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How To Draw A City Skyline

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How To Make City Skyline Silhouettes

How to draw a panoramic city skyline or cityscape with buildings

Whether you are creating a backdrop for a stage production, want to add an urban vibe to your home decor, or are painting a mural or an artwork on canvas, you can easily create a city skyline silhouette. Paint it directly onto a wall or canvas, or, for a large-scale, temporary effect, paint your skyline on a large sheet of cotton fabric. Decide if you want to create a generic city skyline or recreate a skyline such as that of Manhattan, including iconic silhouettes such as the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building, or Seattle, including its famous Space Needle.

Use Your Palette Knife To Paint The City Skyline

Once we have the sky laid down on the canvas lets go ahead and add our buildings in next.

We will work on filling in the sky between the buildings after this. I didnt want to lose my lines I had drawn out for the skyline.

To fill in the buildings was a bit challenging on this small of a canvas with the pointed palette knife.

First I mixed my Ivory Black with the Liquitex Ceramic Stucco paste. I wanted it to be pretty dark so I made sure to mix more paint into it then I did with some of the other mixes.

If youre following along with just your acrylic paint, since we are going for a bit of a textured look here just be sure to lay it on thick enough. My mix is a bit thicker with the stucco but when I loaded it on my knife I had to be careful about loading just a bit at the tip of the blade.

As long as you keep your paint at the tip of your palette knife you should have a decent amount of control allowing you to stay within the lines.

Since Im working with the stucco, it may begin to dry a bit more quickly than plain acrylic paint but I would still recommend going in and adding the little dots of yellow light to the building while it is still wet.

I did this right away after making each building.

The yellow was my primary yellow mixed with a bit of titanium white. Which, now that I think of it, wasnt in the original list of colors.

Do you see now what Im talking about how other colors find their way into the mix sometimes?!?

Watch All Skylines With Their Drawing Tutorials

I have made some video tutorials on how to draw skyline on Youtube, which you can refer to and can draw them easily within few minutes. Skyline drawing can be done at the ease of your couch, or while traveling in a train/plane, relaxing on the bed as it does not need a huge art studio type of set-up. You just bring your favorite pen, paper, and let down your creativity flows with your favorite travel memories.

I hope you loved to know about some of the most beautiful and best skylines in the world with their interesting facts and where to get the best views of them. Also, you can draw them by simple drawing techniques and you can create your handmade travel journal, a travel diary, or travel scrapbook. I would also love to know your favorite skyline from this post or your previous travel visits.

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Cityscape Painting Space Needle

Paint your very own cityscape painting of the Seattle Space Needle.;

Learn the steps with this easy to follow tutorial for beginners that you can do right at home with acrylics paints on a canvas!

This is a great painting you can do for New Years Eve or the Fourth of July because of the fireworks.;

I just LOVE how the glowing blues look in this painting behind the buildings!

I have a similar tutorial of a generic cityscape painting. Basically, I changed the colors from all purples to blues and added The Space Needle.;

You can see the full tutorial original version here with more specific details on how to do this painting.

Keep reading below to find out what colors I used and design alterations I did for the Blue Space Needle Version.;

Enjoy and happy painting!!

Cityscape Drawings With Color

How to draw a City Skyline (New York)

There are many different ways to add color to your cityscape drawings. Today youll learn how to use markers to add color to your drawings.

Begin by filling in your building with your lightest colors In this example thats yellow and lime green. You can follow this process with any color scheme that you choose.

Next, add in your two darkest colors. For this example thats green and a darker green.

Fill in the rest of your cityscape drawing using the same colors. Blend your markers for a smooth gradation of color.

Follow the same steps to add color to your sky. You can use whatever colors you think will look good.

Finish your drawing by using a white Gelly Roll pen to add some windows and stars.

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Fill Out The Sky Between The Buildings

At this point in the painting, Im beginning to question the textured approach. Im definitely going to want to do another one of these city skylines later in a nontextured style.

For this step, we need to fill in the sky between the buildings. Since this is my first time doing a painting of this sort of style and subject matter, Im left questioning if there was a better way to do this.

While I like some of the swooping textures in the wide open sky, filling in the smaller parts between the buildings left much smaller texture details that arent as cool looking as the textures in the open sky.

The other challenge here is getting the colors right so they mesh with the sky above the buildings.

