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How To Draw A Cube Step By Step

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Lets Learn About Cubes

How to Draw a Cube: Step by Step

The most helpful description I found of a cube comes from a website search on Kiddle:

A cube is a block with all right angles and whose height, width and depth are all the same. A cube is one of the simplest mathematical shapes in space.

The main thing to understand is that a cube is a three-dimensional shape, meaning it has Volume. While a square has width and height, it has no depthno volume. A cube, and all other three-dimensional forms, have width, height, and depth.

The sides of a cube are squares. Each side is connected to the others by straight lines and by corners . Each of a cubes corners is at a right angle. A cube has 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 corners.

If youre interested in a more mathematical explanation of what a cube is, you can find it here.

You might have heard people refer to all kinds of boxes as 3D cubes, especially when theyre talking about drawing in perspective. Technically, not all boxes are cubes, but for drawing purposes, it really doesnt matter one way or the other .

How To Draw Cube For Kids And Beginners:

Step 1: Draw 2 adjacent lines going on the top corner side of the page.

Step 2: From the center of both lines draw 2 other lines which are intersecting at a point.

Step 3: Draw 4 lines from every joining point of lines.

Step 4: Draw 2 another adjacent line parallel to step 1 in the manner they lie over the 4 vertical lines.

Step 5: Erase outlines and other lines going out of the box and you will get an image as illustrated below.

Step 7: Shade the top and left part of the box to give it depth and volume.

Step 8: On the right side of the box use the hatching technique and form the shadow of our cube.

Finish Off Your Cube Drawing With Some Color

Now that you have arrived at the final step, that means that you have already got a great cube drawing in front of you! While thats already something to be proud of, you can take it a step further with some beautiful colors.

You actually have a lot of options to consider when it comes to coloring in this cube. You could try to draw in a textured surface for your cube.

For example, you could use some lines and shades of brown to give it the appearance of wood. Maybe you could even try to make it look like a melting ice cube!

If you color it in as a regular cube, the reference image we have provided will help you with how to shade the shape with your colors.

What will you choose for your cube drawing?

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How To Draw And Shade A Cone

Cone is another shape that teaches us the distribution of light and shade. So, we are going to draw is a cone next.

The steps to follow to draw a cone are

  • Step 1: Draw a vertical and a horizontal line
  • Step 2: Mark two equal points on the horizontal line from the meeting point of the vertical line
  • Step 3: Draw straight lines to a point on the vertical line from the two points
  • Step 4: Draw an arc connecting two points on the horizontal line
  • Step 5: Erase unnecessary lines
  • Step 6: Decide the position of the light source
  • Step 7: Mark where the cone casts a shadow
  • Step 8: Shade the cone

Did you notice the light lines connect apex of cone to the base? The transition of shade happens at the lines.

In view 2 of a cone, a light source is placed at the top of the object. So there will not be any shadow.

Adding Depth To A 3d Box

How To Draw a Cube – EASY – Step By Step

The last thing you need to do is add in the far corner to the inside of your cube. This line should also be parallel with the other three vertical lines.

Here is what my completed cube looks like.

You can also take this a step further and add some thickness to your cube by adding some additional lines to your drawing. Again, just keep your lines parallel.

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Taking It To The Next Level

You will often use cubes to simplify more complex shapes. However, cubes can also be the center of your artwork!

For example, you can combine todays tutorial with or previous article on how to draw cute eyes to a little family of cubes.

Or you can take your passion for cubes a little further and make a complete painting about cubes like I did below. I painted this after being inspired by the amazing art by .

How To Draw A Cube Step By Step Guide

Cube is a three-dimensional solid object bounded by 6 square faces and 12 edges.

Lets learn how to draw a cube. Its quite easy to draw a cube with the following 5 steps

  • Step 1: Draw a square
  • Step 2: Draw another square that shifted a little
  • Step 3: Join the edges of the squares
  • Step 4: Erase unwanted lines
  • Step 5: Shade the cube
  • step 1
  • steps 3 and 4
  • step 5

To shade the cube, decide the location of the light source. In the above example, the light source is located at the left top corner . So it casts shadow and dark region as shown in the figure.

See the light region on the top face and the face that faces the viewer. The rightmost face is out of the light source and its relatively dark.

