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How To Draw A Cool Heart

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Your I Love You Drawing Is Complete

How to Draw a Cool Heart

Were really feeling the love at the end of this guide on how to draw I love you! We hope that you had a lovely time working on this image, and we also hope that it was fun and easy for you to use.

We also tried to leave a lot of room for you to express your own creativity, so go wild with your own details and see what happens!

Be sure to head on over to our website, because we have many more incredible guides just waiting for you! If that wasnt enough, we have plenty more coming soon, so youll want to visit often.

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How To Draw A Heart Hands

Step 1: Draw a heart with a light hand as it will be erased, this heart is just a guideline to get you started.

Step 2: On the upper center draw a backward letter D and at the bottom draw an upside-down Y letter.

Step 3: Adjacent to step 2 draw another D in reverse and 2 curved lines at the bottom.

Step 4: Below the D drawn on the right side draw a curve and 2 angeled letter L.

Step 5: Draw the bottom of the heart darker and two 7 shapes on the top.

Step 6: Draw the fingers using curved lines, almost looking like 4, and reverse of it.

Step 7: Again draw two & 7 above the last one drawn and below the left-bottom finger.

Step 8: In the center 3 kinds of shapes and few lines for details.

Step 9: In this step finish the wrist and add some curved lines.

Step 10: Pay attention and Continue drawing hand.

Step 11: Draw some lines for wrinkles on the thumbs.

Step 12: Add 2 lines to the hand and a backward 3 shape.

Step 13: Add a few more detail on the place hands are joining.

Step 14: Shade it in using the hatching technique.

Step 1: Draw a curve going downward on the left side.

Step 2: Draw the same curve on the right side of the paper.

Step 3: Extend the left curve towards the center.

Step 4: In this step extend the right curve towards the center.

How to draw a Broken Heart:

How to Draw a Heart Biology

How To Draw A Heart Using Various Simple Tips

Learning how to draw a heart is definitely something anyone can do. In fact, we all went to the process of sketching a cute cartoon heart at least once during our lifetime. Whether it was for Valentine’s Day or simply while writing a letter or a note to someone we care about. In this tutorial, I will show you a few basic things you can do to make this basic activity more challenging and most important, more enjoyable. )

Do you like this illustration? Good news! It can be yours now! Learn how 🙂

How to draw a heart in three easy steps

First, let’s see how you could draw a simple heart with basic effects in just three easy steps. Don’t worry! You can learn more about this lesson and have access to all steps here. First, we need to sketch two large oval shapes and a triangle. Then, you can add colors and a gradient effect. Finally, just add some shadows and reflections to end up with a nice classic version of a heart.

Had fun drawing this cute illustration? Let’s see how we can make this subject even more interesting using a few simple variations that are easy to implement.

Playing with the shape of the cartoon heart

Remember that a heart doesn’t have to be symmetrical or drawn using perfect shapes. You can also play with perspective, proportions or even make the bottom much larger than the top. Possibilities are endless. Just be creative and draw anything you like … as long as the heart is still easy to read and recognizable.

you can also apply textures inside the subject

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How To Draw A Heart In 3d

If you want to draw your hearts in 3D for something like a candy heart drawing or a box of chocolates, its pretty easy to do.

You start with the same basic shapes and guidelines. And draw out your heart just like you would for a 2 dimensional drawing.

There are a couple of techniques you can use to add depth to your heart drawings.

You can use one point perspective where youd draw a vanishing point on your paper that all your lines will converge to.

Or you can use parallel lines to add depth and draw it out freehand. Its up to you but I usually draw them freehand.

How To Draw A Heart A Simple Classic Heart Step By Step

How to Draw Impossible Heart EASY | Optical Illusion Fun

Step 1: Draw two circles

We will start our heart with two simple circles. Both circles are the same size, and just touching one another.

Step 2: Add a center line

Next draw a single straight line down from the point where the two circles touch.

Depending how long you draw the line, you heart is going to be either tall or short. Here we are aiming for a heart that is about as tall as it is wide.

Step 3: Connect the circles with the bottom point

In this step, our heart is finally taking shape.

Connect the bottom end of the centre line to each of the circles with a straight line, so that it looks kind of like an ice cream cone.

Step 4: Outline the heart shape

In our final step, we trace the outside of the heart. What a clear heart shape!

Dont forget to erase whats inside this last line youve drawn afterwards!

