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How To Draw A Circle In Procreate

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Easy Landscape Drawing Final Step Trees

How To Make A Perfect Circle In Procreate

Time for the final step, adding some trees! Adding trees is super easy using these free tree brushes. Just make a new layer on top of the others and drop in some trees with different sizes. It is a bit of trial and error, so use undo to get rid of any tree you dont like. Or you could drop the trees on separate layers and use the transform tool to transform the trees and move them around.

On the right you can see a little overview of the layers that I have made to create this landscape.

Have fun painting a landscape of your own! Be sure to share your result, I would love to see it. Click the image below to get your free brushes!

How To Make Radial Gradients In Procreate

Were going to start by creating a radial gradient using 3 colors. To start, open up your Procreate App and pick your first color. For this tutorial, Im choosing red for my drawing of the circle. Make sure the circle is big enough to fill the canvas, and then once youve got the size you want and its in the centre of the canvas, fill in the edges with that same color.

To keep things simple, Im going to draw my next circle on the same layer. After choosing your second color, draw a second circle and make it as big or as small as you want. You can edit the shape after you draw it. Then in the middle, were going to add a contrasting color by drawing a circle in the centre and filling it with yellow.

Now to create the gradient is super simple. Start by going to your adjustments option and pick Gaussian blur for the layer level. Then all you do is drag your pencil over to decide how much blur you want to create. You can decide if you want the gradient to be very smooth or a bit blurry. Both are great for backgrounds or to add shading to a character.

And thats how you make radial gradients in Procreate!

How To Draw A Perfect Line Or Circle In Procreate

This is a super helpful tool that is not immediately obvious when you start using the app. To draw a perfectly straight line, simply draw a line , and when you reach the end, hold your Pencil there for a few seconds and the line will automatically become straight. You can then move your Pencil to change the length or angle of your line.

To draw a perfectly even circle, draw a wobbly circle and again hold your Pencil at the end for a few seconds, and it will automatically link up and create a circle that is even all the way round.

At the top, you will then see an Edit shape button appear, where you can choose to make a perfect circle, ellipse, quadrilateral, rectangle or polyline. This tool is great if you want to do some drawing that is geometric.

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How To Draw A Perfectly Horizontal Or Vertical Line In Procreate

Drawing a straight line is great, but its hard to know if its crooked or not. How do you get it to be an exact 90 or 180 degrees? If you need a line thats exactly parallel with the canvas, Procreate makes it easy to do.

1. Click on the Actions tab in the main menu. Its the icon that looks like a wrench.2. Turn on the Drawing Guide3. When you draw a line, try your best to stay along one of their guiding lines. It doesnt have to be perfect, but if you stray too far, the line wont snap to the perfectly parallel line that matches the grid..4. Turn off the Drawing Guide and youll have a perfectly straight and parallel line.

Tutorial: How To Paint A Simple Space Scene In Procreate

How to draw a Perfect circle in Procreate #shorts

Ive been always a sucker for everything Space: astronomy, technology, movies. It was a matter of time before I tried to paint something spacey! In fact, it took too long!

Anyways, better late than never, heres my little piece. Normally such stuff is a piece of cake in photoshop! It requires a bit more effort in Procreate but still it is such a simple few steps painting that anyone can do it!

I use a lot of custom brushes which you can get here. However, you can use anything similar.

Starting off with a black canvas, I paint random stars. They should look like noise.

Then its time for the planets. I stamp a planet and place it on the canvas to create the composition. I then duplicate the layer and turn off brightness. This creates a dark circle which will become the shadow of the planet.

I then duplicate the layer and turn off the brightness. This creates a dark circle which will become the shadow of the planet. I blur the layer to my taste and duplicate it a few times. Then I merge all black layers together and reposition the new layer in order to create something like this.

Coloring time! I create a new layer in color blending mode. I select the contents on the planet layer and then paint with my favorite colors on the colorlayer. I then duplicate the layer, enlarge the contents and blur them with the Gaussian blur tool in order to add some color to the surrounding stars.

I repeat all previous steps to add random planets.

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How To Draw A Bottle: Embrace New Technology

Im a Toronto illustrator who specializes in portraiture, editorial illustration and exhibition design. Until recently Ive only worked with traditional media pencil, ink, watercolour, on paper. However, after much curiosity Ive given digital drawing a try and have been blown away. Both by how easy it is to pick it up, and by its amazing potential. Creating illustrations like bottle drawings with an Apple Pencil on iPad Pro saves me time, saves money on art supplies, and is really quite fun. It also saves my neck from craning hunched over a desk for hours I now get to kick back and work from the couch!

