmas Cards For Kids To Make

    These fork painted Christmas cards are just gorgeous! Using a fork to create the texture of the branches and wreath is a fun and easy process that kids will enjoy. You only need a few simple supplies for this Christmas art project that is perfect for kids to make for family and friends.

    If you are looking for more Christmas projects for kids to make take a look at our collection of creative Christmas arts and crafts for more fun ideas!

    This is a fun handmade Christmas card idea that is great for older kids and tweens. Kids can make each card unique by drawing and coloring different designs for the Christmas ornament and printing the letters in their own style.

    Fork painting is a fun process that kids enjoy, it creates different textures and designs in the paint and is a new and different way to explore creating art! Take a look at this Van Gogh inspired painting using forks for another fun idea.

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    How To Draw Holiday Flamemallow Together Time With Youtube Kids

    Hey, art friends! Today were helping YouTube Kids celebrate together time during the holidays. Follow along with us and learn how to draw holiday Flamemallow! Flamemallow is one of our favorite characters from the YouTube Kids app. If you havent already, check out Art Supplies This is a list of the supplies we used,

    Creating The Christmas Tree

    How to draw a Snowman for a Christmas Card

    Okay now lets Create the Christmas Tree, first go to the Polygonal Tool and create a triangle shape by applying the point or sides into 3 and drag it to the worksheet.

    After that go to the Shape Tool click on the right and left middle side of the triangle and press Convert to curves on the upper toolbar, now you see that there is an arrow on the corner, drag it on order to shape it similar like below.

    Now double click & drag on the left bottom corner of the triangle to create a curve shape.

    Using same steps create a similar curvy shape on the bottom, untill the triangle looks like a Pine Tree.

    Now lets put color in it, go to the Fountain Fill tool and apply the value below to create similar colors.

    After that make 2 copy of the pine tree by pressing Left + Right mouse while dragging it, arrange the copied objects into top and bottom of the pine tree.

    Now select the bottom copied pine tree and put color in it by go to the Fountain Fill Tool and apply the value below.

    After that select the upper copied pine tree, put green color in it, after that go to the Transparency Tool and drag the glass cursor from bottom to top to create similar transparencies.

    Now place the upper copied pine tree inside the original pine tree using PowerClip , go to the top toolbar and find Effect > PowerClip > Place inside container, click it to the pine tree to insert it.

    Shape it using shape tool, to blend the custom shape with the pine tree.

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    Wax Resist Christmas Cards For Kids To Make

      Wax Resist Christmas Cards: have the kids make their own Christmas cards this season with this fun and fascinating art process!

      If youre like me, you have your kids doing all kinds of arts and crafts for Christmas right about now.

      Aside from the TONS of Christmas ornaments the kids make here, we also like to make homemade Christmas cards to give to family and friends.

      One of our favourite techniques for making cards is a process called Wax Resist.

      Free Christmas Svg Card Templates

      As I promised here are the SVG files to make Christmas Cards!

      To download the files, you NEED to be on a desktop or laptop, and you must click on the button to trigger a download file on your pc.

      Depending on your browser settings, sometimes your PC will ask where to save the file, although, most times, the files will be in your download folder.

      If the image opens in a new window , right-click on it, select the option Save Image As, and choose where you want to save the file.

      SVG files look like a web page file when you download them.

        And just so you know, I also have a library full of free SVG files and Printables for all of my subscribers, a.k.a Daydreamers. You can see a preview right here or get access by filling this form.

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        Two: Create A Custom Canvas In Procreate

        To create a custom canvas start in your Gallery and hit the + symbol in the upper right corner.

        Change the measurements to inches and then change the width to 7 and the height to 5. Change the DPI to 300. And Im keeping my Color Profile set to RGB because Im planning to print with my home printer. Change the name of the canvas from Untitled to Greeting Card 5×7. Then Save!

        Open up a new canvas in this size.

        Making Your Own Christmas Cards Can Be A Fun And Creative Way To Personalise The Festive Season Mural Artist Turned Professional Card Designer Anna Shuttlewood Shares Her Own Experiences

        How to draw a Poinsettia for a Christmas Card

        Whether its via excessive enthusiasm with red and green glitter, or painting individual festive motifs for loved ones, most of us have tried our hand at creating our own Christmas cards.

