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How To Draw A Cool Robot

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Next Draw A Face For Your Robot

Enzyme Art – Drawing a Robot

In this step of your robot drawing, we shall design a face for your robot. For the mouth, simply draw a rounded rectangle, then draw a line grid within it to make teeth that look like rows of lights or buttons.

Then, draw a rectangle above this to surround the eyes, which you can draw with some circles. You can also add some extra circles above the eye area for some extra details to really finish off this step.

How To Draw Robots Made From Circles And Rectangles

Learning how to draw robots is a very creative activity. These fun characters come in tons of shapes, styles and designs. In fact, you can literally sketch and draw anything you can think of. Possibilities are endless! These machines can have legs, they can fly, work using eight arms or be hidden under huge shields.

Robots are everywhere! You can see them in movies, books, video games or even at your job. They can perform task for us, increase the level of productivity or simply destroy stuff. We have to accept the fact that machines will be part of our lives for decades to come. Even more intriguing is the rise of artificial intelligence. No doubt that life on earth in 100 years will be much different from what it is now. Let’s see how we can draw a few simple cartoon robots using today’s tools. 🙂

A first sample made from basic circles and rectangles

Our first subject is created using a wide variety of basic shapes. The head is made using a large circle that is slightly narrower near the top. The body is done using a small square. Both feet are also made from thin rectangles. Hands and feet are represented by curved lines.

A thin antenna is added on top of the head. The mouth is made from six tiny rectangles. Eyes and pupils are created using large circles. More details are added inside the body and the pupils of the character. Finally, the robot is filled with gray colors.

Another cool character mostly made from squares and rectangles

A classic character from the 50s

How To Draw A Robot: Round Robot Step By Step Outline

Step 1: Outline the robots arms

With our sketch done, it is time to outline our robot drawing, starting with the arms.

Here we use the same trick as before, curving the outline of each segment to form a nice articulated tube.

Step 2: Draw the robots face

This step is a straightforward outline of the already sketched parts. Start at the top with the three antennas.

Then move down to the eyes. here is a little trick we have left out the middle line in the eye we want to draw those in colour later. If that is not your plan, draw those in as well.

Finally, outline the two grilles we are using the thick line for the outer shape, and a lighter liner for the cross-hatching on the grid.

Step 3: Outline the body and tracks

Another simple step. Draw the rest of the robot, leaving out the lines hidden behind the parts of the body.

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Easy Robot Drawing Using Shapes And Forms

The more you draw something the better you will get at it, and the more creative your ideas will be. So its a good idea to do several drawings and make some changes with each drawing. And when drawing robots, theres no shortage of changes you can make.

From the head, the body, the arms, the legs, and whatever else you can think of. Today were going to look at some different ways to draw robots. Both with shapes and forms, so we can draw 2D and 3D robots.

Lets gather up some supplies and get started with some robot drawings.

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Robot Legs Using Cylinders

Teaching Kids How to Draw: How to Draw a Cool Robot

Next, use cylinders to draw the robots legs. The placement of the legs and arms will determine the pose the robots will have. You should take this into consideration when drawing your robot.

Whenever possible try to use a reference for poses. Having a visual will often spark some new ideas or give you some courage to be more creative.

We have an entire lesson on drawing cylinders, you can read more about it at, How to Draw a Cylinder.

Cylinders are also used to draw the robots arms. Again, different poses can be used to add a little character to the robot drawings.

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How To Draw Robot Step By Step

Step 1 First draw a square for the head of the robot. Just below it draw a rectangle for the body of the robot.

Step 2 Draw 2 circles for the eye and draw a rectangle for the mouth. Fill the mouth with straight lines to form the teeth.

Step 3 Draw a light bulb on top of the head. Draw antenna shaped ears.

Step 4 Draw circles for the shoulders and joints. Draw rectangular shapes to form the arms.

Step 5 Draw long rectangles for the legs and then draw semicircles for the feet.

Step 6 Detail the chest with whatever you think of such as meters, arrows and small switches.

Step 7 Fill colors in the robot as shown. After that the robot is ready to follow your orders.

How To Draw A Robot: Finished Square Robot Drawing

How to draw a robot: finished square robot outline drawing

Here is the completed robot drawing, after the usual clean-up of the sketch lines.