While many of my drawing subjects are living things, theres acertain joy in sometimes drawing something without a facial expression.Inanimate objects are often art-worthy unto themselves, but aside from thatthey can be great for just honing certain drawing skills. In fact, bottles andglass are one of my favourite such skill-enhancing subjects. Glass may seem likea simple thing, but upon a second look, you realize that a simultaneouslytransparent and reflective surface is pretty complicated to captureconvincingly!

The beauty I find in glass, however, is that on a hard thirdglance, it gets possible to break up the complexity into pieces that your eyeand brain can organize. And this process of visual break up and organizationlends itself just spledidly to some of the advantageous features of drawingwith Procreate on iPad Pro.

How To Create And Customize Procreate Brushes

  • Please note that this tutorial has been updated for Procreate 5. Procreate brushes have a wide variety of settings. I highly recommend freely experimenting with themthis is a great way to get a hands-on feel for how they work.
  • I’d like to draw your attention to the Drawing Pad, at the top of our Brush Settings. Here, we can test out our settings while we experiment with them.
  • Let’s start with the Stroke Path, the first option on the left-hand side. These sliders adjust the following attributes related to your brush: Spacing refers to the space between each shape that makes up the Brush Stroke.
  • Next, let’s take a look at the Taper Settings, a new section introduced in Procreate 5. Previously, Taper was a slider located under our Stroke options, but now we have even more to work with here.
  • 54 People Learned

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    Which Apps Do I Use These Grids In

    My favourite drawing apps to use my grids in are Procreate and Autodesk Sketchbook. These easily accommodate adding an image into a background layer that can be turned on and off when needed. I will draw in Graphic as well even though it is more of a vector app, it does have pencil and brush tools. I will also vectorize my designs in this app. .

    Procreates Quickshape: The Guide To Drawing Perfect Shapes

    How to draw perfect circles in Procreate

    One of the biggest benefits of digital art over traditional art is taking advantage of technologys ability to create perfect shapes. In just a second, you can use your iPad to create a perfect circle, square, triangle or line with Procreates QuickShape feature.

    Procreates QuickShape can be used to draw perfect circles, squares, triangles, and lines. Make sure you have a gesture assigned to the QuickShape action within your Gesture Controls panel. This will be the action you need to take whenever you want to activate QuickShape to draw your shapes.

    There are some important things to keep in mind when using QuickShape. There are also some options youll want to know about so that you can use QuickShape to its fullest potential.

    Lets dive into everything that QuickShape can do! Firstly, where the heck do you find QuickShape to begin with?

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    Tip : Rapid Undo And Redo

    You probably already know you can undo with a two finger tap. But did you know, if you hold those two fingers down, it will continue to undo moves until you lift your fingers up? Same with three fingers for redo.

    Bonus Tip: You can customize how you need to hold your fingers down before rapid undo and redo starts. Go to the Wrench Icon > Preferences > Rapid Undo Delay.

    How To Draw With Clipping Masks Layer Masks And Alpha

    54 People Learned

    How To Make Shapes In Procreate

    how to make shapes in procreate provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, how to make shapes in procreate will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves.Clear and detailed training methods for each lesson will ensure that students can acquire and apply knowledge into practice easily. The teaching tools of how to make shapes in procreate are guaranteed to be the most complete and intuitive.

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    How To Draw A Bottle Step : Outlines

    Once you have yourrough sketch, create a new layer in the layers menu again. This will be thegood copy layer that you draw overtop of your reference sketch. Before youstart, select your rough sketch layer again, and in the same way you reducedthe opacity of the photo layer, bring the opacity of the rough layer down toabout 30%. At this point, if youve used a photo for the trace option, you canalso delete your photo layer. Do so by swiping that layer to the left in thelayers menu. A delete button will appear.

    And now the fun part drawing!

    This is where you cantake your time and really get lost in the drawing process. Importantly, makesure you have selected your good copy layer in the layers menu. Then, usingyour rough copy proportions guide and your reference photo, draw your outlines.I like to do all of my outlines in black, but thats up to you. For this layerdont worry about any shading or colour, those will be done on another layer.

    Remember if ever youwant to undo a certain stroke, just tap the screen once with two fingers. Youcan go back as many strokes as you like this way, Procreate rememberseverything!

    TIP If you want your lines to be perfectly straight, just draw your line and then hold the apple pencil down when you are finished. After a moment your line will snap to a straight line that you can move into place. You can do the same thing for circles or curves for a smooth line.

    Why I Use Grids

    Draw an Actual Circle in Procreate! NO PAINT BRUSH/NO IMPORTED MEDIA

    The majority of my drawing is done in symmetry. By using a circular grid, I have a framework to build my design in. I have a range of grids depending on how detailed I want the design to be. The grid lays out the page so that I can focus on putting detail into one section and then repeat that idea symmetrically around the page. I love using frameworks and guides on my paper to make the blank page less intimidating. It gives me a starting point. The grids act as frameworks, guides and inspiration for my designs.

