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How To Draw A Cow Head

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Artists Tips And Tricks

Now youve read through the instructions for your cow drawing, you will likely have a finished cow. However sometimes, no matter how closely you follow the instructions provided, the finished result doesnt look quite right. 

It could be something as simple as one line being longer or thicker than the other when its not supposed to be, which could throw off the balance of the whole drawing.

Whatever it is, here are some useful hints, tips, and tricks that should help you refine your cow drawing for more realistic results.

What You Will Learn In This Guide

You might think that you need to be an expert artist already in order to sketch something as technically complicated as a cow. Thats why weve created a step-by-step guide that caters to any age and ability, so that you can learn to master cow drawing.

The thing about drawing animals is that theres more than just the shape to get right, so as well as giving you a list of detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, well also walk you through some artists tips and tricks regarding proportions, shading, movement, and more.

Get ready to draw a cow that looks so real, youd expect it to moo right at you from the page.

If youre not sure where to start, heres an overview of what you can expect to find in each section of this guide.

Cow Drawing To Color And Draw

The drawings of cows can be of very different character. Although I am telling you that they are pencil drawings, as you will see in these cases, I have drawn them directly with a fiber, without penciling them before. That is why you will see several imperfections in the drawings. But with this I want to tell you that they are easy drawings to make, taking into account the basic aspects of the images. In this drawing of the cow, we have a very frontal image, with the head in the typical shape of a cow, with the details of the eyes, the horns and the ears that shape the image of the cow very well. The body is directly an oval, which according to the shape you want to give it can be up to a circle, in such a way that it is lower. Then you put a couple of spots as you want, and do not forget the tail, which also makes clear the animal that we are drawing. Within the simple drawing, it is a detail that looks good.

A Quick Preview Of All Steps

Trying to picture the finished result can be difficult when the first few steps tell you to draw a few randomly placed lines, shapes, or circles, but these will form the basic shape that acts as guidelines for your cow drawing.

Thats why we thought it may be useful for you to see a brief overview of the entire cow drawing process, so you can see how the initial steps will lead you to your desired drawing.

How To Draw A Realistic Cow Face:

How to draw cow head 8

Now, as you are done with beginner portion. I think you can move to next step. That you can try to other way to draw cow sketch. Like what if you draw a realistic face of a cow? This can help to impress others with your drawing skills. See, if want to draw a realistic face of cow, make a rough sketch of cows face with the help of pencil. Then use painting colors to give the final touch. Here you will not make an outline with pencil. You will make proper sketch with light use of pencil than you will put colors above your sketch.


Learn How To Draw A Cow That Looks Pretty Real Not To Mention Cute With This Easy Step

So this is not your kindergarten cow, which tends to be more basic and use lots of straight lines for the body and legs. This tutorial has a lot more detail going on, and is for those looking to see how to draw all the cute features they may be familiar with, but are not certain of where and how to draw them.

The process is the same, namely starting with a pear-shaped head and rectangular-ish body, but then include a few more details. The placement of the eyes, and the foreshortened legs give her some dimension that a few squares and rectangles never could.

Cow Coloring Page

How to Draw a Cow

  • Draw a head shape and body as shown.
  • Add the nose and the mouth.
  • Draw the eyes and a large spot around it.
  • Add two large ears.
  • Draw horns and splash of hair. Erase Lines.
  • Draw front and back leg. Erase lines.
  • Add the other two legs, udder, tail. Erase lines.
  • Draw spots and a background.
  • Trace with marker and color.
  • How To Draw A Cow: Base Sketch

    Step 1: Sketch the shapes for cow’s body and head

    Unlike our usual animals, the base shape for the cow’s body is not an oval but a rectangle. So draw a nice big rectangle first.

    Then add a small oval that overlaps the body about halfway up the rectangle’s side – this will be the cow’s muzzle or nose.

    Finally, add a skewed rectangle on the top of the nose – slightly tilted sideways, narrower at the base and wider at the top. This will be the cow’s head. The result – the head with the nose shape – looks like a keyhole.

    Step 2: Draw the cow’s eyes and horns

    Next, draw the cow’s horns – these are two half-moon arcs attached at the top corners of the head.

    Mark the cow’s face and muzzle centreline – this will help us place the facial features. The head centreline is almost straight. The muzzle split line starts where the face line crosses the oval and arches out to suggest the nose bulging out.

    Now that you have the centre line, place two small circles for the eyes on top of the nose, one on each side of the line. Hot tip: try larger eyes, or putting the eyes further apart or higher up the face for some very different expressions!

    Step 3: Draw the cow’s ears, nostrils and mouth

    Let’s finish sketching the cow’s head. Draw two small ovals for the ears – these are attached at the top corners of the head and hanging down sideways.