        However, creating a professional finish is harder than it looks. Anna Shuttlewood makes greetings cards as a sideline to her work as a mural artist and knows only too well the considerations that need to be made, not least because hers are sold commercially.

        Her first batch of everyday greetings cards were created after she approached the publishing company Two Bad Mice, run by Julian and Mami Williams. Following the success of the cards, the company quickly commissioned Anna for a batch of Christmas cards for the following year.

        The festive period can be an interesting theme for any card designer and Anna is no exception. I have always wanted to make them, so it was a dream come true when I started to work for Two Bad Mice, says Anna. Im pleased that they specifically asked me this year, whereas before it was me approaching them.

        One consideration for Anna, who was born and educated in Bulgaria, was the timing of the assignment. As, they specifically wanted Christmas ones, I had to get them ready for June, she explains. It felt a bit strange working on winter scenes in March!

        Many of her ideas come from other work she has already done: Its inevitable when you are an artist that your characters slip in all of your work.


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        You Could Actually Do These Cards In A Number Of Ways

        • You could draw the picture/greeting yourself, and have the kids do painting to reveal the surprise.
        • Your kids make the cards from start to finish, doing the crayon and the painting steps.
        • The person giving the card can do the crayon step, and the person receiving the card can do the paint reveal.

        I love using this art technique in my daycare because the supply list is short and simple, and kids of all ages can do this project.

        Lets get started!

        How To Draw Holiday Sprinkle Toast Holiday Art Youtube Kids

        Follow along with us and learn how to draw Holiday Sprinkle Toast! Shes one of our favorite characters from the YouTube Kids App! Parents, if you havent already, be sure to check out Art Supplies This is a list of the supplies we used, but feel free to use whatever you have in your

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        Watercolor Christmas Tree Card

        Christmas trees are a typical hallmark of the festive season. You dont need to paint a realistic looking pine tree for people to understand the significance. So for this first design I painted some simple watercolor patterns which represent Christmas trees.

        Im using repetition as a compositional tool for this design, but adding variation by using different brush strokes and colors for each tree. Its a good idea to think about the composition of your painting before you start. This is basically just nine equally spaced triangles. Although its a very simple pattern, the composition sets up a rhythm which is pleasing to the eye. The mixed brush strokes and color variation break the monotony. I did nine trees because I didnt want them to become too small so I could still add some detail with a small brush. But feel free to paint a larger number of smaller trees if you like.

        This is also an excellent exercise in brush control. Im using a reasonably small round brush. Its a number 4 brush from the Silver Brush Company. This mix of natural hair plus synthetic bristles makes an excellent inexpensive brush with good handling qualities and a fine tip. You dont have to paint exactly the same patterns as I used but the idea is to vary the brush strokes and colors for each tree. The repetitive brush strokes force you to apply good brush control.

        Take a look at the color wheel then read that again !

        The paints I used for this card are as follows:

        • Phthalo Blue
        • Sap Green
        • Raw Sienna

        Watercolour Painting: Paint Your Own Christmas Cards

        How To Draw Christmas – Card Ideas Step By Step

        Our simple watercolour techniques will help you create unique Christmas cards for family and friends

        Watercolour painting is so fun especially when the technique is used to make festive greetings cards.

        You will need:

        Card blanks ours measure 15cm square Watercolours in a selection of colours Fine paintbrush Mixing dish we used an old plate Tracing paper Kitchen towel

        1 Trace off the triangle and pot templates, far right, using a pencil and ruler.

        Position on the front of the card and lightly trace off. Dont press too hard it will be rubbed off later.

        At this point, you might like to trace off triangles and pots on to a few cards, as you can work on multiple cards at the same time

        2 Squeeze a small amount of paint on to the dish we started with green.

        Dip the brush into the water, then into the paint to water it down. Dab off any excess water on to the kitchen towel. Start painting green stars around the inside of the triangle, in different sizes. Dont worry that theyre not symmetrical or neat in fact, the more random they are in shape, the more interesting your card.