Step 5: Colour in the heart

If you want, you can colour your heart in. We like a classic red, but feel free to try out all sorts of crazy colours!

For a simple and easy heart drawing, a single flat colour is fine.

But let us show you a second colouring method. It is not much harder to add highlights and shading in few extra steps, and your heart will look much better.

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Cool Drawing Idea Is Here To Guide You With Easy Cool Drawing Ideas

Cool heart drawings easy. Heart with wings by amanda11404 deviantart com on deviantart. Freeart provides free small art prints and posters of millions of images! All the best cool heart drawings 39+ collected on this page.

I love you drawings for her drawings in pencil of love hearts i love. I invite you to look for more articles on our website, because you will like them a lot, for example: What are some cool things to draw on my arm hand with pen or.

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Art billie eilish drawing outline. We know your curiosity to learn how to draw. Pin by ben a malone on patterns cute drawings of love easy love drawing i made today for a c.

Hand fingers heart love art love heart drawing heart drawing. There is an unlimited amount of hearts to draw. Besides, our experts will guide you with easy hacks for making animal drawings livelier.

Cool heart drawings love heart drawing cute drawings of love pencil drawings of love sketches of love cute couple drawings doodle drawings art drawings sketches sketch drawing. Free drawings of easy hearts download free clip art free clip. Anime character anime wolf girl coloring pages.

How to draw a cute ice cream with a love heart cute and easy my. You may also wish to acquire additional markers, crayons, or colored pencils to color your finished heart. Cute love sketches at paintingvalley com explore collection of.

The Ultimate Heart Design

Smart Art Institute Online – Drawing and Painting Art Lessons

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,”How to Draw an Ultimate Heart with Wings, Flames, Arrow and Banner!”

if you have completed this lesson you may want to try some of our other heart lessons on the hearts page or subscribe to our YouTube channel HowToDrawAndPaint.

Great Job!

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Finish Off Your I Love You Drawing With Some Color

A nice and bright image like this needs some nice and bright colors, and that is what we will take care of in the final step of your I love you drawing!

We used a large variety of different pretty colors to really make our example image pop. as you may imagine, we used a bunch of pinks and purples, as those are often associated with love.

Then we mixed things up a bit by using some lovely blues and yellows.

These are our color choices, but feel free to incorporate your own as well. Using bright mediums like colored markers or acrylic paints would work brilliantly for an image like this, but anything you use will look amazing!

How To Draw 3d Heart

How to Draw an Impossible Heart

We are going to learn the drawing of how to draw 3d Heart. This 3d heart model is a part of a pencil sketch drawing, easy drawing tutorials, easy drawing tutorials for kids, and 3d drawing. So, I can teach you how to draw an easy 3d heart. Cool Drawing Idea teaches you how to draw easy drawings. The steps which follow in 3d drawing are easy to understand. So, you will learn the basis of 3d drawing model. Learn skills that help drawing for kids. Kids can draw the 3d heart drawing model to follow the steps. So, learn how to draw different drawings with easy steps.

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How To Draw A Heart

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 68 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 518,681 times.

There are plenty of designs you can choose from in drawing hearts. They are commonly used as icons on projects, designs on scrapbooks or themes on events. Here are two simple ways to draw a heart. Lets begin!

How To Draw A Heart: 2 Ways One Simple One Bold

Our first heart is the classic heart icon shape, which is really simple to draw. You can either fill it in a single flat colour, or we will show you how to add highlight and shadow, which will add nice volume to your drawing.

Our second heart is not that much harder to draw, but since it is nicely curved, it looks so much more interesting. We use a simple trick overlapping the starting circles to suggest a heart drawn from a side view. This heart drawing is more dynamic, and the lines on the sides make it look like it is beating!

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Abstracted Images From The Above Video

Step 1:

In the first step, we have to make the heart in the middle of our sketch. So, we have to draw curved circular lines to make the shape of the heart. Then we have to join the corners with a rounded edge.

Step 2:

In the second, we will make the straight horizontal lines of the 3d heart drawing. So, we have to draw many lines in the sketch but not in the heart.

Step 3:

In the third step, we have to draw circular curving lines in how to draw 3d hearts. So, we will make many curving lines under the heart with a black pencil. Learn more about 3d snakes.

Step 4:

In the fourth step, we have to draw the shade of 3d heart model. So, we will make the shading effect with the pencil in the corners of the heart.

