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How To Draw A Cloud Easy

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How to draw moon Realistic moon with pencil sketch , How to Draw the Moon: Narrated step by step.Learn how to make a model of a 3D lunar crater, plus find out how to draw the moon. ByDavid Aguilar. CREATING CRATERS. Please be respectful of copyright. Unauthorized use is prohibited.How to Draw Long Stem Roses Drawing Tutorial for Valentines Day Page 2 of 2 How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials. For example, if you draw a picture of a coffee mug, the negative space is the space between the handle and the mug itself. How to Draw Eyes Paint Cats Looking at the Moon Moon Art How to draw a Full Moon very easy with watercolors Drawing the Moon and the Stars on.

How To Draw A Cute Cloud Easy Step By Step Drawing A Cloud Kawaii Easy

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Directions To Draw Clouds Step By Step

Time needed: 25 minutes.

  • Wide cloud with lots of small bumps.
  • Fat cloud with big bumps and smooth bottom.
  • Fat cloud with a few bumps all around.
  • Wider cloud with a few bumps all around.
  • Tall cloud with a few bumps all around.
  • Wider cloud with large bump in the middle.
  • Wider cloud with lots small bumps all around.
  • Wider cloud with one taller side.
  • Trace with a marker and color.
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    Building Darks And Lifting Lights

    Shading with a sharp B pencil builds up value in the darker areas of the drawing.

    • Shade carefully up to the edges of very crisp areas of highlights.
    • Shadows in the clouds are shaded, then a kneadable eraser is used to soften the edges.
    • Once the values are well established, use sweeps of a clean kneadable eraser to lift out the wispy cirrus clouds.

    How To Draw The Moon

    How to Draw a Cloud – Easy Things To Draw

    Lets Learn How To Draw a Moon With Stars Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for kids. ks art If you like our Drawing Videos, please Please like, share an how to draw Moon drawing step 2. 2. Draw a cloud passing in front of the moon. Begin the top of the cloud using short, connected curved lines. Next, I will explain how to draw the yellow moonlit night. The blue moon layer Duplicate layer duplicate layer. From here, the main task is to change the Adjust the colors of the moon, patterns and clouds to complete the red moonlit night. I think it became an eerie and suspicious atmosphere.

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    Choosing The Right Clouds To Draw

    The first step in drawing clouds is to choose the right subject.

    • A deep blue sky will give you good contrast to work with.
    • When observing the sky, a viewfinder can help you to reduce the scene to a manageable size and block out any clutter.

    Carefully observe the values in your sky, examine the highlights on the whitest clouds, and note the shadows underneath the clouds. Where can you see crisp, clear edges and where are the edges soft and blurry?

    The example we’re working with has a mix of fluffy cumulus clouds and wispy cirrus clouds. It’s a nice practice for the two types and the same approach can be taken for other cloud formations.

    How To Draw A Simple Cute Cloud

    Step 1 Draw an open semicircle for the top of the cloud.

    Step 2 Another small curved line is drawn cutting the above one, to extend the region of the cloud.

    Step 3 Another small curved line is drawn in the opposite side to make the cloud look fluffy.

    Step 4 A series of connected curved lines are drawn to form the base of the cloud from one side which continues upto the other side.

    Side 5 Erase the lines where the clouds overlap.

    Step 6 Now we try to increase the texture of the cloud. We will draw several curved lines within the cloud to give a fluffy appearance and also form some spirals.

    Step 7 We will draw another cloud just behind it by the same process of connected curved lines to give it a fluffy shape.

    Step 8 Fill the interior of the new cloud just the way we did it before and color it with light blue shades.

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    How To Draw A Mushroom Cloud

    Step 1 First draw a large egg shaped figure for top of the cloud and beneath it draw another small egg shape. Connect both the figure by a long vertical line passing through the middle of them and draw a horizontal to intersect the vertical line near about at the middle.

    Step 2 Following the circular outline, draw a series of curved connected lines to form a tree like structure both at the top and below. These are connected by concave lens kind of shape.

    Step 3 In this step we will draw more cloud shapes in the larger cloud at the top to make it look fluffy. A big ring is drawn around the concave structure. And in the lower shape we draw small series of curves.

    Step 4 Draw more cloud lines inside the larger cloud to complete the shape. Draw another small ring inside the larger ring. Draw a number of curved lines at the bottom of the concave structure. Erase all the outlines.

    Step 5 This is the final picture of the mushroom cloud.

    Learn How To Draw Clouds With A Little Added Variety In Real Life No Two Are Alike So Why Always Draw Them The Same Old Way

    How to Draw a Cute Cloud – Easy Pictures to Draw

    As a quick review, a cloud is water vapor in the sky that has condensed into very small water droplets that appear in visible shapes above the ground. When water evaporates and turns into an invisible gas, it rises up into the sky. When it gets high enough to where the air is colder, the water condenses and changes from a gas to drops of water or crystals of ice. We see these drops of water as clouds. The drops fall back down to earth as rain, and then the water evaporates again. This is called the water cycle.