        3 Continue painting stars of different sizes, completing one colour and then moving on to the next, until the triangle is filled.

        4 Dip the paintbrush in the red paint and apply some to the top of the pot, below left. Rinse off most of the paint on the brush in the water, dab off excess, then use the brush to drag the colour down the pot.

        Triangle Trees

        Holly Day

        Merry And Bright

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        Just Want To Print The Cute Gnome Cards And Dont Have Procreate

        No judging! I LOVE Gnomes and would do the same! Feel free to just grab the Gnome Christmas Card designs from my Free Creative Resource Library.

        This means, if youre a subscriber, you can download them to your computer or iPad. Then skip ahead to Step Seven if you want a little instruction on printing from an iPad. Voila! Christmas Gnome Cards you can print at home.

        Merry Christmas Card With Christmas Lights

        How about this super cute Christmas card.

        This card, in particular, has very intricate cuts. I used glitter cardstock and a lightly used green mat. Gluing the little Christmas lights was a little tricky.

        Be patient and use a glue pen.

        Tip: You dont have to glue all the little light, just the edges, and areas where it makes sense. Add a pop effect to the card by lifting some of the little light gently.

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        Easy How To Draw And Paint Snowmen

        EASY How to draw and Paint Snowmen!-Christmas Card IdeasHey guys here they are the cutest and easiest snowmen to draw and paint!! I go over how you can create these cuties and paint them. For the bonus snowmen traceable , ad- free videos and bonus content check out my Patreon:

        #watercolorpainting #watercolortutorial #snowmenpainting

        ________________________________________________________Supplies:Holbein watercolor: , cadmium yellow deep, , , quinachradone magenta ,Prussian blue, peacock blue ,, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, neutral tint, and white gouache Princeton no. 4 long roundvelvet touch,mini watercolor book 2x 3 links below

        Mini Legion pad set:

        sharpie pen set :

        Graphite paper:

        Below are supplies I use Ellen Crimi-Trent is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for individuals to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The cost to you for these products is the same, but Ellen earns a small commission and that keeps her channel growing!


        How To: Draw Christmas Cards

        How to draw a handmade Christmas card with a peace dove

        A few weeks ago, the nice people at YCN asked me to come up with 4 designs for their Christmas Card collection. So I grabbed my jam jars of inky black pens and created a little festive collection of images.

        Each of my 4 cards features a different festive motif, delicately hand penned in my signature black and white style. They are on sale now from the YCN Christmas Shop.

        Its a little known fact that Santa has a London base at 72 Rivington Street, which also just happens to be where those nice people at YCN have their offices and Christmas Shop!

        The pop-up shop, charmingly entitle My Two Front Teeth is veritable grotto of handmade and designer gifts, including YCNs Christmas Card Collection. The agency asked a gaggle of us arty-types to take 4 blank cards and work our magic on them. The result? A super cool collection of hand drawn cards, each one unique and a work of art in its own right!

        Visit the Christmas Shop at YCN for a plethora of arty gifts including my own black and white ceramics, Studio Yras super beautiful typography candle holders and Odd Stockings by the ever lovely Donna Wilson.

        And to wrap things up take your pick from super limited edition sheets of silkscreen printed wrapping papers by Yann Le Bac, Anna Lincoln, Toby Pennington and yours truly.

        I do love Christmas!

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        Nine: Trim Your Card To Size

        -If you positioned your image in the lower left corner all you have to do is trim it at the 5 mark on your ruler and then again at the 10.

        -If youre using the designs I provided which are centered- Cut 3/4 off the width on each side of the design so your paper is 7 wide. Trim off the bottom of the design and then trim the top to make it 10.

        Note: I gave you a little extra room at the bottom so youd have a little bit of a bleed in case your printer didnt print borderless or if it didnt print straight.

        Seven: Export Design As Pdf

        All done? Lets go back out to the Gallery and youll swipe left to get a Share option. Choose the PDF format. And youll be asked if you want to save it as Good/ Better/ Best. This is up to you, and I suggest you play around with what each looks like once youve printed them. Save to your files and change the file name if necessary.

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