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How To Draw A Creepy Clown

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Paint His Outfit Give Him Some Buttons

How to Draw Pennywise the Clown | It Movie 2017

Next, well move on to his pants. Using a dark red and the airbrush, I add some shadows to the back, and add some wrinkles to his pants. Because this is farther away, well want it to stay pretty dark.Moving on to his shirt, I decided to give it some balls. I also begin to add some shadows to his shirt. Then start working on the ruffle around his neck, adding shadows and giving it depth. Im also working on the shirt still, giving it wrinkles. I use the palette to choose a nice red, then lower the slider to make it darker. Or if I want a particular color, I use the eyedropper which you can access holding down the option key. Press the space bar to bring the pan and zoom thingy; click in the middle to zoom, on the outer circle to pan around your picture.For some reason, I decided to make the pumpkin glowing green from the inside. So then draw some green pumpkin light on his chest.

How To Draw Clown Face Pennywise

Weve already drawn a killer clown, thats a small drawing of a bust. Its a dead ringer for Spider-Man. This time we draw clown face Pennywise.

Its a classic character from the movie It. This character is an ancient cosmic demon. In the movie, it appears mainly in the form of Pennywise, which is a scary dancing clown.

Lets get started, this is still a simple step-by-step tutorial for drawing a clown. You can easily keep up with our pace.

How To Draw A Clown Easy Step By Step

Start by drawing a circle for the basic shape of the head. Youll also want to add some guidelines for the center of the face. And for where you want the eyes, nose, and mouth placement to be.

Now draw the nose in the center of the face. You can make a simple circle nose for your clown.

Or you can draw it a different shape if you want. Maybe more like a realistic nose.

Next draw the eyes. Again, there are many different ways to draw the eyes.

Drawing a larger circle with a couple of smaller circles inside is the easiest way to draw them. But feel free to experiment with different styles of eyes.

For the mouth, draw the smile line then add the makeup around it.

Add a hat to your clown drawing if you want. There are also many different style hats you could draw. I went with a simple party hat.

Notice how the hat curves to match the top of the head.;

Add some decorations and a pom-pom on top to make it look more interesting.

Now draw some crazy hair for your clown. Have fun with the hair. Its the best part of drawing a clown.

Add a bow tie around his neck. Make it extra small or extra big, just for fun.

Finish your rough sketch by adding a body and a couple of arms.;

Add in any extra details you want for your clown. You could draw in some designs on his clothes, or maybe add some balloons or a circus in the background.

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How To Draw A Clown

Today we are going to learn how to draw a clown. This is an easy step by step art tutorial for beginners of all ages.

Youll learn everything from using basic shapes to rough out your drawing. To outlining, adding color, and highlights.;

There are many different ways to draw clowns. After going through the tutorials, keep drawing clowns and see how many different drawings you can come up with on your own. Be creative and have fun.

Lets get started by gathering up some supplies for our drawing.;

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Introduction: How To Draw A Creepy Clown

How to draw an Evil Clown (Easy)

This instructable will teach how to draw a spooky clown using Autodesk Sketchbook with a Wacom drawing tablet. I’ve had my drawing tablet for years, and it’s a great tool for drawing on the computer. Even if you draw something on paper and then scan it, a drawing tablet is great way to add additional details and color.What you will need:Autodesk SketchBook A computer . I have a MacBook Pro. If you are using a PC, some of my shortcuts will be different since you don’t have a command or option key.Wacom drawing tablet.

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Add Something Creepy Like A Creepy Clown

I went back to google, to my ‘spooky’ search, and found a creepy clown. That will be perfect!First, choose a new layer, Layer 03, and select the pencil brush. Next, draw an outline of what you think youll draw. I drew a rough clown in foreshortened view, with a pumpkin in one hand and a rubber chicken in the other.Once you have your rough, go back and fill it with rough estimates of what colors you want where. I gave the clown a red suit, a rainbow wig, and blue shoes. Also, creepy black eyes and a red clown nose.The first thing Ill add dimension to is the shoes. Using the airbrush, I use a dark blue to fill it in around the edges, leaving it lighter in the middle. Then I drew on some laces with the pencil, and went back in with a lighter color to give it some highlights. Yeah, thats looking nice. Good job.

How To Draw A Scary Clown

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Clowns;are easily recognizable the world over, adorned with painted faces, big red noses, fanciful hair, and colorful costumes.

Clowns have a long history in various world cultures. The idea of the clown as a comical figure can be traced to court jesters in ancient Egypt and other regions.

Later, William Shakespeare included clowns in his plays – rustic individuals who lacked good sense.

In the early 1800s, the appearance of the modern clown became popular in British theater, and later migrated to the American circus and rodeo.

The clowning tradition was taken up by comedic performers such as Red Skelton and later became the mascot for McDonald’s restaurants.

While originally designed to entertain with a laugh, clowns today often elicit the opposite reaction – repulsion fear. Did you know that psychologists recognize the fear of clowns as a phobia, called;coulrophobia?

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What causes such fear? Researchers assume that the painted face of the clown may produce unease due to the “uncanny valley” effect, in which something is lifelike yet not realistic, and therefore frightening. Childhood encounters may produce lifelong effects.

The entertainment media has monopolized on this reaction, staffing comedy, action, and horror films with such characters.

A number of children’s cartoons, including Disney’s Pepper Ann, have addressed this theme.

