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How To Draw A Clown Face

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Easy Clown Face Painting Design

How to Draw a Clown Face,Drawing Coloring

    A simple clown face is a relatively easy and fast design to paint on someone if you stick to the basic, key elements: nose, mouth, eyes, brows, and cheeks. Whether you paint the whole face a background colortraditionally white for a clownbefore you start creating face details in accent colors is up to you and how much time you have. If you’re doing face painting for a crowd at a party or carnival, it’ll help speed up your “production line” to have an assistant who can do the underlayer.

    Draw Clown Face Auxiliary Lines

    Still starting with the familiar auxiliary line. This time we draw a simple clown with only the main features.

    The auxiliary lines help us locate the clowns eyes. This is a long rectangular auxiliary frame which we have divided into five equal parts.

    Each eye occupies two equal parts.

    Then we start drawing the creepy eyes of the clown. Notice that the eyeball is on top.

    Step 8 Style And Design The Clowns Appearance

    In this step, you can style the clown however you like! As shown in the illustration above, we just added a little flower at the back of the clowns head.

    Feel free to add more patterns on the hat or some decorations on the hair.

    Dont worry about exaggerating the design! As a matter of fact, the more creative the designs are, the more fun the clown looks!

    Step By Step Instructions For Drawing A Scary Clown

    1. Begin by drawing a circle. This will form the clown’s nose.

    2. Above the circle, draw two sets of curved lines to outline the brow. Beneath each brow, enclose a half circle to form the eyes.

    3. To draw the mouth, begin with a long, curved line beneath the nose. Attach it to the nose using two shorter lines. Draw a dot at each corner of the mouth, and detail the inside of the mouth using a jagged line.

    4. Outline the mouth, drawing new lines parallel to those previously drawn. Notice how this outline forms circles around the dots at the corners of the mouth.

    How to Draw a Jack O Lantern

    8. Draw a tuft of fluffy hair on each side of the clown’s head. Do so by using a series of short, connected, curved lines.

    9. Draw a scar on the clown’s face. Enclose a semicircle using a curved line. Then, cross it with short lines that resemble stitches.

    10. Color the scary clown. If he needs any circus animals to accompany him, we’ve got elephants, and lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    How To Draw Clown Face Pennywise

    How to Draw A Clown Face/Step by Step Tutorial/Art Lesson

    Weve already drawn a killer clown, thats a small drawing of a bust. Its a dead ringer for Spider-Man. This time we draw clown face Pennywise.

    Its a classic character from the movie It. This character is an ancient cosmic demon. In the movie, it appears mainly in the form of Pennywise, which is a scary dancing clown.

    Lets get started, this is still a simple step-by-step tutorial for drawing a clown. You can easily keep up with our pace.

    Scary Clown Drawing With Color

    Finish up your drawing by adding some color. I like using markers for my drawings but colored pencils, crayons, paint, or pastels work just as well. Its really just a matter of personal preference and the look youre going for.

    Use a white Gelly Roll pen for highlights or whatever your preferred method is.

    Face Paints: What You Need To Know

    For best results, use cosmetic-grade makeup with color additives that have gone through FDA approval, and consult the FDA chart to find out which colors are OK to use near the eyes. Never use acrylic paints even if they are labeled as non-toxic, as they are not meant for use on the skin and may contain formaldehyde. Please note that even professional-grade face paints may contain small amounts of heavy metals, so make sure that your customers don’t have an allergy to metals in jewelry such as nickel.

    You can also find organic face paints on the market made with plant-based colors rather than chemical additives, though the variety of colors may not be as robust as other commercial sets. Or create your own face paint with edible food coloring and cornstarch mixed into moisturizer. 

    Your Clown Drawing Is Complete

    Watching a clown is always fun and entertaining. By learning how to draw a clown, you can have your own clown to keep you happy at all times just by looking at it!

    Hopefully, you enjoy this step-by-step clown drawing tutorial. Whats fun about this tutorial is that it allows you to customize your artwork as much as you like!

    Whats more, all you need is a pen and paper and youre all set to create a masterpiece.

    We cant wait to see your comical clown drawing!

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    Working With Drawing Guides

    how to draw a joker clown face

    The best way to get students off to a good start to any drawing project is to show them how to use guides as a reference point.

    You may have noticed that all of the tutorials on this site have a dashed line running through the center of each step, both in the horizontal and vertical direction. If students make their own centered lines on their own paper, before drawing, they will have an easy reference to follow.

    For instance, as seen in step one below, this clownfish body starts above the horizontal line, and in the middle of the left side of the paper. The body then continues to the right and fill up the right half of the page.

    Drawing skills are all about getting the size and placement of lines on paper, so having some visual reference point to get started, will always help anyone learn how to be a little more accurate.