    Step 4: Draw the cow’s legs

    Step 5: Draw the remaining legs

    That is enough sketching to guide us on how to draw a cow properly next.

    How To Draw A Cow Step By Step

    Firstly, I would like to discuss from the basic. I will give you step by step instructions to draw a sketch of cow. As a beginner, step by step instructions helps you to draw a good sketch of cow. And helps you to, from where to begin and from where you can come to end point.

    • To draw cow, start from the head and nose.
    • In the second step, move towards horn and draw upper back of the cow.
    • After doing that, draw outline sketch of legs of cow. I know it can take more time as compare to first and second step.
    • When you done with leg section, than draw hoof and utters.


    • After drawing this, you can draw remaining legs.
    • Now, draw eyes and ears of cow.
    • Now, you are done with outline sketch of cow. If you want to make your drawing attractive than you can spots in your sketch. It will help to make your sketch more attractive.

    Now, you are done with all steps. You just need to add colors in your image.

    Your Cow Drawing Is Complete

    We really hope that this step-by-step guide on how to draw a cow in 9 steps was a lot of helpful fun for you to use! When taking on a new drawing challenge, it can often seem pretty hard at first.

    Our goal with this guide was to make the process of learning how to draw a cow not only much easier but also fun!

    Whether its with the colors you use, drawing variations or maybe a nice background, the sky is the limit! You should really let your creativity run wild and see what you come up with.

    We will be releasing lots of new step-by-step drawing guides constantly, so be sure to check in to our site frequently to never miss out!

    We always love to see how incredibly creative you all are, and we cant wait to see your cow drawings!

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    Step 41 Add Three Small Circles

    Add three small circles an equal distance apart at the top, middle, and bottom of the tail.

    Step 42 Draw a Larger Curved Line

    Draw a larger curved line spanning the width of the cows body. Start just below the rump at the front of the cow and connect it to the back lump. Allow it to dip in the middle so it touches the second horizontal line in the rectangle shape.

    Step 43 Draw the Nose

    Draw a nose by creating a rough circular-ish shape with a smaller circle in the middle of it.

    Step 44 Draw the Lower Portion of the Mouth

    Next to the nose, draw another small circle for the lower portion of the mouth.

    Step 45 Sketch the Upper Portion of the Nose

    Roughly sketch two straight lines from the eyes to the nose with a slight lean to represent the upper portion of the nose.

    Step 46 Add a Line in the Middle

    Add a line in the middle of these two and join it to the left vertical line via a short horizontal line.

    Step 47 Mark Out the Area for the Cows Eyes

    Inside the circles that mark out the area for the cows eyes, draw two small circles.

    Step 48 Draw a Curved Line for the Forehead

    Draw a curved line for the forehead, starting from the right side of the left eye and taking it up to the top of the head. You should notice it beginning to look a little bit more 3D by now.

    Step 49 Trace the Top Horizontal Line

    Trace the top horizontal line to create the cows back and allow this to run down over the rear hump, curving slightly.

    Step 50 Define the Bottom of the Tail

    More Easy Drawings Of Cows

    If youre enjoying everything youre seeing so far, do not leave, continue with us because now Im going to continue putting the simple drawings of cows so that you can copy them again and again. When you repeat a drawing a lot, you end up knowing how to do it by heart, and in a short time you will not need guidance.

    And here we go with a drawing of a cow that is sitting as if it were a puppy. It is a drawing of very simple shapes. You must start by making an egg that is going to be the head. When you have it you start to put all the details of the head: nose, eyes, ears and horns. Then you will do the front part of the body, which are the two front legs and the chest of the vaquita. Finally you do the two hind legs, which give the feeling of drawing a seated cow. Its easy, right?

    This cow drawing is a bit more elaborate than the previous one, so you have to have a little more skill to draw. The advance in the quality of the drawing here is given in that the forms are no longer as straight as in the previous one. You can see that in the legs that go from least to greatest, or in the shapes of the head.

    In this drawing of cows we see a very nice design. The forms are totally unreal, but the final result is very good. A very nice drawing of a cow.

    This drawing of a cow a little more pulling realistically in terms of forms, but outlining a small smile and very tender eyes. Its another nice cow drawing so you can learn to draw well.

    Step 8 Draw In The Spots And Other Details

    Every cow needs some spots, and thats what we will be adding along with some final details for your cow drawing! Simply draw in a few irregular shapes as you see them in the picture.

    You can also change the positions of the spots if you prefer! Once youre happy with how the spots look, you can add in some final details.

    These include lines under the head, at the knees and above the hooves for some details to finish off your cow drawing!