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Draw A Clown Face Detail

The lower eyelid is painted in a combination of red and black. Next, the eye bags are deep black.

Then paint the blood of the eyeball. Finally, draw the lower lashes.

A few simple steps and youve got a creepy clown face.

Of course, this is only the most characteristic part of the clowns eyes, next time well do the whole thing.

How To Draw A Clown Easy


Today we learned how to draw a clown, and how to draw a scary clown. Whichever type of clown you decide you want to draw will take practice and repetition to get really good at it. But with practice youll also develop your artistic style and start to come up with original designs.

Art and drawing are learned skills that anyone can be successful at. It just takes practice. So keep working at it and most of all, dont forget to have fun.

Dont forget to download your Path to Artistic Success.

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Clown Drawing With Color

When using markers for your drawings its important to use two or three markers for each section. This will keep them from looking flat and boring.

Clowns wear all sorts of crazy outfits with a variety of colors. So feel free to go crazy and have fun.

Use similar colors for each section. For example, yellow and a light orange work well together. Or red and a red-orange for the hair.;

A white Gelly Roll pen works really well for adding highlights when youre finished with the colors.

Now you know how to draw a clown. Next lets learn how to draw a scary clown. You know, just in case youre into that sort of thing.

Make A Lovely Rubber Chicken

Next well make a rubber chicken. I did this on Layer 05, which is the topmost layer, and the last of the layers. Oh well, lets hope we dont need anymore. If you have SketchBook Pro, this wont be an issue. Again fill in the chicken, with a nice realistic yellow color, just like real rubber chickens have, and red comb, an open beak, and its tongue sticking out. Give it some depth using the airbrush, then move on to the body. The background drawing gives you a rough idea where to put things, but you may want to erase some of it if its peeking around the edges of the upper layer drawing. Once the chick is nice and smooth, give it some bumps. I did this with the pencil, and making dark spots, then coming back and making light spots on top. Its not perfect, but it works.I would have put the fist on a new layer, but Ive run out so itll go on this layer. I erased the fist from the background and started drawing a new one. Imagine the planes of each finger section, and make that a solid color. Give it some shadow, and start building it up using the airbrush. I then added some blue shadow to the left side of it.That chicken eye isnt spooky enough. Add some white to the eyes, and give it a little iris and pupil. It looks very surprised now.

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Draw Clown Face Auxiliary Lines

Still starting with the familiar auxiliary line. This time we draw a simple clown with only the main features.

The auxiliary lines help us locate the clowns eyes. This is a long rectangular auxiliary frame which we have divided into five equal parts.

Each eye occupies two equal parts.

Then we start drawing the creepy eyes of the clown. Notice that the eyeball is on top.

How To Draw Cartoon Clowns That Look Funny

How to draw a Creepy Clown

Drawing cartoon clowns is something that can be joyful for some and creepy for others. It’s quite incredible to learn how many people are frightened by this popular character. Funny clowns like Krusty from The Simpsons are very lovable . Other characters like Pennywise don’t have the same level of sympathy.

The origin of the clown is rather mysterious. We do know that Greeks use them in their theaters. Since some clowns usually don’t speak, they can amuse people from all around the world. That’s why they are popular in most carnivals. Let’s study a simple clown picture and see what we should expect when drawing one of these characters.

A colorful version featuring many fun details

On top of the head of the character , a tiny blue hat is visible. Clowns like to have tiny accessories or very large ones. In this case, hair is colored in orange . We can see the red nose and the white makeup all around the mouth. More white makeup was also added around both eyes.

The shirt is filled with colorful stripes. A large bow can be seen below the head. Pants are also large and colored in blue . Don’t forget the large shoes often filled with bright colors too. Clowns are made to be funny, so we should expect such a weird posture from this character.

representing this picture using shapes

working on the head using more simple shapes

More cartoon clowns for you to enjoy

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Learn How To Draw Evil Clowns Drawing Lessons

How to draw scary Evil Clowns for Halloween or any other time of year. Evil Clown Drawing Lessons and step by step drawing tutorials for drawing Evil Clowns Cartoons. Learn how to draw and sketch realistic and cartoon Evil Clowns and create great cartoons, illustrations and drawings with these free drawing lessons.

Scary Clown Drawing With Color

Finish up your drawing by adding some color. I like using markers for my drawings but colored pencils, crayons, paint, or pastels work just as well. Its really just a matter of personal preference and the look youre going for.

Use a white Gelly Roll pen for highlights or whatever your preferred method is.

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By Step Instructions For Drawing A Scary Clown

1. Begin by drawing a circle. This will form the clown’s nose.

2. Above the circle, draw two sets of curved lines to outline the brow. Beneath each brow, enclose a half circle to form the eyes.

3. To draw the mouth, begin with a long, curved line beneath the nose. Attach it to the nose using two shorter lines. Draw a dot at each corner of the mouth, and detail the inside of the mouth using a jagged line.

4. Outline the mouth, drawing new lines parallel to those previously drawn. Notice how this outline forms circles around the dots at the corners of the mouth.

How to Draw a Jack O Lantern

8. Draw a tuft of fluffy hair on each side of the clown’s head. Do so by using a series of short, connected, curved lines.

9. Draw a scar on the clown’s face. Enclose a semicircle using a curved line. Then, cross it with short lines that resemble stitches.

10. Color the scary clown. If he needs any circus animals to accompany him, we’ve got elephants, and lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

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