In the second step, we have drawn a square with equal size of the first one. In the actual scenario, the square in the back of the first one would look a little smaller. We would discuss this in the perspective drawing tutorials.

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How To Draw 3d Rubiks Cube

Material used: Fabric-castlell drawing pencil HB and 8B pencil used in this drawing.

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First you need to follow my 3 step to draw rubiks cube.

Step:1 You will need an HB pencil to make rubiks cube first,So you have to create a Rubik cube which I have put in the image.

Step:2 Then you will need an 8B pencil, with 8B pencil, you have to leave a box of cube and dark black shade.

Step:3 So you have to create a shadow of cube that you want to make the shadow in the right side or make it on the left side.

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How to draw a Cube Step by Step | Drawings Tutorials

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Funny and easy drawing videos for kids learn, it took me 1 hour

3D drawing is awesome!

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Now You Can Erase Unnecessary Lines

In this fifth step of our guide on how to draw a cube, we will be focusing on erasing any unnecessary lines and going over the final lines in pen.

To do this, simply erase the inner two lines of the square that will be at the back of your cube, leaving the two outer ones intact.

Once again, the reference image will help to ensure you erase the correct lines! With those lines erased, you are left with a cube!

Youre not quite ready to start coloring it in yet, though, as you should go over your rough pencil lines with a pen or a darker pencil.

If you use a pen to go over it, you should give it a few moments for the ink to dry before you erase any leftover pencil lines. Once youve drawn the final lines and erased the pencil, youre ready to proceed!

How To Draw A Cube Step To Step Guide

A cube is basically an object with the three dimensions which is further bounded by six squared sides. Each squared side meets each other at the vertex which gives it the full fledge cube shape. 3D Cube drawing has always been a core objective for the art fanatics and there are always the people who are willing to draw the cube.

Drawing the cube can be a tough task if you are a beginner in the field of drawing such objects, but we hail your courage to give this object a trial of drawing and we assure you that you can draw it quite perfectly.

Here in this article, we are going to help you with drawing the 3D cube

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Shape Breakouts And Natural Variations

Normally, I would make a bunch of exploration and study sketches of my subject and break out all the different shape and form variations. Butcubes are pretty simple, so thats not really a thing for this drawing tutorial .

The shapes on a cube are just squares, and the variation is limited: were either drawing a cube or a rectangular cube . When we learn how to draw a cube, those are our base options. But simple is good, right?

Okay, lets dig into this how to draw a cube business. Ill go over a few freehand methods I came up with, and Ive included a few video demonstrations about drawing cubes/boxes in perspective and showing the drawing process for the methods.

There Is More Than One Way To Learn How To Draw A Cube This One Involves No Erasing Which Works Great For Those Just Starting Out

How to Draw a Cube step by step EASY

A cube is a solid three-dimensional figure with 6 square faces. Many students learn how to make one for math or geometry class by cutting out a cross shaped template and folding it together so they can understand how it goes together.

Drawing is also good practice for seeing how a square can turn into a cube. Some examples you might find on the internet involve drawing the front and then the back, and then connecting the two. That involves a little more dimensional thinking though, so for that reason I like this version of just drawing the front, then the sides, and then connecting the ends. Theres no need to erase anything, and is perhaps a little easier to understand.

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A Tesseract Is A Four Dimensional Hypercube

If you’re drawing a square on a flat sheet of paper, how many straight lines does it take? Four. If you’re drawing a cube, how many squares does that take? Six. So if you’re drawing a tesseract, how many cubes does that take? Eight!

In this article, I’m going to show you how to draw your very own tesseract! The lengths of the lines and the angles won’t be exact, however, because I’m not using a ruler for this tutorial.

You’ll begin by drawing an ordinary cube. After completing that, virtual instructions will walk you through the process of turning your regular cube into a hypercube!

Step 1

How To Draw A 3d Cube

3D cube is basically the other form of art where the objects seem more realistic than the normal traditional way of drawing.Drawing a cube and the 3D cube there is actually not a much difference between both of them. Both cubes are drawn using the same techniques as we have provided you below.

Here we would suggest you that while drawing the 3D cube you will just need the 3D colors. You will need to need to fill the cube with the 3D colors after drawing the cube, and your 3D cube will get the realistic 3D shape.