How to draw a robot: finished square robot drawing coloured-in

And since we like to complete our drawings in colour, here is one option for colouring your robot.

We thought this boxy robot is looking like a very old and run-down model. So the poor thing ended up all in a rusty brown colour. Only the segmented tubes for legs and arms must be stainless steel hence they are shiny metal, err, blue colour. Some dark grey for the shading completes the simple colour scheme.

That is it now you know how to draw a robot. Well, one possible type. How about drawing a very different robot next?

Step 2: Sketch the track shoes

Next we are building the robots track undercarriage.

Duplicate the straight lines at the front, back and side first. Then, close the shape with half circles to form the track shoes.

Step 3: Add some face dials

Even our second robot will have a human-looking face. This time, we draw two thermometers for the eyes. We draw them with a shape matching our robots body: two long rectangles, flat at the bottom, and rounded at the top. Then, repeat a skinny version of the shape for the inner thermometer/eye pupil. Add a scale in the middle just a simple line with some cross marks.

Finally, mark a little oval opening at the side of the body for the shoulder where the arm will attach.

Step 5: Add wheels and antennas

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How To Draw A Robot Clipart Using Cool Patterns

Assemble all pieces and create an adorable robot clipart that is simple, but visually appealing. Yes, I will show you how to create the cute robot available below using only rectangles, circles and lines in just four easy steps. This lesson is so simple that anyone can create a cool character like this one within minutes!

That’s the fun part about robots. There are no rules, no boundaries, no limitations. You can either create an organic version of a robot or simply go for a more traditional result using squares and rough shapes. Let’s try to create this character now! 🙂

Do you like this illustration? Good news! It can be yours now! Learn how 🙂

Step 1

This first step is rather simple. Start by adding the head using a large square. Below the head, draw a medium rectangle to illustrate the body. Then, draw a smaller rectangle to form the legs. All three shapes must have the same width. Complete this step by sketching the feet using curved lines.

Step 2

Good! It’s time to make this character more … robotic. Inside the head, draw the eyes using circles and the mouth using a small rectangle. Curved lines are added to create the ears and the antenna on top of the head. Then, you can add the arms using small rectangles and the hands are made from curved triangles.

Step 3

Step 4

That’s a beautiful robot clipart! Good work!

if you need more inspiration, then you can try these cool robots from this site below. Enjoy these additional tutorials and have fun drawing. 🙂

How To Draw Robots Using Forms

How to Draw a Robot

To draw a 3D robot, begin by making a square somewhere near the center of the paper. In the next step, well be turning it into a cube to represent the robots body.

Be sure to draw big enough to fill the paper when your robot drawing is finished. We dont want tiny little robots on our paper when the drawings are done.

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Your Robot Drawing Is Complete

We really hope that you had an amazing time working through this step-by-step guide on how to draw a robot! We aimed to create a guide that showed you how to draw this robot in a way that also leaves a lot of room for you to show off your creativity.

Now that you have drawn this robot, you can have lots of fun changing it up to create your own unique one! Maybe you could give it a conveyor belt for legs or create a wacky raygun for it to hold.

The possibilities for your creativity are endless, and were sure to see lots of fun and imaginative designs.

The drawing fun doesnt have to end here, though. We bring out new step-by-step guides constantly on our website, so be sure to check in often to catch each new one as it comes out.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Character

Likewise, these are the main characters, kids wish to draw easily. There all sorts of different famous cartoon characters to draw.

How To Draw A Basic Cartoon Boy Face From Front Rinkuart Drawing Tutorial Youtube Cartoon Boy Drawing Tutorial Boy Face

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How To Draw Robots Using Shapes And Forms

Learning to draw is a skill that is developed over time with consistent practice. Its a skill that anyone can learn. When learning how to draw robots, or anything else, its important to be relaxed and have fun. You should enjoy your creative time and not feel stressed about how your artwork is going to turn out.

The more you practice the better your skills will get and the more creative youll become. Try to focus on the process and not the outcome. Fell pride in everything you make. Try doing a robot drawing challenge and see how many cool robots you can come up with.

D Based Color And Shading

How to Draw a Robot – Simple Drawings

Guys! This is the second video. It have the shading process. And I want to share with you my new favorite line and coloring brush from the talented artists that I used in this artwork! Check it out!!!