While we begin to stray from the colors depicted in the main skyline reference, it is a necessary evil to get the blend anywhere close to looking like it belongs.

You have to be careful to mix your colors right so it doesnt look like there is this blob of different colored material between the buildings and the open sky.

In my example, I wanted to try and make the sky brighter as that is how the gradient goes in the picture but a light blue mixed with the pink rose paint was the best way to get a color that actually went with what I have on the canvas already.

To apply it, we need to again work very carefully by loading the paint at the very tip of our pointed palette knife. I likely will need to come back in with some more black to touch up some of the buildings where I messed up.

How To Draw A Cityscape

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Drawing a whole cityscape sounds difficult, right? It’s actually very simple–follow these four steps to make a realistic cityscape of your own.

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How To Draw A City

Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

“Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city, Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty.” -;Petula Clark, “Downtown”

Big, bustling;cities;have become a part of the global culture. Some cities are iconic. Paris is known as the City of Love; Tokyo is often called the Neon City. Other famous metropolises include London, New York, San Francisco, and Sydney. The buildings and landmarks of each city – such as the;Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate bridge, and the Statue of Liberty – are widely recognizable, giving to each a unique personal identity.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Culturally, cities have represented both good and evil in religious works, such as in the Bible. They have been the subject of written stories and in movies. One example of the city in film is that of Metropolis , based on a futuristic dystopian novel.

The cityscape is a popular image in art, especially photography. City landscapes at night are especially lauded, the city lights sparkling against a bedarkened sky. Many photographers use long exposures to capture “rivers” of vehicle headlights. Bokeh effects, or softening of light rings, are also used. Before the advent of photography, cityscapes were recorded in paintings.

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Eiffel Tower, Cartoon Castle, and Cartoon House.

Top Tips For Cityscape Drawing

How to draw a panoramic city skyline or cityscape with buildings

Cityscapes have caught the eye of many artists over the years. The awe-inspiring, towering skylines have even made some cityscapes, like New York and Shanghai, iconic. With all their intricacies, it takes a mathematical approach and precise line-work to create a good cityscape drawing. To help you on your way, here are 10 of our top tips for creating your own city skyline artwork.

1. Choose the Right Materials

Cityscape drawing requires precision and detail, so choose materials that allow you to create clean line work. Some tools and materials you might like to try include fine tip markers, ballpoint pens, technical pens, dipper pens, pencils with hard leads and watercolour pencils for adding colour to your masterpiece.

2. Understand Perspective

Example of one point perspective.

There are three main types of perspective and an understanding of them is crucial for cityscape drawing. Perspective allows you to create three-dimensional shapes and scenes on a two-dimensional surface. Learning how to draw perspective is an in depth topic, but weâve outlined the 3 main types below to get you started.

One Point Perspective

One point perspective shows how things appear to get smaller as they get further away. In this type of lineal perspective, the object converges towards a single âvanishing pointâ on the horizon line. This is often used when youâre looking at the front of a building, or looking at something long thatâs vanishing into the distance .

Two Point Perspective

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Cityscape Drawings Challenge For Beginners

If you want to get good at drawing cityscapes or anything else, the best thing to do is a 7 day drawing challenge. Youll be amazed by how quickly you can improve your drawing skills. There are many other benefits as well.

There are a lot of different ways you can make your cityscape drawings. Do a challenge and see how many different ideas you can come up with. Youll develop your style in the process, and you might even have some fun!

Study Your Subject And Get References

The first step of my painting process, once I decide what I want to paint of course, is to gather up some references.

I generally and creating boards on the subject Im seeking to paint. In this case, I created this skyline painting board where I collected both paintings of cityscapes and pictures.

As we browse around at what other artists have done we may see a number of style variations to choose from.

Pretty much every subject matter has some variation in the ways we can choose to create it. There is so much art out there just try to find examples of things that appeal to you.

I collected this collage of example pictures of city skyline paintings that I liked for one reason or another.

I made this collage when I posted it for my Instagram audience to help participate in the painting process by asking for any input on which style to try to do.

I almost had to make an executive decision but at the last second I did have a new friend come along to make a suggestion. They nominated trying to emulate the style of the Oil Painting by Enxo Zhou.