    When it comes to drawing clouds, most students begin with a very simple puffy shape, which is fine. At some point though, they may see that their clouds are all looking the same, and a quick glance at nature will tell them thats not what happens in real life. Aside from the fact that close ones are large, and faraway ones are small, clouds come in all kinds of shapes. Tall and fat, wide and irregular, the sky is the limit when it comes to seeing and drawing them all just a little bit differently.

    For those that are ready to make their clouds look extra realistic, an example of how to add a shadow is also included. And as I have mentioned before, that super light gray crayon that Crayola makes is the perfect color to shade them. Its just dark enough to show up and make the rest of the cloud look extra white and puffy.

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    Starry Night Sky And Moonlight

    Fill the canvas with simple gradation of two dark colors.

    Add scattered bright dots for stars. For this, I used spray brush under airbrush tool on Clip Studio Paint.

    Add some smaller dots of stars behind the bigger dots.

    Add some clouds. I wanted to make this a starry sky so I didnt add many clouds here. Clouds are barely visible at night, so I chose colors that close to the skys color.

    The steps can end here, but you can also use darker cloud to make the sky looks brighter.

    If there is a bright moonlight, it is necessary to add some lighter color to the clouds.

    How To Draw A Cloud Clipart Using Cute Curved Lines

    Illustrating a cloud clipart might sound like an easy task, and you are right. However, there are a few things that you can do to make this illustration visually more interesting. In this small tutorial, I will show you how to end up with an image that is appealing and fun to draw. You can use a video lesson, a step-by-step tutorial or even better … both! Ready? Go!

    a cute video to help you create a nice cartoon cloud

    Learning how to draw a cloud starts here using the short video found below. Simply draw a basic template mostly made from circles, draw a few curved lines and then add plain colors. If you prefer to have access to more information, simply scroll down a little bit. 🙂

    four simple steps to illustrate a nice cloud clipart

    First, simply draw a long horizontal line on the bottom of the page. Then, draw six or seven circular shapes to form the top of the subject. As you can see below, circles in the middle are usually larger and bigger. The ones located on both sides are almost oval. Great! Let’s use this template to draw the cloud.

    Draw the horizontal line on the bottom again. Then, use all circles to sketch long curved lines as shown in the illustration below. That’s it! Our cool cartoon cloud is already completed.

    This is how the cloud should look like so far once all lines are black and the template removed. Pretty cool, don’t you think? Of course, adding colors is a must. Let’s see how we can add a little bit of depth using plain colors.

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    Simple Cloud Drawing Style

    This tutorial of drawing a cloud is perfect for kids, or anyone who wants to draw simple or plain clouds. Its the same process wed use when we were kids. Just a few strokes of the pencil, and youll have yourself a simple drawing of a cloud. These type of drawings are quite common in drawing books for kids. Its a simple and easy thing to draw, but quite fun. I found it to be quite relaxing as well.


    Create A Freehand Revision Cloud

    How To Draw A Simple Cloud In Adobe Illustrator
  • Guide the crosshairs along the cloud path. You can click pick points along the path if you want to vary the size of the arcs.
  • Press Enter at any time to stop drawing the revision cloud.

    To close the revision cloud, return to its starting point.

  • To reverse the direction of the arcs, enter yes at the Command prompt and press Enter.
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    How To Draw Cloud Shapes

    The best you can do to improve your drawings of clouds is to study them scientifically. Learn to identify the basic cloud types in life, photos, and artwork. The more you study clouds, the more you will see, appreciate, and understand. Your knowledge and curiosity about clouds will be reflected in your drawings.

    We all have a cartoon image of a puffy cloud in our heads. This symmetrically lump cloud is a symbol. Real clouds do not look this way. When you start to draw a cloud it is easy for elements of this cartoon to slip into your drawing and ruin the realistic effects you are trying to create. Fight the temptation to draw this symbol.

    Even when you are trying to draw a cloud with a more realistic edge, it is easy for this symbol to creep into our drawing. If it is easy for your fingers to make an arc of one size, your fingers will do it again, and again unless you are on the lookout for this pitfall. Note the presence of symmetrical bumps on this cloud. Can you see the influence of the cloud symbol in this drawing?

    The trick to a more natural shape is to be consistently inconsistent. Make your cloud shapes and bumps irregular. If you make a bump of one size here, make a bump of a different size there. This will give the cloud shape a more natural contour.