    Check Out My Complete Set of Circular Grids in Either Printable or Digital for Illustration

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    Turn It Into Risograph

    Use the layers created as the stencils for the Risograph Colors. Group the color together. Select each lap and fill it in with a texture. Choose a yellow and pink pattern. Vary the pressure to give those areas where it looks less inky, a bit dense. Give it an organic vibe by making it darker and lighter in different areas.

    Similarly, select the turquoise color and add the pattern.

    Congratulations, you have successfully made beautiful waves in Procreate.

    How To Make A Mandala In Procreate

    Prep Time: Total Time: Difficulty:

    Use the Symmetry Tool in Procreate to create complex-looking Mandalas in just minutes! It’s simple with the FREE Mandala Template, Brushes, and Stamps – so make sure you download them before you begin!

    • Mandala Template, a free download from the Well Crafted Studio Free Library
    • Mandala Stamps and Brush Set for Procreate, also free in the Library

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    How To Draw A Straight Line At An Angle With Procreate

    If youre drawing in perspective, it can be important to draw lines at specific angles. There are two methods of doing this with Procreate.

    1. Draw a perfectly parallel and straight line with the Drawing Guide as described in the technique above.2. Turn off the Drawing Guide and click on the Transform tool (the icon that looks like a computer cursor in the top menu bar.3. Make sure that you are using the Uniform setting and the Magnetics is on4. As you rotate your line, a notice will pop up below the main toolbar telling you how much your line is being rotated5. Rotate the line to the degree you want, position it properly, and youre done.

    Since you started off with a perfectly parallel line, you know that your line is either at 180 or 90 degrees. As you rotate, youll end up with a more accurate angle for your line. If you start with a diagonal line, for example, Procreate will tell you the angle of the shape overall, which likely wont be the same as the line itself.

    Theres another method for drawing angles though, which is especially great if your design relies heavily on perspective and you dont want to worry too much about rotating your lines.

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    Using The Selection Tool

    How to Draw a Circle or Ellipse in Procreate in Seconds

    First, duplicate your layer so that you can keep the original. Hide your original layer.

    Next, select the layer youre going to adjust and then press the selection tool . At the bottom of the screen youll see a new menu pop up.

    This menu has several options, including uniform, freeform, distort, and warp. All can be used to change your teardrop.

    Uniform allows you to change the size of your teardrop while keeping it in proportion. This allows you to make it bigger or smaller while maintaining the same shape.

    With freeform you can change the size or shape of your teardrop by touching and dragging the blue dots around it. For instance, if you pull out one of the blue dots on the side, youll make your teardrop fatter.

    Distort allows you to distort your object, making it go sort of wonky and diagonal. It also allows you to put the teardrop on a plane so it looks like it is laying down.

    The warp tool is the one you would use if you want to adjust it so that it goes a little off center. When you select warp youll see a little grid over your teardrop. You can use the cross sections of the grid to move different parts of your teardrop.

    With the warp tool you can move the point in any way youd like. You can also change the shape of the circle.

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    Write In Any Text Field With Scribble

    You can use your iPad and Apple Pencil to write by hand in any text field, like the search field in Safari or a text field in Mail.* All handwriting and conversion to text happens on your iPad, keeping your writing private and secure.

    You can learn how to delete, select, insert, and join words using Scribble by going to Settings > Apple Pencil and tapping Try Scribble.

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    Technique #: Clipping Mask

    Start by creating a new layer on top of the layer that you want to add texture to.

    Next, click the thumbnail of your new layer and select Clipping Mask from the menu that pops up.

    You can confirm that the Clipping Mask is on because youll see a little arrow to the left of the layer pointing down.

    The Clipping Mask will contain whatever you draw on your Texture layer to the shapes on the layer beneath it. So in this example, everything that we draw on the texture layer will be contained in the brown house illustration. Heres an example of how the clipping mask works. Youll see that Im drawing a yellow line all over the canvas, but it only appears on the house illustration.

    Now its time to actually add the texture! Procreate has a lot of built-in textures in the brush library that you can choose from. If you want to check out some other free texture brushes, I love these from True Grit Texture Supply.

    Once youve got your texture brush selected, you can start painting it on your texture layer! Heres how I started laying down the texture in this example. I put some darker texture on the tops of each part of the illustration to give it some depth. Its subtle but has a big impact.

    Once youve added in your texture, it should look a little something like this! Pretty simple, right? The next technique is just as simple as this one! Read on if you want to learn how to use Alpha Lock to achieve the same textured result.

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