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The Headless Stick Figure

This how to draw a cube method is straightforward like the others. We begin with the back corners of the cube and work our way forward in space until the cube is complete, and starting with a headless stick figure gives us that back corner start as youll see in this next demo.

Headless stick figure, Step One

We have five edges and two vertices. If we were to add a circle at the top, wed have a stick figure. Without the head, we get the back corner of our cube.

Step Two

Connect the arms and legs of our headless stick figure to get the first two planes of our cube, as seen here.

Step Three

Connect the top two outside corners with straight edges to create the top plane of the cube.

Step Four

Drop an edge down from the front-most corner of the top square plane. This sets us up to complete the last three planes of the cube.

Step Five

Connect the two bottom outside corners to the end of the vertical edge you dropped earlier and boom! You have a completed cube .

How To Draw A Cube: 3 Different Ways And Perspectives

How To Draw a Rubik’s Cube- EASY – Step By Step

The first way how to draw a cube is a simple view. This is an easy way to suggest space and draw a three-dimensional shape on a flat paper.

Although a bit harder, learning how to draw a cube in 1 point perspective makes it looks more realistic like a real object in space.

A cube in 2 point perspective is a very dynamic and exaggerated view, which really makes the flat drawing pop out to the third dimension.

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Welcome To How To Draw A Cube

Happy drawing, everyone! I hope youre all doing well and ready to learn how to draw a cube with me today .

Cubes are one of the five basic forms. Drawing cubes freehand and in perspective are important skills to build on your art journey. Every form you need, for anything you want to draw, can be carved out of or built from a cube.

Ill be demonstrating a few different methods for cube drawing here with step-by-step images and videos. Ill show you how to draw a cube freehand, as well as cube drawing in perspective.

Learning how to draw a cube is simple and straightforward. It gets challenging when you need to turn them in perspective, but thats a bridge to cross later . For now, lets take a look at what cubes are.

How To Draw Cube Easily:

Step 1: Draw a straight line to start your cube.

Step 2: Above the straight line draw 2 adjacent lines just like Y.

Step 3: From both ends of Y draw 2 lines in a downward direction.

Step 4: Now, join all 3 vertical lines from below with the other 2 adjacent lines.

Step 5: On the top of the structure draw inverted v and join them to the top.

Your cube is ready with very simple and easy steps.

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First: How To Draw An Ordinary Cube

Step 1: Draw two lines of equal length, attempting to keep them an equal space apart, at slightly different heights.

Step 2

Step 2: Connect the two lines as shown, creating what looks like a smooshed square, or a fat diamond that fell over.

Step 3

Step 3: Draw four parallel lines stemming from each of the shape’s four corners.

Step 4

Step 4: Connect the ends of the two top lines, the ends of the two bottom lines, and then connect each bottom line with the line above.

Visual instructions for drawing the tesseract follow below:

Step 5

Step 22

Step 23

And there you have it! A complete, two-dimensionally rendered tesseract, and only twenty-three steps later. I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!

If you’re interested to learn more about four-dimensional geometry, try getting your hands on a copy of Geometry, Relativity, and the Fourth Dimension by Rudolf v. B. Rucker, published in 1977.

How To Shade An Octagonal Prism

How to draw a cube by Two Ways (Step by Step)

Start by making a light line drawing of the octagon prism. To do this you can first draw a rectangular prism and then trim its sides to get the octagon. You can again see the Perspective Drawing Tutorial for Beginners for help.

In the lighting conditions described earlier the lightest side of the octagon prism will be on the left and the darkest on the right. The left side in this example is facing almost directly towards the main light source and therefore is bright enough that it does not really need any shading.

Same as the other examples the other sides of the prism will have their own light to dark gradients. The light reflecting form the surface will again make these gradients lighter towards the bottom and darker towards the top.

The shadow will be cast opposite the main light source to the right and behind the prism.

As the sides of the prism are fairly narrow you can use a single set of one directional strokes or a crosshatch for shading them. In this example the middle section is done with one directional strokes while the darker right side is done with a crosshatch.

Shade the shadow using crosshatch strokes with the first set along its general direction and the second set angled in relation to that one.

For shading another similar object you can also see:

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