    How To Draw A Cute Cow

    How to Draw Cow Head Cartoon printable step by step ...

    To draw a cute cow, you just need to focus o cows face. You can draw a smiling face of cow, cow showing her teeth, cow seating like a cute innocent drawing image etc. these are few examples I shared with you to draw a cute image of cow. A cute cow sketch will be able to get the attention of every viewer who looks at this image. A cute, innocent face of cow will be the source of attraction for every viewer. A cute sketch of cow will reflect her nature also. The nature of cow is calm, polite. She gave milk to us. If we want to compliment someone for their innocent nature, we compare them or give example of cow. So, to draw an image of cow which shows her cuteness will definitely won everyones heart.

    Here, I shared my different point of views, to draw a cow. You can take help of all these instructions to draw a cow. I hope I will be able to set all the rules and steps to draw a sketch of cow. But still if I skipped something which is important to share than please write your comments in comment section. I will definitely take help of your suggestions for my further articles. And try to improve my articles according to that.

    How To Draw A Cow Face

    The team of portrays animals very often, and also very often portrays animal heads. In this instruction, we will show you how to draw a cow face. Like all other instructions, this will be super simple, and the team of believes that even the most inexperienced artist can learn how to draw a cows head.


    How To Draw A Cow : Step By Step Guide

    How to draw

    Hello everyone, today we are going to discuss a very interesting topic that is how to draw a cow. If there is any kid in your family and you want to help them in drawing. And make them good drawing artist then hope this article will going to help you. Or if you want to learn painting for yourself as a beginner than you can also learn from here.

    Drawing Of Cows Only The Head

    The drawings of cows can be very different, I told you at the beginning of the article. And here you can see another style totally for a drawing cow. In this case, I have only drawn you a head to show you a cartoon cow style. In general, the caricature is characterized by the exaggeration of certain features. In the case of this cow drawing, we can see an exaggeration in the area of the muzzle of the cow. It could well be the part of a horse, but the result is very nice. The eyes also give a caricature touch, in the very conception of the same: the large oval-shaped balloons, which overlap. The other element that makes this caricature is the neck, very thin with respect to the size of the head. This can be a good exercise to go practicing work with cartoons.

    Step 8: Draw The Eyes And Nose

    Art & Photo: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    With the body sketched, it’s time to go back to the head and fill it in with more detail. First, draw a wide almond eye on either side of the cow’s head, underneath the ears. Then, moving down to the muzzle, add a pair of nostrils near the top of the half-circle shape. Erase any preliminary guidelines that you don’t need.


    Step 11: Add A Background

    Art & Photo: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    After you’ve drawn your relaxed cow, it’s time to give it a fitting background for it to bask in. This can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. In my case, I’ve sketched a few rolling hills with a soft grassy texture and added a lake on one side. I highly recommend using hills when you want to draw a quick and easy background.

    Optional: If you want to add a whimsical touch to your cow illustration, consider adding some border elements. Here, I’ve used a ruler to draw two squares to the top two corners of the composition and filled it with an edelweiss flower. Then, at the bottom, I measured two long rectangular borders of different widths and added an edelweiss flower pattern to the wider one. These simple additions can give your drawing a special touch.


    This Drawing Teaches You How To Draw Cartoon Cow Face In Simple Stepsthank U

    How to draw a cow head step by step easy. This is a channel containing all kind of videos, also helps to get more information about art, and some new technics will be presented you, so f. And she’s so cute. Cartoon is easy enough for beginners to draw.

    1how to draw a cow face step by 2how head 3cow drawing cartoon 4how realistic 5cow pictures. This video is created to show young kids how create simple, yet cute drawings in a short period of time.

    Draw this cute cow easily by following drawing lesson. A cow head, begin by drawing an elongated oval near the bottom of you. Learn how to doodle at iq school.

    How To Draw A Cow Head Drawing Tips

    How To Draw A Funny Cow Head Avatar Step By Step For Kids

    October 17, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category:

    This is a funny cow head avatar, small eyes, big nose, and naughty spit out the tongue. It’s just so cute.

    Step by step tutorial on how to draw the head of this cow is very simple. If you like cows, follow these steps to try it out!

    1.Draw an oval first, it’s not difficult to finish.

    2.Then draw a circular arc at the top, and get the outline of the head.

    3.Draw an arc in the left position inside the oval as the mouth, and then draw the tongue.

    4.Draw two ears on the top of your head, and then draw two small horns.

    5.Draw little eyes, and then draw a big nose.