    So does that mean students need to draw a big fat lines down the center of their paper before they start? Goodness no, please dont! That will most likely be hard to erase and distract from any finished art. No, simply fold the paper in half both ways, make a crease, and unfold. The beauty is that by the time the drawing is done and colored in, the creases will disappear.

    And now, on to our drawing project.

    How To Draw A Clown Filled With Beautiful Colors

    Whether it’s funny or not, this tutorial on how to draw a clown is surely relevant and quite useful! Made from a simple design and easy to be drawn by beginners and kids, this drawing tutorial was designed with simplicity in mind. Just grab a pencil and a piece of paper and prepare to be amazed by how easy this cartoon character is to draw!

    Enjoy a license to use this illustration here

    Step 1

    Let’s begin this lesson with the creation of a simple oval shape. This shape will be used to create the head. Notice how the top of the head is slightly more pointed and narrower. 

    Step 2

    Next, sketch the body using a small rectangle. The arms and the legs are also represented by small rectangles. The hands are made from small circular shapes. 

    Step 3

    Cool! It’s now time to add some hair on top of the head of the cartoon character. To do so, you can use shape made from small curved lines. You can also draw the feet using a curved line and a straight one. 

    Step 4

    Next, you can work inside the head by adding the eyes and the pupils using large circular shapes. The nose can also be done using a smaller circle. The area around the mouth is drawn using a curved rectangle. 

    Step 5

    You can complete working on this cartoon character by adding a couple of oval shapes inside the pupils. The mouth is done using a long curved line and you can also sketch large buttons on the shirt of the cartoon clown.

    Step 6

    Step 3 Next Draw The Hat The Clown Is Wearing

    Clowns typically wear a hat, so thats exactly what well be drawing in this step.

    The hat can be created by simply drawing a semicircle with a slightly flat bottom at the top of the clowns head. This creates the crown of the hat.

    Then, draw an oval shape surrounding the bottom part of the crown to form the brim. Afterwards, draw a line across the bottom part of the crown to create the hat band surrounding the crown.

    Dont forget to erase any part from the outline of the head overlapping within the hat!

    How To Draw A Scary Clown

    Clowns are easily recognizable the world over, adorned with painted faces, big red noses, fanciful hair, and colorful costumes.

    Clowns have a long history in various world cultures. The idea of the clown as a comical figure can be traced to court jesters in ancient Egypt and other regions.

    Later, William Shakespeare included clowns in his plays – rustic individuals who lacked good sense.

    In the early 1800s, the appearance of the modern clown became popular in British theater, and later migrated to the American circus and rodeo.

    The clowning tradition was taken up by comedic performers such as Red Skelton and later became the mascot for McDonald’s restaurants.

    While originally designed to entertain with a laugh, clowns today often elicit the opposite reaction – repulsion fear. Did you know that psychologists recognize the fear of clowns as a phobia, called coulrophobia?

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    What causes such fear? Researchers assume that the painted face of the clown may produce unease due to the “uncanny valley” effect, in which something is lifelike yet not realistic, and therefore frightening. Childhood encounters may produce lifelong effects.

    The entertainment media has monopolized on this reaction, staffing comedy, action, and horror films with such characters.

    A number of children’s cartoons, including Disney’s Pepper Ann, have addressed this theme.

    Makeup And Costume Details

    How to draw and color a clown face step by step

    Detail the face with one short line, triangles, tiny circles, and a tiny L-shape. Add a large teardrop. Outline the hatband with a long curve. Form elbow patches with many short lines that crisscross five longer lines.

    Add creases to the coat and shape the curved cuffs. Place a long curve in each oval button. Connect upside-down J-shapes to an oval for the flower. Put a curve in each teardrop-shaped petal. 

    How To Paint A Clownfish

    Fish make for great watercolor projects too as the white crayon bubbles and watery blue paint always look so good together. And thats before you even get to the pretty fish colors.

    To paint this clownfish, just follow the same instructions on the download for drawing, just use a black crayon to trace the art, instead of a marker. Also, add white crayon bubbles in the background before painting. The black crayon will keep the orange and blue from mixing, and the white bubbles will show up after the blue paint is washed over them.

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    How To Draw A Clown Easy Step By Step

    Start by drawing a circle for the basic shape of the head. Youll also want to add some guidelines for the center of the face. And for where you want the eyes, nose, and mouth placement to be.

    Now draw the nose in the center of the face. You can make a simple circle nose for your clown.

    Or you can draw it a different shape if you want. Maybe more like a realistic nose.

    Next draw the eyes. Again, there are many different ways to draw the eyes.

    Drawing a larger circle with a couple of smaller circles inside is the easiest way to draw them. But feel free to experiment with different styles of eyes.

    For the mouth, draw the smile line then add the makeup around it.

    Add a hat to your clown drawing if you want. There are also many different style hats you could draw. I went with a simple party hat.