Okay back to the progress, I always create a based color layer under the line layer, and fill it with a solid color.

Next, I will color some part which have the darker color.

Okay, then as always, use a multiply layer to give it a shading.

And a Overlay – Add layer for the Shining too

I am happy with this result. But do anyone realize that this time I try to do the grey-scale? Cuz I wanna try something that Ive never ever did it before:The correction layer, with Gradient Map.

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Here Are Three Fun And Easy Ideas For How To Draw A Robot All Those Simple Shapes Are Great For Beginner Artists

There are many, many different ways to draw a robot, and lots of childrens books written about them. In fact, if you need to pick a project that starts with a story, a robot theme is a good place to start.

What makes them so perfect for early elementary students, is their tendency to be based on very geometric shapes. A square head, rectangular body, and half circle hands are all familiar shapes and good ones to practice when in kinder or first grade or so. They make for a good solid start of a drawing, and are easy to decorate. You can even add in a little body proportion talk if you want, as in the arms need to be long enough to touch the legs, and so on.

Thats not to say that older students cant get in on the fun though too. They can use their imagination to draw robots with a lot more detail, and perhaps give some more thought about how they actually works. A very detailed robot with perhaps a bit of shading in a few corners can make an amazing drawing!

How To Draw A Robot: A Classic Square

Our first robot is a classic old school humanoid, made from two square boxes, complete with arms and legs of bendable tube and a face made from dials.

To make the drawing a bit more interesting, we have drawn all the boxes with perspective. But feel free to draw just a flat robot, if you want a really simple drawing.

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Materials For How To Draw A Robot

  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tips.
  • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

Form Robot Extra Details

How to draw a cool robot

Finish drawing your robot using different forms where needed. Cones can be drawn for the hands, or another shape could be used as well.

To complete your drawing, add a face and any extra details. A heart was added to this robot drawing, and a cylinder on top of the head for a light.

For more advanced students, you can challenge them to add some cut-out areas to theirs as well.

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Push An Eraser Onto The Dc Motor Axle

The drawing robot is able to move because of intense vibrations. These vibrations make the markers scuttle from side to side, allowing your robot to draw. You will notice that the DC motor axle is very well centered. In fact, if you plug a batter between the two leads you will hear the axle whirl but you wont really feel a thing. To change that we can mount a weight onto the axle. As the axle spins the weight will swing around and cause the vibrations. I have found the easiest way to add a weight to a DC motor axle is just with a simple eraser.

You can get silly erasers or just use the standard pink eraser, but you want to push the eraser onto the axle off center . You will have to push very hard, but by doing so you create a surprisingly secure connection between the spinning eraser and the axle.

Now Finish Off Your Robot With Some Color

Youve successfully drawn your robot, so now you can have some fun coloring it in! This is a step where you can really get imaginative with your color choices.

Weve shown you how we would color in this cute robot, but this is your chance to show off all of your favorite colors to finish off your drawing.

I think that the wilder and wackier the colors are the better it will be for your robot drawing! If I were coloring this in, I would use lots of colored pens and markers for some amazing color brightness to this image.

Which art mediums and bright colors will you use to finish off your amazing artwork?

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Attach The Motor And Battery Setup To Your Cup

At this point, you should have a cup with markers, and a motor that vibrates. To create the drawing robot we need to merge the two. Careful though! where you add the motor is important for a few reasons. The weight can cause your drawing robot to fall over, and some locations will prevent your eraser from spinning!

Add Marker Legs To Your Cup

How To Draw A Cartoon Robot

This is a fun little engineering problem. How can you attach the three markers to your cup so that it will still stand up? If you have lots of trouble you can try using small pieces of tape to situate the markers, then large pieces of tape to hold them down. Aim for using 3-4 markers. Using more will cause your drawing robot to be too heavy to move around well.

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Now Draw A Body For Your Robot

We shall draw the body for your picture in this third step of our guide on how to draw a robot. First, draw a small, flat rectangle to form the neck of your robot.

Then, you can draw a square for the body.

Once you have the outline for the body, you can draw some fun details to it. You can do this by drawing a rectangle inside the body with some lines inside of it with some circles as well.

These kinds of details will make it look like your robot is covered in lights and buttons!

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