    6. Finally paint the color, the funny and cute head avatar of the cow is finished!

    Step 7 Next Draw In The Face Of Your Cow

    How to Draw a Cow Head

    Your cow drawing needs a happy face, so we will be drawing in a cute face for your cow in this step!

    Weve shown you one way you could draw it in using some curved lines and circular shapes in the reference picture.

    You could draw in the face of your cow as it appears in our image, or you could change up some elements to create a unique face for your drawing!

    How To Draw A Cow For Kids

    Drawing Tutorials

    In this drawing instruction about drawing animals, I will show you how to draw a cow for kids.

    If you often visit the pages of, then most likely you know that I show how to draw different animals, people, characters in the simplest possible way.

    And this animal will also be depicted in the simplest possible way. I decided to choose the classic black and white cow, which is often seen in various cartoons and chocolate candy covers.

    How To Draw Animals: Cows And Other Bovines

    How to Draw Animals: Domestic Pigs, Wild Boars, and Warthogs

    Although cows may not seem like the most graceful animals, they’re a great material to study. In this tutorial I’ll show you everything you need to know about anatomy of cow, but also American bison, cape buffalo and yak. You’ll learn about the structure of their body, characteristic features, and how to draw details to make your drawn animal look like a real bovine, not a horse or horned dog.

    You can learn them all one by one, or just pick your favorite. Ready to try?

    Learn How To Make Your Cow Drawing

    Im going to give you a good number of drawings of cows so that you can copy yourself and learn to draw. You choose the one you like the most. For example, the drawing you have above, of a baby cow sitting as if it were a dog.

    Now you have the same cow drawing, but in color. This drawing and coloring are made in computer.

    And to complete the set, here is the previous drawing with a background. This image is what I use as a logo on my Youtube channel, which I invite you to subscribe to see the different drawing tutorials that I will be hanging.

    Step 10: Refine The Body Of The Cow

    Art & Photo: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    At this point, we’ve drawn all of the elements of the cow’s body, so it’s time to give it more definition. Starting at the head, add some more wrinkles and folds around the cow’s neck and chest. As you work your way down, continue adding folds where the cow has extra skinthe joints and bellywhile also refining the shape of the hooves and legs. I recommend looking at some reference photos as you work on this step.


    How To Draw A Cow: Outline The Drawing

    Step 1: Draw the cow’s head features

    Let’s start improving on our simple sketch and outlining the cow’s head. Start by drawing some “hair” in between the cow’s horns. This looks like a small cloud made from many joined “C” curves – similar to the “hairdo” in our sheep drawing tutorial.

    Then outline the horns and close them at the bottom with a small arc. Next, draw the cow’s ears. Outline the sketched ovals where they are not hidden behind the horns and make them pointy at the ends. Double up the upper edges of the ears.

    Outline the eyes and add two small dots for the pupils. Finally, draw the two nostrils and add two small “C” bumps, one above each nostril – we will join those to the face outline next.

    Step 2: Outline the cow’s head

    Next, finish drawing the cow’s head by drawing the outer lines. For the upper part, slightly curve the two straight lines in. Then draw the cow’s nose or muzzle, joining smoothly the oval to the upper lip line.

    Step 3: Draw the cow’s mouth and legs

    Let’s complete the cow’s head by drawing some better grass in its mouth. Connect the two half-lines at the bottom and add extra lines for the staws at each end of the bunch. Then draw the lower lip and double up the line to mark the mouth.

    Next, draw the two legs visible at the front. We have added a small bump in the front leg for the ankle and drawn the split in the hooves as a “V” instead of just the simple single line in the sketch. The rest is a direct outline of the sketch.

    How To Draw A Cow Cow Drawings Tutorial

    This image that you see above will be what we will have to reach with this tutorial. From the drawings of cows that I showed you here, we see that in this case it is a more realistic drawing, that is to say, away from the cartoon styles that we have been talking about.Lets start then. As always, you should start through some simple geometric figures, to go little by little giving the shape of the drawing

    We begin by drawing a vertical oval, in what will be the back of the cow. Then we cross-link another oval, but in this case it is horizontal. This second figure is clearly bigger than the previous one, since in it we are going to base the drawing of the rest of the body of the cow. Later we will make a third oval, which is the basis to start making the drawing of the head of the cow

    Although we finish in the front part with the shape of the head, we will start in this step to shape it. From the base oval, we have to draw the outside of the oval what is the snout of the cow, following the shape seen in the image. We also add the ears of the cow in the head. At this point, the interesting thing is that we go imagining more or less the volume of the leather of the cow.

    Now we have to draw the legs. In a couple of previous stages we had marked three three-legged ovals. We are going to trace those complete legs, based on the trapezoids. The left rear leg will come out from behind the rear trapeze that we had drawn.

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