So that is part of what we are aiming at here. Were looking to go for a bit of a textured abstract sort of styled painting.If you want to take part in the next step by step,

Doing things like this is one great reason to build an audience on Instagram. Plus, its always good to engage with your audience too!

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You Can Draw This Sunset City Skyline

Want to use the exact same colors as Im using? Get the SUNSET CITY SKYLINE color palette. Dont forget to set your canvas to sRGB IEC61966-2.1, you can only change the color profile when making a new custom canvas in the Gallery. You can just click the + sign and then that little folder with a + on it next to New canvas. The canvas dimensions for this Procreate tutorial are 2300 x 3000 px.

I will walk you through the steps of drawing this skyline in Procreate. You can draw this sunset city skyline using free brushes only! Ill guide you through all the steps in this how to draw a landscape tutorial and remember, if things are going too fast, just pause the video and take your time. During this tutorial I will show you how you can make use of special brushes, the selection tool, layer masks and more!

Did you see the amazing work that my Patrons made? If you want to follow more in depth tutorials as well, then consider joining me at Patreon.

Copyright notice: My tutorials are meant for practice purposes, feel free to share your results on social media and tag me. You are not allowed to use direct copies of my artwork for commercial purposes, like selling prints. You should create your own original artworks. Of course you can use my tutorials as a base/start though.

Draw Out Your City Skyline On Your Canvas

City Skyline at Night Acrylic Painting Tutorial For Beginners

To help us make sure we get something that resembles our skyline here lets go ahead and draw it out on the cavnas.

We basically just want to sketch out some light lines to help guidewhere our buildings will be going.

We dont have to add a lot of details as we will be doing that in our painting process.

This is more for proper placement and sizing than anything else. This way we can fill in the sky using our palette knife while leaving plenty of space for the darker colors towards the bottom half of the canvas.

Up until now, I have always just painted everything onto the canvas. This is likely because I started with a lot of abstract works where we are just throwing painting down and then painting over it.

This isnt the first painting where I have drawn things out on the canvas beforehand but it isnt something I typically do.

Perhaps as I pursue painting more complicated and foreign things I will need to do this more. Who knows, maybe I find other benefits to doing it that will reinforce me drawing out every painting.

One thing is certain, it always helps to draw sketches of your subject matter BEFORE you are even ready to start your painting or even sketching it out on the canvas.

Building up your visual library of that subject matter will always help.

Now lets see what we can do with this palette knife!

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Basic Things To Remember While Drawing Or Sketching A Skyline

  • Keep the outline of unique buildings in your mind.
  • You dont have to create intricate designs of the buildings as the skyline is generally the outline of a cityscape. As the outline of a city depicts the whole characteristics of a city.
  • For every city drawing, pick some unique buildings or structures of the city and then club them together in one drawing. For eg. Eiffel Tower for Paris, Burj Khalifa / Burj Al Arab for Dubai, Statue of Liberty for NYC.
  • The outline is drawn rugged and irregular, by taking care of not making the buildings of the same size and shape. All buildings should look distinct and special.
  • After this just addition of trees, sun, moon, birds, waves of sea or river, clouds, bridges give more depth to your skyline drawing.
  • All vertical lines should be drawn parallel.
  • Show windows by vertical or horizontal dashes , domes by semi-circles, water by wavy lines, and top of buildings by triangle or antennas.
  • Shading plays an important role in the skyline. Sides of building in 2D drawing or layered drawings should be shaded by diagonal lines.
  • If you want to give depth to a building or structure, draw a similar line nearer to it, but shorter than the mainline.

What Is A Cityscape Drawing

Simply put, its an artistic representation of an urban landscape. It can be realistic, stylized, or even abstract. Youre the artist and youre free to draw your cityscape in whatever way you feel moved to create it.

If youre drawing a city with an easily recognizable building you should try to include that in your cityscape drawing. There are so many interesting opportunities for this type of artwork.

And they are quick and easy to make which means you can do a variety of different drawings. A great way to develop your style is with a 7 day drawing challenge. Download your free guide to get started today.

* Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

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How To Draw Cityscapes

Creating cityscape drawings is really easy to do. And there are a lot of options for including them in your work.

Whether youre into graffiti drawing, artist trading cards, or drawing just for fun. These types of skyline drawings will come in handy.

Today youll learn how to make 2D and 3D variations of cityscapes. And youll see some examples of how to include it in your artwork.

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