Step 5:

Now we have done our how to draw 3d hearts simply and easily. In these easy drawing tutorials, you have made a lot of things about 3d drawing.

In this video, I teach you the drawing sketch of 3d heart model. You learn the basics of 3d drawing. So, the following steps of our drawing are helping kids to learn well.

Hope you guys like our Cool Drawing Idea website and 3d heart drawing. We will teach kids and gives them many Cool drawing ideas. In addition, our Site provides kids drawing tips and tricks. So, keep watch for the best drawing tutorial.

How To Draw A Love Flower

How to Draw Heart Cool Drawing of Hearts

Welcome to my first Instructable.This is my entry in to the 2008 Flower Contest If you like it please vote for me.In Instructable I will show you “How to Draw a Love Flower”.You will need the following items:A pencilA blank piece of paperA set of colored pencils or crayonsThanks for looking.

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Cool Easy Drawings Of Hearts

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Pin on cool stuff

Drawing A Heart And Arrow

  • 1Outline sketch with a circle.
  • 2Draw another smaller circle overlapping the previous circle.
  • 3Draw the downward triangle with a little perspective to it.
  • 4
  • Add the second cheek.
  • 6Erase the outline sketch and make a new one for the arrow. Always draw the arrow in a slanted way. It looks beautiful that way than the plain straight horizontal or vertical. It should show that both the cheeks were caught by the love arrow.
  • 7Draw two curved lines right by the middle of the arrow.
  • 8Start drawing the actual lines of the arrows wooden stick.
  • 9Draw the actual lines of the main arrowhead.
  • 10Add the actual lines on the arrows tail.
  • 11Color the draft with its basic colors.
  • 12Add the highlights and shadows, including the background.Advertisement
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    How To Draw A Perfect Heart Step By Step

    Everything we draw needs to start with the basic underlying structure. This is usually done in the form of some basic shapes that act as guidelines to build our drawings from.

    The easiest way to draw a heart is with circles. This helps to keep the correct shape at the too.

    Start your drawing by making two equally sized circles next to each other.

    Next, lightly draw a vertical line between the two circles. And another line horizontally through the center of the circles.

    Now draw a triangle by connecting the horizontal and vertical line. Notice how the angled lines for the triangle follow the edge of the circles.

    Your guide for the structure of your heart drawing is finished. Now you can flesh out your drawing using those guidelines as a reference.

    When drawing your heart follow the curves of your circles. This is the secret to drawing a perfect heart. Then bring the sides and bottom down along the edge of your triangle.

    Use the triangle as a guide, but curve your lines slightly as you draw the sides.

    When youre happy with your sketch you can clean up your drawing by erasing your guides. And then go over your drawing with a black pen.

    Next Add Some More Hearts For The Drawing

    How to draw a heart | easy for kids to learn colors

    You can never have too many hearts with a drawing like this! For that reason, we will keep adding even more in this step of your I love you drawing.

    For now, we will be adding four more hearts, and they will all be of varying sizes and shapes. You could also change up the sizes and shapes to your own specifications as well!

    Later on you will be able to add even more hearts if you wish, but for now lets go to step 3.

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    How To Draw A Heart Alternate Colouring For The Simple Heart

    Step 1: Mark out where the highlights will be

    In this alternate method of colouring, you dont fill in the heart straight away. Instead, you start out by marking out two semicircles. These will be our highlights.

    Draw them in the colour of your heart, so you can easily blend the edges into the colouring and make sure there is a white space left in between inside the lines.

    It is better to draw the semicircles further apart and leave wider white space in between you can always draw over it and reduce it later.

    Step 2: Fill in the colour

    Now fill in the heart with our chosen colour in our case, the classic red. Notice how we leave out the areas that we marked out in the previous step. And if you are looking carefully, we have reduced the white a bit, to give us nice curved highlights, one for each side of the heart.

    Step 3: Add shadows

    In this final step, we take a black or dark pencil and add the shadows. Notice our shadows do not go right to the edge there is a narrow stripe of the original light colour left out along the outline.

    What a fancy yet simple heart!

    Step 1: Outline one side of the heart

    Even the outline is slightly different to our simple drawing.

    Trace first the left side of the heart. We start about half way up on the inner part of the circle. The circle smoothly transitions to the bottom pointy curve.

    Step 2: Outline the other side of the heart

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