    Shade The Skynot The Cloud

    I used a 2B pencil and medium-light pressure . I held the pencil near the end and at a nearly horizontal angle so I was shading with the side of the pencil instead of the point. I like that method because it covers the most paper the most quickly. Use the hold that works best for you and is the most comfortable.

    Follow the lines you drew in step one, but dont worry if youre not 100% accurate. Few clouds have razor sharp edges. They are constantly in motion, growing or shrinking as they move across the sky. That motion produces softer edges, so the edges of your cloud should be soft, too.

    Notice how I decreased my pencil pressure as I went down the paper, making the sky lighter at the top than the bottom. This adds even more drama to a sky.

    When youve finished your first layer, add a second one, using strokes that go perpendicular to the strokes underneath. The goal is to cover every centimeter of the sky with at least a little bit of graphite. The only truly white area should be the cloud.

    If youre adding a slight gradient to your sky, then use the same process as before, beginning with medium-light pressure at the top and decreasing pressure as you move toward the bottom of the page.

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    When I See Clouds In The Skytune: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

    When I see clouds in the sky,All big and puffy and white,When I see clouds in the sky,The weather is sunny and bright.

    White clouds, white clouds,White clouds up in the sky.White clouds, white clouds,White clouds, puffy and dry.

    When I see clouds in the sky,All big and solid and gray,When I see gray clouds in the sky,The weather is rainy all day.

    Gray clouds, gray clouds,Gray clouds up in the sky.Gray clouds, gray clouds,Dropping rain from up high.

    Add In Some More Lumps To Your Cloud

    How to draw clouds – Easy Step-by-Step for Beginners

    Now that you have the first curved line that will make up a big part of your cloud drawing, you can start adding more fluffy sections to it.

    Simply draw in three or four smaller lumps coming off from the part you drew in the previous step.

    We added two lumps to the left and one on the right in our image, so you could replicate that or change it up a bit to get a unique look!

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Clouds

    Dont you just love those fluffy-looking cartoon clouds that you see on TV and in video games. You know like the ones at the beginning of “The Simpsons

    Well, clouds are probably one of THE most easiest things to draw hands down. And here, Ill show you exactly how and why this is true!

    As youre working through this lesson, please dont forget that there is more than one way to draw a cloud and if you feel like changing parts of your drawing then by all means please do! After all, clouds are extremely random creations , and so there are endless possibilities as to how they can be drawn.

    Look up waaaaaaaaaaay up its time to draw a cartoon cloud!

    How To Draw Clouds

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    Clouds are made of billions and billions of tiny water droplets suspended in the earth’s atmosphere. There are many different types of clouds. Stratus clouds are long, low lying clouds.

    Cirrus clouds are found high in the sky and are often wispy in appearance. Cumulonimbus are recognizable as storm clouds they can stack on top of one another and become very tall.

    The most commonly drawn cloud type, and the one used in this tutorial, is the fluffy cloud known as a cumulus cloud.

    The word cloud comes from the Old English words clod and clud, which mean “hill” or “boulder.” The term was used for rain clouds forming low on the horizon, which might resemble mountains or hills themselves.

    Many people throughout history have enjoyed looking at clouds and picking out shapes within them.

    Have you ever looked at a cloud and thought it resembled a horse, a rabbit, a dragon, or a person?

    Today, scientists study clouds and other weather features in order to keep people safe. These scientists are known as meteorologists. Nephology is the branch of meteorology specific to the study of clouds.

    Scroll down for a FREE PRINTABLE PDF of this tutorial.

    Clouds are used in art and other areas of popular culture to describe a wide range of human emotions.

    Someone unfortunate or depressed may be depicted as having a rain cloud above his head, and to be on Cloud 9 indicates a state of extreme happiness or euphoria.

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    Finish Off Your Cloud Drawing With Some Color

    Now that youve drawn your cloud and added in some final details, youve almost reached the end of this guide on how to draw a cloud!

    Before its done, it will be needing some beautiful colors, and this is where you can have some great fun showing off your creativity.

    If youve drawn in some fun additional details, you can color them in as well to add some wonderful dashes of color detail to your drawing.

    You can also decide what kind of color you want for the background to suggest what kind of day it is in your cloud drawing. You could use a beautiful orange to make it feel like a sunset or sunrise setting.

    A brilliant blue with a bright yellow sun would make it look like a beautiful Summer day, whereas a more grey color scheme would make it look more overcast.

    You could even draw in a whole lot of raindrops coming down from the cloud and color them in with a light blue for some wonderful color variation.

    Once youve decided on the colors you want to use, you can have even more fun with the art mediums you choose to finish off your drawing.

    Ones like acrylic paints and colored pens can give a sharper and brighter look to the colors.

    On the other hand, watercolor paints, colored pencils or crayons can give a lovely softer look to these colors. What do you think you will use to finish off your beautiful cloud drawing!

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