    Notice how the hat curves to match the top of the head. 

    Add some decorations and a pom-pom on top to make it look more interesting.

    Now draw some crazy hair for your clown. Have fun with the hair. Its the best part of drawing a clown.

    Add a bow tie around his neck. Make it extra small or extra big, just for fun.

    Finish your rough sketch by adding a body and a couple of arms. 

    Add in any extra details you want for your clown. You could draw in some designs on his clothes, or maybe add some balloons or a circus in the background.

    Step 2 Create An Outline Of The Clowns Head

    How to draw a clown face..

    Draw two semicircles one each side of the clowns head. This forms the pair of ears of the clown. Make sure that the form of the ears are uniform.

    Dont forget to add two small curved lines on each ear to create the inside or inner ear. This also adds detail on your drawing, making it appear more realistic.

    Learn How To Draw Evil Clowns Drawing Lessons

    How to draw scary Evil Clowns for Halloween or any other time of year. Evil Clown Drawing Lessons and step by step drawing tutorials for drawing Evil Clowns Cartoons. Learn how to draw and sketch realistic and cartoon Evil Clowns and create great cartoons, illustrations and drawings with these free drawing lessons.

    Step 9 Add The Eyes To Complete The Look

    Draw a huge standing oval shape right underneath each eyebrow. Then, within each eye, draw a small circle with another tiny circle inside to create the pupil and the iris respectively.

    Add shade into the entire pupil while leaving out the iris unshaded. This creates a dramatic sparkling eyes effect.

    Now that weve successfully drawn a clown, its time for the most exciting part, which is coloring your drawing!

    This is the part where you can showcase your artistic skills, especially your ability to mix and match various colors.

    The colors you will be using for the clown is entirely up to you! But heres a tip that you may find useful: mix the colors white, yellow, red, and blue to create a skin tone color.

    But depending on the complexion youre trying to achieve, you may need more of a certain color.

    Have fun playing with colors and watch as the clown ultimately comes to life!

    How To Draw A Clown Easy

    Today we learned how to draw a clown, and how to draw a scary clown. Whichever type of clown you decide you want to draw will take practice and repetition to get really good at it. But with practice youll also develop your artistic style and start to come up with original designs.

    Art and drawing are learned skills that anyone can be successful at. It just takes practice. So keep working at it and most of all, dont forget to have fun.

    Dont forget to download your Path to Artistic Success.

    Learn How To Draw A Clownfish With Their Very Distinct Patterning Of White Stripe Bodies And Black Tipped Fins

    How to draw a Clown face || How to draw a clown for beginners ||

    Clownfish are perhaps best known for being featured in the movies Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. It has since become a very popular aquarium pet.

    Bright orange with three distinctive white bars, clownfish are among the most recognizable of all reef-dwellers. They reach about 4.3 inches in length, and are named for the multicolored sea anemone in which they make their homes.

    Drawing a clownfish is a great beginner project as it kind of works like a large puzzle. The large white stripes will tell you where to place those fins that sit on the top and bottom of the body. Shapes that line up with each other dont often happen in nature, so its nice when they do.

    Step 4 Afterwards Draw The Clowns Hair

    For the clowns hair, you can draw any hairstyle you like! Clowns typically have funny hairstyles, so keep that in mind when drawing the hair of the clown.

    As you can see in the illustration, weve kept the clowns hair simple yet distinct.

    To create the afro hairstyle shown above,draw a scalloped line forming a sideways triangular shape on each side of the clowns head. This forms the big chunk of pointed hair of the clown.

    Eyes Ears Hat And Gloves

    Place a curved tube under a figure resembling a slice of bread for the hat. Use U-shapes and J-shapes for the irises, pupils, eyelids, and inner ear. Draw a curved tube and short lines for the mouth makeup.

    Shape the collar, shoulders, arms, and elbows. Add U-shaped and J-shaped fingers. Put short curves in the thumbs. For each glove’s wristband, attach a short line to a longer curve. 

    Clown Drawing With Color

    When using markers for your drawings its important to use two or three markers for each section. This will keep them from looking flat and boring.

    Clowns wear all sorts of crazy outfits with a variety of colors. So feel free to go crazy and have fun.

    Use similar colors for each section. For example, yellow and a light orange work well together. Or red and a red-orange for the hair. 

    A works really well for adding highlights when youre finished with the colors.

    Now you know how to draw a clown. Next lets learn how to draw a scary clown. You know, just in case youre into that sort of thing.

    How To Face Paint A Clown

    How to Draw a Evil Clown Face with Details simple and easy

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    Clown faces are among the most popular face painting designs. There are countless styles and each face painter and clown has their own unique look. Painting a happy clown face for a birthday party or terrifying one for Halloween can be relatively quick and easy. All you need are some face paints, brushes, and sponges.

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